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Sage Rosenfels: Ireland 'worst GM'

First the ProFootballTalk story that implicates Jeff Ireland as having knowledge of Jonathan Martin's complaints that Richie Incognito was making his life difficult. And now a former Dolphins player is taking to twitter gutting the Dolphins general manager with his words.

Sage Rosenfels played for the Dolphins from 2002 to 2005 and then for a short time in 2011. And during that second stint he acquired a distaste for Ireland.

"I played for 5 teams and 9 GMs and Ireland is the only 1 I had a problem with," Rosenfels tweeted today. "I only spent two weeks on the Dolphins when Ireland was the GM. In that short time he won the award for worst GM in my career."

Then, on twitter, Rosenfels added a hashtag -- #jerk 

And then, in the context of the Incognito-Martin scandal on his mind, Rosenfels went on to describe his problem:

"My reasons for my disdain for Ireland are a long story. It took about an hour to find out what everyone in that locker room thought of him. Two months after being put on Non Football Injury list with mono, I had gotten healthy and wanted to play. He wouldn't let me off NFI.....because the Dolphins played the Raiders that week and he didn't want them to sign me as I knew the Phins offense. Makes sense except...the Raiders were the only NFL team that had 4 QBs on their roster. He waited until late Friday to release me figuring nobody would....sign me that late in the week. Luckily, the Vikings cut McNabb and signed me that night. There is more but that is the basics of it.

"I understand GMs always put their teams first. I respect that. But he was being a jerk just because he could. That's why he won the award. Everyone gets screwed over at some point in their career. It's the business. But there is story after story that has the same ring to it."

Rosenfels, obviously believing the ProFootballTalk story on Ireland, also said: "I have no reason to help out either side. I hope it ends sooner than later. Just giving my two cents. The whole situation is a tragedy."

Actually, Rosenfels was represented during his playing days by agent Rick Smith. And Smith is one of the agents representing Martin.

So I reached out to Rosenfels and asked him to address that apparent bias.

"I haven't even talked to Rick," he told me. "I'd say the same thing if IMG or Dave Dunn represented Martin. Or if Rick represented Richie."

Obviously, this is a sad story for the entire Dolphins organization. Players in the locker room are expressing their opinions and they solidly back Incognito. Players around the league are expressing their opinions and they're ripping the entire Dolphins organization and its leadership structure.

And today two former Dolphins -- Lydon Murtha and Rosenfels -- are sharing their thoughts. And neither is too impressed with Ireland or the Dolphins coaching staff.


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A Day At the Office With Jeff Ireland

Agenda Notes

1 - Call Cowboys and see if they have any rejects to sign.

2 - Throw away those boring medical reports on draft and free agent prospects. Cheaper to sign injured vets and young people get better quickly.

3 - Rookies not playing much. Something about them having to work second jobs to pay for vacations and dinners for veterans. Maybe I can force the kicker to pay for my massage tomorrow.

4 - Call Florida State QB and find out what his mother did for a living.

5 - Set up cage match between Aponte and Starks over contract dispute. Be sure to put in on voice mail in case someone wants to sue us.

6 - Stick up middle finger at fans buying jerseys at fan shop.

7 - Contact Ross about contract extension. Outline the first 15 year rebuilding plan ever put on paper in NFL.

8 - Blame Parcells.

Yeah there's a reliable source....Sage Rosenfels. Nah, no sour grapes with this guy.


How come you're not writing more about what Ricky Williams said? Or Mike Pouncey? Or Brian Hartline? Or Ryan Tannehill?

Why did you only pick the tiny part of Lydon Murtha's story that made your point for you? What 's yor AGENDA here? What's yor axe to grind? Could it be to get rid of a GM who remains tight-lipped and gives you nothing? Seriously? Sage Rosenfels? You devote a whole column to him? Why not get the clown thatused to play LBer for the Steelers and then us and left in a huff because we cut his ass? A little bi of balanced reporting here, Armando. You're getting more like your friend, Florio, every day.

Benz, Silverback, Mark & Craig Morono compare kids figthing to a GM of a franchise advocating teammates punching each other.

Which one involves laywers? Law suits? Damages? Liablities? Insurance? locker room harmony?

Exactly. You dolts have no business being a part of the human race. I feel bad for your kids & the dumb women who selected you as a spouse!


Phony, wanna be tough guys!

this is awesome, keep piling on ireland force ross to fire him. it could be an early Christmas present for all of us

Folks this is not new to us. There is a reason that good coaches shun Miami when looking for work. There is a reason that FA use Miami to get a deal somewhere else. Look at the facts since Ireland became the GM Coaches and Players do not want to play for our team. We can only sign the Wallaces, Sparanos, Camerons and Philbins of the NFL....losers!!

This is beyond ridiculous.

FYI, finished dancing with Taco yet?

Anyway, I never compared the two you implied.

Now, i will play Wonderful Tonight so you can hold Taco close.

Armando who gives a crap what Sage Rosenfels thinks about this? Or Murtha? They are not on this Team Now. The players dogging our Dolphins across the league are not in that locker room. The people in that locker room...our players are telling you...first hand what goes on and what they saw and you guys are ignoring or downplaying it. This is friggin crazy. What in the hell does Jeff Ireland being a Jerk have to do with what did or did not happen on this team? Its like ESPN reporter (if you want to call it that) saying lets mention this for context and bringing up the Dez Bryant incident before talking about this new accusation. It has nothing to do with what he may or may not have said to the guys agent. What you are trying to do is paint Ireland in a negative light...not that he needs it in south Florida...to implicate him in a hearsay event?!!! AMAZING!!!!

Ross is a brilliant, yes brilliant NYC real estate BILLIONAIRE. He did not get there by being naïve, soft or indecisive. Ross needs to act like Jerry Jones or Mark Cuban right now and take the reigns of his team. Fire Ireland, Aponte Philbin and staff immediately. Then he should get a committee of Shula, Marino and his friend Peterson to search for the next great football mgmt. team. The new mgmt. must be in place asap so that they have time to hire scouts so hat we do not miss a beat in the 2014 draft and FA period.

I'm going to have to agree here. A jaded ex-player voicing his frustration with the team that cut him isn't very informative. And as far as free agents they go where the money is, ask Wallace and Grimes and Keller and Ellerbe, etc. This to me is just piling on. I want things fixed, but now vultures smell the stench of rotting flesh and are just trying to get their eat on.

I know people think Ireland losing his job over a player he drafted seems like poetic justice.

But how can you get excited over the team being gutted from top to bottom, because Jonathan Martin "The Christmas poo"

Our team doesnt suck and we moving in the right direction, FINALLY!!!

But no, lets fire every damn body and then hold hands and whack each other off.


Mando, how about you report the rest of the Murtha story. How about that part where he says Martin wasn't a victim.

If this team destroys Tampa on Monday I don't really care.

2 players that sucked blasting the team that fired them...take it for what its worth...a very small grain of salt.

Bill, Ross actually was the one who immediately went to the NFL once this came out, so to me he's done the right thing. Now it's wait and see time and once the report comes out, he can act accordingly.

Armando is obsessed with this story.

Jeff Ireland is a dispicible human being. An the worst GM ever. In any sport.


I agree, Sage shouldnt be allowes to voice his opinion on Ireland. Sage wasnt here long enough, to truly develop a true opinion on Ireland. He was worried the Raiders would you milk you for info. Thats not that crazy of a thought process.

"Well they had 4 QB's already!"

They could have cut a scrub QB and signed a scrub QB, thats all Sage was.

Murtha story was good and I dont believe it paints the Dolphins in a bad light, if anything it shows Martin has social problems!

DC we have lost good FA to other teams even though we were the highest bidder. Grimes and Keller were coming off injures and had no other offers and Wallace only had an offer from the Vikings that was less than ours. These were 3 bad examples my friend. So your are mistaken on that point. WE also lost Harbaugh and Fisher and had to settle for the garbage we have now.

Very deep and well-thought response. Seems that defending the NFL culture by some has really brought down the IQ in this blog


I think Ireland supporters are going to be very disappointed at the end of all of this.

As the GM of a brand, a company, whatever you wanna call it, you have a moral obligation to create a safe work environment. I don't care what company it is, what sport, whatever! Violence occurs on the field against an opponent, not in the locker room vs. your teammates.

Standing up for yourself against a bully in the locker room is 1 thing. Those things happen in any locker room or in any school or any job. But, when you are the head of a brand, even though it's a tough guy sport, you cannot even suggest a physical confrontation with a teammate.

I mean, this is Business 101 folks!

Ireland is running this brand that someone else owns. If it's true Ireland said this to Martins Agent, there is ZERO chance Ireland survives. No Chance! Ross is smart. He knows business & he surely knows this is not good business.

I understand it's a violent game but, there is a difference. People have got to see that.

FYI, for you ... *KISSES*

"I think if you have a problem with somebody -- a legitimate problem with somebody -- you should say, 'I have a problem with this,' and stand up and be a man," Dolphins offensive tackle Tyson Clabo said. "I don't think what happened is necessary. I don't know why he's doing this. And the only person who knows why is Jonathan Martin."

So the coaches are telling Incognito to "toughen Martin up" and then you have Ireland telling Martins agent to punch Incognito ?? Are u F'N kidding me?? Can u say $200 million lawsuit?

Several players were asked Wednesday if Martin would be welcomed back to the locker room. They declined comment.

"That's not my position to take on that," Hartline said. "I do have a position, but I don't think it's fair to share it."

Uhm , that would be a resounding NO, Martin...

Taco, the exit is to your left...

Hartline was sooooo pissed when the leadership in the locker room was questioned.

I love the 24 hour coverage. Probably saved the season...

We are alive!!!


Isnt it crazy how "toughen up" Incognito/Philbin/Ireland bashers, assume it means physical violence? Mongoloids

yes, the guy who has the same agent as the shake down artist Martin, wasn't asked to suddenly, years later, comment on his Ireland experience. No shock his sudden urge to speak was the same day the same agent leaked a anti ireland story to pro rumor talk, part of nbc news, a organization that has no qualms of printing lies.

FYI, for you ... *KISSES*

"I think if you have a problem with somebody -- a legitimate problem with somebody -- you should say, 'I have a problem with this,' and stand up and be a man," Dolphins offensive tackle Tyson Clabo said. "I don't think what happened is necessary. I don't know why he's doing this. And the only person who knows why is Jonathan Martin."

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 07, 2013 at 11:59 AM

Where have I said I have a problem with this? I think what clabo said is 100% correct. He is saying what Martin should do to Cogs.

My problem is with Ireland telling Martins agent to do it. YOU CANT DO THAT IF YOU ARE THE GM!

Are you REALLY gonna sit there & tell me you can't see the difference?

Arturo, what part don't you understand, I don't want to watch an NFL where the Johnathan Martins of this world get their way. He can go do several other things in life - he's a gifted individual by all accounts. Just leave the NFL alone .. the game i grew up watching has been skewered enough.

DC that we agree on. I believe that when the facts come out Ross will act. However, based on the last 6yrs of ineptitude by this group they should be let go. 6yrs of poor drafts, poor FA pick ups, Poor coach acquisitions, embarrassment to a once proud franchise....was your momma ever a prostitute!!!....and now this scandal/cover up. I, for one, have seen enough.
As you said yesterday...I am sick and tired of not winning anything....I live in NYC since 1970 there is a reason Im not a Jets fan. There organization was always dysfunctional. We have become the Jets dammit. I have had enough!

Are the dolphins still playing a game on Monday...is anyone going to talk about that....all this other crap is nothing but everyone making opinions mostly not based on any real facts. Lets talk about it when the real facts come out. For now lets talk about the Dolphins playing on Monday because that is actually a fact not speculation.

Incognito was a huge jackass that went way too far again. We are clearly better off without that racism and extortion.

Yea and Fisher is doing great in St. Louis isn't he... wahta a savior he is turning out to be.

Armando just wants to stir the pot... the teammates inside the locker room are what matter right now. Not 2 guys who couldn't cut it in the NFL.

Notice Florio basically sent Armando a message to back off with his change of the story.... Armando obviously went too far for Florio's liking.

Just admit it Armando ... you are a closet Patriots fan and want to trash the Dolphins every cance you get.

I think I wil start writing to your editor to get you fired because I think the intelligent people see through your crappy reporting

Harbaugh was NEVER coming here. NEVER! It had nothing to do with Miami. His family wanted to stay in SF. That's also a bad example. Also it was mishandled (there we agree) by the Owner. Distasteful and I think Ross got an earful from other Owners on how to handle those situations (can't do that to your own HC).

As far as Fisher, God am I thankful he didn't come here. Would he provide better leadership than Philbin, probably. But we'd be an eternally bad team because he wouldn't know an offense if he was coaching Denver. The guy is the worst. The Rams absolutely SUCK! I would rather have had Henning come back and coach than him come here, so if he had a problem with Ireland, then to me that's a feather in Ireland's cap.

No, the biggest indictment on Ireland (besides 4 losing Seasons) is he drafted Martin in the first place (and no one can blame Parcells or anyone else for that one). And in 6 years, he hasn't been able to fix the OL for more than a Season. And next year we're going to need at the minimum 3 OL. Do we really want Ireland in charge of that?

Just FYI,

Why don't you take your own advice and STFU.....

I'm going back to work. You can have the floor and your tirade.


But Armando got to be on Mike and Mike in the morning!!!! Movin on up LMAO

FYI, haven't you learned from the VM incident that you can't trust anything coming from the Martin camp. They perverse facts to suit their stance. Who knows what was really said and who knows what else happened in that conversation? We don't but I relaly doubt Ireland's only solution to this was "punch him in the face". Well, how do I know this, because the team's stance was to suspend Richie as soon as some facts came out.

And when did Martin's agent approach ireland. i haven't read any ESPn stories because they've painted this story with one brush from the beginning and have only been made out to look like fools and then jump on the next time Martin's camp gives them something.


Would love to know your agenda in all of this. Answer us that. Did you go to the Mike Florio school of sports writing?

Seriously.....when do we get some BALANCED reporting from you, rather than a headline that reads 'Ireland Worst GM'

Ok...here is the thing. Did this smith guy tape this conversation that he supposedly had with Ireland? If he didn't then nothing further to say. It's hearsay. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Jeff Fisher would never have allowed this to happen. Philbin is a rookie HC making terrible mistakes.

DC I NEVER said that Fisher or Harbaugh were the answers here. I was making a point that good coaches and good FA shun our team. I cannot believe that with ALL the facts on my side of the argument that anybody would even attempt to argue that Ireland get to remain GM?? REALLY??
I guess y'all want Ireland to be picking those 3 new OL we will need in spring? REALLY??

What did Sage's wife say Mando? What about Murtha's neighbors? Can't wait to hear what Don Strock or Jim Kick have to say about this?

Please, please, feed me more gossip...I just can't get enough...it's been at least three minutes since your last 'scoop'...or 'poop'

Sage Rosenfels - you're kidding me? I'm a better NFL QB than he ever was and I've never taken a snap. What a joke. Mando, I'm ashamed of you - what are you doing scouring every blog and twitter account out there looking for ex-Dolphins who have ben cut that want to pile on now? What about all the positive stories about Richie and Jon Martin? Again, I ask - WHERE IS JON MARTIN? WHY IS HE NOT TALKING - EVERYONE AND THEIR BROTHER HAS BEEN TALKING FOR HIM. HE HAS NO REASON NOT TO EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED AND WHAT MADE HIM LEAVE THE TEAM, LEAVE HIS BROTHERS.

Interesting side story and I have zero love for Ireland. However, Rosenfelds obviously has a ax to grind so really?
Bigger fish to fry right now like this league mandated "workplace free of any harrassment". What a joke, how did this rule get in there? NFL locker rooms and team facilities are not a regular workplace. As a matter of fact, about as far from any other work setting as you can get.
And I think this 'rule' just might be the thing to get people fired

Lydon Murtha??? Now Sage Rosenfels??? Really??? WOW... who gives a FK what these two think??? Lydon and Sage...man you guys are digging deep...Fkin losers...

geez, I'm so stung FYI.....ouch....stop it, please--seriously dude?

Bill, no, you and I see eye to eye on Ireland being the worst possible choice to be in charge of choosing 3 offensive linemen.

"I would never have a Ritch Incognito on my team"......Scott Paoli

I want Richie to get his Job back, that's what I want.

For the guys that are hear to DISCUSS football......
What do you guys see happening Monday? Thoughts?
Posted by: Craig M | November 07, 2013 at 10:58 AM

Thanks for brining some focus Craig...

I think this is a real 'trap game' for Miami and they need to take Tampa seriously. They played Seattle tough and their defense can cause our offense some trouble.

I agree that Clabo and Garner will be fine. Obviously not great. I expect at least 3 THILL sacks this week. Not surprised if they let up 5 sacks.

I think our DLINE needs to put constant pressure on the QB to help create turnovers. Concerned that Patterson may not be in...if so that leads to Carroll and Wilson and I don't trust either one as the full time CB outside.

Fins 23 - Tampa 17

FYI, others.....just read that War on Warrior Culture article--another unrealistic take--answer this....what video games are the best selling right now?--go ahead, google it....Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed (Pokemon....thank good ness for 6 yr olds!)--FYI, those are the best selling video games....hey, listen to hip hop music, or watch some of those videos--say what you want, and I dont condone any of it....it is....what it is....like it, accept it, or not

Ray Finkle just called me and said that when he missed that kick he was bullied and he is now contacting a Lawyer. ESPN and Sports Ill. are sending reporters to Finkles house in the Everglades now. Apparently Jeff Ireland knew about it and did nothing. WOW this is a big story. Any news on this Armando ??

I wish Ross would step also and fire Ireland and Philbin and all the coaches - cut Richie and Jonathan and move on already - or come out and say - Philbin and Ireland are staying no matter what and Richie and Jon are welcomed back when they're ready and move on. HE IS THE OWNER OF THE TEAM - this isn't the NCAA. Mando, come on dude - Sage Rosenfels? I'm embarrassed for you.

Jack!....why do you put an exclamation point after your name?--are you that excited to be here? (or excited in general?....ok, I'll drop that)--or are we supposed to be excited that your're here?--like, "hey guys, there's Jack!!!!!--whoohoo!!"--just curious....!!!!

Folks this story has gone crazy on the main stream media...they have an agenda in everything they do. I hate, repeat hate, to involve politics in sports but the following is a fact. The news rooms here in America all have a bias. Fox is slanted right and EVERYTHING else is slanted left...FACT!

This story was picked up by the left leaning media and they are using to make a political/sociological point that agrees with there agenda....FACT!

We have a white man using the "N" word....FACT
We have bullying........FACT
We have workplace violence......FACT

This is another chance for the left leaning American press to show the world how racist, violent and dysfunctional American society is. Can't we all just get along??

Well Craig, I don't know what I see. I HOPE, as I have said, They block out the noise and whup the hell out of the Bucs. If we win, some of this external noise goes down, if we continue to win, we get to say EFF the world!!! Bring COGS Back!!!

Mando, come on dude - Sage Rosenfels? I'm embarrassed for you.

Craig Momo, piss off. But, we all know you NEVER leave when you say. Seeing as you have well documented comprehension skill issues, this makes sense.

Mark, I repeatedly said on the last blog "if what Ireland supposedly said is true".

I am not saying he did say that. HTF would I know?

I am saying that if you cant see the difference between a player or ANY person sticking up for himself & the GM of a team telling an agent or a player to punch someone, then there is no help for ANY of you.

At the end of the day it's a company. Not you're back yard. You & your buddies ignorantly act as if because it's a violent sport, that means violence or threat of should be accepted throughout the entire organization?

That is the height of ignorance! You have got to be completely brain dead to not see that. I know you can read & your Canadian friend cannot. I have faith you'll get it!

Icognito, Ireland, Philbin. One gone 2 more to go.

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