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Review: PFF and Salguero look back at Chargers win

The Dolphins won amid chaos Sunday and the grades from this week's ProFootballFocus.com and Salguero tape and insight post reflect the good outing.

Here they are:


Tight end Charles Clay (+4.2) and Daniel Thomas (+3.3) had their best grades of the season to pickup a struggling offense. Clay’s rampaging TD catch came with Manti Te’o in coverage. Of Clay's 90 receiving yards, 77 came after the catch.

Lamar Miller still out-snapped Thomas 40-26, despite being out-touched 11 to 6.

Salguero: Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman continues to say he considers both Miller and Thomas as co-starters: "Pretty much. When I’ve been asked that question, that’s what I’ve said all along. I look at both of those guys as starters, and you kind of just go with the hot hand. I thought during the course of the game I thought they both ran well. Lamar (Miller) had some runs taken away from him because of penalties, some were ours and some were there’s. I thought Daniel (Thomas) ran very physical. He didn’t practice much last week. He missed some time, but he came out ready to go. When he was in there, he took full advantage of his opportunities. Sometimes it’s just a matter of opportunities when you are in there. It just happened to come up where he had some very well-blocked plays, but he certainly had some great after contact runs which I thought since I’ve been here the best we’ve been on runs after contact whether it be a pass, a catch or a run."

Rishard Matthews played 57 of 66 snaps after his breakout game last week.

Left guard Danny Watkins played 5 snaps at left guard in his debut as a Dolphin.

Tight ends Michael Egnew (18 snaps) and Dion Sims (8 snaps) saw time almost exclusively as run blockers.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill struggled to connect with his receivers downfield again. He was just 4 for 11 for 66 yards and a pick on passing attempts of 10+ yards. Tannehill made it a point to attack Derek Cox in coverage, targeting him 4 more times than any other defender. But, he connected just 4 of 9 times against him.

Salguero: Let's face it, when we're talking about downfield issues, what we really mean is Tannehill cannot seem to get the ball to Mike Wallace in stride. The ball is seemingly often underthrown or thrown late or thrown out of bounds. The irony here? Wallace is slowed by hamstring issues. So he's being underthrown despite not running as well as usual.

Check it out from Sherman:  “They’ve done that and part of it, Mike’s still feeling, still resting and working with his leg issue.  I thought Mike had a tremendous ballgame. He ran hard, and he ran his routes very disciplined.  He was open on a number of occasion and sometimes it was protection issues and we didn’t get him the ball, other times we just didn’t get him the ball, but I thought Mike (Wallace) had a tremendous impact in that ball game, because he changed how they played us and allowed us an opportunity to control the game with some runs and what not.  He started the game with a catch and a first down where he broke some tackles.  It kind of set a tempo for us, I thought, in that ball game.  (Brian) Hartline had one, obviously the running backs have theirs, (Charles) Clay had his for the touchdown, I thought the first one was Mike’s (Wallace) and I thought that kind of set the tempo for the game.  I think there’s familiarity that the two of them just have to an understanding with how that’s going to work.  We certainly underthrew him on a touchdown pass that we can’t do.  If they had scored at the end that could have been the ball game, we needed those points, we didn’t get them so that’s something that’s been a point of emphasis and it will continue to be.  We have to get them on the same page.  They are two willing participants and they want it to work, I think it’s just a matter of two guys getting used to each other.  It just takes a little bit of time."

The Dolphins had their most success running the ball behind the right side of their line, picking up 48 yards on eight rushes. However, they still produced 56 yards on their other 11 carries

Daniel Thomas picked up 32 of his 57 rushing yards after contact.

Brian Hartline had two uncharacteristic drops against Johnny Patrick.

Salguero: Not mentioned by PFF, but major props to Nate Garner. He spent the entire week working at left guard and then moved to center on Sunday. And he had only one line call mistake.

Sherman: “Nate really had only one mistake in communication. Mike Pouncey has been a stalwart in there.  For him to go in there and do what he had to do, just phenomenal.  I thought he did an excellent job.  Along the same lines, I have to take my hat off to (Ryan) Tannehill as well.  I don’t think there’s many quarterbacks in this league that, when they wake up on Sunday morning and the guy they’ve been taking snaps with since they’ve played in this league all of a sudden isn’t playing, he doesn’t bat an eyelash (he says) ‘Ok let’s go, no big deal.’  I think that’s a credit to him and that’s kind of the way he looks at things, he doesn’t sweat things very much.  It’s a credit to him and there’s things that he has to work on and get better at but one thing about him, he doesn’t get flustered or concerned about things like that.  (He says) ‘Ok, who’s up lets go.’  I do think Nate (Garner) did a fine job stepping in, in the absence of a very good player.  Those are big shoes to fill when you’re filling Mike Pouncey’s shoes.”


Dion Jordan settled back into his 20 snap role with 22 plays. In addition to two hurries rushing the quarterback, he helped out in the run game with a defensive stop on 7 plays.

Salguero: Last week defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle talked about Jordan being a part-time player the entire rest of the season. He told us to get used to it. This week, the tune has changed a bit.

Consider from Coyle: "Dion is like a power forward in basketball. He’s a very smooth athlete. He’s got great length, and he can run like a deer.  You put those qualities together, he’s not intimated, he’s actually bigger and taller than most of these guys or at least as tall as s some of these tight ends.  They’re used to smaller guys covering them and that’s a big advantage, the body positioning and boxing out and playing basketball which a lot of them do.  (Antonio) Gates is a perfect example, he’s a guy that can just muscle up on people like he’s waiting to get the ball in the low post and just catch a little hook route.  Dion covered him a few times yesterday and did a very good job, he’s very natural at those kinds of  things.  The more we can get him involved in those type of things as well as he had some good rushes in the game yesterday too.  We have to expand his role and keep him working because he can contribute and he is one of those guys that has the capability of making big plays for us."

Jimmy Wilson is the nickel cornerback no matter what. When Dmitri Patterson aggravated his injury, Wilson stayed at nickel corner, while Nolan Carroll took over the #2 spot. Wilson had 52 snaps to Carroll’s 47.

With Will Davis inactive and Jamar Taylor not playing any defensive snaps, the two rookies have combined to play just 45 defensive snaps on the season.

Philip Wheeler had his best grade in pass coverage all season (+1.5). Against Antonio Gates, he didn’t allow a catch on two targets, including a pass defensed. He allowed just two catches overall.


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While there seems to be a tenancy to point out players as the issue. I believe that too be only somewhat true. Sure Jeff Irdland has made his share of stupid picks. But there is no way to deny the talent that is here. I'm starting to agree more and more with some other people evaluating the problems we are seeing and believe how that talent is being developed is falling short. I still think of this season is salvaged to a 9 & 7 effort. And no serious allegations hail out from the investigation, then Philbin deserves his third year to put it all together. We'll just have to let the season play out and see.

Wallace?? Really. Come on. We had this same argument about Marshall, who I originally didn't think would come here but didn't want to leave. Any team would love to have Wallace.
1. Minn and Miami were the only ones who bid on Wallace. How soon everyone forgets the Dolphins were one of the FEW teams that wasn't in salary cap purgatory this last free agent period. To say only two teams WANTED Wallace is pushing it.
2. How is Big Ben doing without Wallace in the lineup this year?
3. Have we changes Offensive Coordinators since Henne? It seems we have the same throw the ball short scheme as before.
4. Even Philbin said Tanne had Wallace wide open and missed him.
Wallace is a burner. That's what he is known for. To criticize him for not going up for a ball seems lame. The guy runs past people. We need Tanne to get him the ball. No more excuses.
This team is better with Wallace on him. If any receiver needs criticism this week it's Hartline. Couple missed catches and a fumble we were lucky that there was a penalty.
Wallace is a weapons, but like any weapon it is worthless if not used properly.

Very tough offseason decision on Patterson. 5 INTERCEPTIONS in only 4 GAMES.

That's GREAT! Except the rest of the team has played 10 games.

Who knows, Patterson could very well be an elite corner. We can only think what could have been had he played an entire injury free season. He and Grimes could have been the best tandem in the NFL.

Now, we're faced with a very tough offseason decision.

I proclaim this Charles Clay week. That guy helped us win the game vs. the Chargers and deserves a lot of credit.

How about that awful 2011 draft class? Pouncey, Thomas, Clay and Wilson. All those guys helped us win on Sunday. But Ireland does a horrible job getting talent on this team right? WRONG....Half fans and trolls.


CHARLES CLAY...................



Clay does have an uncommon skill set for a guy his size with great hands. Not only is Clay fast and elusive...he can run right over you. That guy from the Chargers that got planted firmly on his back still has to wonder what he did wrong to deserve that kind of smackdown. LOL

Let's not get swollen heads we are still the dolphins, we are still a flawed team in many areas

The Salguero-PFF review of the Chargers game seems to have set off an avalanche of comments similar to those of the Tampa game, critical of Tannehill and Wallace here in Armando's blog.

Exasperated Dolphins fans viewing Wallace's performances this year say: he drops a lot of balls; he doesn't come back for the ball; he is not aggressive; he doesn't run good routes; he takes plays off; he is a one-trick pony. Guess what- that was the book on Wallace in Pittsburgh. Is it really surprising that these shortcomings are showing up in Miami?

Some Wallace apologists put the blame on Tannehill, though. They say he does not throw a good long ball; or he does not look for Wallace in his progressions; or he is too inaccurate with high or wide throws, putting at disadvantage a receiver like Wallace who favors body-catching. All of this is true.

Add to this that Tannehill doesn't seem to like launching those downfield missiles; and Sherman doesn't like to call for them; and neither does Philbin.

It's supposed to be a short pass offense... best when multiple anonymous receivers can be switched around to create mismatches. Wallace-as-decoy might be the best coaching strategy considering the limitations all around.

Tannehills long ball issues aren't due to lack of arm strength. They are due to poor mechanics and footwork. It's not surprising that there doesn't seem to be any mention of this by Salguero or the rest of the media. It's correctable but the more time that goes by without addressing it, the harder it is to correct (old habits die hard and the older the habit the harder it dies). If the Dolphins are working on it, it sure isn't showing.

billcale is a FRAUD.

Yup. You really don't throw with your arm, you throw with your whole body. Like a pitcher does.

For Darryl

From the ref

“So it was determined at that point in time that when the primary contact occurred on the tight end that the ball, in essence, was coming in underthrown and in essence it was immediate at that point intercepted at the front end of the end zone. So there was a determination that, in essence, uncatchability, that the ball was intercepted at or about the same time the primary contact against the receiver occurred.”

Following the game, Blakeman explained and defended his crew's decision, saying the original call was pass interference but that Gronkowski's distance from the ball rendered the penalty moot.

Feet are used to transfer the weight back---->forward then follow thru. There is a beautiful picture of Marimo all wound up ready to uncork a long one, he seems to be almost flat to the floor, can only be caught by a still photo as it happens in a flash, but that's the form needed to throw a long one.

Lookidat, I have become a QBs Coach.



I mentioned last Friday that the team would go on at least a 4 game win streak. Of course I was laughed at.

As they say...he who laughs last laughs best.

Nah, I start at 9AM. My chauffer should be here in 10' to pick me up.

We are going to beat Carolina. They are coming off a tough game on a short week. We are going to destroy the Jets and have our biggest blowout of the season.

I have no love for Brady or NE but I believe Darryl is correct. IMO, illegal contact (not PI) should have been called.

Nobody here has talked about Can Wake. He's no Philip Rivers and Neither are the Panthers the Chargers. Think about it.

Cam Newton. Sorry.


I am puzzled at how many are missing the point. This is a very common call. It is only a foul if it prevents the receiver from making the catch. It was deemed he was too far away to catch the ball and that even without the contact there was a defender already in position to make the interception or at least prevent any chance of him catching it.

We see this most commonly when a WR is streaking down the sideline and gets held down field. But the ball goes way beyond him or out of bounds and so no foul is called because it was deemed uncatchable either way,

maybe coyle shuld coach b ball instead

i said yday the panthers will pounce the phinz

Honestly, I couldn't care less about the call. Anyone complaining about it have their heads up their arse (ESPECIALLY if you're a Dolphins fan). Do you KNOW how many calls New England gets IN THEIR FAVOR that extend drives and give them the advantage? EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. THEY. PLAY! And for ONCE, they don't get the call, I call that KARMA! Doesn't even BEGIN to even out the preference they get from every officiating staff in the NFL.

Good, I'm glad it ended that way. I'm THRILLED they lost. Screw the Patriots, screw their fans, and screw anyone who's too pathetic to even mention the fact they got a "controversial" call against them on a Dolphins blog. Take that sh*t somewhere else.

Posted by: Hash | November 19, 2013 at 08:26 AM
What does Illegal Contact Mean?

"A penalty that results from a defensive player interfering with an offensive receiving player more than 5 yards from the line of scrimmage. The result of the penalty is 5 yards and an automatic first down in favor the offense".

The 'uncatchable ball' is a judgement call usually reserved for passes thrown way down field or out of bounds and clearly no chance of completion. But in any case, this would refer to an explanation of a non-call for PI but not illegal contact.

I'm not an expert on rules but to me, that was illegal contact.

DC, are you a bitter person?


Go look at ESPN, the refs explain it there. I pasted it above. It was the right call according to the NFL rule book.

An uncatchable ball is a judgement call. You used the word usually. Usually doesn't mean always, and usually is not in the rule book. We see 'illegal contact' away from the ball every Sunday that doesn't get called.

The only thing the sports media is complaining about is that the ref should have explained the no call.

But really, who cares at this point.

No I'm not bitter, I'm actually happy-go-lucky. But why do women wear head scarves in Muslim countries? Because it's the custom. Why do you say Aloha in Hawaii? Because it's the custom. Why would someone respond with antagonism to posters showing remorse for a Patriots non-call which led to their defeat? Because this is a DOLPHINS blog and it's the CUSTOM!

DC, why are you always irate? Happy go lucky is not you.

"Dion covered him a few times yesterday and did a very good job, he’s very natural at those kinds of things. The more we can get him involved in those type of things as well as he had some good rushes in the game yesterday too. We have to expand his role and keep him working because he can contribute and he is one of those guys that has the capability of making big plays for us"

- COngrats Coyle, only took until week 11 for you to figure this out...

DC, @ 8:40, hallelujah, preach it brother.

And if they didn't screw us out of our game in Foxboro, we would be tied for the division lead.

dc, the guy tackled gronk
the ref saw it
the ref threw the flag
it was a bs call
now admit it and move onto to the pouncing by the panthers
ne shuld have won

cocoa @ 8:40, you're right, there was illegal contact, holding, whatever, Gronk was impeded. But if the flag was trhown for PI (which it was) then the discussion came about whether the pass was catchable or not and despite what the Greek official on the Kraft payroll says above, it was five yards underthrown and the refs correctly decided that the ball was uncatchable. I mean, how could the ball be catchable if it lands in the hands of a DB, five yards in front of a receiver?

Anyway if the refs made an error, it was not calling it illegal contact or holding in the first place but 10 times out of ten in a situation like that, the instinct is to call it pass interference.

And even if they got illegal contact or holding, youhave one play from the 13 to score, odds are still against you in converting.

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The ball was 'uncatchable' because the 2nd defender pushed Gronk out of the endzone, creating a gap for the other defender to intercept the ball.
If defender #2 was not there, Gronk comes back to the ball and together they fight for possession.

To say the ball was 'uncatchable' is ignorant to the facts of what defender #2 was doing to the primary receiver.

yeah mark, i just saw espn this am and everybody is scared to face the phinz in the post season

Do I really need to bring up Mayor Marion Barry right now who was convicted of use and I believe even distribution then later ran again and WON...

2 watt, why do you even come here man?

Ur act is stupid and tired and I'm convinced you're a fukkin prick ... now fukk off

no mark

mark, i'm like that herpes sore on u'r lip,
i ain't goin' any where

and i come here to read the stupidity from u homers
it's comical

some fulfilling life you have there buddy, whatever floats your boat.

Also find it interesting that one judgement call gets miles of airply on ESPN while three outright blatant cheat calls earlierin the year and there's crickets on ESPN. Tell me this has nothign to dow ith ESPN being headquartered in Bristol, Conn.

I was hoping we could talk about this awful and horrendous bully scandal for awhile longer.

Note: when the ball is in the air, illegal contact is no longer in play. It was not PI, the ball was uncatchable. It was the correct call. Flag should not have been thrown in the first place but at least the got it right.
Don't forget, the only reason that drive was still alive was because of the total BS PI call against Carolina earlier in that drive.

2watt, hyperbole much. The guy didn't tackle Gronk. By the way, that guy is one of the best 3 LBs in the league. So if Brady and Manning and Brees get the benefit of the doubt, so does Kueckly. The refs picked up the flag (as they do ALL THE TIME) so it's a non-story. But because the tv/radiot sports reporters' stand under Brady's balls and wait for the sweat to drip into their mouths, we have to talk about that today, INSTEAD of talking about the Dolphins giving Incognito a reason why he's suspended (that was a joke).

What I got out of that game is we'll be facing the best QB we've seen ALL year this week. EFFE Brady, effe Brees, the way this guy is playing, his duel threat-ability, he's almost un-freakin-stoppable. It's going to be a tough test for our team. I hope they have some tricks up their sleeves, and don't come in thinking they can use the same game plan we've seen in the last 11 games. If we can't stop a 3rd string RB, how can we stop the top running QB?

DC, why are you always irate? Happy go lucky is not you.

Posted by: Allah | November 19, 2013 at 08:57 AM

Look, the blog has it's own Jonathan Martin poster. Stop whining you little beyatch, or I'll bully you!

Mark in T,
You are so right on the biased coverage by ESPN. When the refs cheat for the Pats, like when they ensured the Pats would beat the Phins earlier this year, nothing is said or showed on that piece of crap station. Living here in western Mass, near the NY border, we are bombarded with NY Jets garbage so much, you'd think the Jets were 10-0 instead of 5-5. It's ridiculous.


Oh yeah I remember...

Mayor Marion Barry was not Canadian. He was a good business man. Your mayor is on crack and has been stripped of all power yet he remains the mayor? That is your leader?


In regards to Tanne constantly underthrowing Wallace... it's not arm strength, it's not footwork (many QBs complete long passes with not so great footwork) - the problem is Tanne is late in throwing the ball. His read is too slow which leads to a late pass which leads to the ball being behind Wallace. The fact that it's game 10 and he is still doing this is a concern.

Hahaha, Barry was a good business man and a crack cocaine user and distributor.

Hey man, you are barking up the wrong tree here, I am anti ALL GOVERNMENT. I think they're all Rob Ford. I hate them all. I haven't voted since I was in my early 20s and didn't know any better. No man or woman walking this planet or yet to be bron will ever get my vote, EVER!

MassD, DC has it right as do you, football coverage is total propaganda. Pats get two calls go against them this year and they are the only two calls talked about all year. You would think they were on par with the fail mary when in fact it was the right call both times.

hopefully the SD game is a sign of finally figuring things out. JHordan needs to play, Garner is a good player and deserves to play, Tannehill has to find Wallace on some deep throws.

maybe we are catching Carolina on the right week as well. big monday night win and a division game the following week.

Umm... Cam actually called out the Dolphins right after they won. Sooo.....

2 twitty, do you not remember the way the refs screwed the fins?



wallyfin @ 10:02

I agree some teams let down after a big win but I'm not counting on that in this case for 3 reasons:
1. Cam won a Nat'l C'ship in college which means he had to win the SEC title game first. He knows what it means to carry the intensity from end of reg season thru cship game which is a 7 week timeframe.
2. Ron Rivera went to SB as Bears DC when Grossman/Griese were the QB. Ginn went to SB last season.
3. Last night's game is the perfect rallying point for Cam to show his leadership and say, "WE TAKE NO PLAYS OFF".


But I may put $500 on them to win SB today, it could payoff nicely.

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