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Rosey Grier wants to help Martin, Incognito

TAMPA -- My phone rang with a number I didn't recognize moments ago and when I answered, the man on the other end of the line was Rosey Grier, the last surviving member of the Los Angeles Rams Fearsome Foursome defensive line of the 1960s.

Grier, who I've never spoken to before, told me the reason he was calling is he's hurting over the Incognito-Martin scandal that has hit the Dolphins and he wants to do something about it. So he was looking for contact information for both men because he wants to talk to and counsel both men.

Grier said he's acting on the request of an old acquaintance who is a long-time Dolphins fan. He said that fan is hurting and embarrassed about the Dolphins current situation.

"I'm hurting for these men and that team too," Grier said. "This shouldn't be happening. I'm embarassed for that team. When you're on a team you should be pulling together, not pulling apart. And when players are on opposite sides of things, it should be settled within the team. It shouldn't become this big national story."

Grier, an ordained reverend, believes he can help soothe the issues between Martin and Incognito if he can talk to them. And that's what he intends to do as soon as possible because he is not only worried the issue could splinter the locker room but an entire city.

"You got one set of people siding with Martin and others with Incognito," Grier said. "We don't need that. We need to be coming together."

Grier tells me the idea of a player using the N-word is not foreign to him in a locker room or any other place. He heard it plenty. He also told me when we was at Penn State he was aware coaches told the team's center to rough him up so he'd become a better player.

"That didn't last long," Grier said with a chuckle. "It didn't work with me because I took care of it. And I don't think you rough up somebody to make them a better ballplayer. It only made me mad. You don't want a player mad. You make a better player by getting him in shape."

Grier said he would like Martin and Incognito to sit down with each other and reconcile.

With respect to Grier, that's hard to imagine happening. It certainly won't be a Dolphins sanctioned meeting.

As I've reported, the Dolphins are not bringing Incognito back. And as it was made clear last week on this blog, it was pretty evident Martin will not be back in the Dolphins locker room again. ESPN today is reporting Martin agrees and doesn't expect to return to the Dolphins this year.

The Dolphins do have a football game tonight. As I write in my column today the Dolphins and Buccaneers both are fighting drama.

But the distinction I draw between them is the Dolphins are fighting external drama. The Bucs have internal drama.

Which is easier to overcome?

I believe the externior drama could serve to galvanize the Dolphins. I believe the team could rally much easier than the Bucs could.


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Psychologically all the commotion will serve as stimuli for the team to bond and play well tonight.

But they will exhaust what they have and most likely tank the rest of the season.

Look for a 6-10 finish.

Look for a new GM and HC after the season. I don't see how either continues.

Martin is not a millionaire. A year and a half of second round money is hardly a lifetime of security. In what world is a Bachelors Degree worth a "Living Large" lifestyle ? Even one from Stanford. In whatever business he goes into, this episode will hurt his business. The majority of the public sees him as weak. Should Martin become an attorney. Would you hire this mental midget ? If he couldn't handle an NFL locker room how well could he handle litigation ? Any book he's involved with writing may sell well, but it won't be worth more money than he could have made in the NFL. It's abundantly clear that Martin has both emotional and mental issues.

So tired of talking abot this.

Just received my new Dolphin hat in the mail today, courtesy of NFL Canada. I'll be wearing it while I ENJOYwatching my team play. THAT'S what I care about.

I said all along that this was a Jonathon Martin story, not a Richie Incognito story or a bullying or hazing story. Martin felt uncomfortable in the locker room. Boo hoo hoo. 99% of guys would have toughed it out. 0.9% of guys would have aired their grievance or left the situation quietly. 0.1% of guys would cry to a lawyer and claim harassment. Unfortunately for the Dolphins and their fans, Martin falls into the last category. I guess Ireland should've been more careful with his pre draft investigative work. Next time verify that mommy isn't a lawyer with a career built in employment law. The truth is slowly coming out and Martin looks worse by the day. Good luck finding another gig when this is all over Jonny. You're soft, emotionally unstable, not that good of a lineman and you've shown a tendency to run to mommy when things don't go your way (ie Miami signing a new LT to take your job).

Who cares about this new entry? Where is the final injury report for tonights game. Is Calebs groin ok? That kid needs a confidence booster. I hope Philbin and Coyle decide to get Jordan and wake in at the same time. What happened to the vaunted speed package? I want to see it. I hope patterson breaks his pattern: makes a pick or 2 then gets hurt. Just make the pick and survive the game. Go Phins!!!

Chad Henne, that isn't a correct chronology of events regarding hernandez and you know it. I know you want him released so he can be your tight end in jax but don't worry about that. After this eyar, you won't be starting in jax or anywhere else for that matter. He would make a decent backup somewhere so no worries, the millions will keep rolling in.

Posted by: Craig M
I will be wearing my black Dolphin's hat I got from Dolphins Digest a couple years ago while I watch my team run all over the Buc's tonight.

Just googles Martin's degree.

His degree is in Ancient Greek and Roman Classics. Both are valued skills in the work world. Why with his degree he surely is set for life. Clearly Martin didn't value his undergraduate work as education for employment. He obviously has plans to go to graduate school. Outside of football, without on the job training he's unemployable.

Where's the doucheb@g who posted that he'll be living large with his education ?

What education ?

Martin's a p.o.s..

i'll be wiping my axx with my phinz towel i got at the flea market becuz nobody else is selling dolphinz garb from the pukefest that will be on tv 2 nite

Dolphins #1 fan
I agree with your comments good thought process. I don't know if you are right, but we shall see soon.

We would probably play incognito the rest of this season if the NFL only suspends him for a few games
This team is not that deep to take the luxury of not playing him if he is cleared to play as Arm suggests.

your post is dumb as hell unless you are part of the Dolphins management - why do you think you speak for all of us. "No one cares what you think" you are wrong and many of us do care what every blogger thinks. opinions are just that opinions.

common man that is why we all post here, cut the man a break. It is our opinions, and none of us are in Dolphin management so we don't know what is going to happen, so you should not make decisions for the team or for the rest of us. You certainly don't speak for me so your comment no one cares is wrong.

Get a grip, voice your opinions, but don't try to divide all of us with your uneducated comments.
I happen to like reading different opinions as I am sure many of our other bloggers do. That is why we come on this blog

Sorry but the question makes no sense? The Dolphins problems are every bit "INTERNAL"


So tired of talking abot this.

Just received my new Dolphin hat in the mail today, courtesy of NFL Canada. I'll be wearing it while I ENJOYwatching my team play. THAT'S what I care about.

Posted by: Craig M | November 11, 2013 at 03:00 PM

Thank you for your recent purchase of a pink Dolphins sports bra & matching G-string bikini.

We hope you enjoy the complimentary free hat & we appreciate your business!

Well Armando is now deleting my posts two seconds after they arrive. First Amendment doesn't apply here.

Dolphin #1 fan,

Cant trade RI in offseason. He is a free agent after this year.

i'll be wiping my axx with my phinz towel i got at the flea market becuz nobody else is selling dolphinz garb from the pukefest that will be on tv 2 nite

Posted by: 2 watt | November 11, 2013 at 03:10 PM

And wiping Rex Ryan from your mouth after you go down on him.

Martin is most certainly a millionaire.

His contract was 4 years, 4.7 million

Signing bonus 1.9 million

Guaranteed money 2.9 million

If he does a book deal, figure a few more million.

zoso he was a mill. aire
cogz got all of his $$$$

Most of these players are a bunch of dumb fuhcks incapable of anything outside of sports, and they are making serious coin. I pity none of them, they are privileged and don't merit the money they make,

Rosey Grier, you want to pay the bill?

If Martin and Incognito sat down and worked out their problems, the media wouldn't even report on it since all the media wants is another story about racial tension in America. If America ever worked those problems out, what would the media ever report on? Would they make such incindents out to be a bigger deal than they really are? Oh wait, that's exactly what's happening here.

I would be nice if at least once in a while 2 watts posts where humorous or entertaining. Writing lol isn't quite enough.

Yep. Soon as I get home on throwing on the dolphins shirt and hat. Channeling the positive energy. Phin fans...do yourself a favor and skip the MNF Buffoon Crew and their expected Phin bashing.

Martin is not only unwelcome in any NFL locker room. I imagine he won't be welcomed by management in most companies either. Here's a guy who isn't even twenty five years old and he has a history of manipulating the legal processes. If he got his feelings hurt by the water cooler. Would he hide behind a lawyer again and make an issue ? Martin is damaged goods. This will follow him for the rest of his life. Companies are deathly afraid of lawsuits.


I don't give the NFL a dime. The games and the merchandise are grossly overpriced.


The team has a big game to win tonight.

Posted by: JPAO | November 11, 2013 at 02:17 PM
0-8 Tampa in another conference is a big game? What's a small game?
Posted by: I am Samantha | November 11, 2013 at 02:34 PM

It's a VERY BIG GAME. They are supposed to win against this 0-8 team but many 'experts' are calling for a Tampa Bay upset. If the Fins lose they will be further cast into media hell and everyone will be calling for Philbin's head. If they win they go to a 5-4 winning record, continue to build from the momentum developed last week and show the world they are not distracted.

I know they SHOULD win but they really NEED to win this one in my mind. THAT is what makes it a BIG GAME.

Funny how many of you swayed opinion after a friendly interview. I rather listened to the former Rams GM today at ESPN The Insiders saying he had to be at least cynical about such interview and he had seen that "cute" teddy bear side of Cogs.

Don't have a final opinion on this but just saying I can not form one by watching an almost staged interview. BTW I know hindsight is always 20/20 but Phins would have been way better using cap room trading for Albert and trading up for Tavon Austin instead of bringing Wallace.

gruden will b pushing 4 the phinz gig as always

Martin has to pay his agent, taxes and now astronomical legal fees. He's also in his early twenties. He's taken home less than two million, given the numbers that have been posted here. That's hardly enough to afford a millionaire's lifestyle at his age. He wants to go to graduate school as well. Chip that number down even more. He should have played the game for five to six years and then quit. Then he would have been set for life.

He'll live the rest of his life as a disgrace in many people's eyes.

Hahaha @ 2:51, like the good old boys of the NFL would let that happen.

They only sold the Jags to a pakistani because nobody else wants em

Martin is guaranteed 2.9 million in his contract. His lawyers are doing this pro bono, and they will take 30% of the jackpot.

Martin is set.

Daytona @ 2:59. Being born of two Harvard lawyers and coming from a family that went to no other school besides Harvard means you are born a millionaire, son.

go Dolphins

They only sold the Jags to a pakistani because nobody else wants em

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 11, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Who wants the fins? The Jets were in far worse shape last year and already have surpassed them. Buffalo beat us with a 5th string QB making his first start. The fins are a national embarrassment. A foreign owner is more likely.

Steve @ 2:59, most guys inlcuding me and you would put up with it because the opportunity is golden. When you're born rich, there is no carrot at the end of the stick worth chasing.

Pff, why would he work a hard day in his life when he can go home and have his maid make him nachos and he can play call of duty with all his internet friends all day?

Hey chickie, the Miami market is still a golden one .., it's plenty attractive to any buyer. ONly part that sucks is the lame arse local fanbase.

Goodell is noticeably quiet. Why? He knows he is dealing with a live wire here. Martin can single handedly tarnish the NFL's reputation for years.

For those of us that have been hoping that this crap has served to bring our boys closer together, it looks like it has; Matt kelley wrote a nice little piece about how the team has taken an us against the world mentality, or at least against the nation, hah. Only matters if they get the win though. Jacksoniville got their first W sunday so on any given Sunday it can happen...luckily for us it's a Monday.

Martin has already destroyed Philbins bs honorable rhetoric and turned him into a fraud.

Everyone has us losing tonight and I see the opposite ... a very big win.

Team's gel in situations like this ... us against the world.

Very good glue to bond the team and focus on a sole mission.

Get to 5-4 and watch the good karma start to flow...

Daytona, you obviously don't know the way the world works. Those who have influential parents can study basket weaving if they choose. He will get a tonne of opportunities not available to most graduates out there.

Ross wants the Phins Samantha.

We are fighting for one spot. Denver or KC will take one of the wild cards. Let's face it, when a struggling team loses it's entire left side of the line mid-season, playoff talk is a huge fantasy

Prove em wrong Phins...show them you can focus. Show them you are behind your coach.

Why is Philbin's job at stake? If he gets fired then Sean Payton should be banned from the NFL. If Philbin gets fired over this, I'm definitely jumping ship from this ownership until a real owner comes in. I believe Philbin is the right coach for this team and if he gets axed I believe it would be unfair. If Philbin gets fired over not baby sitting properly (these are grown-arse men by the way), then Sean Payton should definitely be banned from the NFL!! Bullying vs Bounty; Bounty is worse!!



Stop feeding the fire.

Media has blown this out of portion. No one cares about this as much as the media does.

This will be a never ending issue because everyone has there own opinions. Look, both Players are out of football, Let's just move on.

This is something that happens to the Jets, not the Dolphins. smh

Samantha, that's one way to paint it. Another is they upgraded their left tackle and who knows how the left guard will play ... not like Richie was setting the world on fire.

So why are you here Samantha? If you have given up what's the point? Unless that is the point and you have given up and just want to complain that we should just give up for the rest of the season. Which really can't happen so...

Ectoplasm, so you can't believe Incognito's "staged" interview. You can't believe the "biased" media. Who are you going to believe? The idiots on this blog (I include myself in that)? What do you think Wells is doing? He's interviewing the Martin, Incognito, the Dolphins players and organization, and then he's going to rule one way or another.

I'm someone who is sympathetic to Martin's position by the way. I believe he believes he was bullied. But Incognito also made good points. The $15K, that wasn't bullying, that was Martin backing out of a trip too late. What about the Martin messages basically using similar language? What about the 1000+ messages between the two? That all added some detail to what has been a 1-sided story so far.

But in the end, Incognito is gone (won't be back). Martin is gone (won't be back). Ireland I believe is a dead man walking. Philbin is the only one I'm not sure of at this point. He may be playing for his job (or future jobs) for the next 8 weeks. So every decision he makes, every move, every ounce of energy better be to ensure a Dolphins victory, because any amount of wins under 9 will give Ross less reason to keep him around another year.

Exactly, Mark. The team basically gutted out a huge win with a new guy and a career backup....on the fly.

So why are you here Samantha? If you have given up what's the point? Unless that is the point and you have given up and just want to complain that we should just give up for the rest of the season. Which really can't happen so...

Posted by: drsamii | November 11, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Why are you here? To put words in my mouth? I'm giving my opinion, nothing less nothing more. Neither you or I can give up because we are nothing but couch potatoes with no influence on anything.

People are getting this all wrong,

Martin is indeed suing for bullying, harassment, and an unsafe work environment. But he's not suing the Miami Dolphins, he is suing every defensive end he ever played against for making him look like a total arse clown on a weekly basis. The largest defendant in the claim looks like Aldon Smith for assault and battery for launching his bicch arse like a lawn dart late last year.

This work environment was just unsafe and not fit for anyone to thrive.

The Fins have no choice but to cut RI. You just watch, a playoff bound team will pick him up. Ritchie will have a ring and Ireland won't.

Posted by: CA_DolFan | November 11, 2013 at 03:51 PM

Sean Payton WON A SUPERBOWL. What's Philbin done? He can't even get above .500. Please don't compare a SB winning HC, a guy who turned an entire franchise around in a year, an offensive GENIUS, a guy who's had 1 losing seasons in 6, made the Playoffs 4-out-of-6 years, to a guy who's done nothing as HC in the league to date.

Saints would have been absolutely STUPID to let Payton go, he's the best thing they got. On the other hand, Philbin has NOT shown that level of greatness as a HC.

But he's not suing the Miami Dolphins, he is suing every defensive end he ever played against for making him look like a total arse clown on a weekly basis.

Ok Mark, I'll give it to you, that was funny!

Jeff Ireland, the general manager, and head coach, Joe Philbin, in league circles, are not expected to survive this," Silver said on NFL Network's "NFL GameDay Morning," via NFL.com. "Jeff Ireland already has the reputation in league circles for being a guy who 'we can't believe he still has his job.' They're 4-4, but there's clearly a void here. Expect somebody to pay."

is Ireland gone yet?

DC, Payton got four years to win that super bowl. If that happened to Payton after year two when they didn't amke the playoffs, what happens?

Jesus christ Armando this is probably the worst article I have ever read on this blog...and that is saying something because you consistantly write BS...and half truths...and your agenda driven crap...but this was really fkin stupid and pointless...you just keep grabbing for evrything you can you fkin loser...god forbid you write a story about the game...nope you just put up another POS story...

DC Dolfan

So your point is if you win, it doesn't matter how you got there, cheating, bounty hunting is just fine,

Boy are you a loser.





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