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Pouncey, Patterson are doubtful for Sunday

Mike Pouncey said Wednesday he felt good enough to play against the Carolina Panthers after missing last week's game with an illlness that started out as food poisoning. Well, that is in serious doubt.

Pouncey has not practiced all week and is now listed as doubtful on the injury report.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who has been limited in practice much of this week, also is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game.

If Pouncey cannot play -- and it seems he will not -- the Dolphins will once again go with Nate Garner at center and rookie Sam Brenner at left guard.

If Patterson cannot play, the Dolphins are likely to stick with Nolan Carroll as his replacement. Patterson has started only four games this season and of those has been unable to finish two of them.


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What's your take on the value of young players being able to play special teams?

I stand by my prediction a week ago today. The fins are going on a 4 game win streak, maybe longer. They got 1, 3 to go.

Loser's like dusty would prefer to tank the season for draft picks even though the playoffs are in sight. We are currently tied for the 6th seed.

We talk about it, Armando talks about it, RUN DEFENSE.

However, run defense, isn't the major problem. Our real season long defensive culprit has been 3RD down defense.

3RD and Longs to be EXACT!

What it does, it places the defense on the field for a far unusual number of plays. I do not have the stats, but if looked upped, I'm sure our defense ranks top 5 in total number of plays it spends on the field.

Over a season this takes a heavy toll on any defense. Probably, in one of it's most obvious symptoms, it shows up in the form of: MISSED TACKLES.

It begins to show up in RUN DEFENSE. We have to begin to find a way to get much better in our 3rd down defense. Whether 3rd and short, or 3rd and long. If not, yards per game rushing for our opponents, simply obviously will only increase.

Offenses can not run nor pass against us, while sitting on their bench.


He has to cheer for the 1 play Ginny might make. Since he can't cheer for the 1000 plays Henne can't make.

Take everything Fraud says with a batch of salt. He starts C.Henne over D.Brees on his Fantasy team.

That in itself tells you how distorted his point of view is on Football. Or how much you can trust his opinion when it comes to the game of football.

Not saying that Fantasy Football is the perfect benchmark to describes a persons understanding of the game. But something so egregious as that, shows that person doesn't have an objective opinion. And that he should never be allowed to talk about QBs.

Dashi is the biggest Dolphin Homer on this site and I don't have 1 player from this team on my squad. Not cause they all suck. Just cause I like to win.

fred s your bias towards your team makes u sound so dumb. just come real, doesnt make u less of a fan

We are fine on 3rd and short.
We are fine on 3rd and long.
We are terrible on 3rd and very long.

We are the only team in NFL history that is better on 3rd and inches than 4th and 15.

Defensively speaking.


Z.Thomas started on special teams. So did D.Bess, W.Welker and many others. C.Wake, Ellerbe, Etc, Etc.

I am not saying that young players should only play Special Teams. I don't want a whole team full of Trusniks, and Denney.

What I am saying is that most young players that need to develop to become good football players should participate in special teams to secure a roster spot while they develop into the players that they can become.

Else, Gillislee will be replaced next year by some rookie UDFA(Acorn) RB that they can develop who will start off on special teams for a couple seasons.

Any Pick, 3rd round or lower should be able to play special teams their first couple of years while they develop into something better. You don't want starters playing special teams. You want guys who are hungry to make a name on special teams. Guys that if they get hurt they won't hurt the team that bad. Basically anybody earning less than $1M in the league should be running up and down on special teams.

Dashi is so gullible hehehe

so dashi wilson should be running on special teams for seattle?


Our problem on 3rd down fall squarely on 2 people. K.Coyle and P.Wheeler.

K.Coyle for calling the same play on 3rd and long. A-Gap(MLB) Blitz with CBs playing 15 yards from the line. Reason the Middle of the field is always open on 3rd down.

P.Wheeler because he can't cover anybody on 3rd down. Whether it is a RB or a FB. Wheeler is always missing a Tackle on 3rd down.

Agreed. Extending drives by not forcing teams to 3 & Out is the main problem with this defense. You can see it by the end of the 3rd qtr the whole defense is gassed.


Don't act stupid.

Taking everything literal.

I would think it is implied that NO QB plays special teams. Doesn't matter where he was drafted.

But I forgot, It is like talking to a little kid with some of you. You have to explain every sentence.

And Tebow isn't a QB, just in case you want to make that stupid comment. But Tebow played special teams.

I understand that some of you just come on here to yell nonsense like some sick form of tourettes. Tannehill Sucks!! Fire Ireland!!

Seriously some of you should be checked for mental disorders.

And wait til game day. That is when the Tourettes goes into overdrive on this blog. It looks like the Be avis and Butthead show in here.

Dashi out.

then dont say it dashi. its obvious u cant play everyone there

Is dashi a girl or a little boy?

Well we know he is...Little....LOL

If anyone has ever had a groin injury you will know it takes 3 months minimum with no activity outside of stretching, just for it to heal. Football players who get it and try to come back will pretty much miss much of the season. This is an injury that just takes a long time to heal. So the team should have rested Patterson longer, the doctors know that, but the desire to win is greater, so they go back out and hurt themselves again. Its a shame but that's how it works. Patterson will be healthy next year, not this year at any time.

well he will be healthy on another team then

I'm hearing the J Martin vs Dolphins lawsuit is expected to be filed within 2 weeks seeking about 45 mill in damages.

Rishard Matthews is another confirmation that Mike Sherman is a Bad OC.I just can't understand how Matthews ability, took Sherman by surprice after working with the kid for two years. THIS IS F#$%y amazing

Its more Philbin is a bad HC than Sherman is a bad OC. Philbin was supposed to be this offensive guru.

I'm hearing Jason plays with his poop.

Posted by: CAN'TSTOPME | November 22, 2013 at 07:03 PM

Matthews was the 4th wr on the team. Our 1st 3 wr were signed to fa contracts. Would have looked terrible were Matthews started ahead of either of them.

Before we can began singing too much of Matthews praise, let hold out and see what happens once NFL dc's have actual game tape to work with on Matthews.

So many times we see relatively unknown players have a few great games until dc's get game tape and begin picking apart their weaknesses.

Like Parcels 1st said about Tony Romo, "Let's not anoint him anything just yet." Romo still hasn't won a playoff game, I think. If he finally has, it's only one.

Really no such thing as "OFFENSIVE GURUS". 99.9% of the time coaches get labeled offensive guru right after they have a great qb in house.

But what I have noticed about Philbin, he is doing things the "GREEN BAY WAY". That's rookies almost never start unless head and shoulders better than the start vet they are replacing.

Then, if they feel a rookie maybe equal to a guy ahead of him, he'll receive little or no playing time at all, unless he's getting time on st's. As in the case of Davis and Taylor, neither are they pushing the two starting corners, nor are they proving head and shoulders better than Carroll in practice.

So, they are going with the guy(Carroll) with more actual game experience. In the GREEN BAY WAY, these type rookies began to see more playing time their 2nd season. Just as the rookie crop from 2012.

It's the "GREEN BAY WAY".

Probably, if Philbin had his way, the GB-way, Tannehill probably doesn't see the playing field until this present season. There may have been a little "UPSTAIRS" pressure for Tannehill to see the field right away.

Tannehill did not win the starting qb job his rookie season, as much as Matt Moore lost it. It was really, really close. Using the GB-way, Philbin may have preferred to sit Tannehill a year, but, marching may have come from higher up.

Thats not true Sam. They started Tannehill as a rookie when he was definitely greener and worse than Matt Moore. They were hoping he had more upside which remains debateable. J Martin and Lamar Miller also starting very green.

Also when you havent had a winnng season in forever, lots of rookies make the team and get playing time.

Matthews will be a good WR. BUT I remember only 1 or 2 people here who had that vision. Those 2 Clowns who swear that they are some type of Gods.

Hopkins will be an OK WR, Not Great. Great belongs to his Clemson teammate Sammy Watkins.

Those saying we should've answered the QB question in 2011 are the same ones who still want Sporano as coach. Ireland knew what he had to do. If he would've gave Sporano another young QB to develop he would've been forced to keep him another 2-3 years and then both of them would've gotten fired.

Agreed. Once the Fins signed Sherman everyone and their Mother knew Tannehill was the Pick.

Well, Philbins guy was Matt Flynn. Dont know if he would've been better or worse than Tanny.

There was no point in starting Moore last year. We are better off today with Tannehill having that much more experience. He was short on experience coming in and Moore wasn't good enough to justify sitting Tannehill.

This team is on the right track. Don't let the flukey Martin-Cognito headlines get cloud your judgement.

Our younger players are stepping up. Ok, the oline is a nagging problem. A good 28 other teams have nagging problems too.

Only a troll would suggest Matt 'couldn't beat out anybody on three teams' Flynn. Lucky though. Millions of dollars to play two games.

Fred, the biggest winner in all of this is Probably Matt Moore. He signed a two year 8 million a year contract this offseason.

How would you like to get paid 4 million a year to hold a clipboard?

Tannehill is,was, and forever will be better than Moore. Taneehill throwing Left handed is better than Matt Moore.

The Dolphins Sins are from far way before Moore at the QB position.

It starts from not using a First Round Pick on a QB since Dan Marino. To picking Moore over Henne as a Backup. Roboqb would've been a better Mentor for Ryan Tannehill. And he is a better player than Matt Moore.

Henne was the hometown discount. Jake would've signed for less. Jake would've signed!! Period!!

With Jake Long on the team this scandal would've never happened.

I'd like it. But, he'd have gotten close to that anyway on another team. Decent back up QB's are in short supply. He is probably a top 5 back up QB.

Philbins guy was never Matt Flynn.

Jennings was also Philbins guy then.

Philbin signed neither of them.

Since Philbin took over the Dolphins haven't signed 1 Former Packer or 1 Former Cowboy!!

Patterson is a crystal wine glass, totally useless.

Phins will face a major beatdown Sunday as reality gets handed to their pathetic offense once again.

Agree on Moore, who is terrible.

The bloggers who go out of their way, sincerely or not, to rip the team any which way are basically just lonely men starved of a satisfying sex life.

The bloggers who go out of their way, sincerely or not, to rip the team any which way are basically just lonely men starved of a satisfying sex life.

Posted by: Dr. Palm | November 22, 2013 at 08:59 PM

I guess you are right. Sorry.

Talent wise this is one of the most complete Dolphins' teams in a While.

So I don't get why the First Head to Roll for Most Fanatics is to Fire Ireland!!

You guys are some Racist-Mother-Fukkkers!!

Pardon my French...

I see a lot people who are going to get Mad when the Dolphins Keep N.Carroll for $4M next season.

I am just going to be disappointed if we don't keep B.Grimes.

Even if we have to use the Franchise Tag on him!!

Certain players are worth it!!

Specially if you have the Cap!!

Craig's last name is Moron.

should franchise grimes. no chance they bring back awful carrol

2013 Dolphins CB Depth Chart.

D.Patterson, good when healthy.

Admit it. By the End of this Season N.Carroll would have more starts than D.Patterson.

patterson sucks, carrol gone also. play the guys u drafted so new gm knows what we have next year

There are just a few little things to be done for this Team to be successful. First, fire our QB Coach, bring in someone with reputation. Second, get rid of all troublemakers on this Team, even if they are white skinned. Third, put an overseer on Ross, at least to prevent him to put his foot in his mouth. What do you People here think about this?

Any attorney going to interview Ross? They should.

dusty Patterson has 5 ints in 4 games played. The only thing Patterson sucks at is staying healthy.

Only way Carroll is gone is if We can't sign Grimes or another team outbids us.

Patterson is Good when Healthy.

Admit it. So he can't suck!!

Everything with you is Suck this... Sucks that.

Why don't you stop all that Sucking and Swallow from time to time.

*We can sign Grimes

Patterson has as many ints(5) in only 4gms played this year as Sean Smith had in 4yrs in Miami.

Sean Smith totaled 5 ints his 4yr Dolphin career.

Our pass protecting oline has caught a break. Panthers best pass rusher Charles Johnson listed as OUT on the FINAL injury report.

Thanks New England, you leg-whipping dirty playing dogs!

Nahh, we are going to be on your assss until you change your mentality????

I never post but I just want to say one thing to the folks that want Patterson gone. Look at Brent Grimes. Atlanta kicked him to the curb when he was injured and he came here after getting healthy. In the time that Patterson has played - he's an Intercepting Machine! Just think about next year with a healthy Grimes AND Patterson here... (Or for the rest of this year if Patterson can do it). Now, after next year, if Patterson is still hurt a lot then maybe buh bye. I would hate to see him recover, get on with the JESTS and have a long illustriuous career being a pain in the butt to any Miami QB.

Make that "Illustrious". Sorry. Second Rum and Coke. Don't bully me.

Wow. A capital i and lowercase L look the same. Don't pay any attention to me... I'm going for number three. Have a great Thanksgiving Dolfans!

Well, Patterson's due 5 million next season and counts ZERO in dead money on our cap. For this reason only he maybe cut.

One of the rookies, Davis or Taylor is probably our starter next to Grimes. The ther rookie probably replaces Carroll in the slot.

But, left to me, I would Keep Patterson, both rookie corners, and Carroll the hasta lluego!

Nolan Carroll.

24 Tkls
1 Sack
10 Games 6 Starts. (This Sunday will be 11 games 7 starts.)

I don't know about you but wouldn't that make N.Carroll the Fins #2 CB this season?

S.Smith of the $8M type

26 Tkls
10 Games, 10 Starts

D. Patterson when healthy, of the $4M type

17 Tkls
1 Sack
5 Games, 4 Starts

I am not one to speculate but wouldn't N.Carroll's stats be higher if he would've started those other 4 games. Law of Averages.

Optimism is good but....
I see a 5 game loosing streak ahead count on it.

Nolan Caroll will go to another team next season and be a baller. Its this coaching staff that sucks!

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