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Rosey Grier wants to help Martin, Incognito

TAMPA -- My phone rang with a number I didn't recognize moments ago and when I answered, the man on the other end of the line was Rosey Grier, the last surviving member of the Los Angeles Rams Fearsome Foursome defensive line of the 1960s.

Grier, who I've never spoken to before, told me the reason he was calling is he's hurting over the Incognito-Martin scandal that has hit the Dolphins and he wants to do something about it. So he was looking for contact information for both men because he wants to talk to and counsel both men.

Grier said he's acting on the request of an old acquaintance who is a long-time Dolphins fan. He said that fan is hurting and embarrassed about the Dolphins current situation.

"I'm hurting for these men and that team too," Grier said. "This shouldn't be happening. I'm embarassed for that team. When you're on a team you should be pulling together, not pulling apart. And when players are on opposite sides of things, it should be settled within the team. It shouldn't become this big national story."

Grier, an ordained reverend, believes he can help soothe the issues between Martin and Incognito if he can talk to them. And that's what he intends to do as soon as possible because he is not only worried the issue could splinter the locker room but an entire city.

"You got one set of people siding with Martin and others with Incognito," Grier said. "We don't need that. We need to be coming together."

Grier tells me the idea of a player using the N-word is not foreign to him in a locker room or any other place. He heard it plenty. He also told me when we was at Penn State he was aware coaches told the team's center to rough him up so he'd become a better player.

"That didn't last long," Grier said with a chuckle. "It didn't work with me because I took care of it. And I don't think you rough up somebody to make them a better ballplayer. It only made me mad. You don't want a player mad. You make a better player by getting him in shape."

Grier said he would like Martin and Incognito to sit down with each other and reconcile.

With respect to Grier, that's hard to imagine happening. It certainly won't be a Dolphins sanctioned meeting.

As I've reported, the Dolphins are not bringing Incognito back. And as it was made clear last week on this blog, it was pretty evident Martin will not be back in the Dolphins locker room again. ESPN today is reporting Martin agrees and doesn't expect to return to the Dolphins this year.

The Dolphins do have a football game tonight. As I write in my column today the Dolphins and Buccaneers both are fighting drama.

But the distinction I draw between them is the Dolphins are fighting external drama. The Bucs have internal drama.

Which is easier to overcome?

I believe the externior drama could serve to galvanize the Dolphins. I believe the team could rally much easier than the Bucs could.


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I agree with Mr. Greer, This is really an issue that if both men sat down together and talked about, a definite resolution could be reached. I see the primary problem as Martin's camp has made it a point of no return and $$ signs are now clouding their better judgment.

Dashi girl
DC Blabber
Dashi boy
Kris Kry

Sam, who cares if they hash it out at this point, that time is long gone. Neither player will ever be a Dolphin again. So I could care less. I'm concerned with the team winning football games, so since neither those guys will be in a position to help, effe 'em.

As far as us vs. Tampa, we have more talent, we have the better coaches, we SHOULD win. Which means it's a toss-up (like every NFL game).

armando, ask r g what oj told him?

Marting may not have realized how much chaos he was going to cause. Maybe he thought it would would be a one day story. Now that he has ruined his future, he very well may be playing the $ card while he can.

I mean I "couldn't" care less. for Phins78.

The Martins are a family of lawyers. Lawyers are like sharks. When they $$smell blood$$ in the waters, the feeding frenzy's on!

Rosey Grier and 1000 just like him wouldn't be able to prevent that.

Martin is all about the Benjamins $$$, can Grier help
with stoping him from shaking down the Dolphins ?

Go Dolphins,

Bully the Bucs tonight!!!!

can we get our 2nd rnd pick back with a NFL greivance filed?

Even if Martin/Cogs did reconcile, I don't see Martin lasting on this roster past the current season. He would be trade for a 6th-7th rd pick.

Ireland could count his lucky stars if he got that much in trade for Martin at this point.

Yesterday Tavon Austin finally looked like what all draftniks thought he could be. He wassimply sensational!

If NFL coaches would have known Martin is a sensitive player, nobody would have draft him. I dont support Incognito, but Martin is worst in my opinion.

You fix problems inside the organization. Not with sharky lawyers trying to make CASH.

He is ready to get paid. He is praying and putting all his effort for $$$$$. Period.

Rosey Grier, this is all $$$$

Its kinda funny that I hear player after player say when they fought back or a player they know fought back it ended the issues. Deon Sanders said he gave that advice to a teammate and it worked. But the funny thing is all of them are now saying not to do it that way even though they all admitted standing up for yourself worked. The team is not divided, the only people on martin's side is the media and non players. The locker room is not divided, they know what is going on.

I don't care. Just fire Jeff Ireland who is culpable in this mess for dismissing every bit of leadership the Dolphins had last season.

So every douchbag & their mom is picking the Bucs tonight. Fins against the world I see!

Miami has always been a city divided. With all due respect to Mr. Grier this case won't exacerbate the situation more than it is currently. Dollar signs are dancing in someone's head.

Grier is a Patriot ... fawk off.

His son was a good hockey player, Mike Grier ... Capitals, Sabres, Oilers, etc.

If there's a reason this looks ugly, it is because of Martin. he wants the lawsuit ... money for nothin ...

1. The Media doesnt like our coach because he doesnt give them inside info. They love gossip!
2. Incognito is a bully, but not that bad because his teammates support him.
3. Martin is really weak. And now his family want $$$$.
4. I cant stand the fans that want to fire the GM/Coaches/Owners everytime there is a problem. Poor idiotz!

Go Dolphins! Go Incognito!

Mando make no mistake this about money, the Martin camp will destroy the dolphins publicly and stress the team internally simply because its clear now ,this has been an attempt by a well coached Martin to shake down the NFL for dollars.
Remember how carefully Martin chose his words upon the initial departure when he said his problem was with the NFL culture not the Dolphins culture. I am sure his parents and attorney agree the NFL has deeper pockets than the Dolphins.


I read that Martin will be putting out a "Video" this week with his comments on the situation. A Video? Is he joking? Talk about the attorney and Dad pulling the strings! Martin is a coward. He is weak and is hiding behind his Daddy and Mommy. If the Dolphins EVER let this man within 10 miles of their facility they should be kicked out of Miami.

Maybe the NFL has had so few players of Martin's pedigree, that it never had to worry about the typical neanderthal players who buy into hazing and abuse in the name of brotherhood. For Martin, it probably was a prison-like system. Hey, he has every right to do what he is doing. It is the American way.

Maybe Armando and Martin are friends and they want $$$. Armando is doing everything possible to make the Dolphins look bad, but most of the fans and players are in the Incognito side...

Jamie, refer to your point #1 and you know what's Mando's motive in all of this. he hates working with Philbin .


McKinney + Garner


Jerry + Clabo

Martin may very well be doing professional sports, and society, a favor. Do we really want to perpetuate this idiotic, primitive and basically uncivilized behavior in pro sports? Does it serve any purpose other than to make modern man look as though he has evolved no further than the cave man?

Rosey Grier - the only surviving member of the Fearsome Foursome. His only real value with an 81-year old, repeatedly concussed brain would be to replace Ireland as GM. Tomorrow.

Then, in the 2014 draft let him sit in his favorite chair and, while needle-pointng, without any fking 'input' from any scouts or experts, let him choose whoever strikes his fancy for all seven rounds. I bet he grades equal to or higher than Ireland 2009-2013.

he hates working with Philbin .

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 11, 2013 at 01:55 PM


Totally agree with you.

Armando still a hack journalist.

Yep, RI vm and texts are awful while JM's were all jest. This David Corn'hole' is a jacka$$ lawyer and hopehe gets taken behind the woodshed.

JM wont be back? Who cares. Whatever you do, do not send him to where he wants to go - either somehwhere in Cali where mommy and daddy are or Indy.

Reports coming out now, unsurprisingly, are that Martin does not intend to come back to the fins. I say, just as well. How is he going to bond with anyone now?

I say bring Ritchie back. You would have to be Cinderella to shocked by any of the trash talk. We constantly throw away players that end up on play off teams.

Sean Smith

Dolfan 13,
When you say you hope he, "...gets taken behind the woodshed..." do you mean that you hope he is raped?

I don't care if Martin and Cogs ever speak again. I don't care if they get into a fist fight. I don't care if they go to Monday afternoon movies together. I don't care anymore about either one of them.

You know why? Because they are not going to ever play for the Miami Dolphins again.

I don't spend any time worrying or thinking about Reggie Bush, Jake Long, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith or any other x-Dolphin. Those are players who tried their best to help this team win football games. I am sure not going to spend anymore time thinking about two idiots who did all they could to bring the team to its knees.

Lets move on as a fan base!

These former Penn State players and their "wanting to help" mentality they learned from JoePa. Erickson was right; we need to stop this kind of toxic culture.

As we move on as fans we should be thinking and talking about items such as these.

This season:

- Will the team be able to pull out a win tonight against a team they should beat on paper?
- Will the Fins beat the Chargers and Panthers the next few weeks and bringing a winning record and momentum into the games against their division rivals?
- Will Ross lose his mind over this s-storm created by the media and fire Philbin mid-season or will he stick with this new coach that he helped hire?
- Will this revamped line pull together and stop the sack fest they have allowed to date?
- Will THILL show leadership and improve his weekly performance adding confidence as the season comes to a close?
- Will Wallace make progress during the second half of the season and score more TD's to help this team win each week?
- Will the combo of Wake and Jorddan get more play time and will it help propel this Defense to a better place?

As we move on as fans we should be thinking and talking about items such as these.

In the offseason:

- Will Ireland get fired? Will Phibin be shown the door?
- Who can the team add to stabilize this piss poor OLINE?
- What happens with Starks, Solai, McKinnie, Grimes, Clabo, Keller? All have contracts coming up after this season.
- Does the team let D. Thomas go and run with Miller and Gilleslie next year?
- Will the young CB's make some progress and prevent the team from investing further in CB's?

Come on y'all...you can do it...move on from this stupid drama and focus on what really matters for these team. The team has a big game to win tonight.

Will they do it?

Rosey Grier for president!

I saw this post from someone named RUKiddingMe on another site and I agree with the majority of it:

"Seems most, if not all, of Incognito's teammates have a very favorable view of him; and an unfavorable view of Martin. These 50+ people spend a lot of time together, so there are probably reasons why they hold these views, and the rest of us who don't personally know any of these characters should probably refrain from drawing conclusions from media sound-bites that are motivated by page-clicks/ad rates/etc; "BULLYING" (click here), "RACIST" (click here), "NFL EXTORTION" (click here).

So much of the initial story has been subsequently found to have been misleading. There was no extortion, just someone who cancelled out of a pre-paid trip at the last minute and had to cough-up his share. If there was bullying (hazing), Martin participated in it by also hazing rookies himself; one week before the "cafeteria incident" Martin had participated in an identical stunt. The African-Americans on the team that spend considerable time with Incognito say he is not a racist, and they have insight that we should respect. Martin (jokingly) texted that he would kill Incognito's family, but no one thinks that was a threat so we should take Incognito's "I'll kill you" voicemail in the same light. Incognito is shown stomping around a bar "IN A RAGE" (click here), yet the other people in the video aren't moving away from him and some appear to be laughing, so there was likely a very different context than what was presented.

Maybe someday we'll learn what this issue was really about, assuming the media starts focusing on reporting and not sensationalizing for page-clicks."

Whatever you say ETF. Read into it what you would like, just like you have made your decision about this escapade.

if the conclusion seems to be, to the outside world (right or wrong) that the Fins locker room is "fractured" more than others (what a joke), or some terrible place to be, terrible organization, so be it--so our group of players are bigger degenerates than your group of players (as measured on the apparently very accurate "degenerate meter"....which somehow exists, based on plenty of holier than though, headline seeking comments)--win football games and this fades fairly quickly, at least from the front page--win games, period....then at least we can brag about our degenerates, and other degenerate FAs will want to come here (as long as we pay those degenerates more money than another team--lets, uh, keep it real).

Does anyone else find it disturbing that a guy like dez Bryant who physically assaulted his own mother gets to play and none of these talking heads on espn or anywhere care, but yet we gotta hang another guy for being a bully,how do they decide wich guys to hang and wich guys to look the other way for

Stephen Ross and the Miami Dolphins have done the Un-imaginable. They have made Loria and The Miami Marlins seem competent.

and WOW, what a news flash.....Martin likely not returning to the Fins this year.....geez, how surprising!--what would we do without these valuable media resources?--thanks for keeping us all so well informaed, with your professional and unbiased commentary--awesome job!

Wins cure all right?? we need to use the situation at hand to pull together as a team and WIN! The Martin/Incognito situation has blown up completely beyond any reconsile anyway, may as well win if you want this to die down.

Kc....dont forget about Vick, who the Eagles signed AFTER he spent time in jail....you know, because they apparently felt signing a dog torturing/killing pyscho was a good idea, a good risk....he deserves "redemption", a "second chance"....right---ask the dogs if they agree.

The team has a big game to win tonight.

Posted by: JPAO | November 11, 2013 at 02:17 PM

0-8 Tampa in another conference is a big game? What's a small game?

If it wasn't for the latest saga to make things more interesting, ESPN was going to skip broadcasting the game and show reruns of Gilligans Island.

Martin screwed his career by going public. He cannot play for the Dolphins again. It would cause widespread discontent in the Dolphins locker room not to mention that all the players despise him.
Can he play in another town?? Will another team be willing to give us something of trade value – Probably so. We might get an older back-up lineman in exchange for Martin, someone they were going to cut anyway. “Sam I am” seems to think we might be able to get a 6th or 7th round pick in a trade, maybe… but doubtful. That would be a coup for the dolphins given the situation. But who in their right mind wants this guy. He will just divide your players and be seen as a bad apple. He isn’t that good a starting caliber tackle in the NFL. He probably is not starting material so he would become a back-up somewhere else. We had no choice because of how high we drafted him to try and make him a starter but- we cannot have a tackle that allows that many sacks. Or a player that is so weak mentally that he has to run home to Mama. He definitely does not seem NFL material.
Incognito on the other hand is a good guard. Not the best in the NFL, but better than half the other guards in the NFL. The Dolphin players would welcome him back, and we would not be a disruptive divisive force in that locker room. Sure he needs to tone it down – but it is that same aggressiveness that makes his character, that makes him the player he is. He is not a good pulling guard, but he is a pretty solid pass blocker and average run blocker. We could trade him after this season, but the trade deadline is gone and we will have to decide if we let him play the rest of this year or not after his suspension is over. I imagine that the NFL will probably fine him and suspend him for 2 games – but he already served that suspension. So I think that he might be able to play again for us in the very near future. This is a much lesser violation than Riley Cooper had so the suspension of 2 games should be more than adequate. We need Incognito back, we don’t need Martin back. That is just my opinion, and I am sure that some of you have different opinions, but this is not the place or time to be politically correct. This is after all a blog to allow us the fans to express our opinions.
We want the Dolphins to succeed. We want this year to be a good building block for next year. We are getting closer- we are not in a slam dunk position to win the AFC East right now, but by next year with a few key additions and getting Keller and Gibson back who knows. I do agree that the drafting decisions these last few years have not really helped this team that much. We need a stronger draft. We need to pick up 2 impact players from the draft. 2 sure fire starters. Then we need a couple of good free agent pick ups. To add Wallace as good as he may be to this team without giving our QB an offensive line that can give him 6 or 7 seconds to throw the ball is a waste. Wallace strength is supposedly his speed. It is his ability to go deep, and beat the coverage. He cannot do that if our QB only has 2.5 seconds average to throw the ball. You cannot run deep patterns in 2 or 3 seconds. So at this time he becomes an average or maybe less than average receiver. McKinney seems to be doing a very acceptable job. Wish we would have signed him in the offseason when we had a chance. Maybe then all of this would not have happened. Finally our coach – I hear some of you asking for a change. I am not sure yet what to think of him. I still do not know if he will be good for our beloved Dolphins or not. The rest of this season will go a long way to prove that. Will the [players respond to him?? will we end up with a winning or loosing record. Is the younger Shula an ascending star and what would that mean to our team if he were to become our head coach after this season?? Lots of questions that will be answered after this season, depending on how we finish the season.
I too just like all of you want my Dolphins to be at least relevant again. We have to make the playoffs to earn that respect.

If this isn't a perfect scenario for a team to unite in an "us against the world" type of mentality then I don't know what is.

"Martin wont return to Dolphins this season....and no one really cares because he frankly sort of stunk anywyay"--isnt that a more accurate headline?

Martin is now a millionaire. Hard to say he screwed anything up. With his education he will be living large from here on out. If he wanted to write a book exposing the NFL, he'd make another few million. Doesn't sound like he screwed up to me.

I don't want either of them back. But, if I had to pick, I'd want Cogs back for the rest of the year. Why? Cause Martin is a pansy. No other reason.

Based on what we know, Martin engaged in the same thing as Cogs. But, because he didn't type it, makes it different? BS!

Based on Martins text to cogs that he isn't to blame but NFL culture is, what can the NFL possibly find in it's investigation? It should find Martin to be a big baby. Whatever it finds, send Philbin & Ireland packing regardless. Enough is enough. This franchise has been a laughing stock for too long & Ireland simply hasn't produced. He's had more than enough time.

Some of you think he may not deserve it but, all the embarrassments are on his watch. Bring in a football guy to restore some credibility to the franchise. Ross is a business man & he knows, at minimum, all this negative press is bad business. I can't see Ireland & Philbin surviving.

See this team's(Dolphins) listed for sale on Craig's List. The asking price is a cup of coffee and an Offerdahl bagel.

Currently there are no takers.

Dolfan 13 @ 2:20

At 6am on a June morning a corpse was discovered a mile from Aaron Hernandez' house in whiteytown, Mass.
By 7am the police put it out there that Hernandez was involved.
By 8am everybody on earth knew exactly what happened, no other possible explanation. No one even checked on the location of the known gansters from the club that Odin was in a dispute with because there is no way that organized crime could be involved with a murder, it had to be the dope smoking superstar that never failed a drug test and has been hiding out from the FBI in the Pats huddle.

Don't worry I know when to decide that all of the facts are known.

Me? I'd rather make a few million on a tropical island writing a book exposing the NFL than go through the rigors of being an offensive lineman for years.

It SHOULDN'T be a big, national story. But you have TMZ style media punks like Mando doing their level best to pass judgment and appear indignate at this story, which is insane. Mando, STFU, report the news, period. You simplt don't matter in the discussion. Understanding an NFL lockerroom doesn't come from waiting for guys to come out of the shower and satisfy your obviously gay intentions.

Dolphins #1 Fan [sic]. Even your name is wrong.

Anyway, get it through your rambling head: RI WILL NEVER PLAY FOR THE DOLPHINS AGAIN. NEVER EVER EVER!

And, no one cares what you think about Philbin. You don't decide.

Beginning to see a pattern with Martin. His whole life seems to constantly be out of control. His text to Incognito about "things being crazy" and " just going along with things" and not speaking up , etc. I would not be surprised if his parents are "bullying" him to pursue all of this. And yes. It's about money. That's what its always about at this level.

Depending on how devastating the investigation becomes, it is quite possible Ross, at his age, would prefer to sell the team than start over with an entirely new FO. If that happens, look for a rich Arab or Russian Mafioso to buy the team.

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