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Shotgun weddings are a bad idea

I have reported that if Stephen Ross is moved to fire someone as part of the blame game for the locker room harassment scandal or as a result of a season not meeting expectations, he is more likely to fire general manager Jeff Ireland than head coach Joe Philbin.

Ross said nothing to separate himself from that report when he spoke to the media Monday night and poured the love on thick for Philbin and didn't mention Ireland at all, other than to say the general manager is on one of his two newly appointed committees.

The bottom line?

Barring a significant change in the course for the season and the NFL investigation, it is clear Ross is apt to get rid of Ireland and keep Philbin.

And that is a terrible mistake.

No, I'm not saying firing Ireland is a mistake. I'm saying half measures are a mistake. I'm saying scapegoating is a mistake. I'm saying everyone in the Dolphins football side of the organization is responsible for the current state of affairs and picking one guy here or there to pin it on is a mistake.

I advocate full measures. If you're going to fire, then everyone should go. If you're going to keep folks, then keep everyone.

Why do I say this?

Because I'm tired of the Dolphins being a poorly run, embarrassing act that everyone else in the NFL views as a clinic for getting it wrong the past decade or so.

To me, firing an underperforming GM but keeping an underperforming coach is like identifying a cancer but getting chemo for only part of the tumor. I see it as an incomplete measure. I see it as a set-up for continued failure.


It is clear, if one studies the NFL, that teams that take these half measures typically fail.

Let's start with the Dolphins themselves.

In January 2000, Jimmy Johnson who served as both coach and GM for the Dolphins retired. But rather than go out and start anew and seek a fresh direction, Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga allowed the man who was leaving to name his successor. Think of that. Don Shula, the winningest coach of all time, was ushered out by Huizenga and not allowed to name a successor. But Johnson was given that privilege and he named a friend to be Miami's next coach and final personnel authority.

And the organization got the Dave Wannstedt error as a result.

Wannstedt quit or was told he'd be fired thus left late in the 2004 season. Nick Saban was hired as coach in January 2005. And he kept Rick Spielman as the general manager.

It was a nightmare for both men.

Spielman left after one season under Saban. It was a mutual parting. (Yeah, right).

Saban hired Randy Mueller as his new GM.

And after one more season Saban left.

And Huizenga kept Mueller and promoted him, giving him final say over personnel. And in return Mueller had to accept the hiring of Cam Cameron. And Cameron was of a coaching stature that he had to accept Mueller.

And the Dolphins went 1-15.

When Bill Parcells was hired he cleaned house. It was painful to Mueller and Cameron, but the Dolphins were going in a new direction and Parcells wanted new people. Hey, you know what, it ultimately didn't work. But I get the approach. I agree with the approach.

When the Parcells-Tony Sparano-Jeff Ireland trio obviously didn't work, I would have expected owner Stephen Ross to start anew.

Of course, he did not.

He kept Ireland and, as a result, multiple high-caliber coaches declined to even consider the Dolphins open coaching job in January 2012. Jon Gruden didn't. Bill Cowher didn't. The Dolphins got to the interview stage with Jeff Fisher but he wanted to bring his own personnel people and Ross wanted to retain Ireland.

So Fisher went to St. Louis.

So Ross had to resort (yes, resort) to interviewing coaches who did not have the prominence, history or cache to be able to pick their own personnel people. So Ross hired Joe Philbin.

And now that things are going poorly (again) the team (again) seems poised to get rid of one part of the leadership that authored the problem but not the other? Is this Groundhog Day?

The Dolphins are not the only team that has had this issue.

Teams such as Green Bay, Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Cleveland, Carolina and the Jets have made changes to one end of the organization but not the other. You know what? It rarely works.

The Packers hired Ted Thompson and relieved Mike Sherman (yes, that Mike Sherman) of his GM duties. Sherman stayed as coach. A year later, Thompson fired Sherman as coach, completing in two years what should have been done in one.

The Bears hired a new GM last year and he was told to keep Lovie Smith. Then after one season, he fired Smith after a 10-6 season.

The Broncos kept GM Brian Xanders when they hired John Elway and Elway hired John Fox. And then Xanders left (was pushed out of) the organization.

The idea of addressing one part of a failing product but not the other is a setup for drama -- even when it succeeds. The New York Jets last year fired GM Mike Tannenbaum but not coach Rex Ryan. The Carolina Panthers similarly replaced their GM but kept coach Ron Rivera.

You know where Ryan and Rivera found themselves at the start of this season before even one game was played? On the hot seat. Under the microscope. All of the attention was about their impending divorce from GMs that had been forced to keep them.

And, yes, both those coaches have done a fine job and rallied their teams. But that has surprised people because it is the exception rather than the rule. And even recently when Jets GM John Idzik was asked if he was now sold on Ryan, he gave some cryptic answer about everyone being evaluated at the end of the season.

Shotgun weddings don't work, folks.

They are usually followed by unhappy times and drama. They typically end in divorce.

Anyone with any sense of Dolphins history would know this because the team has lived it first-hand. Anyone with any knowledge of the NFL has seen it time and again.

And yet, looking off into the next few weeks, that's the direction the Dolphins seem headed.



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Despite erroneous reports of spending money the Dolpins payroll is the 2nd lowest in the league. Ross is very cheap. Cant win that way.

You gonna buy the team Oscar?

Posted by: klndry | November 14, 2013 at 09:21 PM

I hate the re-build, but these guys are clueless! You can't teach gawd-awful!

OMG Mando!!!

Luck was a terrible pick!!!!

Fire the whole INDY team!!!!!

Fire the coordinators, offense and defense!!!

I mean 3rd and inches?! It took us until game 9 to do a QB sneak on 3rd and under a yard?! Jeezel fu.king Pete! The Shermanator is just like Dan Henning. Both of these old codgers could have doubled for Mr. Magoo (the cartoon, probably long before your time!)

pancan 3:49- said in essence, firing the coaching staff and starting over would set us back 5 years.

What was Kansas City's record just last year before Andy Reid? And how are they doin' this year?


I would say though, that Rizzi (ST coach) and Rogers (DL coach) seem to be doing a good job.

Well, Peter Kings Seattle- NE SB ptediction and the Fins stinking is looking very good.

Ross should return the fans money they wasted.

This is the worst stretch of Dolphin teams ever.

Firing Sherman may be enough, just saying. But if you're going to blow up the coaching and management then go for the clean sweep.

Too much drama for a 4-5 team and a game out of the 6th playoff spot. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

Firing Sherman will make the team worse.

Hard to get worse than 2 rushing yards in a game. Sherm being fired is addition by subtraction.

Sherman cant make chicken salad out of chicken chit. He's got nothing to work with, no talent.

You got to make the most out of what you have. Sherm's game planning doesn't account for the teams weaknesses and doesn't expose their opposition's. It's pretty clear to me but some seem to think Sherm is doing a bang up job.

I do not think it is fair that there are so many strong complaints about T-hill and Wallace.

T-hill: No QB can be successful when he is repeatedly getting slammed and beat up. Only a select few can get the ball downfield accurately when there is barely time to do so. Not long ago (last year when we had Jake Long) people like Ron Jaworsky were praising T-hill as an up and coming QB in the same breath as Luck and RG3. Tell me if you know differently but Sherman is clueless and Zac Taylor is just somebody's relative who needed a job and knows nothing about how to coach QBs. This FO and coaching staff is ruining the development of a possible good QB!

Wallace: He has proven he is an accomplished WR. He has proven he can be a deep threat. He has proven he can produce TDs. Is he all of a sudden a different person? Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde? No it is not him, it is the staff and system he is playing under. Case in point- When Brandon Marshall came here he was a proven good WR. But when here he was different! Was he suddenly washed up, a bust, a waste, no good any more? Well guess what, he went to Chicago right? And how's he doin' now? And I believe there are more examples like this as well. Sherman is clueless and O'Keefe seems to know little about WR coaching. This FO and coaching staff is wasting money and talent!

Yes we have some sucky players, and yes we need to develop some of these rookies. But for the most part, the problem is not these players faults.

emphasis- AND THE COACHING STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No half measures.

Monte@9:24 very interesting. where would keeping Jake Long and Reggie Bush have put us?

By the way how's the Lions doin'?

Mando for the first time in a very long time I do agree with You both should go Philbin has no energy he is totally dead in the sideline football is an emotional game and he is acting like a dead zombie
I am not saying that we need a cheerleader like Sparano but at least someone that can bring some emotion to the team. Anyway i think the best thing that can happen to this team is that both Ireland and Philbin will be fired ASAP and yes lets start all over again

I have been in support of Philbin and his staff up until this season. They came into a really bad situation. But I don't think Clarence Darrow would have a defense for them right now; I certainly don't.
I think Ross will do the right thing and get rid of Ireland and allow the new GM to 'right the ship'.
I'm not sure about the best GM prospect, I have heard Pioli mentioned, but a coach that is interesting is Mike Zimmer. He seems like an old fashioned GATA coach.

Darkoak @ 9:58 PM,

Seems clear to me also. This coaching staff does not put the players they have on the roster in the best position to succeed. The coaches are not good at adjusting and scheming to fit their player's strengths. Very obvious. I can't figure out why a few (very few Ireland/Philbin defenders) of the other bloggers don't see the same thing....

Let hope we get a new gm and he tell Ross I won't my own coach hopes that happens. If we get a new coaching staff is tannehill the qb next year I say give him one more year see if he are franchise qb?

I can't see Ross making the same mistake again. He can't be that dumb. Can he?

Wow!!! are you guys bored or WHAT?????????????

How much football yapping can you all do without getting bored out of your mind? Ross this Ireland that Tannehill this Wallace that.

You say you know I say I know you don't know I know better.

We have the worst RB's in football. And arguably the worst QB. No TE and no OL. Its laughable.

We know our runners cant run but they're also pretty poor at blocking

I guess Ireland forgot that a football team has to block.

Mando, as much as I hate to have to go through more turnover with this franchise, you are totally right as everyone has to go. I just think you forgot to include Dawn Aponte as she should also go and lastly, I wish Mr. Ross would sell and leave as well.

Armando you forgot something though, the Dolphins could lose the rest of their games this year if that happens Philbin would go to. I know you probably don't think that will happen, but the Dolphins have been laying down in games recently for whatever reason, it could happen.

Armando please give us some info on the dolphins scouting department, this I believe is the root of the problem.

Most coaches have a specific blueprint that they want their players to implement. Good coaches can deviate from these schemes to accommodate the talent they have. Even better coaches can transition their strategies in reflection of unforeseen applications from the opponent.
I do not see this from our team.

Mando time to start advocating for a Polian / Dungy regime.... It's not far fetched and has Super Bowl contender written all over it , the track record proves it.

Has Ireland talked yet?

But Ireland is the only one left from the parcells era, get rid of him and you essentially have a whole new staff. Thing is, if you hire a new GM, unless it's someone from within, they're going to want to hire a new coach anyways...so this post is stupid all together.

Outstanding article Armando. Thank you for backing up what fans have been clamoring for we need an intelligent experienced head coach with fire in his eyes not Mr Rogers.

Always late to the party I am.
All or nothing. Excellent read, Mando. Nothing like the facts to be...er...factual.

We shouldn't feel too sorry for coach Philbin. He has made what, 6 million, and if fired, will make another 3? Or, he gets hired as an assistant with a team that might actually go to the playoffs. Not too shabby for a former OC that didn't call the plays.

As for Ireland, the 2013 draft says it all. I can almost excuse the FA bungles, especially Wallace. It was SO tempting. But surely, he could have done enough research to discover Wheeler can't cover a butter dish or tackle, and Ellerbe had 3 All Pros ion the Ravens D-Line, not to mention Ray Lewis' mentorship.
Stats show last years LB's overall played better.

Ireland just seems to go on his own 'intuition" rather than gathering opinions from others who might have some inside stuff.
Ever since the old "BLESTO" scouting combine the Fins belonged to was dissolved, the Dolphins have had a serious lack of personnel smarts.

I thought Ireland made a good move in the draft as far as what he gave up to move up so far. I also thought that Jordan was a prime time prospect. I, however, had him as an OLB in a 3-4. He seems to be getting heavier, perhaps to fulfill his position requirements, but I have reservations about how he is being used.
He is not utilizing his speed and quickness. He is being used in the same way Odrick plays DE. He is engaging the OT. This makes it easy for the OT to latch on to him.

Why is Ross surrounding himself with former NFL greats in a so called "council"? To keep him on the straight & narrow so he doesen't over-react? No, it's because he plans to clean house from top to bottom. Aponte, Ireland, most likely Philbin, all gone. I can't believe that those on this supposed "council" are telling him to fire Ireland, Aponte, but keep Philbin! Ross spent over $200 million of his own money this past off-season to take a 7-9 team and make them playoff contenders. Fins don't make the playoffs this year! Maybe, maybe, 8-8, if we are lucky. The only way Philbin has a chance is if this team makes the playoffs, and they won't! I believe also that Philbin has lost the locker-room. Personally, I think Monday Night was a statement by the veterans of this team who are solidly behind Incognito. My feeling is that the D-Line & O-Line "layed down" vs. the Bucs!!! These guys don't want to play for Philbin. The veterans are tired of seeing other good veteran players jettisoned off for young cheap talent. My only hope is the Shula, Marino, JT, Tony Dungy, etc., are telling Ross he needs to wipe the slate clean and start fresh at ALL levels! Who knows, maybe Dan Marino is our next Sr. VP of Football Operations, just like Elway in Denver. This would be a major positive PR move that would at least give the fans confidence that someone in the front office knows what the hell they are doing! Love to hear thoughts on this from my fellow Fins fans. Finally, lancing a wound is painfull, but necessary! I believe that this needs to happen so that the proper management changes can finally be made! Here's to 2014.

Ireland and Philbin will both keep their job!!

Doesn't matter how bad the media wants otherwise!!

They get at least 1 more year to prove that they are the right people for the job!!

I was not an advocate of the Wallace deal, but when made; I had high hopes. Wallace defiantly seems to have an attitude. From what I have witnessed with speed receivers, they are much less effective when under thrown. I do not recall Wallace being overthrown at al.
Tannehill has the arm strength, however it seems that his passes on the long ball are always to late. I think that there is something in is check downs that is rocking his throws.

Other than offensive line, this team has enough talent to be good. Defense getting worse under Coyles. Both coordinators seem in over their head. And Philbin hired them. Ireland has failed repeatedly to upgrade the line. He also plays hard ball and refused to extend contracts before they expire causing him to overpay with the franchise tag or lose the player for nothing.

The Council is only to set up rules for the locker room!! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ADVISING THE TEAM IN PERSONNEL MATTERS!!

Dan Marino is like MJ when evaluating talent.

The only thing this offense needs is an O-Line!! Tannehill and L.Miller are good building blocks.

The Defense needs to gel better. They have the talent on that side of the ball. No excuse for them not to be dominant as a Unit.


Scott Alderson @ 7:42 AM:

You hit that one on the head. No small coincidence that Maryin's Mom is an attorney who specializes in workplace harassment and discrimination. She used to write a regular article for US Today on this very subject. So he listens to Mommy, lets his teammate's career get hammered, and lets his team down. What a great teammate and person he is. Why didn't he do what one of the Bronco's starting O-Lineman did this year? Can't remember his name, but 5 games into this season he quit! He didn't blame anyone, other than himself. Walked away from a $1 M/year salary because he said he didn't enjoy football anymore and wanted to do something else. That guy at least didn't take the ship down with him.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | November 14, 2013 at 08:14 AM

Martin saw all the Dollar Signs slipping away when we traded for McKinnie and demoted him back to Right Tackle. It was so obvious, he even waited a game to see if McKinnie would stick.

Halfway through his rookie contract, he saw the writing on the wall. He saw the big money Left Tackle contract slipping away and he needed and "Out", plain and simple. With the upbringing he had and his Mommy's expertise, he juked everyone. He QUIT! But that wasn't enough and he KNEW what had to be done. He KNEW the only way out.

Excellent post "StillHardCore"! Martin is a sleazebag, he quit on his team, is trying to ruin Cog's and is dragging the entire organization down. He doesn't care who or what he hurts, and it's **ALL** in the name of the Almighty Dollar!

As it stands, this whimpTard will come out smelling like a rose. Most likely a gigantic settlement/payoff as well. Martin is the lowest type of scum there is. I just wish he could have been a "Friend" of Aaron Hernandez's, if you know what I mean.........

Posted by: odinseye | November 15, 2013 at 12:30 AM

Only way to wipe clean this mess of an organization is to hire both a GM and coach. This half and half fire/hire just doesn't cut it. The man to hire is bill polian for GM. He built the bills, panthers and colts all into Super Bowl teams during his time there. He's shown he is compedant with drafting talent that actually plays on Sundays. Great evaluator and nose for talent. The head coach should be lovie smith. Hard nosed, respected players coach who will win on the field and control the environment off it. Make it happen ross

Is this TMZ? Another terrible article by Mando. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Mando seems to think he knows everything, but if it's ok for him, and all the haters, I think I'll wait for the investigator to conduct their investigation rather than take some unnamed source at their word.

Until then, any talk about firing anyone is premature and absurd.

With the change to Philbin and his offensive/defensive system we now have a defense with wco and Sparano's smashmouth style. On defense we have a roster with both 3-4 and 4-3 defensive personnel.

Courtesy shotgun wedding. This may be the greatest problem on both sides of the ball.


We now try and fit square pegs into round holes on both sides of the ball.

Cherry picking with the advantage of Hindsight Armando? Smoke and Mirrors-LOL.

Just for shyts and giggles Armando, show me a team that has been successful when their O-Line leads the league in sacks.

This is a good team. A lot better than the record reflects. The **PROBLEM** is the Offensive Line Armando and all your fancy schmanshy words above simply CANNOT change this fact. You know it, I know it, EVERYBODY knows it. Hello Armando, Earth To Armando.......Come in!

You over-reacted on Martin, on Cog's and now you continue to over-react about EVERYTHING that comes down the pipes. Do yourself(and the rest of us)a favor, sit down and shu.......ah......catch your breath, NO?

I mean, after all, now you're advocating rebuilds and blow ups every year and a half-LOL! C'Mon Man!

This O-Line has been terrible-PERIOD! The only thing that compounds this fact is Sherman's unwillingness or inability to minimize our weaknesses and exploiting some strategies to circumvent the problems. Just bad offensive strategies, nothing to slow down opposing defenses, bad game planning and bad play calling.

Philbin has been the head coach for a year and a half. Our Project/Franchise QB has been at it a year and a half. Get this Armando: **THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GET SCARED AND BLOW THINGS UP**. This is the worst kind of Knee Jerk, Wussified thinking there is.

Ireland had his chance. Because of the SpOrano debacle, Ireland got what amounts to a second chance as well. He gambled and loss. You can only mess around with your personnel so much. Apparently Ireland FORGOT that NFL games are won and lost in the trenches. I love Dion Jordan and all his potential. But when you don't have 5 guys that can line up and win the battles up front, guys like Dion Jordan are luxury picks.

I posted it then and again now, Ireland needed to address the O-Line, he gambled HEAVILY and LOST.......Big Time!

Then there's Mike Sherman and the O-Line Coach he brought with him in Jim Turner. Granted these guys weren't working with much. OK, so they have to do WHATEVER they can to minimize the problems and exploits the ways around over aggressive defenses. Neither one did and in my book, this lands them in the same boat as Ireland. I'm tired of trying to defend Sherman and some of the ridiculous things he put our offense through this year(and last).

This isn't the time to blow things up Armando, and here's hint for you, It Ain't Happening Bro-LOL!

Ireland will be let go and in a show of good faith, Sherman and Jim Turner as well. This trio are the responsible parties for our O-Line(you know Sherman and Turner signed off on John Jerry, Jonathon Martin and Dallas Thomas with Ireland)and the condition it's in. These will be our sacrificial lambs.

Dallas Thomas........? ROTFLMFAO!

Jonathon Martin.......? Still LMFAO!

Ross will sit down with his **MAIN COMMITTEE** and these guys(as planned)will help him find a competent Person to step in as our new GM. The **ONLY** caveat being that the guy must be willing to work with Philbin. Then this GM and Philbin will find another Offensive Coordinator and a new Offensive Line Coach. They will try and do this as seamlessly as possible and from there, it will be: "Move along, nothing to see here".

Ireland just took way to many big, dumb chances and gambles. And in one way or another Sherman and Turner too. You don't blow everything up after just a year and a half because of this. That's ridiculous. You replace the faulty parts, or in this case, the guilty parties, and continue to improve.

Tannehill can throw the ball all over the field and that's with the worst O-Line **MAYBE** ever assembled. Despite the injuries, we have some weapons for him as well. You get the O-Line fixed this off season. Then find a new, YOUNG offensive coordinator that knows how football is played in 2014! Develop the youngsters and sprinkle in some Blue Chip, LEGIT Difference Makers when and where you can!

All this team needs is an O-Line. You simply can't just keep on knee jerking. I mean C'Mon Armando, now you're advocating a rebuild every year and a half until we get it right.............?

OMFG! ROTFLMFAO..............


Until then, any talk about firing anyone is premature and absurd.

Posted by: KillerFins | November 15, 2013 at 02:20 AM

Thank You and well said.

Talk about over the top! Like a bunch of old Hens-LOL! I believe Martin will be the one that gets all the blame once the facts are in.

Nonetheless, in essence, Armando is calling for YET another rebuild after only a year and a half of Philbin and Sophomore Tannehill. If Mando said it, **ALL** his little Dingle Berries will be regurgitating it. Regardless of how ridiculous it is - ROTFLMAO!

Martin should be a non factor. A complete derelict quitter with no moral fiber. He shouldn't even be factored into any of this. The problem is, we're losing games and our O-Line is in shambles.

In all reality, Martin is responsible for a large part of our problems. He can't play the game. He chokes at the worst possible moments. He quit when we had to trade for McKinnie to cover for him. Then he caused our starting Left Guard to be suspended, then attempted to drag the entire organization down with his psychotic ass.

We have some big problems with the offensive line. Thank God we at least got rid of one of the biggest in Martin.

He doesn't think he can return to Miami? Oh Man! As a Die Hard Fan, I just wish he would! After what he's done? I wish he WOULD!

lol Mando. You contradict your own points all the way through this. First you try and point out a pattern of leaving either the coach or the GM in place, but then Bill Parcells cleans house (Which is what you advocate) and it was also a failure. Then you point out cases in other teams (Most of them are winning teams) and go on to point out two coaches who you admit are doing well at the moment. WTF are you trying to say here Mando?

Why does the herald not fire the Liberal press every time they stretch a story and tell things that come from a source with out any proof if it is true ore not.? Just asking

This coaching staff is arrogant to a fault. They refuse to admit when their decisions have not been successful. Case and point:
1. Mike Wallace always on the right side.
2. Nolan Carroll
3. Koa Misi
4. Reshad Jones
5. Chris Clemons
6. Refusing to play young players when they offer just as much as older players (Will Davis, Jamar Taylor, Dion Jordan, Don Jones).

Jeff Ireland thinks he is so smart he drafts guys you've never heard of thinking he's outsmarting everyone like the aforementioned names. Then he awards them contracts for mediocrity (Reshad Jones and Koa Misi) because it paints the illusion to Ross that they must be doing good. Mr. Ross, Just because Ireland gives them a contract doesn't make them good players, it means Ireland is wasting your money to cover the fact that he can't draft players. Worst of all he can't admit when he's wrong.

Ireland's a smug douche anyway. Said hello to him in Publix and he looked at me like I was crazy....

All of this is nonsense. If a team has a franchise QB, then any kind of shake up (partial or whole) will work out. If a team can't get their hands on a big time QB, then no matter what their approach is, it will fail. In the current situation do you think if the fins had Luck and a real offensive coordinator, they would have the same record. No they would not, they would have won the Buffalo game, they would have held off the Pats, put together a win against the Ravens, and would have won in Tampa. So bottom line is shake up the front office any way you want, it will not work unless you get a franchise QB and a good offensive system. Pick any players other than the QB on the dolphins and see if they would do better on the Saints, Pats or Seahawks. How do you think Ellerbe and Wheeler would play on Rex Ryan's defense! Coyle and Sherman have no idea how to utilize players and Tannehill will be a good, but not very good QB.

I whole heartedly agree with Armando's take. Furthermore, I say bring Icognito back for this year, Martin walked out midseason, not acceptable if he did not reach out inside the organization to teammates, coaches, or management. I don't ever want to see Martin in a Dolphin's uniform again. I could accept Richie back for the remainder of this season.

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