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Ross: It's been a 'nightmare," "appalling," "an embarrassment"

TAMPA -- Dolphins owner Stephen Ross announced today he has named two committees to help the Dolphins address the current Incognito-Martin contoversy.

One of those is impressive. It will include: Tony Dungy, Curtis Martin, Dan Marino, Jason Taylor and Don Shula. That committee will be an advisory group to make recommendations on conduct in the locker room.

The other will include: Joe Philbin, Jeff Ireland, Dawn Aponte and team CEO Tom Garfinkel. That committee will review Dolphins policies.

Ross also said he will meet with Jonathan Martin Wednesday to further understand a situation he called "an embarrassment," "appalling" and a "nightmare" during a 15 minute press conference. 

The highlights from that press conference:

Ross said he texted Martin to ask him how he felt and to lend support. Of the coming meeting, "I'd like to hear from him what happened." Ross did not mention meeting Incognito until he was asked about it. He seemed uncomfortable with the idea of actually talking to his former player. I have reported Incognito has played his last game for the Dolphins.

Ross said there will be no racial slurs, nor harrassing nor bullying in that Dolphins locker room. Ross said, "I apologize to the fans for being in this position."

Ross said he doesn't want to make excuses and wants "to make our workplace the best workplace in NFL."

Ross was very, very supportive of coach Joe Philbin. It was clear the owner is comfortable with Philbin. Other than to say he was naming Ireland to that second committee, he didn't mention his general manager.

As I have reported if Ross is going to choose between one and the other, it will be Philbin. And not Ireland.


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I have a lot of respect for Don Shula and recognize that he is a legend. However, at this point he is just a name. Don Shula is about 90 years old. He was already out of touch towards the end of his Dolphin tenure. Shula is merely being brought in for PR purposes. Shula does not understand today's players.

This committee is a joke. This is football and vulgar language and lot of testosterone are normal in that environment. The media has blown this out of proportion. This is all about a chicken chit player (Martin) and a jerk (Incognito) who were having problems in the locker room. Get rid of both of them and the problem is solved. The fins either should have never signed Incognito or drafted Martin. Putting those two together in a locker room was a recipe for disaster.

Not to mention smart enough to keep running the ball. Where's the speed package Coyle?

I wonder how much Ross is going to offer Martin in HUSH MONEY?

How about this?

"She also wrote a cautionary USA Today article in 2002 that applies directly to her son's current issue. Its headline: "Stop Workplace Harassment in Your Company."

Or this....

Title VII is a federal law to combat discriminatory employment practices. A Florida law called Evidencing Prejudice While Committing Offense provides financial damages to anyone who "intimidated or threatened" because of "race or color." It also provides triple monetary damages.

Or maybe this....

"A case against teammate Richie Incognito, accused of leaving a threatening voicemail using the n-word, could be worth $15 million, according to ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson. And the Dolphins?

Still don't think it's about money?

"I have a lot of respect for Don Shula and recognize that he is a legend. However, at this point he is just a name."

LOL...Don Shula is just a name?!?!?! That's like saying Vince Lombardi is just a name.

A second committee of Ireland, Philbin, Aponte and Garfinkel? Are you kidding me? Of course those guys are going to circle the wagon and blame it on the players to protect themselves!

cocoa, so what about her sons texts? Does it just say those get thrown out because her son cried first? How does that work? Seriously, I'm just asking.

Jonathan Banks has been toasted so far this season. Hopefully Hartline will continue that.

The Bucs also can be vulnerable against the run. We need to give them a heavy dose of Lamar Miller.

The other will include: Joe Philbin, Jeff Ireland, Dawn Aponte and team CEO Tom Garfinkel. That committee will review Dolphins policies.

That's like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice investigating what went wrong with Iraq.

GROWN MEN CANT BULLY OTHER GROWN MEN. I don't give a shyt what anyone says! GROWN MEN CANT BULLY OTHER GROWN MEN. Just like a couple of 4 year olds can't sexually harrass each other.

Posted by: deity

Right, because managers have never bullied employees before. That doesn't happen, I don't know, every single f'ing day.

Anyone that has authority over someone, whether it be physical or a position of power, can bully someone else. Welcome to the real world.

It's already a done deal for the Dumba s s
Irescum supporters. That thought he is the best GM since slice bread! That's eggs on your face!!! You know who you are! But we will welcome you back because you love the PHINS. But I been harping for four years for
Irescum head and finally I'm going to get it on a platter... It's a good day in Miami. If you don't get it that Ross didn't even mention Irescum, the writing is on the wall it's finally over... But I still feel with all the drama and distractions. I just don't feel confident this team wins today I said it all week since this issues pop up, that the PHINS will give Tampa its first win. Let's go PHINS prove me wrong but this coaching staff also sucks including Philbin the clown and his circus coaches. Ross needs to clean out the joint and start over with Shula being the GM or Jason Taylor being the GM. I know Shula is old and he can't really be at this age a GM but Taylor yes he can! Curtis Martin can also be a coach it's time for young fresh coaches. With new ideas new offenses up with the times. It's time for a new era of coaches to start here in Miami... Good luck PHINS.

Will Ross fire Ireland before trying to hire the next GM?

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 11, 2013 at 07:36 PM

He won't make that catastrophic mistake again! If were out of contention by week-14 (my theory) Ross gives him and his staff the hook. With the search starting (candidates) before then. Like I said in the FA ERA there is no team that has been cheaper with it's Pro Bowl talent than Pitt. Yet their G.M. (Art Rooney Jr.) and his staff always have the answer moving in advance to draft and replace like a machine! This Yr. the OL woes and injuries caught them plus the loss of T.E. Heath Miller didn't help and the feud between OC Haley and Big Ben but that aside they retool from within better than most in this FA ERA.

After 05 SB alone they allowed starters Guard Steve Hutchinson and LB's Clarck Haggans and Porter to walk.

Right before they let Plex go after the last SB win it was SB MVP Santonio.

In the past Levon Kirkland (replaced by Jason Gildon) the loss of centerpiece RB Bam Morris and the masterful trade for the Bus. LB Chad Brown (Pro Bowler) was another. Also Rod Woodson (most forget he was let go because of his contract demands to S.F.)

I'm probably forgetting a few but have since FA ERA began in 93 gone to 4 SB's winning 2 and a BAD Neil O'Donnell pass from maybe beating Dallas with momentum in the 96 game while we haven't smelled one.

Yet a tight unit in Pitt. were they're F.O. hasn't really been fleeced (the Coaching getting alot of the credit) but they're good. Anybody here think Tomlin is a SB winning H.C. if not taking over the group Cowher had that the Rooney put in place?

Straight up! If we lose to the Bucs then everyone should be fired right after the game.

For those who think Ireland is not partly responsible for this - he is the idiot who drafted Martin when there were scouting reports that clearly stated he was soft. And if all these other teams had red flags on him, why didn't Ireland? And his reponse to Martin's agent (punch him) is about as classless as it gets.
You see, when the GM's scouting only consists of watching YouTube player highlight videos this is what happens.

My wish list.

Lovie Smith
I think Tomlin will be available after this year.
Don't trip out but Wanny is on my list.

That committee is a pure joke. What are these guys going to accomplish. It is just a way of telling the media, I am going to get to the bottom of this. What are they really going to accomplish? Everyone knows what happened here. You need to get rid of the bully (incognito) and Martin (the coward).

To try and tell everyone that a 90 year old man is going to come here and show you what is wrong with the locker room is a joke. Shula just happens to be the biggest name in Dolphin history and they are hoping to do some damage control by using his name. This whole committee is a PR move.

Percentage wise, Wanny is the winningest coach in Miami history.

see here we go again with Ireland saying "punch him." Is there a taped recording of this? Because as it has presented, it was his agent saying he said it before he left the team...oh sorry, the meant he said it after he had left the team. Still does not change the fact that its his agent who said it which means it's his word against Irelands. So we don't know if it's true. Unless something has come out and I missed it. Anyone?

Funny to see people who claim to hate espn and what it stands for yet commenting on the pregame commentary.

Mike D you posted :
Sounds like Ross would like to keep Philbin.
Posted by: mike d | November 11, 2013 at 07:16 PM
I think from what I am able to interpret that there are presently 2 separate management camps in Dolphins front office. Philbin and Aponte with all the coaches on one side and Ireland on the other
It is obvious that there is bad blood now between the 2 camps. I say that based on the fact that Aponte was and should be very close to Ireland, but has had a big falling out with him, and has moved over to work exclusively now with Philbin. She has even moved her desk to the practice facility to be closer to Philbin. She barely speaks to Ireland maybe once a month.
So can the dolphins management survive with 2 camps infighting ??
Who is more important to the owner Philbin or Ireland – I think we all know it is Philbin. So Ross made a mistake when he acted by himself and extended Ireland’s contract – a Mistake he will have to correct.
Marco has it right when he posts :
41-46, 1 of 50 picks a pro bowler and zero ability to get anything positive done.
Its just a ride right ?
Posted by: Marco | November 11, 2013 at 07:15 PM

This leads me to reach the logical conclusion that as long as Ireland makes the drafting decisions we are not going to become an elite team. I am sure others have come to the same conclusion. After all we all just want what is best for our team. I think the writing is on the wall after this season Ireland will step down. In my humble opinion it seems to me that Ireland is a bit too pompous maybe a little too arrogant a person from what I read. He thinks he knows better than everyone else based on the evidence by his ineffective trade moves this last draft. We did not draft any good receivers yet we waited till the 4th round to get rid of Bess instead of trading him before the draft and getting something in return. We basically got nothing for Bess. Like it or not he is a starter now and was one for us so he isn’t that bad a player.
I could go on and on with his misses our Running back Thomas another failure and he costs us 2 picks. Even out first round pick this last draft – did we need another defensive end that bad with the needs we have in offense. Probably not. Especially if it costs us first and second round picks. So maybe it was a very loud draft, one that everyone talked about, but not a smart draft. Of course I am no expert. I don’t know if I could do better, but I am sure there are professionals out there that can do better. One out of 50 draft picks in 4 years makes the pro bowl. That is not very good drafting.
I don’t have anything against Ireland. I just wish we had used our picks to select starters and maybe more pro bowlers. I have always been of the opinion that round one and two should yield pro bowlers. If we can consistently do that, we will have a good team.
In any event I just don’t see how we can keep Ireland after this season if we want to improve the team, and the team management dynamics.
Again this is just my opinion, which I want to share with you.

So now Armando has Ireland in his bullseye. Some source may have told him something on heresy, who knows. There is such a thing as responsible journalism. Armando has often chided the SS for spreading unsubstantiated gossip, and now lately he seems giggly happy about reporting Ross is on Philbins side.

We really have no idea of how things were presented to Ireland. Context is everything, just as it was with that picture Martin sent, just as it was with the media going erroneously ballistic on Dez Bryants sideline rampage which turned out to be nothing more than a pep rally.

BIllionaires don't need to take sides. That is for petty, wannabe people that need others.

Somewhat surprisingly they rallied around Philbin last week. Especially after they blew another lead.
Some may criticize it, but the locker room has rallied around each other since the incident.

I actually believe tonight will be an outlet against a beatable opponent. And at least for tonight, I actually think this team rolls.
Something like 31-17.

Still Itescum supporters coming out. Bunch of idiots. WHAT IN THE F U _ _ has IRESCUM DONE IN FOUR YEARS? NOTHING! Dam don't you idiots get it he sucks. It's time to clean house get rid of the major tumor and the cancer with it and that's

Hey drsamii, I don't follow you. I'm merely stating Martin and his 'camp' have an agenda. And that agenda is money. I quoted facts.

Yeah, ralph but someone has to be willing to give you something for Bess. Loved Bess but I don't think you were going to get anything for him.

Posted by: drsamii | November 11, 2013 at 07:53 PM
I don't know what you're asking...seriously

Live blog up

My wish list.

Cowher -- NO THANKS! Happy at his new job and won't stick around for a decade!

Lovie Smith ---- REALLY!

I think Tomlin will be available after this year.
Don't trip out but Wanny is on my list. ----- You can keep him was handed a SB winning vet team now showing all kinds of cracks with aging core!

Posted by: Black Finhead | November 11, 2013 at 08:02 PM

Superbowl winning coaches are RESPECTED.

Miami has NO coaches that are respected.

Martyball anyone?


I agree that Ireland has to answer the question, why did he draft Martin? Jimmy Johnson said the same thing. JJ said that a lot of teams stayed away from him and that the GM had to ask himself why did other teams shy away from him.

Ireland also is to blame for not having leaders in that locker room. They lost Long, Bush, and others that were leaders in the locker room. He underestimated the importance of having leadership in the locker room. I think this will be the end for Ireland. Someone has to pay for this. A new GM will probably ax Philbin.

A nightmare, appalling, an embarrassment ?

Just like Ross' ownership of the team.

Fire Ireland and Philbin.

Then change the logo back you d i c k.

Cocoa Joe,

Martin should have been avoided given his mothers background.

I'd rather have a prostitutes son worked for me than the son of a lawyer who's mother has the background that Martin's mother has.

It's clear that she's the crusader type.

Bent on making her mark in the world.

The Dolphins are partially to blame for letting this potential cancer in the locker room.

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