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Some words between linemen actually help Dolphins

At a time the words used between Dolphins offensive linemen has come under national scrutinty, it's ironic the Dolphins themselves have instituted a one-word system of communicating between their left guard and left tackle that is used on every play to benefit the team.

Since Bryant McKinnie arrived in Miami via trade from the Baltimore Ravens two weeks ago, he's been working to learn the playbook.

"I'm pretty good with that," McKinnie said. "I'm not 100 percent, I'd say probably 85 percent."

The remainding 15 percent deals with important stuff. McKinnie, you see, is not quite sure about blocking adjustments against certain defenses. And so before each play or pre-snap, the left guard, more experienced in the Dolphins offense, will give McKinnie a translation of sorts on what to do.

Originally it was Richie Incognito giving McKinnie the code. Now it's Nate Garner who will be telling McKinnie the code pre-snap.

"It's one word we use," Garner said. "Just one word per play. That's what we're trying to get it down to."

"It's certain terminology we use with each other to to confirm exactly what we're doing," McKinnie said. "I know the run plays and the pass plays. It's just about combination blocks and who I have to pick up on the blitzes. Stuff like that. That type of communication."

The exchange between the guard and tackle has worked very well so far. McKinnie did not allow a sack against Cincinnati once the system was instituted. 

"We did a pretty good job of doing it last week and this week we had a little more practice at it during practice," Garner said. "Sometimes he doesn't even need my help. He's been around the league 13 years. He's a vet. He gets one word out of me and he knows what to do."


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Doesn't that cracker know that only n i g g e r s are allowed to say the word n i g g e r.

Franchise of the lost

I don't think the use of word N is the only issue here. The issue here is a diverse and sustained abuse against a Player that ultimately broke him down. That remains to be proven. If so, then Coaches, GMs, Owner would be implicated.

Armando thinks remainding is a word.

The guy has no real pride in his work.

You should know something, in a situation like a locker room where everyone is only accountable to each other; the white and black thing often deteriorates. All of this sensitivity to being called a cracker or a porch monkey or any of the rest all goes out. You know why? Because all that crap is just that, a bunch of crap. If you are secure with the person that you are, you will not be manipulated by someone trying to push your buttons with mere words. In fact they will be the ones that are comical for thinking that this feeble crap can be effective.
I have seen the most derogatory racial slurs projected between friends, that would have brought on deathly retaliations from people in civil altercations, end with hugs and laughs and then beers.

Oscar, I think what broke down Martin was his realization that he is not NFL caliper. That, combined with his parental influence, brought on the chain of events that we are now experiencing.

Did anyone else notice the look and demeanor that Wake had when interviewed about the RI incident. His words said that he had no problem with Richie. His face said that he is really pissed off from the ridicule from the press and NFL.
Usually the refs let Wake get held half the time. I don't think that will mater, he is going to go off on the Bucs.

I have a few problems with the way this organization conducts its PR through the media. One thing that really cracked me up though is the way they see Armando for the way he is. He has to pick up scraps from other media to even make his articles. His total lack of allegiance is obvious even to us, but to see him omit obvious avenues of support to our beloved Dolphins, only shows that he is in fact a punk.

If the Dolphins lay an egg on MNF, I expect a plethora of condemnation from the broadcasters. If we come out and wrench the Bucs, I think it will be interesting as to how they either objectively comment on the plays or they placate the situation.
After seeing how the Saints were lynched by Goodell, another team not of metropolis destination, I see our chances of prevailing denigrated by the lynch mob more precipitately known as the NFL.

Look 70 % of the locker room is black , if the N word is so damn offensive to them then it shouldn t be every other word out of their mouth , and I`m sure when guys get that tight on the team white players will use it just like they do in the same context Nigga you crazy, they spend two much time together not to pick up on each others lingo, plus the same 70 % of the black locker room were sticking up for Richie, I think Martin is more upset with play calling I know Claybo had to be your winning only got a few minutes left in game , been getting 4 and 5 yds a run , so what play do they call a freakin pass with Mario Williams one on one afgainst Claybo , they set these young guys up get sick of people pointing fingers at them when its stupid old fools that the games passed them by putting these poor rookies and second yr starters in positions to be hated by the fans , players , and its just not their fault and once again to take the blame off themselves their ineptitude they turn it into racial bulling, same things managers do on production floors in manufacturing plants , blame their mistakes on the workers , get some poor guy fired , to keep your high paying job , even though you told the workers to used an expired product that caused the accidents or recalls , the shirts never stand up and take responsibility for their own mistakes

That this abuse probably happens on every Team in the League does not condone it. One thing I disagree with James Walker is Ireland's role in all this. Not that I'm thoroughly in love with the guy, far be it from it and he did do a major fukkk up with the Dez Bryant incident, but what could possibly his position as Personnel man have to do directly with this mainly locker room case?

Well, yes, we is in the news now. We are somebody.

There is a very funny, and perhaps now prophetic, book by Peter Gent, former wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys. Written in the 1970's, required reading now, in these Times. Perhaps, if Don Meredith was still alive, somebody could have asked his opinion of all this brum-brah.

Crafty title, Armando but here in Dolphinland the smart money says that the catalyst for Martin's breakdown was the apparent demotion from LT to RT. And, yeah, you can just guess about the tough verbal love administered as Martin sought commiseration from friends and teammates suffering their 4th straight loss!

However, I wonder if Joe Philbin had Martin privately in his office to explain the change- either before or after. Good coaches can present downgrades-in-status in an abundance of ways so that the affected player won't give up all hope- so that the team does not get down on the guy. The OLine coach and OC could have been party to helping Martin get by this perceived embarrassment, also. As this is not a small matter in the NFL, a GM can also provide assurances in private talks.

So I wonder why nobody sensed Martin's emotional state in the few days before his break. I believe Martin's statements regarding not blaming his teammates- about how it's the whole NFL culture thing. I think we are seeing his family's response to their broken child- and, sadly, it's not helping him one bit.

Um Martin started as a RT and didn't break down. I don't see how it's a demotion. Defenses today attack from all sides and change it every play. One can say he was promoted over veteran Clabo who couldn't handle it.

Good one, billcale.

The name of the book by Peter Gent, I forgot to include it in my description(too much even for me!), North Dallas Forty.

After the Jay Glazer interview Armando has no opinion on it, but he has no problem commenting on 3rd party accounts of it.

Complete hack!!! Non journalist!! How about using spellcheck in your articles too!!

So I wonder why nobody sensed Martin's emotional state in the few days before his break.

Posted by: billcale | November 11, 2013 at 06:42 AM

Well it was obvious from his remarks that it was something he'd have to deal with. Just nobody could have expected him to go overboard into blowing up the line and the team management in one swoop.

Maybe I read your post wrong but how can the Fins be +3 as well for home field advantage if we're playing in Tampa

Thank you, Dr Canosa! North Dallas 40- good reading.

Sir Milton: JMart was RT by default in his rookie year but coveted the LT spot. He stated publicly, when he took over from Jake Long last year, that he expected to continue his career as LT for the Dolphins. Surrendering his position back to J Long would have been one thing- entirely different losing it to a guy that should be in retirement.

Armando is about as biased a journalist as I've seen, but he seems to be in denial about it by saying he is merely reporting what he sees.

I often wonder if he is biased against those who don't conform to what his deep religious faith deems as appropriate.

Well, I guess if we were playing down here we'd be 5 point favorites, uh?

bill cale

I don't see it as such a personal ordeal. Tannehill was getting sacked at a record rate. The only worthwhile help out there was a veteran lifelong LT who NEVER played RT, so it just made sense to insert Martin over Clabo. It is very common for lineman on all teams to have to move around at times for the good of the team. Anyone who watches football knows this.

We can still only guess right now, so my guess is Martin just kind of flipped out and looked for a scapegoat, never realizing it would escalate to such monstrous proportions.

Very few People are serious about Religion, either.

To clarify, I don't think Martin lost the LT spot as much as Clabo lost the RT spot. With no better RT available, they went with an LT and moved Martin back. Knowing McK is probably here for one season only, I don't see how it could have been that traumatic. It wasn't that the demoted Martin, they demoted Clabo.

But....who knows.

gotcha Oscar..

So we are facing the possibility of an entire new line next year.. Martin, Incognito are gone.. Jerry is a FA(i think), McKinney a stop gap, and Pouncey still has to go through his court process

that wlould be awesome matty, let the gm build his own oline cause this entire one sucks

Bodine, I see it as a serious matter to Martin. I remember 2 times last year that Martin made public comments about his determination to be the team's LT. I couldn't hardly believe he thought he could beat out Long, especially the way he was playing RT.

I don't know who the Dolphins could have acquired at that point but I'm sure there were other choices. However that's beside the point which was more wondering if Martin's ego and emotions were considered by the group that should have been considering them.


Can't fault your logic, it's another possibility.

My real point is that I'm sure many players go through an emotional roller coaster at some point. To say management should have seen this coming though, I'm not so sure anyone could have seen him going this far off the cliff.

True dusty, the only thing is it could set the team back even further than it is unless the Fins will be the 14 version of the Chiefs

could be matty new oline not gonna set us back though. the current one cant be much worse. long as we get a new gm in here skies the limit. all on ross now, fire ireland and things will look up. keep oireland and this franchise will be in london soon

If Ross keeps Ireland, i will jump on the "fire Ross" bandwagon... however telling someone whom owns a team to fire themselves is a bit ridiculous.
When Sage comes out and says of the 10 GM's he's had Ireland is the worst and the only one he's had an issue with ever.

To any of the Veterans on this blog:
Thank you for your service and sacrifice to this country!

if ireland keeps his job, ross is by far the worst buisness man ive seen. it would be suicide for this organization on and off the field

Bodine, I'm not saying someone on the Dolphins should have anticipated a breech of this magnitude. However, we can believe the mental strain is routine and tremendous in the NFL; and the people in charge of other teams find a way to keep their players- on that emotional roller coaster- from going off the tracks.

It looks like the Rex Ryan and the hapless Jets will make the playoffs, and we won't.

What more evidence does one need to see this team is going nowhere?

Hall of Fame coach Don Shula weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Miami Dolphins involving suspended offensive guard Richie Incognito. In Shula's opinion, Incognito should have never been signed and was a character risk not worth taking. "You win with good people on and off the field,"
Posted by: Marino#1 | November 10, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Shula would never have an Incognito on his team.

shula had bryan cox, duper, s smith, list goes on and on. course he would of

Before the Martin/Cogs craziness we all knew that the OLINE was failing and the weakness of the team. We all knew it would go through a major overhall in the offseason. Pouncey is the only one gauranteed a spot.

I can't believe I am going to say this but Jerry, as fat and slow as he is, hasn't been the glaring problem most of this year. I'd still like to see him gone personally but he and Pouncey are the only ones really likely to come back.

Cogs' contract was up and he wouldn't be resigned. Clabo and McKinney both signed one year deals. Clabo is clearly gone. I can't see them keeping MicKinney (only for one more year maybe if they absolutely strike out in the offseason).

I am actually thinking it's a good thing Cogs is suspended as it finally gives Garner a chance to play and show if he can ever be a starter. I hope this proves to be true. It would be one less position to have to fill immediately.

But it's clear we will need two tackles and at least one guard. That is a big order in one offseason. We saw how difficult it was to get a G in free agency. The draft will have some players for the team but young OLINEMAAN have a big learning curve for sure.

Should be interesting tos ee how the rest of the year plays out. I can only hope Jerry and Garner step up and show they are worth keeping next year. One can only hope....



none of the guys you mentioned are anywhere near an Incognito. Get a clue, kid.

Dave Hyde is calling tonites game "The Turmoil Bowl."

I'm calling it a snoozefest lol

Morning fellow Phin Fans. Are yall ready for some Monday night football? I am going to skip the Pregame and halftime shows though. really don't want to see the righteous hypocrites. Need to focus all my positive energy to my Phns! Hey, its not weird if it works. Ha

I think the only way Philbin and Ireland will save their jobs is to win games. Winning shuts out any kind of scandal. If the phins manage to get to the playoffs and win at least one playoff game, or at least lose it with dignity, they will stay and everybody would have forgotten about the bullying issue. If they don't they are gone and the phins are back in rebuilding mode.

in light of recent events, it's hard to get excited for what would normaly be a game most fans mark on their calander with great anticipation, a MONDAY NIGHT game, yes, to me, miami is in a state of LIMBO, and limbo stinks. this new coaching staff has miami pointed in the right direction, they look diferent, play diferent, and next season only promises to be better, but now, who knows if philbin will even be here come next season. but i for one truly believe that philbin WILL be here, however i DON'T believe jeff ireland will survive, my point being that ireland has been the focal point of some very bad desicions, and is NOT well liked among most fans and from what i gather, he was informed by martin's agent about a problem and did nothing about it, it would seem his only reaction was some verbal advice to martin's agent suggesting that martin should "punch him out". philbin has said many times that he was unaware that there was an issue between ritchie and john and this simple fact tells us that ireland alone acted incorrectly as philbin and other coaches were NOT made aware of the situation that ireland was made aware of via the phone conversation with martin's agent.

Ireland hasnt resigned or been fired yet? WTF?

Nice way to not report on cogs words about martins v mails to him. Once more facts come out mando changes the tone. Weak.....

Is this another give away on what the oline is going to do when facing the opposition? Call out a number and then react. Within a week the opposition will have that all down.
Armando, you really are a Patriots fan.

Wait till we hear Jonathan Martins side. YIKES!


Hang tight. Kris is currently showering with the military shlongs. He'll be back here soon.

I will always pull for my Phins but a win here would mean prolonging a regime that must change. C'mon guys we've see this movie before, we are still mathematically in contention only to, predictably, finish the season 8-8 or similar. Even with the talent this team has I find it very hard to overcome the lack of depth especially the OL.

We know Ireland is gone, he must unless Ross wants to see a lot of empty seats, and a new GM would certainly bring his own HC. Dunno about you but a HC that reads of cue cards for his post game speech and was to a point incompetent for not setting the minimum boundaries of discipline inside the locker, is just not HC material.

I agree we are going to need experienced people this time around, especially at GM. I think Pioli is the likely choice, as for the HC, well not sure if we can lure someone like Cowher, it would probably be yet another coordinator but must be a much younger and energetic choice unlike Philbin, perhaps McDaniels, really don't know. A dark horse could be the HC at Stanford but I'm sure I'd get burnt for even suggesting that; however you can not argue he's done a great job there and has a pro style team and one that plays smash mouth football.

Can someone tell me how Ireland still has a job?

Tell me who has been a better GM than Ireland over the last 3 years? Back it up with which GM drafted more quality players and who were they.

Tell me who has been a better GM than Ireland over the last 3 years?
Posted by: Waiting | November 11, 2013 at 09:01 AM


Mando , you used to be the one true voice reporting on the team . You have degraded to the level of omar kelly now. No words on the glazer interview? Doesn't fit your narrative? Shame on you.

Tell me who has been a better GM than Ireland over the last 3 years? Back it up with which GM drafted more quality players and who were they.
Posted by: Waiting | November 11, 2013 at 09:01 AM

5 consecutive losing seasons and "tell Martin to punch him out" is GREEAAT!

Look at the last 3 years, then post a link of a GM that has done better:


If Tony Tiger was GM he'd have told Martin to invite Cogs out for a cappucino to discuss it. Wonderful.

Hallelujah, a football blog entry!

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