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Rivera: Charles Johnson likely out

New England Patriots right tackle Marcus Cannon leg whipped Carolina defensive end Charles Johnson on Monday night in what was clearly an intential and dirty move. And by doing so, he may have helped the rival Miami Dolphins.

Johnson left the game for a time against the Patriots, but more importantly probably will not play against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Today, Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Johnson is "more than likely out" against the Dolphins.

That's a blow to the Panthers because Johnson is their leading pass rusher and has 8.5 sacks this season. And there's more:

Thursday's injury report from Carolina shows the team's other defensive end, Greg Hardy, did not practice because of a knee injury. While this one is considered precautionary, he is obviously nursing an issue.

Hardy has six sacks on the season.

All told, the Panthers had five players -- including Johnson and Hardy -- miss practice today. Also missing where linebacker Chase Blackburn, guard Chris Scott, and tight end Ben Hartstock. Cornerback Drayton Florence also was limited in practice for the Panthers today with a groin injury.

The Dolphins did not practice on Thursday.


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Thats very true Mannning isn't the same QB mate.

Thill in his second year has improved his very short passes thats true also.

The QB position and the passing game has changed though Sam. We have seen this with so many young QB's with higher passer ratings than Thill.

Thill also has more talent around him to be fair aswell. Look he has serious issues with turnovers, pocket awareness, instincts, ball security and leadership just to repeat my previous diatribe.

The rate of improvement may be a little higher, but his turnover rate and deep ball are still glaring concerns mate.

Thill is a work in progress for you then ? How long do you give him and what do you expect to see from him for the rest of the year.

Finally Sam what part do you think Thill has played in our offense being 31st in the league ?

Early in the season Tannehill seemed to almost always throw behind his receivers on slant and crossing routes and it drove me nuts. For the most part he's cleaned this up now.

Marino is an anomaly , you can't expect qb's to be a finished product in yr 2. Just isn't a reasonable expectation.


you have really lost the plot my friend now your on some nationalist charge about your Canadian friends etc... wow your not helping your statements with this amigo.

Lets get back to football then and go over the points Re Thill that you think are lies or just plain dumb. ~I've still not heard from you yet ?


I've never compared Thill to anyone. There are so many bloggers that want to bring in the history of NFL greats to compare their careers to thill, it doesn't work friend.

Thill is is Thill and I judge him from how he plays for the team this season. Its like the old Cam Cameron JJ debate, JJ went 1-15 too, so what ?

At least you argue with class, unlike some, respect to you my man.

Tannehill has a fair amount of passing yardage. Would be even more he connects with Wallace deep.

Why we're 31st is easy, happens right before our eyes nearly every game.

Is 2yds rushing a clue. How about leading the league and on pace to set new league record in sacks allowed. Sacks are negative yardage.

Still 31st overall in offense is deceiving. We're 20th passing, despite all of the sacks. Would be higher if not for all of the sacks. We're 25th rushing.

Just that combined we're 31st in offense. So it is a bit deceiving.


EJ Manuel is better than Thill. What makes you say that my friend, I'd like to find out your thoughts here, if you can stay calm please ?

an awful offense this year, cant spin it any other way. on paper carolina should destroy us


Do you ever think Thill has gone down to easily on those sacks ?

Against the Chargers we ran the ball for over 100 yards and Thills rating was still low 80's.

He threw a pick in the first quarter and Clay bust that 5 yards dump off into an amazing TD to fluff up his QBR.

Thill went out of bounds when we were trying to kill the game and nearly cost us the game again in the 4th.

Thill also under threw Wallace badly to continue the slump he and Wallace have as a duo.

I know Thill is young but he has had 6 years in this system, more than any second year player in the league.

Oscar(FRAUD) is the biggest fraud on here. Make no mistake about it.

marco he didnt play 6 years in this sytem. was qb in college for a short time

Thill was four years at Texas A&M and two years here amigo.

OK he was a WR for a couple of years, but he still would have knowledge of the system no.

All the draft experts stated he had the best opportunity to get a quick start because all of his coaches were in place in Miami.

This project has placed us 31st in the NFL in offense. I would really expect higher after two years mate. 31st is worse than when John Beck was here.

Not saying Thill is as bad as John Beck, Dashit and friends.

That's why they play the games dusty.

If we lose this one though, I think many will jump on your bandwagon.

Dusty, my point is mate Thill has been playing in this system for a very long time and he is still struggling.

Ok second year QB, I guess he gets 2014 as a 8 overall pick would get, but we have to bring in either a FA or high draft pick to challenge him.

Remember David Garrett beat Thill out. The GB as I've been told is to bring players along slowly.

Yes. Armando should make everybody accountable here by, thru Facebook, publish their e-mail and other personal info. Then we could follow Daytona all around.


Have you noticed that even with 8 in the box Thill audibles out to a quick pass and still struggles.

On those 3rd and over 8 Thill will go to the underneath reciever time and time again, leaving us short.

This is one of the reasons we are next to last in offense, we stall time after time with these pointless short hits well below the first down marker.

We are about 24th in the NFL on 3rd downs too because of this.


with the abuse that is sprayed around here the last thing you want is someone like MIT ,Greg, Dashi or the like obtaining the personal details my friend.

I don't feel the need to know what you look like or anything about your life too be honest. All I like is football chat. You dig ?

Imagine Greg at your door with an Uzi, wanting to waste you over Thill's turnover ratio !!!

"intential". How long you been in this country Mando? Can't you get your life partner to proofread your junk? you are TERRIBLE

Greg, still haven't heard from you regarding my points, or your support for your mate MIT ?

Be nice now.

"Thill also has more talent around him to be fair aswell."
Posted by: Marco | November 21, 2013 at 07:09 PM

To be fair? Are you fkin delusional? The OL is horrendous. The run game has been non-existent except maybe 2 games. The dude lost TWO of his primary receivers (Keller/Gibson). Both of which he had very good chemistry with. The receiver Corp is literally Wallace, Hartline and Mathews. (I'm sure you are a fan that ripped resigning Hartline). Wallace is the only difference in ANY active receiver we have on the field except Rookie Sims. Thank GOD Clay came to play this season. Thank GOD Egnew is stepping his game up. Thank GOD Mathews is starting to come on. So to be fair, you assessment of Ryan Tannehill is Bullshyt.

Which reminds me... Hartline(4th), Clay(4th), Egnew(3rd), Mathews(7th), which GM selected those guys? Oh yeah.

Oscar, ~Im not on Facebook mate. ~Its for kids no ?

Wallace being the only different receiver from last year, that is.


Boy, I wish the Dolphins weren't so desperate for a QB last year. Luke Kuechly to Carolina with the 9th pick this year. If the Dolphins had Brees, and drafter Kuechly... oh to dream :)

Still the Fins have a fighting chance with a banged up Carolina team this week

I meant last year.. sorry, my proofreading is almost as bad as Mando's!

Ef Drew Brees.

Ef Drew Brees.

Posted by: deity
HUH? Oh, you must be one of those guys who thinks Jeff Ireland has a strong track record here. Funny guy

Nahh, the strength of the Panthers lie in their LBs and not in their Dline, although those rookies, Star and the other one, have plugged up the middle. One of their outside LBS has 61, 61, tackles up to date and, of course, Kuechly who has 64 and the indisputable leader of that D.

Thill has been given Wallace and Gibson, two of the best FA WR prospects.

Thill has played a large part in Wallaces poor play with terrible throws.

The line was neglected thats very true we whiffed on Clado and Martin, when we had Long on the team and ALbert for a second round pick.

Clay and Matthews are great talent to work with though as is Hartline and I've never ripped him and never would with the way he plays for us.

Thill goes into the fetal mode on at least 50% of those sacks, or fails to throw the damn ball away, it pushes us out of field goal range or kills the drive cold.

Go makes excuses from him my friend, with the apologist lobby you are part of.

Are you Dashit or MIT ?

Just because Thill was in the wco for 4yrs in college means very little from the qb aspects of his duties. The 1st 2yrs were as wr, even that was at which wr spot he played.

Every single position is part of the whole that becomes one on gameday. Meaning if you're putting in the time to master your particular position, you don't have time to master another, even if you're in the same position. But everyone needs learn the play, snap count and audibles.

So, Tannehill did not even begin learning the wco from the qb's aspects of duties until his 3RD YR in the wco system. Not, 4yrs, as some of you may suggest.

For this to happen, Tannehill would have had to come in as a FRESHMAN QB and ONLY LEARN the wco rob a QB PERSPECTIVE.

Someone please tell me if this doesn't make sense?

Don't try to reason with a guy who thinks Egnew is stepping up his game because he caught a ball and made a couple of blocks. Nice value on a 3rd rounder.

I don't know if Facebook is for kids, but they make Us use it when we comment on El Nuevo Herald, In any case, I'm open for everybody, Uzi or not. Look me up on Internet.


Thanks for that amigo.

I will state the obvious again that I did in the other blog. Tanny is a work in progress but his primary weakness is reading a defense.

Go watch the INT in the SD game. If you go back further you will watch the same thing repeat himself. He forces the ball into double coverage or fails to recognize the safety help, while another receiver is running free down the seam or over the middle. And, yes, he had all day to throw the ball on that play.

If he doesn't learn to recognize defenses and know when to check off, and throw the long ball accurately, he will never take his game to the next level. In his defense, he is probably somewhat confused when he actually has time to step up in the pocket and survey the field. He is shellshocked from getting pummeled.

Time will tell I guess. He will be the QB here next year

Marco I believe T'hill pocket prescence is still an ongoing process in wr to qb transformation. Has a wr ever needed pocket presence?

This transformation is even more so now that he's on the PROFESSIONAL level. In college, qb's may have at least a FULL SECOND more to get rid of the ball than in the nfl. Many of the pass rushers in college will be working on their college degree careers when college is over.

Exactly why Tannehill's wr to qb ongoing process is still an ongoing process into only his 2nd season in the pros. Tannehill is half project, half great potential, just like he was billed coming into the draft.

The good is he hasn't proven headed for bust. Evidence of progress in his 2nd season is definitely there. Don't believe it? Compare last year's numbers to 2012's numbers. This is inspite of having an even more inferior offensive line.


I said he had 6 years to get to know the system. I know he only played 18 games at QB, sure I get that.

I know the NFL is different to the level of college too.

The fact remains though mate that Thill did have an advantage over almost every rookie QB in that his HC-OC and QB coach all came along with him. This has to do more harm than good no ?

Well put Sam I Am. Very accurate observation. I hope he ends up being our guy. My only problem with the pick is that we took a project at #9. But is was so obvious that this would be our pick with the desperate situation we had at QB.

I'm not a fan of projects getting picked in the Top 10. Jordan might be our next one and he was a greater risk based on the trade up to get him

There was a great point brought up on another one of Mando's blog that stated Thill actually had the 17th best o-line in pass protection and that he had more time to throw than Brady.

I'll have to get hold of that as it gave a more accurate view that Thill's pass blocking is far from the worst in the league, its just outside the top half.

When Thill does have time he still makes horrible throws and floats passes to DB's.

Posted by: tvegas | November 21, 2013 at 08:14 PM

Peyton Manning did the same exact thing throwing a pic 6 in his SB loss. Remember that? This was 10yrs into Manning's career.

These things happen at time no matter how long a qb's career. Tannehill has 11 ints in 10 games(1.1pg), that isn't horrible, not even close.

No matter how good a qb is, at times he will still make what look like very stupid mistakes.

True Sam but I watch the film every week. It's not a once and awhile thing. You don't get a pass for making the same mistakes over and over. In his defense, he might be thinking " I have to get rid of the ball quickly." Our Oline probably hasn't exactly helped his confidence. I hope he continues to get better but I only see marginal improvement at this point. More game winning drives would help me believe in him. And a good long ball. Time will tell I guess

My only problem with the pick is that we took a project at #9. But is was so obvious that this would be our pick with the desperate situation we had at QB.

Posted by: tvegas | November 21, 2013 at 08:21 PM

Don't worry, that was you, me, and at least 85% of dolfan nation's feelings at the time. But, right now it is what it is, and at least he doesn't look bust right now.

Just still lots to work on and grow in experience. For the most part I'm not totally disappointed. I see an upside slowly rising.


The point that Thill has only 18 games at QB, does give him some room for slack that is true I'll give you that.

Maybe next year he improves on those aspects of his game.

He is certainly here next year, I've never said he should be cut or traded, it wont happen.

However would you argee that he does need serious competition from another FA, or a prospect rookie QB.

It seems you are not totally sold on him either.

Deity, Be Careful ........... He whacked a guy from Boston off the Blog for calling him out a week or so ago. I think his plan to get Philbin and Aponte Whacked is really backfiring on him now. It will be really really interesting to see how this affects his relationship with them going forward.

Other blogs are talking a lot about his crusade to get them fired ......... It's CRAZY

We don't beat them up the middle, those great LBs they have will be able to roam and make our life miserable.

tvegas I believe it will quickly hasten Tannehills improvement as the oline greatly improves. Think about it, to see any improvement from year 1 to yr 2 with an oline twice as bad as last year, is miraculous.

With a great oline, I believe we could at least 8-2 right now under Tannehill. Would have a little more time to correct the deep throws to Wallace and attempt them a little more often.

There is a high probability that, tv vegas, Marco and Sam I Am are all the same poster.


Keep up the great work. You are the best!

Marco I'm sure with Peyton Manning's 1st 2 seasons there were still some aspects of his game Colts fans were not 100% sold on.

Being 100% sold on anything is seeing the FINISHED product. Rarely will you see a finished product from any NFL qb in year 2. Luck isn't even a finished product.

Only 2nd yr qb I've ever seen anyone could be 100% sold on in yr 2 was Marino, 1984. We may never see another like it.

Greg, are you really Craig M? Jesus, relax. Mark and Marco debated with facts and disagree about Tannehill. BFD!

There is a high probability that, tv vegas, Marco and Sam I Am are all the same poster.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 21, 2013 at 08:34 PM

Lmao, good one Oscar, I found that pretty hilarious.

Sam. You could be right. I am sure part of the problem with his indecision comes from a poor OL, He probably has a clock in his head that counts down to " I'm about to get killed." LOL.

But he really does suffer in the mental aspect of the game right now. You need to have the intuition to know when to take off and run, or survey the defense and read the coverage. An equal amount of INT's and TD's is not what the great QB's achieve. But enough debating. We all agree- he will be here next year so let's wait and see if the project turns into the franchise.

Lots of excuses for Tannehill's poor performance. Same ones we all heard for Henne and Beck.

Lots of excuses for Tannehill's poor performance. Same ones we all heard for Henne and Beck.

Posted by: Exposing the Fraud | November 21, 2013 at 08:41 PM


You have DOUBLED your vocabulary. It was only Henne, but, now you recently add Beck.


Posted by: Exposing the Fraud | November 21, 2013 at 08:41 PM

Take that back. You are the same poster backing HENNE for Hall of Fame right?

In any case, you should never place a bet before the Thursday Night Game, of this Time.

Well, pretty much all Fin fans want Ireland and Failbin fired.

Posted by: tvegas | November 21, 2013 at 08:40 PM

Famous former UCLA legendary head coach John Woden had a very famous quote:

"Be Fast, But Not In A Hurry."

I believe this is what Tannehill will eventually learn in the pocket.

Another thing to consider about TD passes- a lot of them around the league are made BY THE RECEIVER MAKING A PLAY AFTER THE CATCH. Ted Ginn made a play last week for Cam Newton, for example. There has been very little of that happening for Miami in recent years. Clay made a play last week, Gibson made a few. That's about it. The receivers on this team seem to need a vacant path to the end zone. They are all good possession receivers, but make very few plays, and Wallace has been disappointing to say the least.

John Wooden

Posted by: Jj | November 21, 2013 at 08:52 PM

I'm not 100% certain, but I think Wallace gets more bump and run on the line because defenses always have a safety over top.

Notice how the db always seem to be right there on those little short screens and passes? This may be on Sherman a little too, in that he needs to be a little more creative with those type play designs to Wallace.

He's hit time he catches the ball and doesn't have time to shake the db and Wallace isn't quite big enough to break their tackles.


Sam again,

Mannings second year was so much more promising than Thills, you can't really hold the two players together in the context of performance.

Hennes first two years as a starter are closer than that of Mannnings my friend. So he is more likely to go this direction than that of Manning.

Of course the Colts were not 100% sold on him, but he went to the Pro Bowl and produced 30 TD's for his team, so I think the colts fans were more into Manning than we are about Thill.

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