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Sage Rosenfels: Ireland 'worst GM'

First the ProFootballTalk story that implicates Jeff Ireland as having knowledge of Jonathan Martin's complaints that Richie Incognito was making his life difficult. And now a former Dolphins player is taking to twitter gutting the Dolphins general manager with his words.

Sage Rosenfels played for the Dolphins from 2002 to 2005 and then for a short time in 2011. And during that second stint he acquired a distaste for Ireland.

"I played for 5 teams and 9 GMs and Ireland is the only 1 I had a problem with," Rosenfels tweeted today. "I only spent two weeks on the Dolphins when Ireland was the GM. In that short time he won the award for worst GM in my career."

Then, on twitter, Rosenfels added a hashtag -- #jerk 

And then, in the context of the Incognito-Martin scandal on his mind, Rosenfels went on to describe his problem:

"My reasons for my disdain for Ireland are a long story. It took about an hour to find out what everyone in that locker room thought of him. Two months after being put on Non Football Injury list with mono, I had gotten healthy and wanted to play. He wouldn't let me off NFI.....because the Dolphins played the Raiders that week and he didn't want them to sign me as I knew the Phins offense. Makes sense except...the Raiders were the only NFL team that had 4 QBs on their roster. He waited until late Friday to release me figuring nobody would....sign me that late in the week. Luckily, the Vikings cut McNabb and signed me that night. There is more but that is the basics of it.

"I understand GMs always put their teams first. I respect that. But he was being a jerk just because he could. That's why he won the award. Everyone gets screwed over at some point in their career. It's the business. But there is story after story that has the same ring to it."

Rosenfels, obviously believing the ProFootballTalk story on Ireland, also said: "I have no reason to help out either side. I hope it ends sooner than later. Just giving my two cents. The whole situation is a tragedy."

Actually, Rosenfels was represented during his playing days by agent Rick Smith. And Smith is one of the agents representing Martin.

So I reached out to Rosenfels and asked him to address that apparent bias.

"I haven't even talked to Rick," he told me. "I'd say the same thing if IMG or Dave Dunn represented Martin. Or if Rick represented Richie."

Obviously, this is a sad story for the entire Dolphins organization. Players in the locker room are expressing their opinions and they solidly back Incognito. Players around the league are expressing their opinions and they're ripping the entire Dolphins organization and its leadership structure.

And today two former Dolphins -- Lydon Murtha and Rosenfels -- are sharing their thoughts. And neither is too impressed with Ireland or the Dolphins coaching staff.


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Posted by: NJDOLFAN1965 | November 07, 2013 at 12:55 PM

Hey pal...do your own research..Im sick of doing it for you guys. If youre a Dolphins fan since Ireland took over you should know all the names of the FA that turned us down. I would also like you to show e where I said Fisher was a good coach???? Climb back in your hole. Well the whole we all call New Jersey....that pretty much says it all!! NJ...REALLY?? Isn't that NY's dumping grounds??

Arturo, you have to be trolling. Martin was awful. I gave him a shot to improve in his second year and he was still awful.

man, i have some real hotties out of nj,
m m m

The problem with this theory is that fraudelent claims normally have money interests behind them. Why would a Stanford grad, with a wealth Harvard family that goes back like 3 generations want $?

Phins78 ignore that fool she is a lost soul that trolls on the net to get her jollies. We talk facts and football around here. I need to ignore these fools myself.

Wow another guy cut by the dolphins has bad things to say. And then says he is not taking sides. Now is a chance for every player who was cut to take a shot. Notice the players who were not cut but play for good teams are not taking that stance! Have you noticed the only people outraged are white news reporters, a scorned players. The majority of the league understands the culture, its not a fraternity for the weak. If it was football would absolutely be horrible.

Wonder how long Espn needs content for?

Armando, you had it right before. But waiting for all the facts is so 1990's. Twitter & bloggers need content, so keep churning.

What no one is taking about is that voicemail occurred a year ago when Martin was a rookie. As Hartline put it, Martin was laughing about it afterwards. Bottom line is Martin had an emotional breakdown and now his family see's dollar signs. They all talk about how smart his family is, so they no doubt know they can get a lot of money.

Wow that dummy Marco post 5 names that he stated were free agents and the top 2, Marshall and Bush were trades? He needs to use the truth on here. How many names do he post as?

yeap, jmart planned this

I see we have another "this is my blog" mediator around here that can't handle opossing views...welcome to the club Bill...Kris and DC will be glad to have you...

Here is your scoop Armando. Who is Adam Kress and why is he retweeting items from Richies twitter account to his own with the heading of "evidence."

"We all would have applauded if Martin shoved Incognito’s face into the garbage disposal, but is that really part of the job?Should a player have to fight his own teammate —"

Some geeky former bullied reporter from the garbage Boston herald

No, twit, it's part of life. There are jerks and a-holes everywhere. YOU CAN'T STOP THAT no matter how much you write words on a piece of paper. You can only control how you act in accordance.

Should I have to fight for a seat on the subway with 8 other people who all want the same seat?

Should I have to stand up to muggers?

Should I have to defend my family from intruders?

It's called life, s#@t happens, you deal with it.

Looking for a way out & still be compensated. Ah America! Home of the handout or lawsuit. "Free" money after all.

I deal in FACTS...not views. Factually based will trump opinions every time....opinions are like arsholes...we all have one!

Posted by: Arturo | November 07, 2013 at 01:02 PM

My theory is that it has less to do with Money ( for now...I think the lawsuit is coming though) than it is Saving Face. He is a Stanford grad. He protected Luck. He gets drafted in the Second Round into the NFL. All is going well for this kid.

But then he STRUGGLES badly his first two years in the NFL and he doesn't know how to deal with the growing reputation that he is "SOFT." He can't deal with the criticm and the struggle. He gets depressed. He finds it harder and harder to cope with it all. He finally 'blows' over a 'normal locker room prank' and storms out. He is then really embarrassed and realizes he might not be able to face his teammates and he just reinforced the SOFT label.

I am just saying that his actions immediately following his walk out suggests that he is looking to 'build his case' and then a lawsuit. It's coming for sure.

Mando of course you are giddy over the fact scorned players put their 2 cents in. You have made it clear many times Ireland and Philbin do not give you the info you want. Everyone, including you has a bias for one reason or another!!! You would rather talk about Sage Rosenfels opinions rather than Brandon Marshall's opinions. The team knows is not divided, they know what happened in the locker room, which is why they seem to be all voicing a similar opinion.

I really enjoy the comments people leave for mando.. he writes garbage & the people call him on it... how you still have a job is a mystery, or maybe youre related to the boss.. thats gotta be it...

I bet if you could listen to any of the coaches or staff right now the things they would be saying about Martin right now would make Richie's comments seem timid.

'I can't believe this soft asss, half-N... faaagot is putting the spotlight on us!'

How Jeff Ireland has anything to do with this is a joke to me!!

This is called let throw gas on the fire!! Sage Rosenfelts is an after thought to me.


I'm so tired on everyone jumping in to try and knock this organization. If it was so bad here and Jeff Ireland is so bad how did we sign 8 FA's!!

Arturo, I'm really craving a Taco.

But seriously, I don't think we have anythign to talk about anymore rgarding this issue.

You think because someone raises a stink, they're a victim, where I see a potential rat.

That's it, end of story, we will never agree. No point butting our heads together any longer.

Will this still be a huge issue when the Dolphins win three of their next four games? A good team is a good team is a good team. There's questionable character in every locker room, coaches and staff included. Can we get over it yet?

I think that Ritchie understood that helping Martin "toughen up" included dealing with verbal abuse...

Think about it. It's late in the 4th quarter, Miami's down by a touchdown, deep into the other team's end of the field, it's 3rd and 10, and a first down will put the Fins in the red zone. But, the coaches on the opposing team know that Miami's left tackle is a "sensitive" kinda guy, so you burn a time-out to put in your defensive call and you pull your Defensive End over to the side and you tell him to say something to Martin to cause him to become upset. The players line up, and your DE whispers a racial slur, or talks about the guy's mother, or his grandmother, whatever it takes to make him come across the line before the ball is snapped and come smack your DE.....OFF SIDES...PERSONAL FOUL...15 YARDS!

Things like this happen all the time on a football field starting all the way back to Pop Warner!

I bet if you could listen to any of the coaches or staff right now the things they would be saying about Martin right now would make Richie's comments seem timid.

'I can't believe this soft asss, half-N... faaagot is putting the spotlight on us!'

Posted by: Marc | November 07, 2013 at 01:13 PM

This pretty much shows you for the racist piece of chit you really are. You are the soft asss faaagot You should go kill yourself right now and do the world a favor.

Plain and simple, Jonathan Martin has major emotional issues and now he and his family are trying to blame Richie I. and this organization for it.

Ex-players dislike for Jeff Ireland has ZERO to do with this issue!!!

The players love RI, and Martin was somewhat aloof!

This whole organization is banning together and I hope Ross is part of that.

I'm sorry, but a group of people so close together so often something would of been seen.

Could we PLEASE have more posts about what a great scout Jeff Ireland was for the Dallas Cowboys?

And stop saying guys like me, Taco. there are no guys like me ... only me.

Paint me with a brush ... pff, go work for ESPN. They specialize in your type of commentary.

Everything is either one way or the other and can never be a unique scenario ...

"We have a white man using the "N" word....FACT
We have bullying........FACT
We have workplace violence......FACT"

We have a guy that doesn't like the NF, hates playing right tackle, and is no good anyway lol


If anything, I think Martin's family would do something to make a stand and change a practice in the nFl. Not for the money, though

Everyone should read this.

Richie Incognito's bully reputation goes back to 2002 - USA Today


by Brent Schrotenboer

I look for this TEAM to make an example this week...it's just unfortunate the example will be set on Tampa and little will notice...I expect us to put up 30+ and our defense to hold to 13 or under...these guys are pissed off right now and Tampa is the punching bag...or is that bullying??? Man this is confusing...

Taco, are you that dumb?? his contract alone was worth $5M and that's just the tip of the iceberg, emotional stress, hinderence to earn future contracts, etc, etc. There is something like $30-35M on the table here. Even for lawyers, that's a lot of bread.

Martin is gaaaay. End of story.

Edwards: Why the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it.

Kay: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow.

Mark Sclareth brought up this fererence from MEN IN BLACK today....

I think it fits well in to the mind of the FINS locker room...

Its speaks to the HERD mentality...the FINS locker room looks like a bunch of BLIND FOLLOWERS....who hjave SEEN NOTHING...HEARD NOTHING...and FELT NOTHING....

nothing for there Team Mate who was by all accounts a bit weaker then they were....

they were just happy that COGS wasn't turining their attention on them....

Not one of tem has the balls to call out COGS...not even a little....NOPE....Journey man COGS who coudn't FIT IN on 3 other teams...finds himself the CAPTAIN of this RUDDERLESS ship....

good for HIM...

sucks for US....

and Tanne...Tanne has a LOT of growing to do...he should have either kept his mouth SHUT...or found a way to bring BALANCE to the situation...thats what LEADERS DO...followers...well...they repeat what they are told...and that is what Tanne did...

Tanne may be ACCEPTED in the locker room....but by his actions...he has shown that he is NOT the leader....

the FINS leader is suspended....

Mark In Tornoto how have you put up with this blog for sooo many years? People post just to argue yet they have no basis or facts to support the argument. Then you have all the trolls, jets and pats fans? There is no place to just discuss Dolphins football?


Just want to say, THANK YOU (as well as A. Beasley and O. Kelly.) You all seem to be the only OBJECTIVE voices during this entire saga.

The amount of bias, subjective, and flat-out uninformed opinions and speculation regarding this story are quite disheartening. What the Mothership (ESPN) and most, not all, of their talking heads are doing is quite embarrassing. The amount of misinformation and uninformed "analysis" that ESPN has shown is APPALLING The lack of accountability that ESPN has shown is embarrassing.

No matter what happens in these dark days of the Miami Dolphins, I will always be a fan. If the information shows that everything is overblown and taken out of context, so be it. If Steve Ross must clean house and we all have to start again. So be it.

But, again, THANK YOU, as well as the others I mentioned, for level-headed, and excellent work regarding this story.


Here's what's going on imo.

Lets be honest, I remember the guys who worked for the school paper in highschool and college. Nice guys but yeah, a little geeky and didn't get along with the athletic students or just didn't hang out together because they were different people. These are most of the same guys who are working for news outlets now.

And there is a resentment that is built up over a lifetime and I've seen it in my own family with a brother who is smart as hell but wouldn't now how to throw a football nor would he want to. He strongly dislikes athletes, especially football players. As he always says, he used to watch these meatheads get free rides while someone as smart as he had to help pay his way through.

And most of these guys were bullied growing up. Heck, most of all of us were bullied at some point. I stood up to my bully and was never bullied again.

These guys never got that chance. They were either too small or too scared. The country has been on a 'no bullying' frenzy but adults haven't been able to really sink their teeth in and get revenge because it has been a childrens issue.

ENTER RICHIE INCOGNITO. Looks like every bully anyone knew growing up. Overweight, chubby cheeks, mean look on his face. And nowwww we have our villain and the grown up bullied world is going to make an example out of him. Finally they are getting their revenge.

Incognito is the scapegoat for every bully who ever tortured someone growing up. That's why people are referring to this as a "tragedy". The same word reserved for a child's untimely death or the murder of multiple innocents.


On point phins78

Phis 78...

you NAILED it....

while @ the same time...SPEAKING for EVERT WRITER and REPORTER whom you have NEVER MET....

While on the SAME blog....chastizing someone for speaking for you...and the rest of us...


That's part of the psychological issue that is fueling this fire imo.

And if you can see through the haze, if you actually have your eyes open far enough to read between the lines you will know this.

Hero's and Villains, that's what it boils down to. Reporters are charged with finding a story, and then identifying a hero and a villain. It helps to make the story appealing to the impressionable masses who devour the soap opera like it's their last meal. Just one guys opinion

Now they are trying to drag down Ireland into this mess. Probably the same People that created the whole Jonathan Martin incident.

and the circus continues...

And honestly, Armando has been EXTREMELY fair in his reporting so I don't know where some of these attacks are coming from.

He has reported it both ways, he's getting us the story as he hears it. But I haven't noticed him being biased one way or the other. Check out his past blogs for evidence.

In all honesty Ross should clean house now. Just rip it off like a bandaid. Fire Ireland Philbin and his entire coaching staff he brought in. Make Kacy Rogers the interim and move on.

Posted by: Kris | November 07, 2013 at 01:31 PM

Dude you need to get a grip...and a clue...you, DC, Bill...folks can post their piece without you screaming like a child at them because you disagree...so how about you just go "shake your head" against a steel beam...

and anyone that remembers my posts know I've been an Ireland/ Philbin supporter since he got here. Never liked Sparano... he was an idiot.

Posted by: Steve from PA | November 07, 2013 at 01:24 PM

Holy lord I hope this was laced with sarcasm and I just missed it...

Jack thinks i'm screaming @ him....


you need help dude....

talk about pot meet kettle....


And Ross should know the reason for immediately firing the Ireland Philbin connection based off his previoius fiasco with Harbaugh. FIRE THEM NOW AND START LOOKING FOR BETTER REPLACEMENTS FOR NEXT YEAR.

Glad so see posts from so many other contributors about what a great GM Jeff Ireland is, and how unfair this whole matter is to him. Let's face it, the chess master has assembled an awesome team, in the face of great adversity. Who cares if the offensive line has allowed Tannehill to be sacked a few times? He is a big boy who can punch back! Anyone who has any criticism of Jeff Ireland must be a Jets fan.

Nooo...I dont think you are screaming at ME...I think you need to slam your head repeatedly against a steel beam...try to keep up...

Kris enough already. Go find your bully and confront him so you can stop trying to fight all of us who don't agree with you okay?

I chastised a guy who used me in a post to berate another fan.

How in the hell does that have anything to do with the other?

I wasn't speaking for EVERY reporter because EVERY reporter does not feel the same way. I'm speaking for the reporters who are SCREAMING AND YELLING FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOPS. The ones who are carrying on like infantile children hell bent on destroying a man's life because he used some salty language in a football locker room.

There are reporters like Armando who are being fair and telling the WHOLE story. I am in total agreement with that practice. It seems to me you are not.

My theory is that it has less to do with Money ( for now...I think the lawsuit is coming though) than it is Saving Face. He is a Stanford grad. He protected Luck. He gets drafted in the Second Round into the NFL. All is going well for this kid.

But then he STRUGGLES badly his first two years in the NFL and he doesn't know how to deal with the growing reputation that he is "SOFT." He can't deal with the criticm and the struggle. He gets depressed. He finds it harder and harder to cope with it all. He finally 'blows' over a 'normal locker room prank' and storms out. He is then really embarrassed and realizes he might not be able to face his teammates and he just reinforced the SOFT label.

I am just saying that his actions immediately following his walk out suggests that he is looking to 'build his case' and then a lawsuit. It's coming for sure.

Posted by: JPAO | November 07, 2013 at 01:10 PM
I have thought the same thing and it makes a lot of sense. I mean you have to know how hard it would be to face your team mates after such a juvenile display. Much easier to walk and keep going especially if you had already said you didn't like your career choice.

But now, he realizes he'll never be accepted on ANY team ever again. Soooooo, take the money and run

Jack!meoff! WTF would you bring my name into your mess. I post facts and only attack when Im attacked. As always that is a fact.
In my profession we MUST accept different views and opinions. 30 years Im on the job and am programmed to this fact! Its not going to change for a stupid blog.

BIll, if there was a better place, I'd be there.

Lovie Smith is available... Forget these coordinators with zero experience as a head coach at any level... Philbin is not a leader of men. He is a leader of boys at best. He knows how to be the PC puppet. Also get rid of Aponte... Tired of her throwing out money and overspending then letting go of players that could have helped. She is terrible at her job I have no idea what qualifies her.

Kris has issues, we all know that. Hopefully she gets the help she needs like "Big Weirdo"

Ever notice the folks that scream about facts repeatedly are usually the ones that are either furthest from the facts or manipulate them for their own agenda??? Interesting... Oh well...

Folks this story has gone crazy on the main stream media...they have an agenda in everything they do. I hate, repeat hate, to involve politics in sports but the following is a fact. The news rooms here in America all have a bias. Fox is slanted right and EVERYTHING else is slanted left...FACT!

This story was picked up by the left leaning media and they are using to make a political/sociological point that agrees with there agenda....FACT!

We have a white man using the "N" word....FACT
We have bullying........FACT
We have workplace violence......FACT

This is another chance for the left leaning American press to show the world how racist, violent and dysfunctional American society is. Can't we all just get along??

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