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Pouncey to miss second consecutive game

Mike Pouncey, who missed last week's game against San Diego, will miss his second consecutive game on Sunday. Pouncey will not play against the Carolina Panthers, per a source.

Pouncey, who was listed as doubtful for the game, will likely be replaced by Nate Garner as he was last week.

It is likely rookie Sam Brenner, who moved into the starting lineup last week when Garner moved from left guard to center, will once again be called upon on Sunday. Danny Watkins is also expected to get snaps.

Pouncey missing this game is not a big surprise. He did not practice during the past week despite rejoining the Dolphins after suffering an illness that started with food poisoning.


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Pouncy isnt the sharpest tool in the shed.

Nobody likes Armando's blog anymore:( Not even the CJ Club.

Eric Spoelstra is part chinaman.

Nobody likes Armando's blog anymore:( Not even the CJ Club.
Posted by: M is for Moron | November 23, 2013 at 03:07 PM

Nobody likes the Dolphins anymore.

Pouncey is the most unlikable player on the team.

Nobody likes TGH or his stupid comments. Go away hater.

Carolina is a completely different matter. I see nothing the Dolphins can do either on the field or on the sidelines (coaching) to stop the barrage that is coming their way. Again, it is simply a matter of talent. Miami does not have enough of it on that line to compete effectively against a superior defense.

Posted by: realist | November 23, 2013 at 02:27 PM

I agree this is a trenches game but I've watched the Panthers a couple of times this Yr. and their a chains moving team and I believe that Grimes can shutdown S.Smith enough to make it a low scoring affair. I think the team that wins the turn over battle in this type of attrition contest should win.

The Keys to me:

1) Lafell is the chains mover at WR and the play out of RCB Patterson (if he can finally go) or Carroll is huge because this is were Cam's looked alot on 3rd & short and as funny as some might find it we should all be weary of their 3 WR sets with Wilson matched up on Ginn's speed.

2) For whatever reason we've been very susceptible to between the Tackles running this Yr. at both our DE's (Wake and Vernon) and wonder if playing Odrick back outside isn't best even if it hurts our pass rush although very unlikely this week needing their speed to contain the edge on Cam. Their play though versus the run especially on short yardage will be key when the Panthers go with bowling ball M.Tolbert.

3) Here's the biggest key and my biggest reservation as well because this is a game Tannehill will have to win on his shoulders and his alone! Running on the Panthers is tough enough without going at their strong front-7 with a patch work line. Keuchley will have a filed day blowing everything up in the hole.

4) The one Panthers D weakness IMO is an overrated D-Backfield made to appear better than they are by their front-7. So I suspect we roll the pocket in this one plenty and let Tannehill play to his strength which so far seems to be the intermediate pass game. Clay will need to come up BIG here pulling Kuechly into some pass coverage. Some 2 T.E. would be nice, let's see if the Egnew/Sims combo can give us a play or two.

5) The Wild Card is definitely Dion Jordan who needs his breakout game setting some edge, pressuring Newton and covering Olson. I'd line him up all over the formations which we saw a little of last week with him covering A.Gates some at OLB while also playing DE.

The BIG thing here is neither Coaching staff is what I'd call adept at adjusting so I guess the most important thing tomorrow is which Dolphins D shows up? The one that train wrecked the Bengals and won it last week or the gang that played Tampa, Buffalo ect....???


On your twitter account you talk about the Carroll - Ginn match up but last week I noticed the Panthers line him up inside as well especially when they go 4 WR with D.Hixon alternating with Lafell.

Mando doesn't watch the games that closely. He basically looks for blog stories.

Mando doesn't watch the games that closely. He basically looks for blog stories.
Posted by: Engo | November 23, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Yeah they're a bore on the field...

That is too bad , but we have to move on and if protection is a problem than leave more guys in to block or maybe be creative in the screen game to the running backs a least try it.

The Dolphins fan base has diminished by 17.1%. Tops among all NFL teams and among the leaders in all sports. The last time The Dolphins were 5-5 was in 2009, they finished 7-9, same as they will this year.

New logo, new era.

Yeah, by the 3rd Qt he's probably wasted, somewhat like Us.

Carlina is beatable. They just happen to get lots of hype.

5-6 people.

We were beating NE 17-0 so there must be talent on this team. Our coaches have to trust Tannehill to win this game. If we get ahead, keep the pedal down.

I had rather lose slinging it than win sitting on a lead.

I really don't know how we can win this Game.

The way a seemingly overmatched team(on paper) can win, and winning as the underdog in LV is by winning the turnover battle and scoring TDs off of those turnovers.
The LV computers who make the odds in 2013 do not have algorithms that can correctly predict takeaways.
They also could help themselves by scoring Tds when they reach the Red Zone which they have done for the most part in 2013.

Volcano gland activity: Key to game.

computers dont and never have made the lines

It is very easy to say to win the turnover battle but the probabilities lie that Carolina wins the turnover battle, they hit hard as hell, much harder than we do.

If they lose on Sunday two expectations: 1 will expect 12+ pages on the game blog or one of the ones afterwords
2 New articles next week about changing the current management structure from the ones makin the big money on these blogs Cote and Salguero

Oh, those wonderful quantum computers will never be up to Us. But they certainly help Us, dusty.

What's wrong with making big $$$ when it's your chance to do it legally? Huh?

on paper oscar this is a blow out. but closer looks tells u it will prbaly be close cause nfc vs afc, car on short week banged up. coming off games vs sf and pats, let down here in front of 5000 fans will be bored. carolina 16-6

Dr Canosa theres nothin wrong wit makin big money,but when you ad your chance to do it legally it makes me think your one of those shrinx that has a pharmacy down the hall that you secretly own and you charge the insurance companies for name brand but you give the patients generic.

Yeah, perhaps you're right , dusty, especially an inter-Conference which is not crucial now to Carolina. Perhaps they might want to take a break? Yeeeaah

An addendumb to my 6:32 post those are my expectations but then again I expected either HECKLE OR JECKLE to eventually come out on top in their recurring BATTLE.

FIRE ROSS, I am one of those privileged individuals that has had $$$ all his life, since birth, and as a result, we don't feel the compulsion that most People have in this Country to make more money than you need. Hopefully, your Children and Grandchildren will grow up like I am.

What up phools? It's saturday so you k now what that means...

Pouncey is a punk, Incognito is a wack job, Martin is a big weirdo.

So far we look better without 'em.

How did we get such a dysfunctional bunch of goofballs on this team, on this OL?

OHHH yeah I remember, the biggest goofball of all brought them all here.


I know alot of posters may disagree but I would like to see the Dolphins draft a QB in the coming draft. I am not advocating giving up on Tannehill nor calling him out as a bust but feel having Matt Moore caddy behind him were he's NO viable threat to him as the starter or future has Tannehill sitting to comfortably for me with a mixed bag of results. I don't want nor expect the team's new G.M. to draft a QB with his 1st three picks but if by some chance in RD-3 you have a ROCKET ARMED guy like LSU's Zach Mattenbereger sitting there I think you have to bring him in.

Other's to consider would be Georgia's Murray (RD-4), UCLA's Hundley (RD-4) followed by Bama's McCarron (RD-5) It's probably alot of wishful thinking but after the very hyped Bridgewater and Manziel are off the boards I suspect all drop into RD-2 were then it becomes murky on who pulls the trigger and were but feel none of the ones I mentioned (except maybe McCarron) falls out of the bottom of RD-3.

The rules have made it so that it's definitely become a QB driven League. Look at the B.S. call Brees gets Vs. S.F. on a play were he was clearly grabbed in the shoulder region by Ahmad Brooks or the calls Brady gets when you simply fall around his knees. What constitutes Pass Int. today would have put another 100 TD's and 10,000 Yds. on Marino, Kelly, Moon, Elway and Comp.

We pay Matt Moore 3.5 Mil a Yr. to ride the pine and feel the money could be better used in 2015 (when his contract is up) on another Pos. We really could use it in 2014 on the OL (as at least a big portion of a salary on an OT) but need to get the Rookie Back-up, up to speed and don't feel Devlin the answer while maybe threatening Tanne in 2015 if the mediocrity continues. Yes alot of upside but alot warts in his game as well.

The great teams do it this way even the Steelers took Landry Jones pretty high considering Big Ben is still in his early 30's. In the new NFL it's MHO that you need your starter and a guy to groom. I bet the Texans wish today they had payed more attention like wise!

Fin, I've not given up on Tannehill yet. But I've said it many times, keep drafting (Ron Wolfe model) QBs every year. He doesn't mean 1st round or trade all your pics for one necessarily or at least that's my interpretation.
Point is, we don't know yet

(Ron Wolfe model)

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 23, 2013 at 08:09 PM

My thoughts exactly and there's a few kids I've been following. I mentioned them in my post.

Why do I feel like pouncey is suspended or benched
not hurt

Yeah fin, the trick is to keep sifting thru what you get. Find chump GMs desporate for a QB and makeout like a bandit. But if you find a keeper...

I have to laugh at Dusty Bottoms and his continual criticism of the crowds. I told you the other day the crowd numbers. 60,258 through the gate for San Diego.Not bought, counted at the gate. I've been to over 500 games at that Stadium, football, baseball and college. There will be at least 65,000 there tomorrow.

I don't care if he's a long snapper, if the guy is a Special Player, bring him in.

Wow, food poisoning lasting 2 weeks? I had it in college and it lasted 24 hours...this is very shady.

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