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Sage Rosenfels: Ireland 'worst GM'

First the ProFootballTalk story that implicates Jeff Ireland as having knowledge of Jonathan Martin's complaints that Richie Incognito was making his life difficult. And now a former Dolphins player is taking to twitter gutting the Dolphins general manager with his words.

Sage Rosenfels played for the Dolphins from 2002 to 2005 and then for a short time in 2011. And during that second stint he acquired a distaste for Ireland.

"I played for 5 teams and 9 GMs and Ireland is the only 1 I had a problem with," Rosenfels tweeted today. "I only spent two weeks on the Dolphins when Ireland was the GM. In that short time he won the award for worst GM in my career."

Then, on twitter, Rosenfels added a hashtag -- #jerk 

And then, in the context of the Incognito-Martin scandal on his mind, Rosenfels went on to describe his problem:

"My reasons for my disdain for Ireland are a long story. It took about an hour to find out what everyone in that locker room thought of him. Two months after being put on Non Football Injury list with mono, I had gotten healthy and wanted to play. He wouldn't let me off NFI.....because the Dolphins played the Raiders that week and he didn't want them to sign me as I knew the Phins offense. Makes sense except...the Raiders were the only NFL team that had 4 QBs on their roster. He waited until late Friday to release me figuring nobody would....sign me that late in the week. Luckily, the Vikings cut McNabb and signed me that night. There is more but that is the basics of it.

"I understand GMs always put their teams first. I respect that. But he was being a jerk just because he could. That's why he won the award. Everyone gets screwed over at some point in their career. It's the business. But there is story after story that has the same ring to it."

Rosenfels, obviously believing the ProFootballTalk story on Ireland, also said: "I have no reason to help out either side. I hope it ends sooner than later. Just giving my two cents. The whole situation is a tragedy."

Actually, Rosenfels was represented during his playing days by agent Rick Smith. And Smith is one of the agents representing Martin.

So I reached out to Rosenfels and asked him to address that apparent bias.

"I haven't even talked to Rick," he told me. "I'd say the same thing if IMG or Dave Dunn represented Martin. Or if Rick represented Richie."

Obviously, this is a sad story for the entire Dolphins organization. Players in the locker room are expressing their opinions and they solidly back Incognito. Players around the league are expressing their opinions and they're ripping the entire Dolphins organization and its leadership structure.

And today two former Dolphins -- Lydon Murtha and Rosenfels -- are sharing their thoughts. And neither is too impressed with Ireland or the Dolphins coaching staff.


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I just don't understand why you and others can't sympathize...if not empathize with what it must have took to arrive @ such a HORRIBLE decision....


Kris I understand the second part of your post but we have some differences in opinion there and that's okay. I think it's just different life experiences that brought us to our current overview on this situation.

I was able to stand up to my bully in a different way. The way I did it didn't harm any bystanders. My problem with Martin, I guess then stands with my lack of understanding regarding his mentality. I'll never know why he didn't deal with this in a more direct manner therefore I will never approve of it. I understand, but I disapprove.

He hurt his teammates who were all unaware of how bad the situation allegedly was behind the scenes. Unless we are to believe that all of his teammates are liars I just don't know how else to stick up for a guy who quits on 51 guys because one man was allegedly harassing him.

It was a horrible decision but he made it as he felt it was his only way out. I get that and I understand how you feel.

Please understand I don't give Cogs a pass in this. I've already said plenty on what an idiot that guy is. But as the days pass, and Martin lets his teammates deal with the consequences of his actions I have to start questioning his motives. Objectively none of this adds up yet and that's because the people involved aren't talking. I need to hear from the guys before I can take one side or the other. I've been swinging on this fence3 so long my nuts are starting to ache.

You're asking me to empathise with someone who hasn't even told his side of the story yet and I feel that's premature. Especially when I factor in testimony after testimony from teammates all agreeing there was no problem.

Either Martin is stretching the truth or this is the biggest cover up since Watergate.

So if Incognito was told to "toughen Martin up" then he may have a lawsuit against the Dolphins as well as Jonathan Martin.

Posted by: Can u say Lawsuit? | November 07, 2013 at 02:27 PM


When my son was 9 there was a bully on the bus that verbally abused weaker kids. The other kids didn't stick up for themselves and then it got to be physical abuse. My son stuck up for the other kids and therefore he too got bullied. After weeks of taking it and ignoring the abuse I told him it may be time to physically intimidate the bully. I taught him a few things and sure enough a week later the bully was at it again picking on all the kids, only this time my son stood up and wrestled him to the floor. Today the bully and my son are friends and sit together, and the other kids have a peaceful ride to school. Ireland's advise to Martin's agent couldn't have been any better.

continued from BUDTKI.....
A BAD JOKE....some say incognito went too far, some say martin handled it the wrong way and should have been tougher, but with all the sacks piling up(literally) and then the entire table abandoning martin he absolutely had to feel alone, unwanted, and in his mind, depicted as the one MOST responsible for the O-LINES failures...i think i may have reacted the same way and just exited the building...think about it. what would you do?...i believe that all the texts, remarks and jokes were just that, as some have been dated back to april, and thus were NOT originally comprehended by MARTIN to be HOSTILE, and this seems to be echoed by the players, it wasn't until MARTIN reacted to the cafeteria incident that these instances came to light. it wasn't until the cafeteria incident that this locker room appeared to be a HOSTILE work enviroment...so how could players, coaches, and PHILBIN possibly know how martin was feeling?

Posted by: Stay Puft Marshmellow Man | November 07, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Negative buddy...I've bled Dolphins for 30+ years and anyone calling me a Jets fan will end up thinking Richie is a choir boy...I will talk shyt from time to time but you will always know its me, Jack! Not the troll... Also funny that you call someone with zero support for Big Weirdo a liberal...good times...

Is it my imagination or does Kris seem happiest when things are going wrong for the fins and he has what to complain about?

When things are good, he is silent.

When we are beating good teams, he is silent.

When Tannehill is slinging well, Kris is silent.

When the team goes off track, or Tanne goes off track, here comes Kris more enthused than ever to gripe about the team.

marco = clueless

Yheres a reason Incognito is kicked off every team.

Posted by: good god u dummy | November 07, 2013 at 02:12 PM

Independant chiming in here. I loveeee fox news not for their content but for their brilliance in brainwashing thousands of Americans. These guys are the best and they know what they're doing.

They are THE #1 NEWS OUTLET IN AMERICA. More people watch their news programs than any other on tv. On some nights they even beat out sporting events and primetime television in the ratings.

Yet they have their followers CONVINCED they they aren't part of the main stream media. It's f%$#ing brilliant.

In order to win a claim for the intentional infliction of emotional distress (which is one of the torts Judas will allege), you must be able to prove it resulted in severe emotional distress. Generally that proof is the seeking or receiving of medical treatment. That is why JMart went to the hospital - period. A good lawyer will demonstrate that the treatment sought was contrived.

Murtha and Rosenfels, two players cut by the Dolphins and bashing the Dolphins....and you don't think they have a vendetta. Fact is, both should be grateful that Ireland gave either a chance since both never caught on with another team. The media is out of control on this story...

shutup, you speak the truth imo

Phins78 | November 07, 2013 at 01:25 PM

Good post and the media is running away with this story and really going off the deep end! NFL Net. had a panel last night with McGinnist, Evans and Keenan McArdell were I felt the most objective was Evans who sees the whole thing as a bit fishy with saved Voice-Mails we've all read but not heard to properly gauge the context of their meaning.

McGinnist went on and on about how wrong it is and that the players needed to step in given the Coaches don't police the Locker Room the players do given Coaches rarely enter (a good point by thee way) Really many ways to look at it but feel your right Cogs will be served up to the Guillotine wielding masses (the Coaches already did!)

We have a white man using the "N" word....FACT
We have bullying........FACT
We have workplace violence......FACT

Yes to first statement, but Martin did not object at the time and waited months and made it known only after he quit.

Not sure about two....Where is the proof there was actual bullying. Lots of innuendo and it may have occurred but it is not fact.

Number 3.....False. There is no fact here. There is a possible threat of violence (debatable, put in right context) but there is no proof of actual violence.

Ireland's advise to Martin's agent couldn't have been any better.

Posted by: Phinbo | November 07, 2013 at 02:30 PM

This is the HEIGHT of stupidity! People continue to make this PATHETIC RIDICULOUS comparison!

Ireland is not Martin's father. He is the GM of a franchise!

This isn't some play ground fight where lawyers, lawsuits, investigations, hearings etc.. DO NOT GET INVOLVED!!

This is a workplace full of adults. There is violence in the sport, but that is not an excuse to have it extend into the locker room against your teammates!

If Martin wanted to defend himself of HIS OWN choosing, fine. But, the GM of the team, responsible for 100's of employees, coaches, players CANNOT be recommending physical confrontation to settle work place disputes. Let alone to the agent of the player being razzed!

How old are you, 10? Think like an adult with responsibilities, not the dad of a kid being bullied on his school bus.

FOR GOD SAKES!!! The IQ on this blog is abysmal!

Phins 78....

I have to be very clear on something....

I have NEVER been bullied in my life...not once...

I am currently 6-4...and 230-235 lbs...athletic..and a career serviceman.....I have been in all types of tough situations...

As a child...and teen....I was always among the tallest kids in the class....I never had a Bully approach me....but what used to pi$$ me off to no end...was when one of the bigger kids would pick on a smaller kid....my instinct was to go pick on them....thats whats in my DNA....there are no inmocent bystanders IMO....and that is why the locker room (if they did nothing) sickens me....

I believe in giving a hand up...not kicking somebdy when they are down...I joke with guys...I get joked on...I watch others get joked on....but there comes a point....when enough is enough....My rep in school was that of the guy thatyou CAME TOO...when you were bullied....that was my rep....

I lead men in to battle....Some men are weaker than others...mentally and physically....

I either get them caught up to an acceptable level (no team is ever equal)...or I reccommend them for discharge...in the football world...that is equal to being cut....

but I NEVER allow them to become so disenfanchised that they feel the need to go AWOL...shoot up the base...or who knows what...as a leader...I am a defaut counselor...and when I can't reach them...I take them to a proffesinal who can....ITS MY JOB TO KNOW MY PEOPLE...even when those who come in contact with them everyday don't seem to know....

That is why this is such a failure to me...

and this...again...is comming from a guy who has never been bullied...I have been in fights....I have won...and lost...but that is me....and I don't expect everybody to be as tough as I am...and that is the side of the argument that I come from....

Not one guy in the locker room has JMARTS back....something is wron with that picture.....

Yo FYI........I'm going to the Jets game at the end of the year......I'll give you my seat and row number if you want to discuss this personally... I think your logic is whack and never brought family into the matter. If you choose to talk about my family then I'll show you the difference between Richie and Martin by showing you the difference between me and you.......I won't sit behind my keyboard and talk about lawyers

Stay puff I don't like naming names in this instance. It's not fair to the person and I don't want to single anyone out. I'm not trying to start an argument or any kind of he said she said thing.

After past events in this blog I have a hard time trusting new names that show up. It's not their fault, it's just self preservation on my part. After I see the name for a while and feel comfortable knowing they are here to debate and have fun ,(not to demean and attack for their own personal fun), I then will trust the new poster.

This person could be someone nice that imo would be a welcome addition to our little community here. For that reason I'm not calling him out right now, he has done nothing wrong and I already said my peace on what I didn't agree with in his post.

I really don't know what all the fuss is a bout. A white guy talking like a neegwad amongst peers in an NFL locker room. Who the fook is really offended?

It's nothing but striving to maintain a politically correct image for the NFL, a family entertainment medium.

Posted by: Kris | November 07, 2013 at 02:17 PM

Agreed Kris. And hey, it took us a long time figure it out but at least we did. And it goes so much smoother when you ignore people who aren't worth your time. Life's too short!

Kris has now posted his height and weight here well over 50 times.

Does he have some sort of complex he is trying to overcome?

Mondo hasn't the events of the past two days taught you anything. MONDO, stop listening to Flo at PFT and do your own thinking. Sage was a run of the mill QB, not bad, but not great either. Lyndon Murtha? Has been OT who was a back up at best. Im not letting Ireland off the hook (what hook) but football players fight all the time its in the blood, its the attitude, its the culture and no one is going to change it. Uncle Rodger better tread very lightly with this issue. WE now know some of the truth to the Bulling, which isn't bulling, we know the text wasn't what MONDO portrayed to be, and we've heard from all the players who support Incognito, except Martin and he aint said sh**. Martin, at last light was hovering with a "feelings" Doctor after running home to mummy and daddy. Way to go MONDO, you, ESPN, NFL network, et al sports media have, with no evidence, have burned Incognito at the stake and I hope Mr Ross fires the whole stinking staff in mid season. They didn't even ask Incognito, whats up? They suspended him because of sports media pressure and those idiot talking heads at NFL. Yes, MONDO,, there just might well be a lawsuit.

FYI....I understand your whole logic.......this is bringing drama to the organization......but you're not seeing mine. MARTIN being a quitter and the media is creating the drama not Richie and everyone else. Keep believing all of this stupid info from guys like Mando, I'm a little smarter then that.

78, keep up wouldya? The point being made, obviously you missed it, was the main stream media LEANS to the left.

I ALSO stated in my first reply, that OUTSIDE of fox news(which leans right), the main stream media is LEFT..

That dolt posted names of newspapers & online magazines no one has ever heard of. Those are NOT mainstream media outlets.

You on track yet? Fox news leans right, YES. But, let's look a the OTHER mainstream outlets that lean BLATANTLY left:

CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC. I'll stop there as I hope you got the point by now. Know what's being discussed be4 lookin like a tool.

You're sad and funny at the same time. You get all bent up because I use the phrase 'guys like you' but yet find it appropriate to call me an obvious despective term based on my name throughout the whole conversasion.

Not very manly thing to do if you ask me

A BAD JOKE....i know that both of these players probably wish that it never had come to this, both probably still want to play, and although(in martin's case) it would appear more difficult for MARTIN to return to that locker room, wouldn't it be crazy if johnathan martin comes out tomorrow for a press release stating that "a lot of you thought i handled it the wrong way, questioning my manhood and that i needed to be tougher or have tougher skin, well HA HA ritchie incognito the joke is on you, sure i may have went overboard, i may have crossed the line, but just as your able to take your jokes to the extreme, so am i THIS WAS ALL A JOKE..take that ritchie, gotcha!".."i will be ready to play on monday night and i hope that you and the whole team is by my side." or maybe he comes out and says"this was a planned joke on the media, ritchie and i BOTH concocted this cause we were tired of hearing the press hammer our unit day in and day out..the joke is on you guys...report that! ritchie and i are ready to play on monday night...."

what a bunch of jokers..

There is no need for racism and extortion in the NFL. NUFF SAID

Posted by: Marino 13 | November 07, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Sorry, not nearly "NUFF SAID".

Explain why Dez Bryant and thousands of other players have paid so much more for veteran outings and seem to be okay with it.

This cracks me up. The media even is downplaying this part now after the initial attack is over because they found out it goes on in every locker room on most every team. Players are laughing at Martin for complaining about it because it's a rite of passage that they have all gone through. Try harder, stick to the facts.


Thats funny....

and I will keep that in mind...

I am trying to understand the outrage and vitriol, trying to understand the hypocrisy. It's funny to me that the media chastises players on a daily basis to a national audience but when a player does it to another player behind closed doors that's where they draw the line?

I would love to hear someones take on this that differs from mine. Anyone have any thoughts?

Phins 78, Let me add this........I truly wonder what the media actually believes. I mean, how many of these so called experts are only siding with Martin because its politically correct ....... it's conformity at a dangerous level

Phins 78.....

I got to run...have to pick up my nephew from school...he has bully tendicies in him that I am trying to weed out....

He is a bit taller and stronger than the other kidss now (2nd grade)...but his father and mother are each under 5'9....so chances are this will catch up wih him right about the 5yth or 6th grade....

that...and the fact that it is wrong....

we can continue this later....

glad that guys like you that can be reasoned with....even if not agreed with....

Can we stop with the bs articles?

Hows Garner looking, is Thomas now seeing the field? Are they playing a football game?

Sick of this bs. Martin has mental issues and opened a can of worms. I'm sure no one in the NFL was ever insulted before. Thank god for the bullying campaign and the pussification of america...

Posted by: fin4life | November 07, 2013 at 02:36 PM

fin4life I read some article where the Dolphins players were speaking on this as well.

They said the locker room is their space and the coaches generally stay away and leave it to them. The coaches aren't in the locker rooms like everyone thinks. People watch too many movies.

It just pi#@es me off that so many people who have never played on a team, never knew what it was like to be a part of a locker room seem to know EXACTLY what goes on in locker rooms.

The people with experience, the players, all say they're wrong and they have no clue and they just scream louder. "They're lying"!It's pretty crazy.

Taco, that's me, interesting dichotomy. Sad and funny at the same time. The sad clown ... so sad.

Come on Taco is a great name for you. What's wrong with Tacos? I love them .. both the food and the nickname for the female body part from which it originates. Can't have enough Tacos.

You DO like tacos, don't you???

all say they're wrong and they have no clue and they (the outsiders) just scream louder

Posted by: Silverback | November 07, 2013 at 02:46 PM

First of all, you don't understand my logic. 2ndly, in a previous post you said I brought your family into this? WTF are you babbling about there? I think you need glasses!

If you and others continue make comparisons of what happened here to kids being bullied in school, on a bus, in a play ground, YOU WILL BE MOCKED & RIGHTFULLY SO!

Third, where have I said I didn't think Martin is a quitter? I do think he is! See how wrong you are? Shocker, I know!

Fourth, where did I say I believe anything? It's obvious you have voices in your head or haven't read a darn thing I've said. If you had, you would have seen me say REPEATEDLY, "IF" Ireland said that to his agent...I never said "he did"

Get a grip dude. Meet you at a football game? To do what? So you can bully me? I just might take you up on that! (Scarcsm disclaimer)

Absolutely Kris, stop em young. Something someone should have done with Richie a long time ago.

Everyone has a role in this play.

Media nowadays is crap and will just show what will sell. Some news and gossips are juicier than others. Sad but true.
This story is overblown? Absolutely, but obviously it generates hits and sells papers

glad that guys like you that can be reasoned with....even if not agreed with....

Posted by: Kris

Guys like me?! I think he's making fun of my Irish/Italian heritage! I feel bullied! I quit this stupid blog ;)

First he questions my opinion, then he makes fun of my heritage? I might have a lawsuit here. I can absolutely show a timeline of bullying that led me to my current emotional state. Anyone have JMartins lawyers phone number? Hold on, I need to save a bunch of these posts from Kris. And shhhh don't tell him when he comes back because I'm hoping he says something else that I can add to my list so I can finally quit this stinkin blog. I don't like the fact that Mando moved my sign in name over to the right side of the box!

(total sarcasm, meant as a joke, probably not funny)

If Ireland gets fired for this crap, yes this whole situation is crap cause by a quitter to get out of having to play football with the big boys and pulling down what his team is calling his BF, then I would say slide Dawn Aponte into the GM role. That lady is the real deal.

FYI go back a couple pages and refresh your memory......you're talking about people's kids and wives. You repeat the same argument so much that you forget what you wrote. Simply put, you just don't get it .........you're upset about this being a black eye on the organization..........I'm not........this is the flavor of the week, that's it nothing more.........you ever been to a Raider game? That fan base and the things they do at that stadium have been a black eye on that team for years.....I don't see any fall off in support of that team. This whole situation is the fault of the media and Martin and his lawyers, that's it. I don't think bad about my team, Richie, Ireland, or anyone in the organization. I can't wait for Monday night and the rest of the season and I'll keep spending thousands of dollars to come Dolphin games.......matter of fact I just bought a "Free Richie T Shirt". I don't let the media and quitters with lawyers influence my opinion and brainwash me. I have no respect for people who leave their team 2 days before a game and then sue and if our team has to take some heat to get rid of that, then so be it.

I am a bully. So are you. What does a bully do? They try to control the actions of someone else via threats of harm. I bully my kids everyday. Brush your teeth.........I don't want to..........Fine then your teeth will fall out. I don't care........Fine, brush your teeth or no video games tomorrow.......OK.

Is that bullying? Yes. Is it harmful? No. Is my intent to help or harm my kids? Is the threat credible and frightening enough to elicit fear in my child? Probably not.

Back to the NFL. Did Incognito bully Martin? Yes. Was the bullying done to help or harm Martin? Help him become a better player. Was the threat credible and frightening enough to elicit fear in Martin? Clearly not by the way Martin palled around with Incognito on and off the field.

We haven't heard all of the facts, but if what we have heard is the worst of it, then Incognito is the biggest victim in all of this. The voice-mail while vulgar and insensitive appears to have been taken in stride by Martin and others in the locker room. And the $15k has been reported not as hazing, but as a bill which Martin incurred when agreeing to make a trip with his mates to Las Vegas only to then back out of after reservations had been booked.

Silverback, I said I felt sorry for them. I did not call them bast*rds or wh*res.

Also, I agree with you that the media & martin are the real culrpits here. I've said repeatedly in past blogs that Martin isn't cut for the nfl & this is his way out without having to quit.

With that said, I obviously support my team. But, I will NOT be shocked if Ireland said what he's rumored to have said. If he did, he'll get fired for it. Which I also have no problems with.

So, I don't know why you've been riding me on this blog all day when we clearly think more alike on the issue than we don't.

But PLEASE! People need to stop comparing what parents tell their kids & what the GM tells a player or agent about bullies. Just because bullies is the keyword in both does not mean they are similar!

Phins78 | November 07, 2013 at 03:00 PM

The "TRAGEDY" for me is that if Goodell only fines the team and leaves the discipline squarely on Cogs then Ross will make NO CHANGES mark my words!

There maybe some internal changes to the Coaching stafff but he won't blow up another core group after less than 24 Months! I believe given Ireland hand picked this group he stays as well for at least another Season.

I get a feeling this Owner is really out of touch and while a smart real estate developer isn't quite sure how to put his finger on the pulse of any situation regarding this particular venture in his life and Ireland is a BYE-PRODUCT of that because he's sold Ross on a plan and model which the owner seems to trust implicitly relying on Ireland's "EXPERTISE"

You wondered when the Autism angle would be brought into it given Ireland knows what it's like to have children signaled out and bullied? What society is Mando living in?? First off how many autistic children attend regular H.S.'s and the ones that have (We had one at Miami Killian Sr. back in the late 80's) people went out of their way to help them not be-little them!

The comparison is preposterous! A BIG difference between hazing/bullying and picking on the mentally challenged. As a matter of fact had someone picked on the person I attended School with they'd have left in an Ambulance, just not tolerated! I know it happens but the majority of us find it sick! So again this angle which will get more play to drum up support for Ireland is baseless. Let's see if the Chair Person of the Mt. Sinai Hospital's autistic center which Ireland does charity work for (Dan & Claire Marino) buy this and throw Ireland a lifeline in the form of his work for the supposed "WEAK" who can't fend for themselves? I doubt it!

Rosenfels, worse Dolphins QB. LOL.

Talk about not mature, Ireland did not cut him a few days earlier so he is mad, boo hoo. He is saying what he is saying by order of his agent.

Murtha did not say anything about Ireland in his MMQ article so why is Mando saying that Murtha is no impressed with Ireland or the coaching staff.

to sum up my last three rants..wouldn't it be nice to have johnathan martin come out and say.." this was all a misunderstanding...mr. ross, i got your back, i got taneehill's back, i'm putting this whole team on my back, after all i am the left tackle and anchor of this team...this was a joke, it had to be bigger, badder and more extreme then incognoto's, if ritchie is gonna try to get my goat he better wake up earlier in the morning...." that would be nice, that would be something this team could rally around, jonathan martin coming back to save the day...something the fans could rally around..this, however unlikley, however improbable, is one of the very few(if not only) avenues that the two of these players have made available for either to return to this miami team/

AS I do not live in Miami. I come in here to talk Dolphins football. I am a NYC first responder and all of the guys I work with are Jets, Giants or Pats fans. Can't talk Dolphins football with them. They are to jaded in their hatred for the Dolphins. Yet I come here where it should be safe and find clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle with the good guys like Mark, Phins78, F4L, Dashi, Kris and yes even Craig M. These are the Dolphin fans....we may differ in opinion sometimes but it never gets to name calling. When any of do slip up we apologize.

Why can't Armando clean this up? I am for posting an email so that this is not anonymous. This would get rid of all the internet tough guys and keep the real fans here.

FYI.....all BS aside......and I'm only asking here.......just posing the question......is Ireland that bad? I mean Speilman was horrible......Mueller and Cameron had the worst draft in the history of drafts......so is he that bad? I mean, the Gates and Martin picks suck.......but I like Clay, Tannehill, Pouncey, Miller, Wake, Grimes, and others. Just a question

Oh relax Bill.......let people vent a little.......the media has slammed a little this week.

Silverback in my opinion yes Ireland has failed. This organization is dysfunctional. This scandal should never have left the locker room. Would this have happened on the Pats? Of course not.
As for drafts. Too many 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks have been bust since Ireland came aboard. You cannot continually miss on the early round picks. Most are not even on the team.
FA the word in the NFL is too not sign with the Dolphins. This is what FA have said not me.
Coaching. This coaching staff is clueless. The scheme is unsettled. Are we a run first team or a passing team. Do we run when we should pass or vice vesus.

All the above falls on the shoulders of the GM. Not to mention his personal blunders like the Bryant interview. I say enough is enough. I want this organization returned to the mantle of glory they held for a very long time. Other organizations used to copy the Miami Dolphins....now they mock us. Enough said?

Oh relax Bill.......let people vent a little.......the media has slammed a little this week.

Posted by: Silverback | November 07, 2013 at 03:42 PM

I have no issue with venting its the personal attacks and name calling that gets me. I can guarantee if they were face to face with me they wouldn't talk that way. GUARANTEED!

Ok......I guess I'm a little gun shy with all of the regime changes we've had over the years.....it's set us back......really it has. I mean, I think we're still feeling the effects of the 07 draft. I'm wondering who the answer is, I mean if we rid ourselves of Ireland and the staff - then who. I know people have said Grudan or Cowher......but those guys are not leaving retirement

In my profession I deal with these type all day. They are tough when around there hommies or when they know I cannot get to them. But as soon as we are alone they usually cry like little babies. Seen it everyday for the last 32 yrs my friend.

Silverback I agree Im tired of regime change too but when the regime is not producing then you must change. I too do not want the Grudens or Cowhers of the world. But how about a Mike Holmgren....somebody from the Shula coaching tree maybe. Lets return to our roots and start to be a winning organization.

Bill.......may sound like a strange question ........ I don't post here often, but I've been following for a long time - since the late 90s when the Herald had threaded discussions......anybody around from those days?

I would post off and on. I have seen people like Mark in Toronto and Craig M on here a very long time...Dashi too.

Shula would be interesting.....I know he's well thought of in the coaching world, but his Alabama stop was bad. Lovie Smith?

Remember Shula built that Alabama team that won the 1st year that Satan took over. Shula has been successful at every NFL stop along the way. Si I would not discount Mike Shula himself...however I was thinking more of a young coach from the Shula coaching tree. Remember the Shula tree includes coaches that fall under Chuck Noll and Marty Shottenheimer as they are in the Shula coaching tree.
Its funny because I remember back in '70 when we got Shula many many Dolphins fans thought it was dumb to get him. He "couldn't win the big one" it was said. I don't think I have to tell ya how that worked out for us??

I only ask because there was this poster named Sporticus......used to piss everyone off....I mean people would get heated with that guy

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