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Ross: It's been a 'nightmare," "appalling," "an embarrassment"

TAMPA -- Dolphins owner Stephen Ross announced today he has named two committees to help the Dolphins address the current Incognito-Martin contoversy.

One of those is impressive. It will include: Tony Dungy, Curtis Martin, Dan Marino, Jason Taylor and Don Shula. That committee will be an advisory group to make recommendations on conduct in the locker room.

The other will include: Joe Philbin, Jeff Ireland, Dawn Aponte and team CEO Tom Garfinkel. That committee will review Dolphins policies.

Ross also said he will meet with Jonathan Martin Wednesday to further understand a situation he called "an embarrassment," "appalling" and a "nightmare" during a 15 minute press conference. 

The highlights from that press conference:

Ross said he texted Martin to ask him how he felt and to lend support. Of the coming meeting, "I'd like to hear from him what happened." Ross did not mention meeting Incognito until he was asked about it. He seemed uncomfortable with the idea of actually talking to his former player. I have reported Incognito has played his last game for the Dolphins.

Ross said there will be no racial slurs, nor harrassing nor bullying in that Dolphins locker room. Ross said, "I apologize to the fans for being in this position."

Ross said he doesn't want to make excuses and wants "to make our workplace the best workplace in NFL."

Ross was very, very supportive of coach Joe Philbin. It was clear the owner is comfortable with Philbin. Other than to say he was naming Ireland to that second committee, he didn't mention his general manager.

As I have reported if Ross is going to choose between one and the other, it will be Philbin. And not Ireland.


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Armando, I noticed the NON-SUPPORT of Ireland by Ross too. Ireland sees like a "LAME DUCK" GM at present.

Pitagoras, just a same Shula wasn't brought in in some fashion when Ross first took over the team. Then maybe all of the fiascos up to this point would have majorly been avoided.
Ross' great mistake was sticking with Ireland far too long.

Team B does sound really sh itty. He should made both teams go head to head and the loser (likely team B) gets the lever down to a shark tank.

When you hire awful, talentless people, these are the types of things that happen.

What's the shock?

Ireland pack your bags. FINALLY!

That is a great idea to have a team of hall of famers ,create a code of conduct. For these will be rules that a current NFL player will have no problem, out of respect for the people who will create them. I think we should keep Philbin.i will say up in NC, everyone wanted Ron Rivera gone, especially since they hired a new GM and look at the Panthers this year. We have a chance of trending upward without completely starting over

Hey look, they have all the coaching candidates that someone proposed in the last post together already.

The GURU here is CEO Dan Rooney's little Bro Art Jr. but I for one would take a very close look at who they're Scout Dept. head is because he's been there a while and obviously knows what he's doing. JMO!

Posted by: fin4life | November 11, 2013 at 06:41 PM

That seems like as good a place as any to start.
People may laugh at me for this, but if I'm throwing a dream candidate name out there it's probably - Mike Mayock.
I have no idea if he can actually construct a team, but I'd have more trust in his scouting than just about everyone.
Anytime I'm watching his commentary, no matter what it is (combine, practice, game) he's saying everything I'm seeing and thinking, so it's made it easy to trust him. He can be very critical, and I happen to agree with his points of emphasis at each position.
Maybe that's a silly idea? I don't know? But I'd feel a lot better abut the draft with him on board (until proven otherwise, if proven otherwise).

GROWN MEN CANT BULLY OTHER GROWN MEN. I don't give a shyt what anyone says! GROWN MEN CANT BULLY OTHER GROWN MEN. Just like a couple of 4 year olds can't sexually harrass each other.

Please fire Aponte. She's sided with Philbin and plays politics here. Philbin was om the hot seat PRIOR to this mess. He is an stubborn old man who will not overrule his friend Sherman and would not adjust to his players strengths.

This whole ordeal should be the last straw not his salvation. He has zero personality and those players obviously took after and let Cogs (regardless if he is innocent or not of this mess) took over the team? Please in what other NFL team would Cogs be the leader????!!!!! That is the biggest joke out of all this.

None of this is Irelands fault! Ireland should not be blamed or fired for any of this bully BS!! Period. Anyone saying otherwise is an idiot.

Actual read of this press conference - I don't believe Martin but I am going to do what my attorneys suggested to limit any legal liability in a potential lawsuit. Martin's people can't say I didn't address the issue when they brought it to my attention. Martin can come back if he wants but we all know he won't. Oh, then we will ignore the suggestion of a committee which will just rubber stamp a document written by somebody else. How do you think Ross became a billionaire?

Philbin wasn't on any hot seat before this dumbasss!! You people are remedial as shyt.

Ross has chosen Martin's side because it appears he's taking a stand against bullying. That's the politically correct stand. Martin couldn't take the pressure, criticism and scrutiny of playing in professional sports so he quit but he wanted to keep his money. He'll get everything left on the contract and he'll sue for loss of future earnings. He'll be able to set NFL precedence by having the league outlaw hazing. A less than mediocre offensive lineman will go down in league history and get millions of dollars. Hopefully he can look in the mirror and accept who he is.

Ireland is clearly done in the NFL. Although overdue, a lot of these actions are legal positioning in anticipation of suit or threat of suit/settlement with Martin.

RI is done in the NFL. He's a footnote. Will possibly get a decent advance to 'write' (co-author) a book because idiots will buy it. 'Bully: My Life"

IF IF wins allow Philbin to survive, I also suspect OL Coach 'Toughen Him Up' Turner will hang. Let's see what the investigation turns up and what ex-coach Moseley says. Ireland and RI aren't enough scalps.

Martin is going to get a settlement. A big one. And, interview $ and also a book deal.

None of this is Irelands fault! Ireland should not be blamed or fired for any of this bully BS!! Period. Anyone saying otherwise is an idiot.

Posted by: deity | November 11, 2013 at 06:59 PM

And calling people idiots because you disagree with them makes you what exactly?


FACT IS: The team Ireland assembled is the group that has brought this mess upon us. Once as a FA & one as a draft pick.

FACT IS: The coach he helped select was ignorantly in the dark about it all. This is ALL on Ireland even if you simplistic brain can't figure that out.

Bye bye Ireland think god your going be gone finally this would be best news in years!!!!!!!

Actually its not Armando. If you think it falls on Ireland then really it falls on Ross. Since Ross employs Ireland. Blaming Ireland for this is like blaming your grandparents for your own personal retardation.

Mr. Ross,
i was really worried about my team, i've been a fan since i was small because i liked the dolphin on the helmet, i'm much older now and am still a fan, i try to follow this team every day, i might even blog on this sight a little too much. but , thank you for sticking with this team, thank you for sticking with philbin as i think he has done the most with the least amount of time since the days of shula. i know it's highly unlikely, but considering the MAGNITUDE of this story, wouldn't it be GREAT if these two guys can simply apologize and return to a better and stronger miami dolphins team setting the positive example that they've failed to do initialy. with the entire country focused on a story that has huge sub plots it would really be nice to see a positive ending...my niece recently had to change schools because of bullying, it seems to be a major issue these days..

Dilfer: RE Incognito: "If your locker room is lead by a turd, you will stink". LOL

Steve Young: Walsh instituted policy eliminating hazing, Ronnie Lott etc..enforced policy.

Ray Lewis: Basically, made no sense. Something about no honorary blacks allowed and stabbing.

Gayity, do you need some love is that your thing.

Sure you are pleased with Jeff.

41-46, 1 of 50 picks a pro bowler and zero ability to get anything positive done.

Its just a ride right ?

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | November 11, 2013 at 07:09 PM

Think about it, what would be a larger public nightmare than the present one?

Cogs/Martin coming back after all that's happened, national embarrassment and all. The NATIONAL MEDIA would have an even BIGGER FARCE to report if after all of the trouble and embarrassment this caused, Martin/Cogs make nice and again play together.

There's absolutely no way this can happen. It far beyond point of return.


I hadn't thought about the Steelers Head of Scouting.

I have no reason to not like the idea, in fact, on the contrary, it sounds like a DAMN Good Idea-LOL!

I don't have all the problems with certain people being fired. I just think they should be fired for the correct reasons and NOT because of some half retarded witch Hunt launched by idiots in the press.

It's very similar to Martin and Cog's. Whether either stayed with the team after this or not, I was hoping BOTH would be gone and pretty soon. Cog's is fading fast and getting old and Martin just straight up sucks.

Regardless of how this plays out, we need to upgrade/rebuild the O-Line to take the next step anyways. The ignorant, idiots in the media be damned.

But yeah Fin4, a great bit of critical thinking on your part in regards to Pitts Head of Scouting! You "Da Man!!!!" LOL!!!!

"If you think it falls on Ireland then really it falls on Ross. Since Ross employs Ireland."

Ross is the owner. He can't fire himself. That would default the saving-face fire to Ireland, who should've been fired TWO YEARS AGO and should be FIRED ANYWAY even if he doesn't deserve it for this particular reason.

Get rid of the guy no matter what. Football reasons or for this. It doesn't matter. FIRELAND.

Clearly Aponte is on the committe to side with Philbin. But what is Ross going to do when the League report slams the team for its lack of transparency--which is all Aponte's doing?

Ross's press conference was cringe worthy at times. I immediately took the lack of mentioning Ireland as a message that he may have fallen out of favor at last.
I've been crazy busy with work so I haven't been able to follow this story day to day, but I remember last weekend all the talking heads mentioning Ireland being responsible as well as the coaches etc. My point is that Ross hearing on national TV that his GM has failed probably impacts more than fans and local beat writers.
Sounds like Ross would like to keep Philbin.

Ireland gone is just a convenient scapegoat.

i told all you ireland haters he would be needed in an important situation!

I was hoping we would just move past this thing of course based on the hope we could actually get our crap together on the field.

I have to say though if someone has to go, I would choose Ireland.

It occurred to me after Ross's press conference that you rarely see Ireland apologizing for anything.

I still remember one of his 1st public comments after becoming GM. He said fans nowadays want the quick fix. That they're not very patient. I remember thinking we've sucked for 10 years you moron. And of course we're still waiting 6 years later.

Only thing is I don't really see new GM retaining the current coaches. Then it's rebuild 6.0. Or whatever number it is. I've lost track.

Steelers head of scouting? Next worse pass protecting oline in the NFL is probably the Steelers.

Thanks, but, no thanks!

But the biggest issue that went unspoken was that Ross has to be pissed at the players defending RI to the media. So he gives a pressr with his loving defense of JM two hours before kickoff! He has to know word will leak into the locker room; so is Ross looking to spur a complete implosion to justify his foregone conclusion that the team needs a superstar committee to teach it how to behave?

Armando! why dont you earn yor paycheck for once and find out who is our potential new GM is?

"It's been a 'nightmare," "appalling," "an embarrassment"

OK so he addressed the Offensive Line, what about the Incognito - Martin situation??

No thanks to media pukes like you making
something out of nothing. I hope ross moves the team, and you are relegated to covering shuffleboard and dominoes at del boca vista. Idiot.

Tony Dungy is the Al Sharpton of the NFL. Is always about race with him. Why bring his stench down here?

Ireland is clearly done in the NFL. Although overdue, a lot of these actions are legal positioning in anticipation of suit or threat of suit/settlement with Martin.

RI is done in the NFL. He's a footnote. Will possibly get a decent advance to 'write' (co-author) a book because idiots will buy it. 'Bully: My Life"

IF IF wins allow Philbin to survive, I also suspect OL Coach 'Toughen Him Up' Turner will hang. Let's see what the investigation turns up and what ex-coach Moseley says. Ireland and RI aren't enough scalps.

Martin is going to get a settlement. A big one. And, interview $ and also a book deal.


I think Moseley knew this was coming or knows Turner is going to be falling on sword. Why clear out 3 weeks before?

LMAO @ Dolfandave.

Why hasn't anyone in the media questioned the **TIMING** of Martin's meltdown?

Is it because it goes against their agenda?

Martin told Cog's that none of this was their faults(the players).

Well, what was it then Rich Boy? Oh yeah, the ONLY OTHER THIONG it could have been: His demotion back to Right Tackle.

If you EVER want to be a REAL reporter Armando, report about this! You know, The Truth of the matter.

Martin's a P u s s y and he's causing his team and all these people all this trouble. And it's all because he got demoted for playing like a whimp!

Martin should be the one suspended!

The season is only half over. Win tonight and we are tied with Jets for 2nd wild card. Pull your heads out your asses. If the Phins can make the playoffs or even a really good run at it then Jeff should stay!
You people name drop replacements like you make any sense. Losers.

FYI.......if we go 10-6 or 9-7 and win the division or get into the playoffs, they all come back!


Ross: It's been a 'nightmare," "appalling," "an embarrassment"

Yeah thats how is feels for the fans to follow the product you have given us over your tenure sir.

Bring back Ted Ginn Jr.

The same tony dungy who's kid hung himself, cause daddy wasn't home, Don who am I shula? Dan the adulterer marino? Lets get oj and ray lewis too, what an utter joke this all is.

Posted by: moron you is | November 11, 2013 at 07:05 PM

Have to agree. Ireland didn't actually cause the issue but, through his actions as GM, the perfect storm was created that allowed it to happen.

Like I've been saying, Ross is a business man & treats the dolphins like a business/investment. If ANYTHING happens where that is perceived to be not good or appealing, heads will roll.

Grown men can't bully other grown men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the since of the little kid being bullied. No way. What the hell is everyone smoking??

Donald shoeman you seem a little agitated, may we ask why?


Is tom dempsey still alive? He kicked a 63 yarder with a club foot, maybe he has input too...maybe he was bullied.

Hope they can put all this stuff aside for tonight...Good luck fins

Here's the ELEPHANT in the room.

Sorry, someone had to bring it up.

Will Ross fire Ireland before trying to hire the next GM?


Skywalker OG sir.........it's da bomb!

Luuuuuuuke, I am your faaaather!

odinseye | November 11, 2013 at 07:15 PM

As I posted in the long post I believe it all hinges on whether this team can make at least a Wild Card push. The losses Vs. the Pats, Ravens and Bills (games we should have won but for whatever reason weren't prepared for from my prospective) Were now left 2 games Vs. N.Y. and one with the Pats while traveling to Buffalo to play in the cold (were we're great) We also play Pitt. (spoiler team) and the red hot Panthers.

All of it while really battling the 6th and last Playoff spot with the 5th seed coming out of the race between K.C. and Denver in the West. The Ravens are quietly by the way only a half game behind with the head-to-head and the Jets will fight it out with us as usual.

I see 9-7 and that won't do it and this is were Ireland and his 1 Yr. extension gets the hook. All this 3-ring circus stuff aside. I wrote and re-posted a long post for you were I outline it. This whole circus just gives Ross at the end of the day a good out from Ireland just in case the group he finds doesn't cut it.

On the circus I feel for Cogs because I believed his exclusive on FOX and feel that Martin was looking for an out from his 4 Yr. obligation from the team especially after the switch to RT (A financial demotion) He may have outsmarted himself here though with the can of worms he's opened up.

Mike Ditka is a hypocritical DOUChEBAG

So the 2nd committee includes 2 of the people who should be fired from all this?
Ross, please sell the team and stay out of football forever.

Can this game start...PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSE?! Where is the live game Blog, Post?

I don't have the best feeling about this game. Geez I wonder why??

We can sure eff up a wet dream lol. 4-4 and have a game against an 0-8 team but then have the distraction of distractions and lose 2 players on their already porous o-line.

And the Bucs of course are starting to figure it out. They have a tough front 7, a solid secondary, and new QB that doesn't turn the ball over.

If I were superstitious, I would say that Joe Robbie cursed this team.

If we lose tonight, something sure as hell is a miss or the whole thing is just rigged.

Thank you Dolfan Rick


I don't believe Ireland's survival is predicated upon our final record. Ireland's present role seems lame duck.

Ireland's next role seems destined to become SACRIFICIAL LAMB.

Damnit, Koa Misi and Patterson out! I see a lot of Vincent Jackson Nolan Carroll action in our future...Oy Vey. C'mon Nolan play your arse off tonight. That means jimmy Wilson is in the nickel. I guess this is why Patterson got let go. It wasn't his ability to play...it was his inability to stay on the field. That is just crazy. His body must be shot.

Some tidbits.....

"In 1987, a young lawyer out of Harvard Law School and working for a prestigious Washington, D.C., firm volunteered to investigate a restaurant for refusing to hire waitresses or allow blacks to work outside the kitchen".

My diety can beat up your diety

In the past, Tannehill shied away from shutdown corners. Let's see if Sherman is smart enough to move Wallace around to get him some touches.


"Howard-Martin now is a corporate lawyer for Toyota in Los Angeles. But for nearly two decades she litigated employment-law cases, spoke at legal symposiums as an expert on the subject and wrote articles for legal journals with ambitious headlines like, "A Critical Analysis of Judicial Opinions in Professional Employment Discrimination Cases."

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