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Shotgun weddings are a bad idea

I have reported that if Stephen Ross is moved to fire someone as part of the blame game for the locker room harassment scandal or as a result of a season not meeting expectations, he is more likely to fire general manager Jeff Ireland than head coach Joe Philbin.

Ross said nothing to separate himself from that report when he spoke to the media Monday night and poured the love on thick for Philbin and didn't mention Ireland at all, other than to say the general manager is on one of his two newly appointed committees.

The bottom line?

Barring a significant change in the course for the season and the NFL investigation, it is clear Ross is apt to get rid of Ireland and keep Philbin.

And that is a terrible mistake.

No, I'm not saying firing Ireland is a mistake. I'm saying half measures are a mistake. I'm saying scapegoating is a mistake. I'm saying everyone in the Dolphins football side of the organization is responsible for the current state of affairs and picking one guy here or there to pin it on is a mistake.

I advocate full measures. If you're going to fire, then everyone should go. If you're going to keep folks, then keep everyone.

Why do I say this?

Because I'm tired of the Dolphins being a poorly run, embarrassing act that everyone else in the NFL views as a clinic for getting it wrong the past decade or so.

To me, firing an underperforming GM but keeping an underperforming coach is like identifying a cancer but getting chemo for only part of the tumor. I see it as an incomplete measure. I see it as a set-up for continued failure.


It is clear, if one studies the NFL, that teams that take these half measures typically fail.

Let's start with the Dolphins themselves.

In January 2000, Jimmy Johnson who served as both coach and GM for the Dolphins retired. But rather than go out and start anew and seek a fresh direction, Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga allowed the man who was leaving to name his successor. Think of that. Don Shula, the winningest coach of all time, was ushered out by Huizenga and not allowed to name a successor. But Johnson was given that privilege and he named a friend to be Miami's next coach and final personnel authority.

And the organization got the Dave Wannstedt error as a result.

Wannstedt quit or was told he'd be fired thus left late in the 2004 season. Nick Saban was hired as coach in January 2005. And he kept Rick Spielman as the general manager.

It was a nightmare for both men.

Spielman left after one season under Saban. It was a mutual parting. (Yeah, right).

Saban hired Randy Mueller as his new GM.

And after one more season Saban left.

And Huizenga kept Mueller and promoted him, giving him final say over personnel. And in return Mueller had to accept the hiring of Cam Cameron. And Cameron was of a coaching stature that he had to accept Mueller.

And the Dolphins went 1-15.

When Bill Parcells was hired he cleaned house. It was painful to Mueller and Cameron, but the Dolphins were going in a new direction and Parcells wanted new people. Hey, you know what, it ultimately didn't work. But I get the approach. I agree with the approach.

When the Parcells-Tony Sparano-Jeff Ireland trio obviously didn't work, I would have expected owner Stephen Ross to start anew.

Of course, he did not.

He kept Ireland and, as a result, multiple high-caliber coaches declined to even consider the Dolphins open coaching job in January 2012. Jon Gruden didn't. Bill Cowher didn't. The Dolphins got to the interview stage with Jeff Fisher but he wanted to bring his own personnel people and Ross wanted to retain Ireland.

So Fisher went to St. Louis.

So Ross had to resort (yes, resort) to interviewing coaches who did not have the prominence, history or cache to be able to pick their own personnel people. So Ross hired Joe Philbin.

And now that things are going poorly (again) the team (again) seems poised to get rid of one part of the leadership that authored the problem but not the other? Is this Groundhog Day?

The Dolphins are not the only team that has had this issue.

Teams such as Green Bay, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Cleveland, Carolina and the Jets have made changes to one end of the organization but not the other. You know what? It rarely works.

The Packers hired Ted Thompson and relieved Mike Sherman (yes, that Mike Sherman) of his GM duties. Sherman stayed as coach. A year later, Thompson fired Sherman as coach, completing in two years what should have been done in one.

The Bears hired a new GM last year and he was told to keep Lovie Smith. Then after one season, he fired Smith after a 10-6 season.

The Broncos kept GM Brian Xanders when they hired John Elway and Elway hired John Fox. And then Xanders left (was pushed out of) the organization.

The idea of addressing one part of a failing product but not the other is a setup for drama -- even when it succeeds. The New York Jets last year fired GM Mike Tannenbaum but not coach Rex Ryan. The Carolina Panthers similarly replaced their GM but kept coach Ron Rivera.

You know where Ryan and Rivera found themselves at the start of this season before even one game was played? On the hot seat. Under the microscope. All of the attention was about their impending divorce from GMs that had been forced to keep them.

And, yes, both those coaches have done a fine job and rallied their teams. But that has surprised people because it is the exception rather than the rule. And even recently when Jets GM John Idzik was asked if he was now sold on Ryan, he gave some cryptic answer about everyone being evaluated at the end of the season.

Shotgun weddings don't work, folks.

They are usually followed by unhappy times and drama. They typically end in divorce.

Anyone with any sense of Dolphins history would know this because the team has lived it first-hand. Anyone with any knowledge of the NFL has seen it time and again.

And yet, looking off into the next few weeks, that's the direction the Dolphins seem headed.



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Some people need to actually READ instead of being on attack mode...really is a sign of immaturity that you cant accept differing views....anyway I clearly stated exchange/trade contract for contract. Trading partners failed player for our failed player. Pretty much like the Marshall trade.

Steve Ross loves to eat doody sandwiches

To bring in another big time wr Hartline would have to be traded because he's a $6 million dollar cap hit. The only good thing about Hartline is he counts ZERO in dead money.

Our owner is clueless clean house mr Ross

We are $40 million under the cap for next year....we don't have to cut or trade anybody!

We need to build up our lines both offensive and defensive you build from the inside out ,,,,,look at the lowly jets not bad huh

I could rebuild the dolphins in 1 off season

Exchange contracts? lmao. Calvin Johnson is only a $13 million cap hit for Detroit in 2014.

Even more laughable is what gm in their right mind would trade their superstar COMPLETE WR for a ONE TRICK pony they immediately have to pay $17 million right off the bat. lmao.

Do you really trust Ross, in this case as it appears, to keep Philbin and let Ireland go? How about if it was the other way around, keep Ireland and let Philbin go? Neither? Both? Bottom line, do you really trust Ross in the end, the ball stops with him no matter how many commitees he has to help him to make these kind of decisions? Do you trust Ross in this case?

Again....immaturity....again as usual with you...childish LMAO....READ THE COMMENT. That teach reading before 3rd grade don't they? I stated another teams failed player for our failed player. Wallace doesn't fit our system and the trade partner needs to have a high paid player that doesn't fit their system. Read it very slow this time kid.

I would move Jerry to right tackle draft best available tackle in 1st round sign a guard in fa pick up another tackle and guard in later rounds ,,,,,,on defense I would change back to a 3-4 with big Paul in the middle Starks and odrick at de wake and Jordan at olb and misi and ellerbe in the middle put our corners in press coverage with jones and Clemons patrolling the middle of the field ,,,,,,,,,there you have it

Mr Ross I will send you my resume

Will a sink hole please swallow our stadium with our front office in it,,,,,,,,please


This is not how it was supposed to be!!!!!!

We want it this way. Sell, or get out. It is as simple as that.

This may sound funny but I believe the jets are the best team in the afc east

if it was one or the other i say start with coaching. This team is 7-2 maybe 8-1 if it had coaching it needs to make 2nd half adjustments (or not if you consider NE).

but definitely a clean slate, Mr Ross.

Oscar what do you think

Of course Im not saying a trade will or can be worked out for Wallace. It is my belief that Wallace in not able to be traded because he sucks....however any player can be traded. Contracts get redone, teams pick up portions. Unfortunately Wallaces talent does not warrant his contract.

Dude no one will take Wallace you must be high

Of course Im not saying a trade will or can be worked out for Wallace. It is my belief that Wallace in not able to be traded because he sucks....

Of course Im not saying a trade will or can be worked out for Wallace. It is my belief that Wallace in not able to be traded because he sucks....

Of course Im not saying a trade will or can be worked out for Wallace. It is my belief that Wallace in not able to be traded because he sucks....

Got it NOW Marc in NJ?? How times I gotta post before you kids read what is written??

Of course Im not saying a trade will or can be worked out for Wallace. It is my belief that Wallace in not able to be traded because he sucks....


Seems like its kiddie time on here now...I will come back when the adults are on. Kids gotta go to bed for school tomorrow!

Let's get high and dream of what coulda been

yeah Mando, well your articles suck, so using your philosophy, the Herald should fire you, Cote and Omar SHA-LIEF!!!

Two --and a half-- thoughts.

1. Mando writes his best work when he is critical of this team and not just a flaming homer.

2. When the cancer has spread you cut out all the cancer. Not just cut off a breast or arm. You cut the whole damn thing out. Ross needs to cut the entire cancer out of this team. From TOP to BOTTOM.

2A. No more shared responsibility either. Whoever is the coach next year needs to have COMPLETE hiring and firing in that locker room. Also have equal --or greater-- say in the front office.

Sweep the Jets and we're probably in the playoffs.

P78, Mando's agenda aside, Philbin has to take his fair sahre of the blame. he is an old o line coach. He should've X'd this guy as soon as those pro day results came in without injury...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 14, 2013 at 10:41 AM

Fair enough Mark. As long as we blame losses on the GM as well then I have no problem with placing some blame on Philbin for the Martin pick.

If Philbin can be held accountable for draft mistakes then why does Ireland get a pass after a loss? Shouldn't we be placing half the blame on the guy who picked the players who aren't winning?

IMO we should yet I don't see much of that in here, always Philbin and Sherman bashing after a loss, Irelands name only gets brought up by the guy who writes one line every post.

Ok blogmaster how about if the Ross-ster keeps Phil-Ben sacks Ireland and makes Philly the GM.Will Miami Harold be angry at the aging Ross-ster if he decides to go here.

If this is so obvious - and it is - then why can't very successful billionaire owner see this? Is this how he built his business?

Who cares if Philbin is a great guy with great skills. He was never a head coach before Miami, and he has a losing record here. Not that it's all his fault, but why does he get to stay?

God I am getting so angry about being a Fins fan these days. This crap mentality is EXACTLY WHY WE KEEP LOSING ON THE FIELD!!!

Does anyone even know what Irelands "superbowl building team" ethos is?

What are his IDEAS on how to build a winning team?

Does anyone know? I think he just copy cats Dallas and New England. Whatever they do he does. But he doesn't know a damn thing about talent.

The problem is Ross. You speak of chemotherapy? The cancer is the owner. It trickles down from there.

Philbin said a few times and it's well reported that both Philbin and Ireland work together on roster building. Ireland doesn't pick on his own without Philbin's agreement and vice versa. Hence, you can't blame the teams woes on one without the other. Both have to go.

Everyone blamed TUNA in the draft process. Everyone claimed Ireland wasn't even involved in that 2008 draft.

And to the other guy who responded. Your response sounds like you think I'm defending Philbin. I am not. I have been placing plenty of blame on him, I regularly post in here and am constantly talking about his stubborn ways.

But the whole part about how he's a robot. WHO CARES? That's not the reason I want a new coach. I didn't come into this coaching change going 'boy I hope we get someone just like Sparano', all heart and no brains who fist pumps every field goal.

I don't care how the coach acts as long as he coaches the team well. Early results on Philbin's coaching show that he isn't doing that and it feels as if the team has actually regressed. THAT'S why I don't want him around much longer.

It has nothing to do with how he looks or what his demeanor is like when he's on the field. So when I was questioning Mando (as to why the coach can't trust his gm and scouts before giving the thumbs up to a pick) I was bashing Ireland. That had nothing to do with Philbin's coaching acumen. I don't agree for one second that the coach of the team should be responsible for draft picks when the GM and scouting department study these guys for two years before making any decisions. They fly to their games, break down game film, talk to coaches, talk to teammates, talk to their families, etc. While they are doing this the coach is coaching an NFL team, he doesn't get ANY of this information until about a month or so before the draft. Yep, sorry, draft falls on gm and scouting department first. Coaches DO NOT FULLY SHARE THE BLAME imo. And there are plenty of other things to bash Philbin about.

I wish people would start really paying attention to posts so they could understand the content better. Comprehension in this blog is lacking at times.

So to sum up. I have and will question everyone who is a part of this organization. But I will place the blame where the blame should be placed. I don't like the unfair piling on that happens so I place the blame where it SHOULD be placed.

Just like Mark calling out the defense. The highest paid unit on the team yet they consistently allow scoring drives to practice squad qbs.

A lot of people in here are ignorant when it comes to the game of football, that much is obvious to plenty of us. That's why after a loss the ignorant posters blame everyone except the defense who didn't earn their pay.

That's when Mark points it out,,,,BECAUSE IT'S UNFAIR. That's all I'm doing. Please take notice so I don't have to keep answering these silly posts. I've been posting in here for years, ya think someone would have picked up on my style by now? Sheesh ;p

"hen Bill Parcells was hired he cleaned house. It was painful to Mueller and Cameron, but the Dolphins were going in a new direction and Parcells wanted new people. Hey, you know what, it ultimately didn't work..."
It didn't work??? LOl, what are you, inbred??? How T F did it not work? We got turned around 180 friggin degrees mind you and got into the playoffs. You know something saguamo, you should go do something that req's experience in whatever it is you choose to do. Football is French as far as you're concerned. Go report on a hobby like soccer or something.


Looks kinda average to me


AP reported this afternoon that Ireland's #3 overall pick isn't even playing and it is awful.

AP!!! Can you believe that? The whole Friggin world is full of football experts.

for year i SAY..............








"Shotgun weddings don't work, folks."

Armando is right but he's telling the wrong people. There's nothing we can do about it unless he helps us.


You are right sir, dead on, 100% correct. Sure we may luck into an exception but why chance it,,,AGAIN. So I'm asking you to help. Is it possible to go to Ross with this entry?

I know he probably reads it but that isn't enough. I wish you would write a piece about this and then ask us for our letters to Ross as paying fans, so you can bring them both to his desk together. I would even sign a petition saying I completely agree. And I will go as far as to say I won't spend one more penny on this team until there is a full change from top to bottom. Because I've already started that anyway. I just sold my tickets to the Jets Dolphins game here in NY and I will not be purchasing anything, jerseys, posters, footballs, mugs, tire covers, you name it I'm not buying it until the owner does the right thing and stops this vicious cycle that has doomed our beloved Dolphins.

Please Armando, I know you want the coach gone and I agree, but let us help. What can we do besides not buying product? Give us a forum to tell the owner our feelings.






FIRE HIS NO 1 FAN ,,,,,ARMANDO .........



MARTIN ..A WASTED PICK ...........

Bottom line guys, you are only as strong as your weakest link....now go back and re-read Mando's post. Thoughts ?



Aloco is right, fire that garage manager whatever that means, just get rid of him! lol

Peace guys I'm out.

Best article yet.

I think Ross is on the right track this time with his committee of Shula, Marino, Taylor....outsiders like Dungy and Martin? not so much. Let the former Dolphin greats lead the owner in the right direction.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 14, 2013 at 04:02 PM

I believe a look is worth a 1,000 words and the faces in the Owners box in the last seconds of the game said it all!! By the way Nat Moore whose been critical in his Pre-Season broadcasting stints over the Yrs. seemed to have Boss Ross's ear pretty good and JT looked like something smelled (note to JT it was the Coaching staff!)

Marino was on the LeBatard show on 790 and questioned the direction of this team as well. We all heard Dungy BLAST the Coaching staff and Organization on Sunday Night! If Ross lends any weight to this committee a new GM/VP will come in with the authority to do as he sees fit! Ross doesn't need to fire Philbin that's what his new FOOTBALL STRONGMAN is for! Wayne FIRED Mueller and Parcells was the one who cleaned house. If it's any other was I just don't see a situation were you get someone like a Scott Pioli to come in here.

The sad thing is we are all talking about win and losses. What Ross is so "appalled" about though is the so called bullying incident.

What's going to happen if these committees were to somehow rule that it was just boys being boys??

Everybody is safe and we still suck?? He needs to be "appalled" at the fact that missing the playoffs again is inevitable, ticket sales are falling, and the new logo was an epic fail.

Ross should fire everyone, except the ground keepers (they do a great job)
Saying that he should look at people at people that has give this organization sweat, tears and blood (except 72" they are either death or in so retirement home, no offense) Blood like Zach, Taylor and who knows make a good offer to Csonka as a GM a bottle of Tennesse and all the Deer he can kill in Florida...

The more i read the more i shake my head. All you Fin fans who wish to run Mike Wallace out of town are the same fans who whine when we didnt have a deep threat to catch the ball and the same fans who cheered when Marshall was dealt to Chicago, only to yes, whine again when Marshall flourished with the bears once he got with a QB who could feed him the rock in an offense that knew how to use his talents. If we run Wallace out of town after a short sample size with the Dolphins then history will repeat itself and guys on here will whine that the team sucks because wallace was let go. What should be done is letting go of everyone from the inept GM who drafts can be viewed as a collective failure right down to the GO GO offense we are subjected to week in and week out. A guy like Wallace has shown he can get behind the best of DB's, just ask Revis Island. Wallace cant throw the ball to himself or design plays that maximize his talents. The same thing happened to Marshall with an inept coaching staff. More things change the more they stay the same in south florida

Everybody is safe and we still suck?? He needs to be "appalled" at the fact that missing the playoffs again is inevitable, ticket sales are falling, and the new logo was an epic fail.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | November 14, 2013 at 07:29 PM


It's one thing to be a fan quite another to be the owner under the new CBA. One of the most important things about the 2011 CBA (In effect till 2021) is that owners can no longer sit on their shares of the TV revenue. Remember it's the TV money which dictates the CAP with 80% split evenly among the 32 teams. At the end of the day it wasn't just DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA stalling the new CBA but the owners themseleves on 2 fronts.

In one camp you had Jerry Jones whose Cowboys play in a #2 market (that's right Dallas/Ft Worth is a 2 share market along with N.Y. and L.A. #1, I didn't know that either) He and his group which originally included Huzienga feel they should get a bigger piece of the pie than the 5 to 7 share markets like G.B., Pitt. and Buffalo to name a few.

In another camp you had Buffalo's Ralph Wilson (RIP) who didn't agree with having to pony up 90% of their share of the TV revenue. A sticking point in the negotiations led by the Commissioner himself! Asidse there is also a deal to share in NFL Apparel sales Worldwide (and the one that will get changed more than likely) The group Vs. that also led by Jerry whose Cowboys far outsell everyone Worldwide in Apparel.

The point is owners need the new Stadiums with the high # of Luxury Boxes to really turn a profit. What was unimportant under Tagliabue because you could do as you saw fit with your TV money under the CBA he brokered. It's the reason Ross is so desperate for the Stadium renovations because he needs to sell out the seats and bring S.B.'s for the revenue it generates.

Make NO MISTAKE the Soap Opera isn't the only thing on his mind these days with his team bleeding cash. He may use this as a convenient out from Ireland who was under contract for this Season alone to begin with. This committee which includes some big name heavy hitters is in place to lend weight to his search for the next team Head of Football Ops. this is about money to Ross now and believe this is were the Buck stops for him now.

Ros has been a bumbling fool, and has permitted others to be so, since he has been here with the aid of his PR dept. We don't pretend to know the stratosphere of Owners and the designs and motives of the NFL. But we HAVE known Teams that play to lose for business reasons and other ones. Ross might be one of these, voluntarily or forced to it by the NFK. We do NOT trust Ross, nor the NFL. You guys think there is nothing to do about this situation if so? Yes it can, now.

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