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Some words between linemen actually help Dolphins

At a time the words used between Dolphins offensive linemen has come under national scrutinty, it's ironic the Dolphins themselves have instituted a one-word system of communicating between their left guard and left tackle that is used on every play to benefit the team.

Since Bryant McKinnie arrived in Miami via trade from the Baltimore Ravens two weeks ago, he's been working to learn the playbook.

"I'm pretty good with that," McKinnie said. "I'm not 100 percent, I'd say probably 85 percent."

The remainding 15 percent deals with important stuff. McKinnie, you see, is not quite sure about blocking adjustments against certain defenses. And so before each play or pre-snap, the left guard, more experienced in the Dolphins offense, will give McKinnie a translation of sorts on what to do.

Originally it was Richie Incognito giving McKinnie the code. Now it's Nate Garner who will be telling McKinnie the code pre-snap.

"It's one word we use," Garner said. "Just one word per play. That's what we're trying to get it down to."

"It's certain terminology we use with each other to to confirm exactly what we're doing," McKinnie said. "I know the run plays and the pass plays. It's just about combination blocks and who I have to pick up on the blitzes. Stuff like that. That type of communication."

The exchange between the guard and tackle has worked very well so far. McKinnie did not allow a sack against Cincinnati once the system was instituted. 

"We did a pretty good job of doing it last week and this week we had a little more practice at it during practice," Garner said. "Sometimes he doesn't even need my help. He's been around the league 13 years. He's a vet. He gets one word out of me and he knows what to do."


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Back to Football...!! This is a big game coming up against a team that jumped on the Seahawks quick last week and almost came away with a win.

What does this have to do with Richie?

I suppose if you can't get the story right and/or add your bias then you may as well report about something else ;)

I'm wondering what the new "politically correct" NFL is gonna look like...
Posted by: Tracyh474 | November 10, 2013 at 06:49 PM
For starters, the NFL needs to go back and place an ASTERIK besides the name of EVERY HALL OF FAMER. Things ALLOWED in PREVIOUS eras, but UNALLOWED in others, HELPED PLAYERS in previous eras to become hall of famers.

The NFL needs to place a GREAT BIG ASTERIK even next to ITSELF.

There's no need to hold Mando's feet to the fire as that will accomplish nothing. Let's just finally move on and talk about the things that matter like the game tomorrow. You know the real reason us fans are here.

They have some good players on that team and deserve our respect. We could lose that game not because of the past week but I believe they are just that much better without Freeman in spite of the fact we maybe more united as team then ever. Just ask the Hawks if they believe that's an 0-8 team.

Has Ireland resigned yet?

The offensiveline needs to shout a word too like "TIME" when the defense is near to sacking Tannehill. In this way, Tannehill will know that he needs to run out of the pocket or throw the ball away before it is too late. This shouting alarm is greatly needed for Tannehill because he has no pocket awareness. Tannehill needs to remember that when he throws the deep ball to Wallace and Matthews, he needs to put some arch to the pass to allow Wallace or Matthews time to run under it.

How can anyone still be a fan of this team?

Mando, you said of the verbal attacks against you that "this isnt about me".....we know its not about you, buy many feel you're reporting of this story has been extremely biased/slanted.....you seem almost giddy at times, with some of your comments both in print and on air....thats our issue with you--also, to say you seem opportunistic is an understatement, which is the second issue some (I) have with you--you're treating this like its your "15 minutes of national fame".....you're a journalist, be professional/unbiased......hold yourself up to higher standards.

Let's start talking about who the next hc and gm will be.

Martin’s story is falling apart as the days go on.

Nat.....being a fan is not something you can just turn on and off.....you're passionate about a team or you're not.......unless you're a phony like you, with no passion or conviction apparently--then I guess you can root for "whoever is doing well" that year--so have it, and get lost

As the data emerge, the whole Martin-Incognito embroglio seems to be pretty clear - not bullying or racism but rather (1) Incognito adopting ghetto language and culture stupidly since no caucasian can use language blacks routinely use among themselves privately and in music without catastrophic public vilification and (2) Martin facing failure in his career at a time when he found himself in the midst of a culture he was not comfortable in and then having to rationalize it for PR purposes and an eventual lawsuit. A sad tale but ultimately irrelevant.

The key for the Dolphins is to win. Task number one is to beat a Tampa Bay that played well against the Seahawks, a good team. Get that done then one game at a time beat the Chargers, Panthers, Jets and Steelers - all do-able - and arrive in December in control of their fate. The Martin-Incognito hassle is a sad distraction likely to end the careers of both men but that is their personal doing, however stupid. If the Dolphins manage to make the playoffs and play credibly their organization and management will survive. If they fail to do so all bets are off.

like I've said before, many here wanted Philbin and Ireland gone anyway, so I'm not sure what the uproar there is all about--not exactly the circumstances we expected, but you get your wish in any case....

Tomorrows a huge game. Puts us back in the race with a game we should absolutely win. Let's gi

Zonk, you are still alive troll? To bad our bad luck continues on this blog.

Mando.....an example is your comment "then Incognito played FOX"---dude, what are you not getting?--let this play out, let the facts be heard, more context will be added.....and THEN you can make stupid comments like that--you've redefined "rush to judgement".....and you're a reporter covering Miami teams?--geez, love to see how you'd treat them if you worked in a different city.....a tiny bit of benefit of the doubt from a local columnist would be refreshing--the nation is piling on already, without all the facts, so we dont need Miami's finest doing the same--this is not complicated........and you wonder why so many have been critical of you?

That Bucs team is far better without Freeman. The classic addition by subtraction.

BTW..Not just a fan...an unapologetic fan. I can easily be that because I don't listen to a word from you pretend fans.

Would it not be inspirational to bring Cogs back to the team before the game tomorrow. The guys in the locker room almost all support him as far as I know. His suspension needs to lifted ASAP.

Benz, That is a very fair assessment. I am being band for the blog for saying the very same thing. He needs to explain himself a little bit better but refuses to engage in any dialoge with his followers. In all my years following this blog i have never seen so many incenced posters. My temper has got the best of me. Keep up the good fight. Force him to explain his true agenda.

I was screaming for Mike Glennon to get drafted by the dolphins. Glennon is going to be a good QB. If he puts on about 15 more pounds; lookout. We could have drafted him though. Anyway, I believe a few corner and delayed blitzes will shake him up pretty good. We have to win this game. Those buffalo ,Patriots and Ravens losses are still stinging weeks later. I am so sick of loosing close games; especially when it should have been a blowout.

I love my phins, but I believe the phins tomorrow will give Tampa their first win
Why? Because all this drama will be a distraction, plus Philbin and his staff can't coach in the second half....just go look at statistics on offense and defense.
They suck badly. So they will score about 17 points and after the half no adjustments made and the chances of loosing the game is very likely. Remember you heard from me dolphin Ray

Dolphins - Bucs = Big Snoozefest

Yes, Miami, there is a Santa Claus and his name is Richie Incognito.

We "may" finally purge the crap that Parcells brought to us and are leftovers being Jeff "The Scout" Ireland being FIRED. Well, at least I hope so. If you havent read it see below.

On Sunday, Pro Football Talk reported that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was “apoplectic” — not to mention steaming mad — about the ongoing imbroglio. Mike Florio’s website and NFL Network reported that in league sources, the belief is both Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland will lose their jobs over this national embarrassment.

From Jimmy Johnson:

“You look at this, and the Dolphins used a high pick on Jonathan Martin and had high expectations. Well, other teams shied away from [drafting] Martin. Maybe the Dolphins should have investigated why they shied away.”

This seems to put the blame more on Ireland for taking Martin

If Ross truly want's to restore sanity to the Miami brand he sure as hell aint going to get that done with Ireland still around. He should be boarding his Jet and flying to meet with Bill Polian. Polian will restore the diginety the Dolphins had before he brought in parcells, Ireland and Sparano to screws the team up for the next 15 years.

I love JJ the coach of the U and Dallas. JJ who drafted and brought in rapist running backs, shied away from Randy Moss and left this team in the hands of the stache, should probably keep his mouth shut about the current state of this team.

Teams shied away from both Incognito and Martin. Ireland is a sucker.

Corrected version below.

If Ross truly want's to restore sanity to the Miami brand he sure as hell aint going to get that done with Ireland still around. He should be boarding his Jet and flying to meet with Bill Polian. Polian will restore the diginety the Dolphins had before Parcells, Ireland and Sparano came along which has screwed up the team for the next 15 years.

Ok like it is like this people: the Patriots and the Jets are going to loose at least 4 of their last seven games. Therefore, the dolphins need to win 6 of their remaining 8 games. Then they will win their division!
PATRIOTS will loose against: Denver,Miami,Cleveland and Carolina next week. The JETS will loose against: Cleveland, Miami,Baltimore and Buffalo next week.

Heck, Ryan Tannehill would've been a 3rd rder if Irescum didnt make another huge reach.

Good job of getting away from this Martin/Incognito story Armando. I like following you on the fins beat and I hate to see you lose credibility like this.

Let it play out, man. Cogs is a bad dude no one is arguing that but Martin is at fault too for not going to Philbin. I don't want to hear that he could not go to him. He is a grown man and has to face up to problems head on.

Hall of Fame coach Don Shula weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Miami Dolphins involving suspended offensive guard Richie Incognito. In Shula's opinion, Incognito should have never been signed and was a character risk not worth taking. "You win with good people on and off the field,"

"The remainding 15 percent"

Remainding? did your young cabana boy who spellchecked for you finally get disgusted and leave you?

jesus h christ you are the worst

Is Ross going to allow Ireland to do a 3rd rebuild after 2 complete failures? YIKES!!

There are a lot of hypocrites out there (former players and coaches) that are saying that Martin did the right thing walking out on his teammates. So these guys are commending Martin for quitting. If he does not have the guts to man up to Incognito, then he should have gone to Philbin, or filed a grievance with the union. This mess he has created is unacceptable and has hurt the entire franchise. As bad as Cogs is teams would much rather have him in the locker room than Martin. Martin will always be seen as a cowardly rat that you cannot trust.

Al Davis is dead, so who will sign Cogs in fa?

Jets are only other possibility. They're already used to a 3 Ring Circus.

Cogs could rub Rex's feet while threatening to suck his wife's toes.

Cogs is done in the NFL. Stick a fork in him.

What this franchise needs most is to RESTORE its CREDIBILITY. No more project gm's or project hc's.

Bring in Bill Polian GM, Brian Shottenheimer HC.

Could you imagine if we lose tomorrow??? Boy oh boy!

Bring in Bill Polian GM, Brian Shottenheimer HC.
Posted by: Sam I Am | November 10, 2013 at 10:32 PM

Someone needs to remind idiot Ross he needs to fire the existing people FIRST!!

How can anyone still be a fan of this team?

Posted by: Nat Moore | November 10, 2013 at 08:56 PM

Easy - we just ignore your worthless asss.

Marty Schottenheimer GM Jeff Fisher HC

Marty Schottenheimer GM Jeff Fisher HC

Posted by: Clueless in Miami | November 10, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Yeah.... that's the answer. lol

Marty Schottenheimer GM Jeff Fisher HC

Posted by: Clueless in Miami | November 10, 2013 at 10:42 PM

Living up to your name I see.

Clueless in Miami = phinstigator

No more rookie NFL HC's. We've had 4 in a row and they all stunk. Cameron, Saban, Sparano, and Philbin.

....So this weeks opponent is a good matchup for us with all the offensive line issues we have currently. They absolutely stink at rushing the passer off the edge. Horrible. So we should catch a break here. They also use Revis in less man to man coverage then they should..I have no idea why the Bucs play so much zone? But they do. I guess whoever their D-coordinator is went to the Mike Sherman school of playing away from your best players strengths..(I think a lot of NFL coordinators went to this school)...

I still think, even as bad as Tampa is. This will be a close contest. I know a lot of posters here think that the team will be unified by last weeks dumpster fire. That we will come out on fire, ready to take the frustration out on an opponent. I hope this is the case. I would love to see the Phins dominate an opponent. Especially this week. But IMO I think the week was more difficult then any of us want to admit, or can even understand.(on the players mentally) Instead of concentrating on the game, they were answering questions that should have never come up. For this reason, I think the distractions will take their toll. I think we win the game. but not easy. Not a route.

Any sort of win IMO is a statement that the team is ready to move past this grevious episode. A loss? Maybe this darkness isn't ready to give.

Polian is 70

What would it take to get scott pioli and tony dungy?

What would it take to get scott pioli and tony dungy?
Posted by: grandmotherfcuker | November 10, 2013 at 10:55 PM

A new owner that is not a CHEAPSKATE!

What would it take to get scott pioli and tony dungy?

Posted by: grandmotherfcuker | November 10, 2013 at 10:55 PM

You killing yourself would be a good start.

Nathan Sam Moore = Bobby12yrold

JFK ounce said in crisis there is opportunity. This could be the very thing that galvanizes this team. People need to realize it typically takes thre years for a new coach to turn a roster over to accommidate their offensive and defensive philosophy. Remember they have lost two major offensive free agent weapons to injury never mind the injuries they have had to deal with all over their defense. three of the four losses were very close winnable games. Tannehill is still deveoping Look at some of the best qbs like Rogers,Brees and the mannings they all took a few years to develope and mature. I see the running game improving. When this defence is healthy.... like in the Cinci game. You can see how good they can be with a healthy Wake and D. Patterson. They even dominatated the Patriots on the road for a half.With such a big turnover to the roster the last two years this may be the glue that they need to bond them together into a "team". Before the season started i felt I would probably see a much better team in the secound half of the year. I was just hoping they would survive the first half and they did at 4-4 a little better second half 6-2 would put them at 10-6 That would be a good second year for this team!

Rogers was on the bench and you can't compare Manning and RT's first 2 seasons. Night and day. Brees MIGHT be your only comparison...

Greatness is obvious early.

RT is NOT great. He's barely good.

There is no doubt in my mind that the L side of the OLine has been solidified with McKinnie's addition. I guess nobody is going to mess around with the Big guy.

We should have little trouble with TB, if we limit the turnovers.

LV has us by 2. +3 home field advantage = +5. We should beat them by more than that with Doug Martin out for them now but I guess all this hoopla has influenced their line.

Crisis means judgment, ultimately for a need for change.

After reading the last couple of blogs just now, I noticed something about Armando's writing. He seemed very annoyed by RI not throwing his teammates and coaches under the bus. RI stating that the nature of his language was indicative of the present culture.
I see so much truth in this statement. Liberal society wants the 'N' word to go away. Anyone using this word in society is racist or bigoted or any other derogatory exclamation that they can apply.
Well the truth is, this word is used very commonly. From someone that grew up in the sixties and seventies, I am very familiar with many applications of prejudice language. I played on many team sports and worked in many multiracial environments where the 'N' word and many others were implemented by whites and blacks altogether. Whites would not use this and other slurs unless the blacks used them also. When the blacks opened this door, there was no barrier left.
My point is that if black people want this word to really get beat down to the point that it may finally go extinct then, they should not give it so much power. In the world that I live in today, I seldom see white people use this word. But the black population will not let it die. In a microcosm like an NFL locker room, this sowing of specific language will grow like weeds. If you think I am full of crap just look at how rappers and black entertainers use this word to draw and attract the young especially to them.

Evening guys...I don't know which Seahawks team showed up last week, but it sure wasn't the one that showed up in Atlanta today, wow what an arse whooping they put on the Falcons! Anyway I am not impressed with the Bucs, with, or without Freeman. They are struggling with their own internal demons at the moment, so they should be pretty much a snack for the p*ssed of Dolphins.

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