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Rosey Grier wants to help Martin, Incognito

TAMPA -- My phone rang with a number I didn't recognize moments ago and when I answered, the man on the other end of the line was Rosey Grier, the last surviving member of the Los Angeles Rams Fearsome Foursome defensive line of the 1960s.

Grier, who I've never spoken to before, told me the reason he was calling is he's hurting over the Incognito-Martin scandal that has hit the Dolphins and he wants to do something about it. So he was looking for contact information for both men because he wants to talk to and counsel both men.

Grier said he's acting on the request of an old acquaintance who is a long-time Dolphins fan. He said that fan is hurting and embarrassed about the Dolphins current situation.

"I'm hurting for these men and that team too," Grier said. "This shouldn't be happening. I'm embarassed for that team. When you're on a team you should be pulling together, not pulling apart. And when players are on opposite sides of things, it should be settled within the team. It shouldn't become this big national story."

Grier, an ordained reverend, believes he can help soothe the issues between Martin and Incognito if he can talk to them. And that's what he intends to do as soon as possible because he is not only worried the issue could splinter the locker room but an entire city.

"You got one set of people siding with Martin and others with Incognito," Grier said. "We don't need that. We need to be coming together."

Grier tells me the idea of a player using the N-word is not foreign to him in a locker room or any other place. He heard it plenty. He also told me when we was at Penn State he was aware coaches told the team's center to rough him up so he'd become a better player.

"That didn't last long," Grier said with a chuckle. "It didn't work with me because I took care of it. And I don't think you rough up somebody to make them a better ballplayer. It only made me mad. You don't want a player mad. You make a better player by getting him in shape."

Grier said he would like Martin and Incognito to sit down with each other and reconcile.

With respect to Grier, that's hard to imagine happening. It certainly won't be a Dolphins sanctioned meeting.

As I've reported, the Dolphins are not bringing Incognito back. And as it was made clear last week on this blog, it was pretty evident Martin will not be back in the Dolphins locker room again. ESPN today is reporting Martin agrees and doesn't expect to return to the Dolphins this year.

The Dolphins do have a football game tonight. As I write in my column today the Dolphins and Buccaneers both are fighting drama.

But the distinction I draw between them is the Dolphins are fighting external drama. The Bucs have internal drama.

Which is easier to overcome?

I believe the externior drama could serve to galvanize the Dolphins. I believe the team could rally much easier than the Bucs could.


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I'm here because I do believe my team can make the playoffs. You said playoff talk is a fantasy. Sounds like you gave up. There are only a few teams that are mathematically out of it already and the dolphins are not one of them. And speak for yourself, I'm not a couch potato, thankyouverymuch.

DC and Kris are both losers, they like to suck on Armandos ballz and jump on dumb shyt just like that fahgut does. They are northern virginia douchebags as well as massive hypocrits that rarely make valid points.

Mark, Payton got to the Championship game his first year ('06). So that's the goodwill he built up to last 3 more years.

Like I said, if Philbin gets to the Playoffs this year, I say we keep him (as long as Ross is assured he's learned and can control a football team). But if not, he hasn't done enough to me to GUARANTEE he gets another year if the blowback from the bullying stuff is too heavy (or if a new GM qualifies coming here with the ability to hire a new HC if he deems fit).

This isn't where I was before this. Before this, I would NEVER have thought Philbin should leave this early (I'm sick of turning over staffs). But everything changed. Now it's a possibility.

Those of you who think any coach is a GENIUS are severely undereducated. Geniuses invent computer chips, programming languages, wireless communications, cell phones, find cures for diseases, design jets and spacecraft and skyscrapers.

Football is checkers compared to what real geniuses do.

So samantha. You think if it comes out that the Martin was full of it and the special attorney says that he can't find any true wrongdoing of richie incognito other than he is a loud obnoxious, leud fratboy. You think he can't come back. In this league of aldon smiths, Justin Blackmons, Pack man Jones, Vick, Riley coopers? No way whatsoever.

Payton has Brees. We already saw how great Belichek was without Brady in Cleveland.

Payton wouldn't have done any better here than any other coach since Shula.

DC logic- if you win games you can be a cheater or a criminal and it is okay. Winning is all that matters...

I really hope this loser doesn't have any kids or any influence over any children at all.

Martin will come back for one team only, the Colts, where he has his college buddies and coaches.

Ok, there we agree. If Philbin gets this team into the playoffs then he saves everyone's job. I mean if they can get 4-4 in the first half with Clabo and Martin as their OTs against that schedule, then they should do better with improved tackle play and a strategy that is there to help those OTs.

A lot of this team is supposed to improve in the 2nd half. Tannehill is supposed to be better, Wallace better integrated, the defense has played together a while now, schedule is easier on paper.

Given where we stand, I see 9 wins as an expectation. Only the games against the Pats and Panthers are against teams that are probably in a better place right now. But both of those games are at home, so who knows ..

If the team fails to reach that mark then something is indeed rotten in the state of Denmark!

Ralph, don't try to be logical with these tools. They can't compute logic.

Ralph, that's EXACTLY my point. Win at all costs. If the team said "the only way we can win is to pull off Ralph's head and sh*t down his throat, but DC, it's your call", I'd say, "what are you waiting for?"

This is football. It's a sport. The goal is to win a championship. Real fans understand that logic.

deity | November 11, 2013 at 04:13 PM

I agree. People (sheer idiots) like him are just another example of how far downhill the people of this country have gone.

Of course if Martin wins a huge settlement, he won't be back in the NFL.

Now that, I agree with you on Samantha! They have enough ex-dolphins and stanford players on the colts where he might be welcome lol.

So it's your fault, DC? Now the turth ocmes out..

So in DC's mind, murderers are ok to as long as they help a team win a championship. Is DC German?

zieh heil dc u dumpfkoff

People are getting this all wrong,

Martin is indeed suing for bullying, harassment, and an unsafe work environment. But he's not suing the Miami Dolphins, he is suing every defensive end he ever played against for making him look like a total arse clown on a weekly basis. The largest defendant in the claim looks like Aldon Smith for assault and battery for launching his bicch arse like a lawn dart late last year.

This work environment was just unsafe and not fit for anyone to thrive.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 11, 2013 at 03:57 PM

LMAO.....where do you get this material Mark ?? Great stuff, I simply had to re-post that comment.

Go Phins. I believe you are better without all of the prima donna stuff.

A joke taken badly and then gone too far.

DC is a terrible human being that thinks wiining at all costs is the right thing. He's probably a bible thumper too because that hypcrisy and his fall right in line.

I just don't see how he can win a huge settelment. Then the guy who almost lost his eye under Coach Ditka...who said stuff like this didn't happen under his watch because he was a good coach...get to come back and sue. Everybody who was hazed gets to come back and sue. Once again, there is no definition of normal hazing so how can you say something went above and beyond normal hazing unless you end up dead?

DC's first draft as a GM

The Hillside Strangler
John Bundy
Son of Sam
OJ SImpson


What the hell am I talking about...silly me...of course you can sue for something like this. Nevermind. Sheesh.

"Geniuses are programmers, lol." That's why every new gadget has to almost instantaneously be fixed with patches from the bugs found? What an idiot you are. I'd love to see if you could control your body the way Mohammed Ali did (yes, he was a genius). Michael Jordan (yes, a genius). The greatest athletes have aptitudes one of your computer geeks wouldn't ever be able to fathom (those geeks have trouble now finding a tie to match their nerd suit).

So spare me the superiority complex Ralphie. I'm smart enough to know there are many types of geniuses out there (you sound like a new type, a genius of stupidity).




Maybe when you are 5 miles high in the sky on a 767 you'll appreciate programmers. Maybe every time you use your cell phone and it works, you will appreciate programmers, Ditto for GPS. Ditto for the brakes in your car. Ditto for all things internet. Ditto for all the technology saving lives.

None of these athletes can qualify for any of the jobs involved with that.

My god are you ever dumb.


Damn DC...go easy brother...lol


DC's level of ignorance is astounding if not even frightening.

LMAO!! @ the wusses on here saying Incognito won't play again!!! PFT has an article today for you morons. The Dolphins cannot "suspend" Cogs indefinitely. I told some of you meat heads this before and as usual, you know nothings argued with me. Cogs can only be suspended for 4 games by league rules, which means by Dec 2nd he must be reinstated or cut. If he is cut PFT said a contender will definitely sign him. If the Fins cut him. I hope he gets a ring.


Every single electronic device that exists has to be programmed. Hardware and software engineers, scientists in all areas of technology, chemistry, biology, medicine are much closer to geniuses than any simpleton football coach or athlete. I know cocker spaniels that are smarter than Dan Marino.

Bobbyd12, why do you have a "superior than all" attitude?

You raked everyone over the coals during live blog of Keller's injury. Then of course you were wrong. Now this.

Not berating you, just wished you could control yourself in the blogs a little better. You're one of the better posers here when on your best behavior.

I'm not throwing out any "holier then you" attitude.
Just like Keller, everyone screaming he was done 1 minute after he was injured. Did it look bad? Certainly. But I've seen other injuries that looked worse and it ends up being a sprain.
As far as Incognito goes, he doesn't deserve what is happening to him. Anybody that has played football, even just through High School know this is how locker rooms are. To many people have decided Cogs is "Guilty until proven Innocent" they have taken a voice mail that no one has heard and they decided he should never play football again. It's all B/S. I hope Incognito plays again for the Fins. All his team mates back him and want him back.

The Dolphins should sue the NCAA/NFL for allowing a headcase to be enrolled for the draft. GM Ireland can't be a psychologist and unravel the personilities. It's enough trying to assess fottballing skills (Martin has none by the way)


Martin is hardly set. He doesn't have 2.9 million...get real. Ever heard of Uncle Sam, that's 30+ percent ? Agents aren't free. Kids and a wife aren't cheap...and he'll struggle in the real world because of his actions here. How do you know his lawyers are doing this pro-bono ? I seriously doubt that because this case could go on for years and there's no guarantee of a settlement. Furthermore, what type of idiot would defend Martin's cowardly actions ?

Martin set financially ?

Only if he decides to live in a trailer.

Life is long, life is expensive.

I've proved your point to be b.s..

Kindly stfu now...thanx.

F mando, and f Rosie , the only person who should feel bad and apologize. Is Martin for abandoning his team, if he complained because his widdle feeling were hurt and was rebuffed then ok. But this piece of weak sauce, mental weakling , gold digger, took the low road.

If they let Ross speak on tv this evening he will in his pro-se speaklish(to be a billionaire gotta know how to BS)without being too blunt diplomacy being used that Martin will NOT SUCCEED IN HIS SHAKEDOWN OF THE PHINS AND HIS(ROSS)POCKETBOOK.You dont think Rossy Boy knows how to deal with the suits as a billionaire in Real Estate.Check him out tonight and listen carefully because he just cant flat out say what he means.
As a former Pro-Se suit impersonator I can tell you without a doubt that Ross is a very capable player in SUITDOM.

If they let Ross speak on tv this evening he will in his pro-se speaklish(to be a billionaire gotta know how to BS)without being too blunt diplomacy being used that Martin will NOT SUCCEED IN HIS SHAKEDOWN OF THE PHINS AND HIS(ROSS)POCKETBOOK.You dont think Rossy Boy knows how to deal with the suits as a billionaire in Real Estate.Check him out tonight and listen carefully because he just cant flat out say what he means.
As a former Pro-Se suit impersonator I can tell you without a doubt that Ross is a very capable player in SUITDOM.

Best idea Ive heard from the Herald, Let Rosie handle this incident. If Ross wants closure on this issue he should call Rosie and let 'em handle it.

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