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Sage Rosenfels: Ireland 'worst GM'

First the ProFootballTalk story that implicates Jeff Ireland as having knowledge of Jonathan Martin's complaints that Richie Incognito was making his life difficult. And now a former Dolphins player is taking to twitter gutting the Dolphins general manager with his words.

Sage Rosenfels played for the Dolphins from 2002 to 2005 and then for a short time in 2011. And during that second stint he acquired a distaste for Ireland.

"I played for 5 teams and 9 GMs and Ireland is the only 1 I had a problem with," Rosenfels tweeted today. "I only spent two weeks on the Dolphins when Ireland was the GM. In that short time he won the award for worst GM in my career."

Then, on twitter, Rosenfels added a hashtag -- #jerk 

And then, in the context of the Incognito-Martin scandal on his mind, Rosenfels went on to describe his problem:

"My reasons for my disdain for Ireland are a long story. It took about an hour to find out what everyone in that locker room thought of him. Two months after being put on Non Football Injury list with mono, I had gotten healthy and wanted to play. He wouldn't let me off NFI.....because the Dolphins played the Raiders that week and he didn't want them to sign me as I knew the Phins offense. Makes sense except...the Raiders were the only NFL team that had 4 QBs on their roster. He waited until late Friday to release me figuring nobody would....sign me that late in the week. Luckily, the Vikings cut McNabb and signed me that night. There is more but that is the basics of it.

"I understand GMs always put their teams first. I respect that. But he was being a jerk just because he could. That's why he won the award. Everyone gets screwed over at some point in their career. It's the business. But there is story after story that has the same ring to it."

Rosenfels, obviously believing the ProFootballTalk story on Ireland, also said: "I have no reason to help out either side. I hope it ends sooner than later. Just giving my two cents. The whole situation is a tragedy."

Actually, Rosenfels was represented during his playing days by agent Rick Smith. And Smith is one of the agents representing Martin.

So I reached out to Rosenfels and asked him to address that apparent bias.

"I haven't even talked to Rick," he told me. "I'd say the same thing if IMG or Dave Dunn represented Martin. Or if Rick represented Richie."

Obviously, this is a sad story for the entire Dolphins organization. Players in the locker room are expressing their opinions and they solidly back Incognito. Players around the league are expressing their opinions and they're ripping the entire Dolphins organization and its leadership structure.

And today two former Dolphins -- Lydon Murtha and Rosenfels -- are sharing their thoughts. And neither is too impressed with Ireland or the Dolphins coaching staff.


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Yeah we have a guy on here now that does that he post under many many names. Could be the same guy, Mark or Craig would know better.

He used to write these "Manifestos" about how to improve the Dolphins and it was hilarious stuff

I seem to remember that...hey new blog up so ask Mark if he remembers him.

I think ross is a jet fan. There is no other reason why ireland still has a job

"FIRELAND is the worst GM in the NFL"
Tell us something we don't know.
All I want for Hannkukah is for FIRELAND to be out on the street. Out on the street

If nothing else, even with a story that is more BS than substance (as it directly relates to the Martin saga) and with a clueless owner at the helm ... this still has got to finally be the end of Jeff Ireland in Miami.

In reality, I have no problem with the "approach" that Martin stand up for himself. It's that Ireland would have to be a complete idiot to actually verbalize such to Martins agent. All this overblown stupidity will eventually pass and when the smoke clears, I just want to see Ireland gone and Martin never come back.

Incognito being done in Miami is already a forgone conclusion. For me, the incident with the woman at the golf course, assuming it's true, would/should have sent him packing. The internal "bullying" and "harassment" is BS. Martins newest story (via his attorney) that he befriended Incognito (and another/others) in an attempt to suck up in hoped of stopping the "abuse" is legalese BS. The sent (and oh so conveniently saved) messages are released by the media without context. The condemnation by players on other teams is cover for the NFL's culture. There are some ex-players who have been far more candid about the reality of the culture.

I condemn Incognito for being a pig if the alleged incident with the woman is true. Again, the rest of it is BS. Martin didn't want to play in the NFL, period. Both he and his folks are too smart to just go away quietly when they figure they can get some money out of the deal ... an expose for the "good" of the NFL and the poor rookies and players who must toil under these abusive, barbarian conditions of "bullying" and "extortion". Afterall, the internal culture of the NFL must conform to a microcosm of our bleeding heart, PC, nanny state society.

Boo-flippin-who, cry me a river ... just make sure Ireland is gone when it's over.

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