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Rivera: Charles Johnson likely out

New England Patriots right tackle Marcus Cannon leg whipped Carolina defensive end Charles Johnson on Monday night in what was clearly an intential and dirty move. And by doing so, he may have helped the rival Miami Dolphins.

Johnson left the game for a time against the Patriots, but more importantly probably will not play against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Today, Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Johnson is "more than likely out" against the Dolphins.

That's a blow to the Panthers because Johnson is their leading pass rusher and has 8.5 sacks this season. And there's more:

Thursday's injury report from Carolina shows the team's other defensive end, Greg Hardy, did not practice because of a knee injury. While this one is considered precautionary, he is obviously nursing an issue.

Hardy has six sacks on the season.

All told, the Panthers had five players -- including Johnson and Hardy -- miss practice today. Also missing where linebacker Chase Blackburn, guard Chris Scott, and tight end Ben Hartstock. Cornerback Drayton Florence also was limited in practice for the Panthers today with a groin injury.

The Dolphins did not practice on Thursday.


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Who's the idiot that wants to use real names and private E mails on a PUBLIC BLOG?

HaHaHa, that's hilarious!

Oscar, you lie about your job all the time. Please tell us where you work again so
we can call to verify? And your real name? Lol

Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was when Ireland cant supply a decent QB or any real talent.

Get real,

It did concern me too mate that Oscar wants our personal details. Why ? What does that matter ?

We could understand you better, Marco. That's a prime directive in interpersonal relationships. You know me fully from Internet profiles, even my address plus what I have told you personally here here, that I was born with the silver spoon in my mouth, etc. You have the advantage on Us.

NFL independent investigator Ted Wells spent more than two hours meeting with Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland, according to NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington.

And Marco, never answered me.

Oscar, what is your phone number? I want to give you a call and exchange pleasantries.

I hate to talk on the phone, Sam(probably PTSD from my resident days.) Let's exchange those pleasantries here. The perfect setting , you will agree.

Lmao Oscar!

So, what are those pleasantries, Sam, you wanted to interchange with me?



I still see us as 7-7 a month from now, just not sure how we get there.

I'm was just kidding. But I did have a vision of all the bloggers getting together for a tail gate.
I often wonder what the blog would be like if that actually happened.


We would love to meet 2 watt, lol

And we'll make ETF do a keg stand. And Odin can be the bartender.

get real @ 10:26

12 of us are in a fantasy league, are you one of us?

Dude I'm out on workers comp; I can come to Miami, or anywhere else, and drink and drink and drink...

(my kids are in college and I got thier car payments, car ins payments and cell phone payments handled)


I need a new Caddy and I according to craigslist I can get a '99 DeVille, 75k orig miles, always garaged, for $3K.
Phuc Yeah I'm All Over That!


I'm not, I wanted to but I didn't catch the last spot.

IS EVERY THING..............

In what world are the mediocre Dolphins a rival for the Patriots ?

The Dolphins compete for third place every year.

If they had lost to the Chargers, they'd likely finish in last place.

If The Dolphins lose to The Jets in the last game of the year. The anger and negativity will last well into the off season.



7-9, swept by the Jets.

While i hope tannehill is the guy to be the franchise QB, hes not proven to be cant miss as luck has shown in their brief careers. I dont question RT has the talent to play QB, but what i have yet to see is his intangibles come together and lead this team. Does he have good enough foot work in the pocket?. Can he develop pocket awareness. Will his deep ball improve in the area of being accurate. So far the answers to those questions is no. Other QBs have played behind horrid lines but still masked it by using intangibles like footwork and presence to extand plays. IF im the Dolphins i still think drafting another qb to turn up the heat is paramount.

The Dolphins will not beat The Panthers or The Steelers. The Steelers are at home and playing much better as of late.

They have a better chance of beating The Panthers than The Steelers.

They will likely beat neither.


Some of you need to get real.

Also, they won't beat The Patriots (That's eight losses, Philbin 0-4 against Belichick) and they certainly won't sweep three divisional games with The Jets and Bills.

Even 7-9 employs wishful thinking.

Can you say 6-10 ?

Carolina is not invincible. They are ripe for the taking. We continue our winning streak. We win the next 3 games and maybe more before another loss.

I know dusty would rather tank the season and roll the dice on draft picks - but he is a loser. It hasn't worked for Jax, Buffalo, Detroit...

Fred S,

What win streak ?

The one game streak ?

Dolphins are 2-5 over their last seven.

Don't torture yourself with wishful thinking.

When was the last time the Dolphins won four in a row ?


Is Chad Pennington coming back ?

He's in the rodeo business now.

Yee haw.

I am just a cowboy, lonesome on this trail.

The starry night, campfire light.

The coyote call, the howlin winds wail.

So I'll ride out, to the old sundown.

Roll me over and turn me around.

Let me keep spinning til I hit the ground.

Roll me over and let me go.

Ridin in the rodeo.

I was took in Texas, didn't know her name.

Lord all these southern girls seem the same.

Down below the border.

In a town in Mexico.

Got my job bustin broncs for the rodeo.

It's okay amigo.

Just let me go.

Ridin in the rodeo.

I know dusty would rather tank the season and roll the dice on draft picks - but he is a loser. It hasn't worked for Jax, Buffalo, Detroit...
Posted by: Fred S. | November 22, 2013 at 12:04 AM

It did work for the Colts and Detroit.


I still see us as 7-7 a month from now, just not sure how we get there.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | November 21, 2013 at 10:24 PM

Hopefully, it wasn't because of just making bail. Not a very nice place for loyal dolfans such as us.

Don't worry ETF. I got you if I finally hit the lotto.

Thank You So Much !!!





ETF got to lay off the sauce bud. What you on about?


Great aticle on GRIMES....check it out....


My reasoning....this guy passes they EYE test...100 times out of 100....

and I doubt his mesuarbles were off the charts...

Love this guy...Love the article...love his attitude...need 52 more with his work ethic....

If FINS get Grimes digned to a long term deal....he may be the FIRST Jersey that I buy in a VERY lomg time....

No disrespect to Wake....

Yeah, Kris, Grimes quickly became one of my favorites this year. Love his attitude, the way he plays and his athleticism. Too bad Patterson can't stay on the field. These 2 provide potential to turn around a game at any moment.

Agree Bill...new blog up....

gonna have to re-write my stuff over there...


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