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Review: PFF and Salguero look back at Chargers win

The Dolphins won amid chaos Sunday and the grades from this week's ProFootballFocus.com and Salguero tape and insight post reflect the good outing.

Here they are:


Tight end Charles Clay (+4.2) and Daniel Thomas (+3.3) had their best grades of the season to pickup a struggling offense. Clay’s rampaging TD catch came with Manti Te’o in coverage. Of Clay's 90 receiving yards, 77 came after the catch.

Lamar Miller still out-snapped Thomas 40-26, despite being out-touched 11 to 6.

Salguero: Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman continues to say he considers both Miller and Thomas as co-starters: "Pretty much. When I’ve been asked that question, that’s what I’ve said all along. I look at both of those guys as starters, and you kind of just go with the hot hand. I thought during the course of the game I thought they both ran well. Lamar (Miller) had some runs taken away from him because of penalties, some were ours and some were there’s. I thought Daniel (Thomas) ran very physical. He didn’t practice much last week. He missed some time, but he came out ready to go. When he was in there, he took full advantage of his opportunities. Sometimes it’s just a matter of opportunities when you are in there. It just happened to come up where he had some very well-blocked plays, but he certainly had some great after contact runs which I thought since I’ve been here the best we’ve been on runs after contact whether it be a pass, a catch or a run."

Rishard Matthews played 57 of 66 snaps after his breakout game last week.

Left guard Danny Watkins played 5 snaps at left guard in his debut as a Dolphin.

Tight ends Michael Egnew (18 snaps) and Dion Sims (8 snaps) saw time almost exclusively as run blockers.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill struggled to connect with his receivers downfield again. He was just 4 for 11 for 66 yards and a pick on passing attempts of 10+ yards. Tannehill made it a point to attack Derek Cox in coverage, targeting him 4 more times than any other defender. But, he connected just 4 of 9 times against him.

Salguero: Let's face it, when we're talking about downfield issues, what we really mean is Tannehill cannot seem to get the ball to Mike Wallace in stride. The ball is seemingly often underthrown or thrown late or thrown out of bounds. The irony here? Wallace is slowed by hamstring issues. So he's being underthrown despite not running as well as usual.

Check it out from Sherman:  “They’ve done that and part of it, Mike’s still feeling, still resting and working with his leg issue.  I thought Mike had a tremendous ballgame. He ran hard, and he ran his routes very disciplined.  He was open on a number of occasion and sometimes it was protection issues and we didn’t get him the ball, other times we just didn’t get him the ball, but I thought Mike (Wallace) had a tremendous impact in that ball game, because he changed how they played us and allowed us an opportunity to control the game with some runs and what not.  He started the game with a catch and a first down where he broke some tackles.  It kind of set a tempo for us, I thought, in that ball game.  (Brian) Hartline had one, obviously the running backs have theirs, (Charles) Clay had his for the touchdown, I thought the first one was Mike’s (Wallace) and I thought that kind of set the tempo for the game.  I think there’s familiarity that the two of them just have to an understanding with how that’s going to work.  We certainly underthrew him on a touchdown pass that we can’t do.  If they had scored at the end that could have been the ball game, we needed those points, we didn’t get them so that’s something that’s been a point of emphasis and it will continue to be.  We have to get them on the same page.  They are two willing participants and they want it to work, I think it’s just a matter of two guys getting used to each other.  It just takes a little bit of time."

The Dolphins had their most success running the ball behind the right side of their line, picking up 48 yards on eight rushes. However, they still produced 56 yards on their other 11 carries

Daniel Thomas picked up 32 of his 57 rushing yards after contact.

Brian Hartline had two uncharacteristic drops against Johnny Patrick.

Salguero: Not mentioned by PFF, but major props to Nate Garner. He spent the entire week working at left guard and then moved to center on Sunday. And he had only one line call mistake.

Sherman: “Nate really had only one mistake in communication. Mike Pouncey has been a stalwart in there.  For him to go in there and do what he had to do, just phenomenal.  I thought he did an excellent job.  Along the same lines, I have to take my hat off to (Ryan) Tannehill as well.  I don’t think there’s many quarterbacks in this league that, when they wake up on Sunday morning and the guy they’ve been taking snaps with since they’ve played in this league all of a sudden isn’t playing, he doesn’t bat an eyelash (he says) ‘Ok let’s go, no big deal.’  I think that’s a credit to him and that’s kind of the way he looks at things, he doesn’t sweat things very much.  It’s a credit to him and there’s things that he has to work on and get better at but one thing about him, he doesn’t get flustered or concerned about things like that.  (He says) ‘Ok, who’s up lets go.’  I do think Nate (Garner) did a fine job stepping in, in the absence of a very good player.  Those are big shoes to fill when you’re filling Mike Pouncey’s shoes.”


Dion Jordan settled back into his 20 snap role with 22 plays. In addition to two hurries rushing the quarterback, he helped out in the run game with a defensive stop on 7 plays.

Salguero: Last week defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle talked about Jordan being a part-time player the entire rest of the season. He told us to get used to it. This week, the tune has changed a bit.

Consider from Coyle: "Dion is like a power forward in basketball. He’s a very smooth athlete. He’s got great length, and he can run like a deer.  You put those qualities together, he’s not intimated, he’s actually bigger and taller than most of these guys or at least as tall as s some of these tight ends.  They’re used to smaller guys covering them and that’s a big advantage, the body positioning and boxing out and playing basketball which a lot of them do.  (Antonio) Gates is a perfect example, he’s a guy that can just muscle up on people like he’s waiting to get the ball in the low post and just catch a little hook route.  Dion covered him a few times yesterday and did a very good job, he’s very natural at those kinds of  things.  The more we can get him involved in those type of things as well as he had some good rushes in the game yesterday too.  We have to expand his role and keep him working because he can contribute and he is one of those guys that has the capability of making big plays for us."

Jimmy Wilson is the nickel cornerback no matter what. When Dmitri Patterson aggravated his injury, Wilson stayed at nickel corner, while Nolan Carroll took over the #2 spot. Wilson had 52 snaps to Carroll’s 47.

With Will Davis inactive and Jamar Taylor not playing any defensive snaps, the two rookies have combined to play just 45 defensive snaps on the season.

Philip Wheeler had his best grade in pass coverage all season (+1.5). Against Antonio Gates, he didn’t allow a catch on two targets, including a pass defensed. He allowed just two catches overall.


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wally, that is what i'm hanging my hat on for this game too because in a vacuum, this is an extremely poor match up for us. This should be a game where Dion Jordan is used extensively. Having Jordan out there chasing Netwon around and acting as his personal spy should be a must. He's the one guy big and strong and fast enough to chase him down.

Also ntoiced Newton is very inaccurate in those short and intermediate throws. Olsen and Smith have extremely strong hands and bailed him out a bunch of times.

Hopefully Patterson is back to full strength. Makes a difference when he plays a lot.

Yes, #ETF, carolina should be in that SB discussion. What odds are they getting?

Mark, exactly right on Jordan. Use him as a spy and in coverage over the middle. Hopefully Coyle gets this. This is also a game where Wallace needs to show up and have big contributions. Tannehill needs to maek sure they are synced up too.

The offense is going to need a few big plays because the Panthers D is too good to beat 5 yards at a time.

Panthers 60-1 as of Oct 22. Surely moved up now but man, that would've been a nice payday.

Bears at 75-1 worth a look and a couple of other outisders that could pay off...

...Hash..I saw your post this morning. Maybe the call was by the book..The call at the end of the Green Bay Game was "by the book" as well. This was not nearly the same violation. Or degree of ineptitude. And of course the league, the refs are going to defend the call. By the book...Sure, nothing to debate. My whole point is that if there was a penalty there..Was it PI??? No. Was it Holding? the book says no..99 out of a 100 I think that gets called. Maybe I'm wrong.
Was it illegal contact? Yes..and This IMO is not even a debate. The refs in their explanation don't really cover this. By the rule you can't touch a receiver after 5 yards..Kuechly(spelling??) is hugging him out like Vince and Ari on Entourage.

Again..I am trying to put to rest the idea there is a conspiracy in the NFL that favors certain teams. IMO that would have been a pretty easy spot to pick up a flag. There wouldn't have been much outcry had the refs done that as it appeared to be a foul. That is how the whole post started. I am glad the Pats got the shaft. It is good for us. Again..I was just pointing out to the foil hat brigade that they can roll up the foil and hit a deep 3..no conspiracy.

I for some reason see us winning this game. I thought the Panthers would either lose to the Pats or us. No way they were beating us both or losing to both of us.

The Panthers O-line is a patchwork and should be exploited

The Panthers secondary is VERY suspect

Tannehill will need to get the ball out very quickly

This Panthers team is ripe for the taking, coming off victories over the 49ers and Patriots back to back.

Panthers are much improved but can be beaten, its about the Turnovers. You can beat this team putting up 20 points, but you can not let the Panthers D score!

My advice on throwing deep to Wallace, Tannehill just throw the damn ball as hard as you can and hopefully Wallace can just run underneath it. Tannehill has a strong arm, why does he always underthrow to Wallace


Good point @ 10:21 on Jordan being used as a spy....

you had better hope Coyle reads this....otherwise...Jordan will spend 2/3 of the defensive snaps on the bench...

Agreed on all counts Rdubs. Good post.

Does anyone think we should give Garner a chance to start next year or at least compete for the guard job. It might be good to have at least 2 of the 5 starters returning instead of just one.

Cam didn't call out the fins, he just mentioned the next opponent.

i still think we can jump on them early, they may let down...

The Panthers will come in very flat after a huge Monday night win over the Pats. They're still celebrating. Dolphins may have an easy win.

sam i am...

a tannehill under throw is not the cause of wallace's hammy. he came to the team with it. it slowed the connection between the two from the get go. short memories on here!

if i was behind that line long passes would be my issue too.

here's an improbable but very possible scenario.

IF we pull the upset over the panther and the pats lose to the broncos (a much more likely scenario) we control the AFC east with wins. we win out and tie the pats at the top, we own the tiebreakers. our head to head would be split, we'd both be 4-2 in the division. our win over the bungals would be the tiebreaker.

granted this is highly unlikely but very true.

This team as inconsistent as they are, rise up against better teams. Sherman needs to gameplan his butt off, this game comes down to our offense. Carolina isnt an offensive powerhouse, but their D sure is.

For people who dont know and want Philbin gone. Lets look at Ron Rivera, Panthers sucked last year and their GM was fired(Think Ireland is bad, the year Cam is the only player from that years draft still on the team) Everyone up here in NC wanted Ron gone. What he has done is transform his coaching style and it is working, perhaps Philbin deserves the same opportunity

What did we learn yesterday class?

A Great MLB can neutralize a Great QB. Always have, Always will.

Who was Brady and P.Mannings daddy until he retired? Z.Thomas ... and R.Lewis.

The Pats themselves have been a different team since J.Mayo went down. That defense has been in shambles without their leader.

Oh, and some of you should've picked up the Panthers defense on your fantasy team. If you thought Koochy and crew were that good. I know I did.

Offense wins games, Defense wins championships.

I'm not saying the Panthers will win the Superbowl. I'm not that Crazy.

My Money is on P.Manning. Cause for the second time in his career he finally has a decent defense. And R.Lewis is retired.


I see what you are saying...but to me that is an apples and organges omparison...

While I do feel that Philbin has not been as creative this year with his game plans...or taking calculated risk....I don't think he will be fired (if he is fired) for his coaching...or lack thereof....

He will be let go for his poor management and terrible mishandling of this whole Martin/Cogs thing....it NEVER should have gotten to this level...and even tho he may succesfully quash everything down to the OL Coach...I am of the opinion that he is OVERALL responsible...and should go because of it....

Having said that...I am also of the opinion...that IF there had been NO scandal...then he (Philbin) should get 5 years to implement his system....

The Rivera situation was ONLT an indictment on his coaching....and the fans and media were in a rush to get him out of there...and having said that...didn't we also see the SAME THING with Raheem Morris and the Bucs a few years back...every one called for his job...the BUCS got hot...finished the season strong....everybodu loved Morris again...next year they sucked....and now Morris is the DBs coach for the HORRIBLE 2nd dairy that is the Washington Redskins....

Same story can still play out for Rivera...

and I think it will....

5 reasons the Panthers game scares me:

1. Nolan Carroll against Brandon Lafell.

2. Our LB'ers against Olsen.

3. Our O-line against their d-line

4. Cam Newton escaping the pocket

5. Their 3 RB's against our run D.

Having said that nothing is impossible but it's hard to expect to beat them if couldn't beat the Bill's, Bucs, or Ravens.

Of course theres the biggest thing too. It just doesn't seem likely in our recent history that we win two big games in a row at home and actually look like a playoff contender. Wouldn't it be sweet though???


As far as Philbin. I think this Incognito thing will blow over. I was speaking strictly from a coaching game planning stand point. Jmart /cogs thing adds a crappy candy coating to the whole thing

..Where there is a huge difference between our team and Carolina that I think does not bode well for us this week..

3rd down conversions on offense..Carolina was great on 3rd down last night. We have stunk on third down all year. The numbers tell a clear story..Carolina is almost 50 percent on third down conversions for the season...48.9. We are close to the bottom at 35.3 percent..That is a huge gap.

The reason IMO we have not been able to run the ball on third down..I don't think it is a distance issue every time. I think it is our misguided identity that says throw throw throw..We are bottom 5 in rush first downs in the league..Atlanta, Cleveland, Jacksonville are worse. not good company.

On Defense..The Phins are actually better at getting off the field on 3rd down 37.6 percent..Carolina..35.2.
The difference..Our defense is on the field usually much longer in a game then the Carolina defense.

So to me..This will be the key to the game. Who wins on third down? Cliché as it is. There is some truth to this stat.

We'll see Rdubs...

but I think the best s yet to come from that saga....

this is the proverbial "quiet before the storm"...

In the mean time....the real question is....can the FINS win a meaningful game..and remain relevant after Thanksgiving....

not MATHEMATICALLY relevant....truly relevant.....

Kris, we already know he will spend most of the game on the bench but how good would it be for this team to recognize the talent it has sitting on the bench and using it whichever way you can to win the game instead of pigeon-holing some guys and not using them optimally?

Would be nice. Will we see it? Doubtful.

It's pretty funny. Bill goes on & on about Daytona and how's he's known him here for years. Yet, Bills name only appears in the last month?

Bill, we are not stupid. Just use the original name you were using when we laughed you off this blog to begin with. You'll garner at least a shred of credibility.

Also, It is getting nauseating Armando Salguero. Every Article or Post by you is you talking bad about our team. Even your apologist can't deny it anymore. I guess it is easier to write something negative than something objective or Positive about the team. It is easier to bully than to understand the weak.


I would also stop the press conference before letting you ask a question. Just to spite you. You have done ZERO to merit a response from the team and its Front Office.

Thank God, Dashi isn't S.Ross. I would've been pulled your press pass and banned you from anything Miami Dolphin related. Try reporting then.

I'm not saying ban the Herald, or not to report or commentate negative things about the team. BUT EVERY TIME AND EVERY POST IS GETTING RIDICULOUS.

rdubs, I hate this coaching staff, namely the d co-ordinator but I do lend credence to letting things play out even if we have a pretty good idea how it will end. The team hasn't been a disaster under this regime but it hasn't been good either. But tough to fire a coach after a couple of so-so seasons while he breaks in a green QB. If they get anywhere close to .500, said it yeasterday, bring everyone back and see if they have it in them ... no excuses, one final shot. beofre we may have to blow the whole thing up again.

..Dashi...I agree with you about Kuechly.(I can't spell his name)..but as far as the reason the Panthers won the game, or neutralized Brady last night.. I look no farther then the Panther interior defensive line. They were punishing Brady. The ol' pressure up the middle held true..Micheal Johnson was the best defensive player on the field last night..That guy was unstoppable(even with an injury)..

Back to the idea you have to have a great MLB to round out your unit.Yes and no..Does it help? Of course. Has every championship team had a great MLB? No. Would our team be better off with better MLB play? Yes. Can we win with the pair we have? Remains to be seen.

Dashi, bit of stretch to say Keuchly neutralized Brady. Looked like Keuchley was crapping his pants on that last play and got off on a technicality. if brady reaches the back of the end zone with that pass (you know where the route was actually headed), it may all be a different tune today. And Brady threw the ball around the lot yesterday. Not a historic day but a strong enough to win against a quality opponent type of day...

Some postives about Cioach Joe Philbin....

He saw the need for a Good blocking full back...and PUBLICALLY lobbied for Vontae Leach (DC's guy)in the off season...Ireland cound't land him...

He saw the SH@T storm comming even when we were 3-0...fore-warning us all that the way the FINS were winning was "unsustainable"....the FINS went on to lose the next 4 games....and have only won 2 of there last 7.....

That screams of a coach that understands whats going on....in terms of X's and O's...

its the Oragnic part that has me worried....he has NOT earned the right (yet) to be an out of touch workaholic who is so far removed fromhis players that he can claim ignorance when things happen in his locker room...Like a Belicheat....win 3 SBs...and go to 6 SBs....and then we can revist your culpability when it comes to lock room isses...

Has Irescum resigned yet?

R.Rivera has and always will be a great defensive coach. The problem was the offense and the injuries to the Panthers last season.

R.Morris in no way resembles R.Rivera.

It is like trying to say Philbin and Sporano are similar.

Daryl, are we bad on 3rd down or first down??? Our 3rds are seldom 3rd and 3 like the Panthers and Pats always seem to have.

Anyway, I thnk it comes down to turnovers. Tannehill plays a clean game and we have a chance because that Panther offense won't run away from anyone.

...Sam I Am..Perhaps you are right. My point is that people claim there is a conspiracy in favor of certain teams...I am saying if that was true...The play at the end of the game..That was at least defensive holding would have been called.

The thing is that the call was blown. Could you imagine if the was us against Carolina..Phin fans would be going ballistic. Conspiracy..Conspiracy to put us down and advance...Carolina??????? Really?

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 18, 2013 at 11:57 PM

Nice to see a blogger who sees the reality.

Fact: The media isn't out to bash everything the dolphins do
Fact: In order for the phins to be hated, they'd have to be relevant for anyone to care to try to knock them down
Fact: No team gets favoritism by refs
Fact: Miami is more or less a victim to bad calls than any other team
Fact: Fans who blame the refs for losses are sore losers who can't accept their team stinks without loking for excuses

TY for having some common sense Darryl

Posted by: Canadunce | November 19, 2013 at 09:53 AM

Your name is right if you leave off the Cana. Lol

You can find any number of corrupt mayors in the USA. Glass houses.


Congrats on your Fantasy football team's win streak. You are the Carolina Panthers of the D.I.D Fantasy Football league


To me he neutralized Brady. Yes, Statistically Brady had a good game. But when it mattered most during that whole game Koochy made Brady do what he wanted not the other way around.

Plus, on the last drive if the Refs didn't call the first pass interference that game would've been over before Brady under threw a 20 yard pass. The refs kept the last drive alive for Brady and the Pats like they always do. They did the same thing during the saints game. They refs kept extending drives for the Pats. Heck, the refs did the same thing to us in that infamous 3rd qtr where the refs helped the Pats make a 17pt comeback.

..Dashi. What should Armando be covering? It would be one thing if it was all roses around here. It isn't. I applaud Salgeuro for being critical of Philbin and Ireland during this process. Soemone has to hold these guys accountable for what went down..It is total incompetence at a level that will probably cost one or both their jobs...But he should stay silent? Pretend that everything is great because we are 2-5 over our last 7 games after starting 3-0...I get it that sometimes Armandos timing sucks...I get it that we all want to hear that the Dolphins are the greatest most well run franchise on the planet, in the solar system..Fact is right now, that is farthest from the truth.

We all want the same thing..We all want a product we can be proud of. A product that is a consistant winner. Right now, and for the last 15 years...That has not been the case here. There is a reason. if Armando has an opinion that is harsh against this regime..He has to do his job...And call the mother fu@#ers out...If he doesn't he is doing all of us a dis-service..I'm sorry if it doesn't jive with popular opinion.

Rdubs = Dashi


I agree with you on the coaching wholeheartedly, I really do not like our D this year. I cant believe what we give up on 3rd downs. I do not like Shermans playcalling. I dont like how stubborn and unwilling to change.

But as the season goes on, we are seeing Philbin try new things, even if its a little later than it should be. I fully believe Philbin implements change from his coordinators. Philbin is sharp and intelligent, now if he could only find a way to communicate with players better and not come across like he is made of stone.

Is is not Newton that worries me most about the Carolina game - it's their power running attack which the Dolphin D does not match up well against. They'll try to control the clock and ball and let their defense play.



You are no slouch yourself. I would like to think that the trade we made at the beginning was beneficial to both of us.

I don't see myself as the Panthers, but more like the NY Giants during that Superbowl run. A team of destiny.

See you in the title game for all the marbles.

can you expound on some of thes new things....cause I don't see them...

The only hing I can recall is the unveiling f the READ-OPTION during the Thurday night PRIME TIME game against Cincy....

other than that...nothing...

And for all the Tannehill believers, Myself included. Two months ago people were talking about how Newton wasnt progressing, was turning the ball over too much and people in NC were talking about cutting or trading him. I even heard a few call in's saying the should start their Back up Derek Anderson. Does this all seem kind of familiar?

Dashi, not going to find me arguing about the Pats and Brady getting gift call after gift call. It's why i hate them ... I don't hate any other team that wins. Even when the Jets were winning I said, hmm, not bad but still didn't want them to win. Same with teh bills back in the day. Never resented the packers, steelers, giants, ravens, etc. But the pats , always hated them and wished them the worst. I cheered when Brady went down. The day the giants beat the pats in the super bowl was the happiest day of my life (until next May/Jine when my first child is born) becuase deep down I hate them. Not because their good, but because they're babied by the league and it's officiating. And any time any judgement call goes against them it becomes front page news but it never happens with any other team unless it's flat out incompetency like the Pack/hawks game last year (but even that was tied into the strike and wouldn't been a big issue otherwise). tell me where there was a judgement call in those three penalties that rescued three pats drives against us? Those were flat out lies that gifted them the margin of victory plus a littel cushion against us. Illegal touching when a defensive player fails to recover a fumble. I watch 5 games a week at least over the last 25 years and never have seen that call once before in that scenario.

But regardless, Keuchly played alright but to me the better LB in coverage is the former safety in Thomas Davis.

...Mark..I get the first down question..it directly effects the third down scenario..I looked at this as well. It is not conclusive. What I mean is sometimes we are very good on first down, and get in great position to convert on third down...But.we rarely run it even in 3rd and short situations. We have less rush first downs total then we do failed pass attempts on and short tries. When I say short yardage I thought 2 yards or less.. Before last weeks game we had 6 first downs running on 3rd and 2 or less, and 8 incompletions on the same down and distance...

So I don't think it is just a case of us having longer 3rd down conversions over Carolina. I think it is straight execution.

People are happy with 5-5? After 4 years of 7-9? Can u say LOW STANDARDS? LOL


I understand the Hate. What I am saying is to change it up every once in a while. It isn't all DOOM AND GLOOM down here.

How about an article or a Post explaining how C.Clay has outperformed the rookie TEs everyone coveted.

The Ratio is all Dashi is talking about.

I don't even want a 50-50 split. Heck, 1 positive post a week or 1 Objective post.

Just some real insight, not "The Dolphins Suck and Let Me Tell You Why"!!

That should be the heading to every Salguero Post for the last month. Ever since he said the Fins will feel his wrath for losing to the Bills.

rdubs, I'm one of the few that really don't think Sherman needs to go, he needs to be tweaked. He needs to be more conservative at times (when have we ever said that about our OC??). His biggest "weakness" is that he tries to win some games with offense instead of playing defense and giving them a chance to hold the fort.

With a more experienced offense this will be a good philosophy - just not now.

What Coyle is doing with that defense though - is borderline negligence.

Dashi= Your Dad

But I don't want anything to do with you.

For sure DD, lack of a run game has really killed us this year. i mean, even if we were as average was we were last year - 1800 yards or so, this offense would be pretty good. Not using Bush properly and bringing him back in a Sproles/Woodhead role and not honouring our original in season offer to jake Long are the two management/coaching flaws that have really killed the team this year.

Burnett swap for Wheeler is a close third.

Dashi is a deadbeat dad, hahaha

I have seen some improvement in Tanne lately, he has not fumbled in a while and is escaping the collapsing pocket a little more.
He still has a ways to go but there is hope for him. And this team and its fan need hope.

..Dashi..@ 11:35...Fair enough. I hear you.

I forgot who asked the question yesterday about who we all thought the most improved Dolphin player is this year..I put Jimmy Wilsons name in the hat as my choice. But after thinking about it..The clear winner, or most improved Dolphin players has to be Charles Clay.

Think that he wasn't expected to play a huge role as our feature tight end. He has been pretty good this year. Can he work on his consistency? Sure, can he be a better blocker? I'm not sure. Overall the Phins have found themselves a nice offensive weapon in Clay. Well done.


A few things, nothing monumental and could be contributed to the coordinators. I for one think Philbin had his fingers in it( LOL that sounds gross)

-Egnew at fullback, ha been awesome, no. But at least he is contributing

-Grimes, always works on one side of the field. In a couple games he shadowed big WR's

- Jordan, putting him on TE's more often this is a slightly new development and will have to see if he covers Olson this week. This should have been going on for awhile now.

- More QB runs. Tannehill has not run enough as far as I am concerned. Did he fool you to when he had that little run for a first down. It was awesome, faked everyone out

-Tannehill is rolling out more.

-Bringing in extra line men on running plays.

Kris, With me saying all this, I realize this should have been happening a month ago. But thats why I made the Rivera comparison. Rivera was true to his ideology, which was play safe and hope your defense holds up. Now he has been nicknamed "Riverboat Ron" as he is stepping out of his comfort zone and taking risks and it is paying off.

So In a nutshell I will say this "Philbin, step out of your comfort zone"

Jordan should be in a heck of a lot more. In his limited time he has a lot of QB hurries, he is always in the mix. They did the same thing with Wake and it took them 2 seasons to figure out they need him in there more often! Just let the kid play, he will not get better or improve his technique by sitting out half the game. Tannehill will not get better with Wallace until the QB coach does a better job in teaching him how to throw a deep ball in a timely manner.

We have been running the Spread-Option since last year.

Or you forgot when T-hill ran one for like 40 yds up the sideline.

As an OC, Sherman knows that his offense is limited cause of the lack of an O-Line.

When this offense is Clicking and has all its pieces it would look a lot like the Packers and Texans Offense.

Little known fact. When Kubiak was hired as HC of the Texans he hired Sherman as OC so he can install his offense. The WCO that Sherman runs is derived from the great Bill Walsh.

Why do you think Gruden praises Sherman? They run the same offense.

"Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman continues to say he considers both Miller and Thomas as co-starters."


They both stink.

Werent the homers comparing Dion Jordan to Jason Taylor? haha


No they Homers were saying "Mmmmmmm Doughnut..."

they = the


I said READ-option...not spread-option....

there is a difference...

and I'm not tryng to argue with you....i'm just asking questions....looking for clarification....and asking for examples to refresh my "bad memory"....

I just posted about Philbin's positives imo....

were talking 2 sides of the same coin here....

..Rdubs..I would like to comment on the Egnew project. We really saw the beginning of this personnel after the bye. It worked great in the first half, Egnew had a key block on a Lamar Miller TD..It was a new wrinkle and we dominated on the ground..It was the first time we used a fullback in formation since week 2. We went away from it in the second half..

Fast forward to the Pat game...Egnews best performance as a fullback. Again, we go away from the formation in half 2???

Where it starts to turn in the Bengal game..not a good game for Egnew blocking. Cinci figured something out, and Egnew was innafective.

Now the train wreck game..Tampa. Cinci laid the blueprint. Tampa exploited it. They were pounding Egnew. He was useless. We had to go away from the personel grouping and go back to more of the single back set..Which we all know we struggle to run out of.
Maybe this plan isn't working?

Last week..I think we only saw Egnew on 12 snaps..Clay lined up as a blocker a few times. We went away from the formation, and it worked. witch admittedly I was surprised. We haven't been good running out of single back formations all year..I think for us to have a chance this week, we are going to have to run it. It is going to be rough if we have no fullback option, or feel limited. I don't think we will have the same success running out of single back sets this week as we did last week..A certain challenge for the coaches

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