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Review: PFF and Salguero look back at Chargers win

The Dolphins won amid chaos Sunday and the grades from this week's ProFootballFocus.com and Salguero tape and insight post reflect the good outing.

Here they are:


Tight end Charles Clay (+4.2) and Daniel Thomas (+3.3) had their best grades of the season to pickup a struggling offense. Clay’s rampaging TD catch came with Manti Te’o in coverage. Of Clay's 90 receiving yards, 77 came after the catch.

Lamar Miller still out-snapped Thomas 40-26, despite being out-touched 11 to 6.

Salguero: Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman continues to say he considers both Miller and Thomas as co-starters: "Pretty much. When I’ve been asked that question, that’s what I’ve said all along. I look at both of those guys as starters, and you kind of just go with the hot hand. I thought during the course of the game I thought they both ran well. Lamar (Miller) had some runs taken away from him because of penalties, some were ours and some were there’s. I thought Daniel (Thomas) ran very physical. He didn’t practice much last week. He missed some time, but he came out ready to go. When he was in there, he took full advantage of his opportunities. Sometimes it’s just a matter of opportunities when you are in there. It just happened to come up where he had some very well-blocked plays, but he certainly had some great after contact runs which I thought since I’ve been here the best we’ve been on runs after contact whether it be a pass, a catch or a run."

Rishard Matthews played 57 of 66 snaps after his breakout game last week.

Left guard Danny Watkins played 5 snaps at left guard in his debut as a Dolphin.

Tight ends Michael Egnew (18 snaps) and Dion Sims (8 snaps) saw time almost exclusively as run blockers.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill struggled to connect with his receivers downfield again. He was just 4 for 11 for 66 yards and a pick on passing attempts of 10+ yards. Tannehill made it a point to attack Derek Cox in coverage, targeting him 4 more times than any other defender. But, he connected just 4 of 9 times against him.

Salguero: Let's face it, when we're talking about downfield issues, what we really mean is Tannehill cannot seem to get the ball to Mike Wallace in stride. The ball is seemingly often underthrown or thrown late or thrown out of bounds. The irony here? Wallace is slowed by hamstring issues. So he's being underthrown despite not running as well as usual.

Check it out from Sherman:  “They’ve done that and part of it, Mike’s still feeling, still resting and working with his leg issue.  I thought Mike had a tremendous ballgame. He ran hard, and he ran his routes very disciplined.  He was open on a number of occasion and sometimes it was protection issues and we didn’t get him the ball, other times we just didn’t get him the ball, but I thought Mike (Wallace) had a tremendous impact in that ball game, because he changed how they played us and allowed us an opportunity to control the game with some runs and what not.  He started the game with a catch and a first down where he broke some tackles.  It kind of set a tempo for us, I thought, in that ball game.  (Brian) Hartline had one, obviously the running backs have theirs, (Charles) Clay had his for the touchdown, I thought the first one was Mike’s (Wallace) and I thought that kind of set the tempo for the game.  I think there’s familiarity that the two of them just have to an understanding with how that’s going to work.  We certainly underthrew him on a touchdown pass that we can’t do.  If they had scored at the end that could have been the ball game, we needed those points, we didn’t get them so that’s something that’s been a point of emphasis and it will continue to be.  We have to get them on the same page.  They are two willing participants and they want it to work, I think it’s just a matter of two guys getting used to each other.  It just takes a little bit of time."

The Dolphins had their most success running the ball behind the right side of their line, picking up 48 yards on eight rushes. However, they still produced 56 yards on their other 11 carries

Daniel Thomas picked up 32 of his 57 rushing yards after contact.

Brian Hartline had two uncharacteristic drops against Johnny Patrick.

Salguero: Not mentioned by PFF, but major props to Nate Garner. He spent the entire week working at left guard and then moved to center on Sunday. And he had only one line call mistake.

Sherman: “Nate really had only one mistake in communication. Mike Pouncey has been a stalwart in there.  For him to go in there and do what he had to do, just phenomenal.  I thought he did an excellent job.  Along the same lines, I have to take my hat off to (Ryan) Tannehill as well.  I don’t think there’s many quarterbacks in this league that, when they wake up on Sunday morning and the guy they’ve been taking snaps with since they’ve played in this league all of a sudden isn’t playing, he doesn’t bat an eyelash (he says) ‘Ok let’s go, no big deal.’  I think that’s a credit to him and that’s kind of the way he looks at things, he doesn’t sweat things very much.  It’s a credit to him and there’s things that he has to work on and get better at but one thing about him, he doesn’t get flustered or concerned about things like that.  (He says) ‘Ok, who’s up lets go.’  I do think Nate (Garner) did a fine job stepping in, in the absence of a very good player.  Those are big shoes to fill when you’re filling Mike Pouncey’s shoes.”


Dion Jordan settled back into his 20 snap role with 22 plays. In addition to two hurries rushing the quarterback, he helped out in the run game with a defensive stop on 7 plays.

Salguero: Last week defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle talked about Jordan being a part-time player the entire rest of the season. He told us to get used to it. This week, the tune has changed a bit.

Consider from Coyle: "Dion is like a power forward in basketball. He’s a very smooth athlete. He’s got great length, and he can run like a deer.  You put those qualities together, he’s not intimated, he’s actually bigger and taller than most of these guys or at least as tall as s some of these tight ends.  They’re used to smaller guys covering them and that’s a big advantage, the body positioning and boxing out and playing basketball which a lot of them do.  (Antonio) Gates is a perfect example, he’s a guy that can just muscle up on people like he’s waiting to get the ball in the low post and just catch a little hook route.  Dion covered him a few times yesterday and did a very good job, he’s very natural at those kinds of  things.  The more we can get him involved in those type of things as well as he had some good rushes in the game yesterday too.  We have to expand his role and keep him working because he can contribute and he is one of those guys that has the capability of making big plays for us."

Jimmy Wilson is the nickel cornerback no matter what. When Dmitri Patterson aggravated his injury, Wilson stayed at nickel corner, while Nolan Carroll took over the #2 spot. Wilson had 52 snaps to Carroll’s 47.

With Will Davis inactive and Jamar Taylor not playing any defensive snaps, the two rookies have combined to play just 45 defensive snaps on the season.

Philip Wheeler had his best grade in pass coverage all season (+1.5). Against Antonio Gates, he didn’t allow a catch on two targets, including a pass defensed. He allowed just two catches overall.


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T.Davis is better in coverage. But Kuechly does what a great MLB is suppose to do. He is the QB of the Defense. He lines everyone up and if he sees the defense is in the wrong play pre snap he audibles to the right play. Plus, his motor doesn't stop(sideline to sideline). Forcing the players around him to play like him or be exposed. Kuechly sets the tone for that defense.

Agreed. Wheeler isn't better than Burnett. But I believe Dansby's laziness was wearing off on Burnett.

With that said, DJ will be a better LB than Wheeler and Burnett combined. But you know who I blame for that.

Man, I have so many admirers here, Ed in Edmonton, Steve in Ottawa, Home-O, come out and play will you?>???

..18 snaps..My bad I wrote 12.


I'll buy that for a quarter....

Egnew did contribute for a game or two..which is a game or two more than last year....nice adjustment there...

Grimes....I love that guy....no argument there....that was a Dusty pick....

Jordan...good call...

Fooled the he!! out of me when he went for that run....I didn't know he had the ball till he was 15 yards down feild...and that was a slow 15 yards for a former WR (Tanne dig:)

I still think they can roll him (Tanne) out more...but they have to consider Tanne may run out of bounds..and sack himself....(another Tanne dig)....


Its kind of like that time I went to my gay neighbors (Gay-bors if you will) News Years Eve party with my wife. I have never had so much attention at a party. But it's attention you dont really want LOL

Why haven't we thrown to Egnew more? He couldn't play before because he couldn't block. Now we just use him to block and seldom throw him the ball but when we do, he catches it. Guy is a huge target and has the athleticism to match.

We have stunk on third down all year. The numbers tell a clear story
Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 19, 2013 at 11:05 AM

T-Fumble leads the league in 3 n outs this year and last year.


But I will say that my faith in Philbin is at an all time low. Well not all time, that was when we lost to the Fuccaneers. I cant believe how flat we came out. I guess the whole Jmart thing took a bigger toll than I expected

..Maybe this is the week that Dion Jordan get to play? I know some have made this point already. I want to understand why Jordan would see limited snaps this week? Because Carolina wants to run it, and Jordan can't play the run?? Phoeey! What is the coaching staff so afraid of? Is Jordan still hurt?

Let the kid run around and crush some people. He has been mostly effective when he has had opportunities. What gives? Can someone answer this?

Mark I can answer any question you have about misusing players on offense:

Mike Sherman

I agree Dashi. DJ as an OLB would be something no other team has in the 4-3. Sure Von Miller rushes the passer superbly but Dion plays more like a true OLB with his coverage.

How many other teams have an OLB who is 6'6, runs a 4.6 at 250-260 pounds, as fluid as Dion and has pass rush skills to match? NOBODY... what a waste.

Why haven't we thrown to Egnew more?
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 19, 2013 at 12:03 PM

Because he stinks! DUUUUUUUUHHH!!


That is the problem. People are calling it Read-Option. Not just you.

It is Spread-Option.

All Options are Read-Option. You read what the defense gives you and you decide what to do.

Even the Triple Option is a Read-Option.

Now any Option play ran out of the Shotgun is called Spread-Option. At least that is what it has been called since Urban Meyer introduced it years ago. Now cause they run it in the NFL they want to rename it "read-option". That is an Oxymoron.

And I just gave you the example. T-Hill had a 40 yd run last year from the Spread-Option.

Or when he scored that TD with the Superman dive last season. That was a Spread-Option Play.

Now the Pistol formation, is what is making people trying to rename the Spread-Option. But the guy is still taking a Shotgun Snap. Just cause the guy is lined up behind him it doesn't make it a different option.

When did we hire Brad Childress to lead our defense? His twin maybe

rdubs, this is more like that than you think. i swear some of these guys want to talk more than football. They keep addressing me and calling me when I've never talked to them or even put a football post out there. I blame Daytona for this. he was my first Dolphins in depth stalker, mando took forever to address the lunatic and now all the other sallies think they can take liberties with me now too.

And Dashi, I agree on keuchly, he's an animal. is he somehow related to Chad Brown of the old Steelers/Seahawks?

Looks almost exactly like him, built like him, plays with the same ferocity - just plays a slightly diff position.


The are just mesmerized by "Fiji Water girl pic" Man she is freaking hot.


you could be right....I would have to research that term a bit....

here in DC (were they first started using it...sucessfully)....they call it the Read-Option...

that is the extent of my knowledge on that term...

I just know that when Egnew puts himself between the ball and the Qb, nobody else is getting that ball. Guy is huge... runs well, excellent athelte, when we've thrown the ball his way, he's amde the catch. let's see it more...

Haha, rdubs, wife recently discovered some old footage I had of her. That bedroom was frigid for a little while, I tell you...

Man, Dashi is Balls deep in football knowledge and formation terminology . All my observations are superficial. I am too busy yelling at the TV and flopping on the ground like Shane Battier to really pick up all the nuances . I try to go back and watch games again, but I cant!


Agreed. J.Wilson is one of the most improved. I believe me and you had this conversation a few weeks ago. I believe even N.Carroll has improved. Those two have developed real well over the past two seasons. Doyle is a bad DC but a great DB coach.

I remember telling people pre draft that we already have our Honey badger. His name is J.Wilson. and in my book J.Wilson is a better Pro than Matthieu. Jimmy hits like a Man. I would love to see J.Wilson and D.Jones on the field together at the same time. All WRs will turn into T.Ginn.


If you need a safe place to hide that footage. I will give you a dollar


C.Brown, WOW, that is a name I haven't heard in a while. Kuechly plays with that animal instinct. That is a Perfect example of who D.Jordan can become. C.Brown was a complete OLB. I agree with your previous observation also. D.Jordan can be more complete than Von Miller.

And you guys know who coached V.Miller in College? M.Sherman.

..Dashi...The Honey Badger reference, or comparison I right on the money. This is one of the reasons I ws so anti Honey Badger before last draft..We already have him. If you look at the metrics for slot corners in coverages this year...The 2 players are almost indentical. Wilson has given up 2 more receptions but on more targets. His YAC is lower, then the Honey Badger. Both have not given up a TD when in nickel coverage. And both have 2 int's 2 fumbles forced.

So the comparison is right on the money...

To me Kuechly reminds me of Z.Thomas but if Z.Thomas had prototypical Size. Kuechly's Football IQ is out of this world and he is a Tackling Machine. The guy averaged almost 200 Tackles a season in College. We are talking about getting 200 Tackles in 12 or 13 games.

Haha, Dashi, I didn't even know I had it. Just had it sitting in my end table near my side of the bed. Completely forgot about it. luckily it's some of the stuff I had that can be shown everywhere ... still she wasn't pleased. And I've gone looking for it but it appears it has been taken from me and I don't have the stones to ask for it....

Man, Dashi is Balls deep in football knowledge and formation terminology . All my observations are superficial. I am too busy yelling at the TV and flopping on the ground like Shane Battier to really pick up all the nuances . I try to go back and watch games again, but I cant!
Posted by: Rdubs | November 19, 2013 at 12:15 PM


lol I was thinking the same thing. My actually got me a velcro dolphin doll to tear apart instead of her living room. dashi does appear to a good student of the game though. I've just gotten bored with it after so many years of futility.

On the subject of teaching either Egnew or Clay fullback blocking duties, at what point is it Ireland's job to just find them a fullback??

Dashi, Chad Brown was one of my favourite players. Just stupid stats he used to put up in the day, always over 100 tackles, over ten sacks, would get a pick or so on top. Guy was just awesome.

Sorry, last post was supposed to be addressed to rdubs, oops.

Daryl, and Jimmy benches more than 8 times too. man, especially after the Martin affair, I'm done with guys who just don't eat, live breathe football and do all the necessary work involved to be the best they can be.

If they can't cut it athletically/strength wise, I want no part of them. i was also anti Mathieu.

Dashi I was just complimenting you to rdubs and then go and say that Nolan Carroll has improved??

Did he have no arms amd legs when he was drafted??

Dubs, agreed. Dashi is a Football connoisseur.

(Not really I just have one of those brains that remembers everything.)

...Dolfan Rick..I think the reason why we don't have a fullback is that idealy in this offense you don't have to have one...If you look at our tendencies. We want to spread the field. In Philbins wetest dream. we would spread the field, and use the short pass as a run. Mixing in runs out of these formations.

What happened. And I have debated this for months. We can't run or pass protect when we spread the field. So. We realized we have to run it. and with the personel we have..We had to go back to formations that included a fullback. IMO this is the simplest explination. I'm sure it is much more complex. But the condensed reasoning is obvious.

Also..I think the coaches may have over estimated Tannehills grip on the offense. It is difficult to run these spread formations. The quarterback has to make quick reads. The quarterback has to be accurate. The quarterback has to understand the protections..Tannehill is getting there.Not all the way there yet..I think this was an oversight.


Remember, Dubs= Dashi. So no biggie.


..Mark..I forgot about the bench reps at the combine...

I may have been wrong about Honey Badger. I thought he would be total garbage. So far for Arizona he has been pretty good. Still. Wilson is a steal in the 7th round. considering he wasn't a corner coming out of college..He has developed well. He is also going to bleed Aqua and Orange for you. The type of player that is never going to be guilty of playing at less then his 100 percent.


I dont know how accurate your post is, but it sounds reasonable and well thought out. So I will agree with you and say you are right


For as bad as N.Carroll was his first 2 seasons. Yeah, he has greatly improved. For a minute there I thought N.Carroll had no arms. He was also taking T.Buckley's nickname away. I was going to start calling him Nolan "Toast" Carroll. Cause it seemed every play his first couple of seasons he was getting toasted for a TD.

I'm not saying he is a star. But N.Carroll is just as good as S.Smith now. I remember even last season everyone was scared when N.Carroll saw the field cause of the injuries to the other CBs. N.Carroll is no longer a liability. He is more than a Special Teams player now.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 19, 2013 at 12:34 PM


Thanks DD!

Thats a pretty fair explanation. Even I understood it.

He is a good team player. Tries hard and does his job. Also making it hard for Jamar Taylor to get on the field..

I also thought Mathieu had a very high bust probability. usually guys who play that little in college don't play well. And talk about baggage. Did anyone ever have more than him??

Dashi, Carrol is not as good as Smith, come on. he is improved though but he is nothing more than a placeholdeer. The bar Will Davis and jamar Taylor have to get to in order to see the field.


Smith isn't that good. Neither is Carroll. But by the end of last season when they were both on the field I would rather throw to S.Smith side than N.Carroll. at least I would know S.Smith wouldn't come down with the pick.

He is play ok but allways they must have there back ups plan in [lace this can be a draft choce or freed agents in the ofseason. also they will have to get two offense line man and two running backs. They had the story in the paper Tony Dugry and Don Shula will make all there decision now

DD @12:34, I couldn't have said it better myself. Perfect explanation for why the offense and the run game hasn't taken off.

i do not have confidence in Nolan Carroll. i wish one of these 2 rookies would step up and take the job..


Both of my offseason attribution suggestions would have worked out. I was pushing for Vonta Leach, and I thought we should have drafted the Honey Badger. If he were here, Patterson would be the backup and Carroll would be in Jacksonville (or starting for some other crappy team).

So as not to toot my own horn too loud, my suggestion to not touch the OL too much and let Martin ride at LT was a major disaster! For that I apologize immensely.


Well since you said he's improved, I will no longer cringe when #28 takes the field lol.

Seriuosly I'm sure he has come along way as you pointed out but there is definately a drop off when Patterson is not in there. Which is most of the time. There are some things that can't be taught. Like instinct. I gotta give Carroll his props for always being ready to play though.

...Mark in Toronto..Are you getting fired up for Sweden v Portugal? Huge game..

Regarding Philbin, he would be the one I'd like to keep most (as far as GM, HC, Coordinators). Ireland, Sherman and Coyle can all be fired IMHO without much of a hangover next season. However, I agree Philbin has good football instincts and a sound philosophy.

I, like you, blame him for not being as much of a "players coach" as would be my preference, but that's something I think he can improve with time. I like that our offense generally can move the ball down the field (and is much better in the red zone). As far as the run game, a good line will improve that (however, I think Philbin needs to give it a little more priority since his initial instinct is to pass). I don't want a run-first offense, I want a run-smart offense, which basically means leveraging the run to open up the pass game.

I think if Philbin makes it past this year, he will learn a lot from his mistakes and be a better HC (provided that he doesn't let his coordinators drag him down by being too loyal to them).

I'm right there with you. Of course call me crazy, I would much rather we turn things around and all of them could be safe.
Beyond that I think Ireland is the one I would most like to see get his walking papers.
I even suggested the other day that if that were to happen, I think promoting his asst Brian Gaine wouldn't be the worst idea.
Ireland seems to have great organizational skills and he certainly does his homework, it just seems his overall attitide and stubborness may be his achilles heel. Especially with player negotiations and drafting.

Is Philbin a leader of men?

So Ross has Dungy on his council, I wonder if there would be an outside shot of bringing him in, in Jeffys place..

Huge game indeed DD, I don't feel that good about a possible result. You know Sweden will score at some point. Anyway, no spoilers please, PVR set at home.

You watching any of the games today? I'm consulting for a Brazilian mining giant and several of the guys here are going to watch brazil-Chile tonight. A rare high level international friendly in my city.

I have been pretty negative overall but I must say our D is really good.

I like that DC, a smart run game to open up the passing game. Exactly, if we run enough just to make teh other team have something to defend then all is well.

Solai is as good as it gets and Wake and Vernon are terrific also.

nat, it's not the d
it's the qb

The QB is dissapointing.

"Salguero: Let's face it, when we're talking about downfield issues, what we really mean is Tannehill cannot seem to get the ball to Mike Wallace in stride. The ball is seemingly often underthrown or thrown late or thrown out of bounds. The irony here? Wallace is slowed by hamstring issues. So he's being underthrown despite not running as well as usual."

Great observation Mando.

So whats wrong with Mike Pouncey? And what does GM Ireland have to say about this scandal? Didnt Ross say the team would be more fan friendly and transparent? More BS from Ross?

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