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Pouncey, Patterson are doubtful for Sunday

Mike Pouncey said Wednesday he felt good enough to play against the Carolina Panthers after missing last week's game with an illlness that started out as food poisoning. Well, that is in serious doubt.

Pouncey has not practiced all week and is now listed as doubtful on the injury report.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who has been limited in practice much of this week, also is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game.

If Pouncey cannot play -- and it seems he will not -- the Dolphins will once again go with Nate Garner at center and rookie Sam Brenner at left guard.

If Patterson cannot play, the Dolphins are likely to stick with Nolan Carroll as his replacement. Patterson has started only four games this season and of those has been unable to finish two of them.


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The Dolphins need to sign Grimes to what he is worth. Or Franchise him for a season.

And they also have one $4-5M contract that they can use on another DB. Or 2.

The way I see it. After Grimes, C.Clemons is the Phins next priority this Off season. Leaving Patterson and Carroll fighting for the last mid level contract. Which might need to go to the O-Line since that position has bigger needs.

Philbin wanted Matt Flynn to be his starter. He said it publicly.

Tannehill was Plan B

It was actually Ross that picked Tannny. When you have Ireland for a GM you dont mind your owner meddlng lol

A. J,

Actually Tannehill was Plan C. Peyton Manning was Plan A.

crickets, crickets, crickets, you guys contribute little the persuit of knowledge. behave yourselves trolls. all of you

Flagship franchise days for The Phins are long gone, ruined by Jeff Ireland and Stephan Ross. Five losing seasons in a row (sixth next year under a new coach and GM) will do that to a team. Also, the team's new gay logo and gay uniforms took an aqua and orange dump on whatever was left of the team's former tradition. Does anyone identity with that new logo ? The idea was to build a new tradition and move on from the old. How does 5-5 soon to be 5-7 with even more empty seats grab you ? How about the Martin/Incognito disgrace ? Flagship franchise. The Dolphins were relevant from 1970-2003. A significant and arguably unparalleled run in all of pro-sports. From Griese to WoodStrock, Marino to Fiedler, contenders every year. The team is absolute garbage now, losing to Thad Lewis and The Bills at home, losing to an 0-8 team in prime time. I'm glad they changed the logo. Why throw more dirt on what was ? This franchise is embarrassing to be associated with...

The only way The Dolphins could ever regain their flagship status is by winning Super Bowls plural. This will never ever happen under bumbling idiot Ross' direction...you can bet the farm on that.

The Dolphins are lame now.

An entire generation, Gen Y thinks it has always been that way...sad.

Ross changed the logo to make more money. Thats it. Same with Hard Knocks and same with the England game and the extra preseason game. Anything to make a buck but not near the things to make a winner.

Of course he changed the logo to make money, but there was more to it than that. The logo change was Mike Dee's idea. "Re-branding" he called it and it blew up in his face with a backlash from people who were outraged. Yet as part of The Dolphins marketing strategy, there is an interest in selling the team to a younger audience. Research has shown that most Dolphins fans are white, male, over 30 and live North of the Dade/Broward line. The team is desperate to cultivate a younger fan base, and one south of Broward. That's the genesis for all of the side show circuses and the attempt at psychology by painting Miami in both end zones in place of Dolphins, so every time there's an aerial shot Miami's residents might get affected by the subliminal message. It's all done by design, marketing pric*s get paid to manipulate people, that's why the unibomber sent some of them his thoughtful presents. The Dolphins fear is that the brand will go the way of Oldsmobile, and eventually be left without much of a market as the majority of The Dolphins fan base is older in age. What better way than to turn the page and re-brand with gay new uniforms and a gay new logo. This is a part of their logic. I'm happy to see it failing miserably.


are you retarded???


Well, Ross alienated the Latin community when he went after the Latin politicians in the stadium charity fiasco. And if there was racism on the team thats more alienated fans or ex fans.

The NFL is a money racket. These players and organizations put their heart and souls into building their teams, only to have them manipulated by LV and the amount of money wagered between the two.
The refs are clearly biased in their calls. When a game is under the proper control, they will be objective. When a game needs a boost in the right direction, it is easily obtainable.
Just look at all the calls that are clear from the replay and the way that so many calls are not reviewable.
Money runs this sport. MONEY RUNS THIS SPORT!

MONEY runs most everything, pal. That's a fact of Life. Now, if you put a consistently winning product on the Field, People will be happy. Consider the Heat. But if you don't do that, People are going to start complaining, and in this Age of Social Media, even more so.



To Mike Wallace, YOU ARE A SUPER STAR..





Got to keep an open mind for the Panthers game this weekend. They've had 2 tough games in a row, with Miami and Tampa next up. Perfect time for them to slump as they begin thinking about a showdown with New Orleans Dec 8.

Probably a long shot to win this game, but doesn't help when stadium is 1/2 full most of time. Seriously need to move to a football city !!

Carroll is playing great in what is essentially his first real chance to start.

Real Don Soldy, you're a fu*ktard of epic proportions.

You can't even read and comprehend.

My post stated that The Dolphins local fan base is largely north of Dade, and according to The Dolphins research this is a fact. Over the years this has been written about locally, even here by Armando. What information do you think you have to refute this idea ?It's actually been common knowledge for years. The Dolphins draw more from Broward and Palm Beach than they do from Dade.

Educate yourself, you're a slob.

Almost forgot, Gen Y loves the mediocre 7-9 Dolphins...and brown people love American Football.

What world are you living in ? Moron.

We've got a hell of a chance to win on Sunday. Not just a chance...we do have an offense that consistently moves the ball. A defense that is opportunistic and with the kind of coaching we had last week we can do it. I just watched the first half of last weeks game again and we did play well. We are capable of giving any team fits. I expect the Wallace deep threat to be in play. Usually whenever T-hill has a problem he comes back and responds.

Have we resigned Grimes yet? Let's get that guy a 3 yr deal ASAP...Pay that man his money! Lockdown corners are rare in this league...you can test that guy but Grimes will make you pay at some point. He's an athletic freak and has the "IT" factor. And as a bonus his wife is very funny.

A lot of criticism of the coaching staff lately says Dolphins coaches are out-coached for many games- including big games. With 6 games remaining for the Dolphins and recognizing that they control their own fate regarding a playoff berth, all 6 could be big games.

The coaching staff could recover some of that lost luster and take a big step forward with a win Sunday. It wouldn't necessarily mean that the Dolphins were as good overall as the Panthers but rather that the coaches can plan and rally the team for big games- a shot in the arm for fans.

Here is a stat to me that needs to change with this coaching staff and why they deserve some heat. Specifically Sherman..from the last game they mentioned we were worst in the league on first down with a 4.2 yd avg. That tells me we are way too predictable on 1st down. Last game we opened the game up with the option of handing off the ball to either Miller running to the right or Wallace in motion sweeping around from right to left. We chose Miller for a loss of a yard but Wallace could have gone around the edge for who knows how long.

bad luck for the Dolphins, Carrol kinda of sucks any chance they would play some of the rookies there ? And we will miss Pouncey Carolina is a whole lot different than the Chargers, I am still sticking with 19-16 Dolphins though, some how they find a way to get it done.

Mando...Really? the same take again? Ross needs a right hand man? Pfft. I think that would be BAD mistake. Another garbage story from you...just another attempt to trash the franchise that does put money in your pocket. No one cares if your impartial and fair but I believe you've lost the ability. Not sure when exactly that happened but it's redundant and boring. At this point it's more like whining than being about winning.

Mando you wrote....So, today I offer Stephen Ross advice. No, not my advice, although he could probably use that, too.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot...you also think Ross is over his head but you don't think you are...? That statement is stunning. Where exactly would your expertise come from to run/own a franchise? You've done that somewhere?

I agree with Armando. All Ross has done is to bring embarrassment and failure here. Either put an overseer on him or get out.

NFL.com said C Wake also limited in practice and questionable, Yikes!

Ross is not a football guy. Compare him it Irsay or Kraft, no way. He is learning to be an owner - on the job training. That takes ten years. Ross will sell the team soon enough. It will be a suprise, out of the blue announcement. He'll sell to a rich Russian mafioso.

. All Ross has done is to bring embarrassment and failure.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 23, 2013 at 08:12 AM

No different than Armando's attempt at being a journalist. Pathetic.


So much for you silly fools who think he was a reach.

You might be an Educated Cubano but either you're a blind one or probably an intere$ted one in letting Ross do his will.

5-6 here we come lol

Where are all the Circle-Jerk Club members? This is no fun without them. I especially love Craig Moron. He's so easy to get riled, as is Kryssy.

None of those trick plays, end arounds, WR screens, are going to work against those LBs, Only chance, we have is run it up the middle, considering their 2 DTs are rookies.


End arounds not working ?

We have done 4 all season and have 28 yards for the effort.

Thats pretty good at 7.0 yards a pop. If Thigpen or Wallace get space they are gone.

The WR screens have been poorly executed and the defense seems to diagnose them very quickly my friend.

I don't mind being a bit creative sometimes on offense, especially when you are 31st in the league.

All I'm saying is those LBs move Kuechly. hehehe

I guess thats true, but there speed can be used aginst them with misdirection from time to time.

Man to man they have a better D than we have an O. A straight fight on paper won't work !

sure if we execute our baisc playbook well we may have some success. So far this season as a unit we haven't been able to do much on offense atall.

The Matthews TD against the Bucs showed what we can do when we shift the line around. The rollouts frm Thill also make him a moving target and the run-option may have to be used more frequently.

Im not a Thill fan to be honest, but I'll look to see him run 5-6 times by design to get the D a bit more off balance.

Hey, remember when idiot Ross tried to hire a HC before firing one? Or how about him honoring our opponent Tim Tebow? (a game we lost). Or him calling Chad Henne the 2nd coming of Dan Marino? haha

It's the QB MORONS eh?

Tomorrow will make 2 games in a row. That might cause you to hold back your doubts about my prediction for a 4 game win streak.

8-5 here we come!

Playoffs too.

Dust will be bummed we didn't tank the season. I won't.

Ross changed the logo to make more money. Thats it. Same with Hard Knocks and same with the England game and the extra preseason game. Anything to make a buck but not near the things to make a winner.
Posted by: Monte | November 22, 2013 at 11:50 PM

The Tim Tebow day also was for more money at the team's expense. And I know the Pats wouldnt do any of the things you mention because they could hurt performance.

And I know Ross alienated Canes fans by honoring Gator Tim Tebow ON THE CANES HOME FIELD!

Can some Dr in this blog advise me how food poisoning turns into something else?
And, this yr, I don't think pouncey in or out of the lineup means a great deal. Cam is gonna cram it. If I were a Dolphin DB, id get a good nights sleep Saturday night, cause your gonna need it Sunday. The Dolphins are as unpredictable as So Fla weather and they don't know how good or bad they will play on any given Sunday.

Panthers 24 Dolphins 6

Keys To Victory


The most critical element on this side of the ball is first and foremost 3RD DOWN defense. 2ndly, redzone defense. 3rdly, no big play tds.


Rushing yds will be at a minimum. Still, we need 20-25 rushes to keep the defense honest.

Panthers top pass rusher Charles Johnson's out. So, I expect a little pass heavy day on O. Hopefully this will be the day Tannehill/Wallace finally connect on the deep td.

Nolan Carroll will be targeted and exploited. He will NEVER be anything other than a special teams player. Not his fault, he is what he is and Carolina will take advantage of this. Look for big games from whoever lines up on Carroll's side any week he has to play in place of the talented but brittle Dimitri Patterson. This week it'll be Brandon Lafell and / or Ted Ginn.
What the hell is wrong with coaches that the layman can see this and they can't?
Among all the wasted picks that Ireland has made, and we all know there are many, why can't any of the DBs they picked in this past draft even make the active roster? It's not like they're overloaded with depth here.
Give the rookies a chance. You know what you have with Carroll and he doesn't cut it.

Looks like the Pouncey food poisioning was another lie from our fan and media hating FO.

Everybody knows Pouncey has been sat down. Good. We looked better on the OLine without him and Incognito. We were getting excellent push vs the Chargers D line.

Indefinitely suspended Miami Dolphins guard Richie Incognito's meeting with independent arbitrator Ted Wells concluded Friday.

The meeting between Incognito and Wells lasted a total of eight and a half hours and took two days to complete from start to finish, according to NFL Media's Jeff Darlington. Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland's meeting with Wells took between two to three hours to complete, and Jonathan Martin's New York City meeting with Wells lasted approximately seven hours, per Darlington.

Incognito was supposed to have a grievance hearing with the Dolphins on Thursday to address his suspension, but he agreed to postpone the hearing until Wells' investigation was complete.

The next step for Incognito is unclear at this stage. However, Darlington reported that Incognito is not expected to meet with the NFLPA as part of a separate investigation until next week.

Everybody knows Pouncey has been sat down.
Posted by: oscar canosa | November 23, 2013 at 12:11 PM

They do? And why was he "sat down" as you claim?

sure do wish we selected Troufant in round #1. He is looking great in Atlanta. He would have locked down the other CB role across from Grimes. This would make us less reliant on the often injured Marshall, which in turn means less reliant on Carroll.

Instead we traded up for Jordan who gets 20 or less snaps per game. Instead we take Taylor in round 2 and keep him on the bench all season. Frustrating.....

Sure is a lot of corn in here.


I agree Pouncey has been a big disappointment this year. He is one of the players who has regressed the most of this offense.

Pouncey has been the positive influence you would want from your center, DL linemen shed his blocks so often and he doesn't seem to play with any fire.

That bonehead penalty against the Bucs on the first drive to put us in a hole told me has a little self control and is not a team guy.

He hangs out with RI, before we find out the punishment for him or his future. As the team try to distance themselves from RI Pouncey sticks by him, nice thanks for the loyalty.

I hope we can trade him for a high pick or quality player next year.

Homers are so stupid eh?

Im looking forward to see how this line plays aginst the Panthers. After running for 102 yards more than the Pouncey led line and gained a franchise worst 2 yards they showed up with one of the best efforts of the year.

If we get over 150 on the ground and stick with the run for once we have a chance. Our backs average 4.1 a carry which isn't too bad. It may also allow Thill to use the play action and get to Wallace deep. Well one can live in hope ?

Among other reasons, Scott, as Marco mentioned, poor play by Pouncey.

Ape Man...er I mean Tamer, is so annoying eh?

Must be a Jets or Pats fan.

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