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Some words between linemen actually help Dolphins

At a time the words used between Dolphins offensive linemen has come under national scrutinty, it's ironic the Dolphins themselves have instituted a one-word system of communicating between their left guard and left tackle that is used on every play to benefit the team.

Since Bryant McKinnie arrived in Miami via trade from the Baltimore Ravens two weeks ago, he's been working to learn the playbook.

"I'm pretty good with that," McKinnie said. "I'm not 100 percent, I'd say probably 85 percent."

The remainding 15 percent deals with important stuff. McKinnie, you see, is not quite sure about blocking adjustments against certain defenses. And so before each play or pre-snap, the left guard, more experienced in the Dolphins offense, will give McKinnie a translation of sorts on what to do.

Originally it was Richie Incognito giving McKinnie the code. Now it's Nate Garner who will be telling McKinnie the code pre-snap.

"It's one word we use," Garner said. "Just one word per play. That's what we're trying to get it down to."

"It's certain terminology we use with each other to to confirm exactly what we're doing," McKinnie said. "I know the run plays and the pass plays. It's just about combination blocks and who I have to pick up on the blitzes. Stuff like that. That type of communication."

The exchange between the guard and tackle has worked very well so far. McKinnie did not allow a sack against Cincinnati once the system was instituted. 

"We did a pretty good job of doing it last week and this week we had a little more practice at it during practice," Garner said. "Sometimes he doesn't even need my help. He's been around the league 13 years. He's a vet. He gets one word out of me and he knows what to do."


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lol..yeah Mark finally, but the tribe still wants to beat the drum...sad state of affairs

McKinnie is signed through next year. He probably comes back.

I don't see why that wouldn't be a good idea, thats if his knee holds up. Just wondering who they will add to the mix.

WPF, tonight is a huge game for us. Win it and the demons start fading, playoff talk becomes more prevalent than some puzz who ironically leaves texts that he's going to kill someone's entire family then at the same time has the gaul to say that someone uttered threats to him, sigh.

Anyways, I digress. also find it weird that if we win tonight, we are one game behind Indy and Cincy in the standings ... two teams that are considered dark horse playoff teams ... yetr half the people here think we need to flush everything out .... weird.

We should have a pretty easy go of it tonight. I don't see the Bucs being a real threat considering they have bigger issues than we do at the present time. Should be a cake walk. If not then we have even bigger issues than I thought.

DION JORDAN -- a very EXPENSIVE pick for jeff ireland.

many drafts have come and gone and the most recent ones had many a fan screaming at their TV's and last year was no diferent...after stockpiling some a few picks ireland made one gamble too many, one that in all likelyhood will cost him his job. the entire fan base knew we needed to select a LEFT TACKLE with our top pick, but instead, ireland spends TWO draft picks to move up to #3 overall to address an area of lesser need(defensive end). the irony here is crazy because if jeff ireland did what he was supposed to do(draft a left tackle) none of this would have transpired, martin would be thriving at right tackle and irelands job would still be intact...instead, we have DION JORDAN, the #3 pick in this years draft who is rarely on the field, weve lost a guard and a tackle and if a worst case scenario plays out, a team that had appeared to have finally turned the corner, a team that had wisely made coach joe philbin it's head coach will instead be headed for more rebuilding and yet another search for an elite head coach...who knows, maybe ROSS might even decide to wash his hands of what he may see as a failed investment and sell. and here's the real IRONY, it was Ross's OWN decision to allow jeff ireland to manage his investment, hence, this is of his own doing. bad decision from the very top. yes or no, what do you think?

bud, no offense man but any talk of assessing last year's draft after 8 games is a joke.

Way too early to tell what will happen.

And by the way, last year's draft is looking pretty dam good. Tannehill, Miller, Vernon, even with martin flaking out it was a good draft.

This years in time will show the same. They drafted some good players.

DION JORDAN--a VERY expensive pick for jeff ireland.

dion jordan not only cost jeff ireland TWO high draft picks, he also in most likely hood will cost ireland his job...drafting a left tackle with that top pick would have left martin happily on the right side, and none of this would have happened.

Mark it is all about perspective IMO...if the locker room can rally together and come out smoking the second half of the season, which in fact starts tonight, this entire drama fest will fade into the background. Most of these guys are simply tired of the media circus surrounding their facility and I can bet my bank account they are not gong to be very happy come game time. If anything they can use this ordeal as motivation to show the rest of the league what they are made of as men. No panty wastes on this squad, the only one ran home to mamma, so as far as I am concerned its a done deal and the guys will move on and play like the pros I know they are.

this i$ the mo$t pub the phinz have had since '84

ro$$ only cares 'bout $
he doezn't give a chit 'bout the phans trophies and championships

bud, moving martin to the right is what caused him to crawl under his mother's skirt.

And lane Johnson has given up his fair share of sacks too. I like Lane but he would not have made this unit viable alone.

Both out tackles stunk, not just one.

that cheap cawk suka gots all u dumb homers fooled

budtki....Jeff burned his bridges a long time ago. I don't think he will survive this latest bought of drama. Ross is beside himself at the moment and any more bad news will surely force his hand. Now if we win out the rest of the season and this mess gets settled quickly (pay off Martin) then I am sure Ireland will be back. All this talk about cleaning house is a bit premature IMO, but I am willing to bet the entire organization will get a good shaking up once this is over.

jay wake up u foiol, duper was a crack head. smith was a crack head and sold it also. cox was everything cogs was. wake up u bias fool

WPF, I always pointed to this 4 game stretch as key to their season. 3-1 over the next four and nobody will remember Johnathan martin crying that the big bad dolphins called him names ...

mark in toronto,
i DIDN'T say the 2012 draft, that year was GREAT, what i said was THIS years draft! this years draft was a HUGE disappointment, we had all those picks, didn't take a left tackle, we passed on eddie lacey a disgusting amount of times only to select another flyweight back a few picks after greenbay stole him, nor did we select a highly touted QB(barkley) to farm or at the very least parlay into a high pick should another team hurting at QB and wish to compensate us for a trade...this years draft stunk, the only two picks i liked was tight end(sims) and linebacker. by the way, the draft of 2012 was an EXCELLENT draft.

Game day! I'll concentrate on game talk, but just want to tell you guys (Mark, Wash) that record won't have anything to do with it. I'm not talking about personnel, but there will be fallout above (probably GM, maybe HC too). Ross will be pressured by the NFL once the report comes out to clean his organization, and Ireland's going to take the brunt of the responsibility. He may allow the next GM to decide if he wants his own HC or not, and that might decide Philbin's fate. But regardless of what did (or didn't) occur, who's fault it is, team leadership, etc., this thing has gotten too big to just blow it off and continue as if nothing's happened. Rules will be installed going forward on rookie hazing, locker room will be monitored, and they may even bring someone in to monitor the coaches (like Dallas did in the Michael Irvin years).

With that out of the way, we BETTER win tonight, but like DD said earlier, it won't be a cakewalk. Tampa's now the only winless team, and they WILL get a win sometime, so when's better than MNF with a dysfunctional team. Hopefully we carry some things over from Cincy (extra OL for blocking, feed the run, no turnovers by Tannehill). This game won't be easy, but looking ahead, it's our easiest game for a few weeks. Chargers, Panthers, Jets, Steelers ALL look better now than earlier in the Season. Schedule isn't as cake as we imagined.

Yep I couldn't agree with you more Mark. I think all of these games are winnable with the personnel we currently have. These guys are resilient and will do just fine. Just have to hope that the injury bug doesn't come calling any time soon.

bud, Ireland thought he had his left tackle on the team in Martin. He graded out Johnson and despite what I liked and many others like, he didn't like him. mando said as much. he would've taken either joeckel or Fisher but they were gone. What do you want him to do, not take his best available player on the board?

I'd be pizzed if he didn't. Since he didn't grade johnson out well, there were no other LT candidates available. Cooper, Warmack guard, Fluker, RT, Armstead 2nd round prospect. That position had run dry...

and lacy was a 2nd round pick. we passed on him exactly twice. RB wasn't and still isn't a huge need for this team. In case you haven't noticed, we have a back that averages right around 5 yards per carry ... we just didn't run enough early on.

Mark I think that trend will change tonight. I think Sherman has finally gotten a clue as far as the running game is concerned. I believe he will give the Bucs a large dose of Miller time tonight. I just hope he sticks with it throughout the game. We will see and of course it does matter what the scoreboard says as well in regards to how much we run the ball in the second half.

I still don't have any doubts that we will walk off of that field with a win tonight. This will be our statement game and will set the tone for the rest of the season.

Bottom line, with your top pick especially, you don't draft for position, you take the best player ... period.

WPF, balance is important but I think there will be opportunities available in the passing game. Despite having Revis, their pass defense is pretty chitty

mark, i think your wrong on how many times we passed up eddie lacey

Ask the 49'ers how well a run only approach works. We may be limited (due to the OL) to be a run first team, but we must have a resemblance of a pass game, not only to win this game, but to even come close to competing rest of the Season. We won't be able to run on the Jets or Steelers like we have been. We probably won't be able to do much of anything vs. Panthers. Only teams left we can run on are Chargers, Pats and Bills.

exactly my point on johnathan martin, this all transpired after martin was sent back to right tackle, though i do not think that was the main factor in his decision to go awol, i still believe that if ireland had drafted lane johnson, or did some other move that would have solidified the left tackle position we would not be in the position we are in now...ireland had to try and shock the world by drafting dion jordan and all he did was zap himself

DC...I want us to be a run first, pass second offense. Our strength is the running game. The line we currently have in place is more suited to run blocking than pass blocking at the moment. Once we establish the run game then we can start pocking around in the passing game. I believe we have what it takes to win out the rest of the games this year, the only exception would be maybe Carolina, that defense of theirs is scary and will definitely give us fits up front.

ditto, wash, the less tfumble does the better

Snack on this,, Bucs 24 Dolphins 6. Dolphins are in rare air at the moment and don't have a clue, they talk sh** every week and come up empty on game day. Dolphins have just lost 40% of a very bad OLine, so I don't know if thats good or bad, and neither does Uncle Joe,, "The Pacer". Being its an "away" game Im going with the home team. The Bucs are 0 for 2013 and they need a night game like the Dolphins had against the Bengals,,,,Lucky. Id rather be lucky then good, should be the Dolphins mantel this yr. The Dolphins lead the NFL in sacks allowed, fumbles lost. Tonight will be no different, for the Biucs have one thing in their favor,,,Da D'efense.

If you really think Ireland drafted Dion Jordan just to shock the world then I don't know what to say... Guy was a consensus top pick.

And I'm not sure Lane Johnson ould've solidified anything THIS season. Nobody complained about the Clabo move when we made it. Just so happened we got him when the tank was empty. Ireland made moves and not with stiffs off the street.

and bud, alcy was taken with the 50 something pick overall so not sure how many more times we could've passed him over.

Wash, not sure bro. If anything these last few years, we've been consistently inconsistent. I think we can beat the Bucs and Chargers, then lose to the Panthers. I'm hoping we can split with the Jets, but depends which Jets team shows up. Steelers in Pitt are still pretty good, not sure we can beat them (even though they are beatable). I've given up EVER beating the Pats, and who knows if we can beat the Bills either. Honestly, I see us going 4-4 again 2nd half of the Season.

And with this team (talent-wise) 8-8 doesn't cut it. Not when we should be 7-1, 6-2 right now. That spells change, regardless of the bully stuff going on.

DC, definitely need to pass the ball and the 49ers??? Kaep jsut sucks. he's freakin atrocious. league caught up to him hard and he has no answers ...

one commonly overlooked position that should have produced positive hidden yardage this year that has been somewhat of a dissapointment is in the return game. heading into the season the outlook was pretty darn good, and then you remember that somebody like thigpen is back there to return kicks and you think, yeah, don't forget about him, and then you think this team is in REALLY good shape, but then thigpen(so far) this season doesn't seem to be quite the same...i've been thinking he must be nursing an injury since the beginning of the season. is he hurt? he doesn't seem to have it like last year.

AR - 15, you are softer than Martin. We don't care about the past
And the players do not talk smack. You made that up because you are a punk


Dolphins are pissed and will remain in play off contention wether the BB gun likes it or not.

Live by it, die by it...

AR, dolphins do not lead the league in fumbles but thanks for the input

Tonite will tell us whether this team rallies or folds. We should easily beat the Bucs. Out of all our football concerns, we continue to struggle on 3rd and short yardage. Seems to me Philbin is being a little to stubborn on not having a legitimate fullback. Oh well, tonight will tell, gotta get on the road to Tampa so Let's Go Fins!!

Todays story line...

Both starting RB's played for the U together and are both late round pics.

I like Miller to out shine James tonight.

the phinz will play decent 4 a 1/4
then the suxx in them will come out

the 1st sax and fumble by t3+out will open the flood gates

bobby, let's start seeing 3rd and short sneaks .,.. tannehill is an athlete and the interior is the strength of our line ... or maybe they can just sign fielder for the sneak package. He was the best at that.

u c u homers,
u knuckleheads expect a win every week and when they lose u are crushed like bison k.ra.p during a stampede
u c homers, us true rogue phans expect a loss every week and are not surprised by them losing and if* they happen to win 1 game,
we rogues are quite pleased with the w

WashPinFan, no no no, we can't be seen as being mad, Mando will type the Fish are stark raving mad or some sh** like that. Most of the morons in this blog want a more kinder, gentler NFL personnel. The Dolphins have to consider other players feelings. Martin went to see the "feelings" Doctor so he can cope with the prospect of having to block, physically blocking another person goes con tray to what Martins degree from Sanford allows and thats no physical contact with people of the same sex. Martin may begin to like such things. Weird? or what. lol,,lol,,lol,,,
NASCAR is almost over, what will I watch on Sunday TV ??

2 watt, nobody cares...

lol @ AR-15

national media picking up on ireland and how bad he is, love it. he will be gone after season

atlanta braves moving to cobb county. come on fins follow the lead and get out of that garbage are and horrible stadium

Has anyone seen a clown in a teal suit? the Miami Clowns headed by Ireland and Philbin. These buffoons have never passed the smell test. How ironic these buffoons get rid of so-called headaches Marshall, Johnson, Davis, and let Jake Long walk away to be taken apart by a mediocre LT and the always crazy and over the top Icognito. They deserve to get fired! Hope they kept their Insurance Sales licenses.

good riddens marshall. whos johnson? davis is awful. long is dying a slow death in awful st louis.

Just read some of Omar Kelly's tweets. He's a fukkin loser

I can't understand how everyone is blaming Ireland for this mess.



A reminder, Parcells brought in Richie, not Ireland!!


Lane Johnson was NOT top 3 player!!!

He has been average at best this year!!!

You really want to compare upside to Dion Jordan???

who is omar kelly?

no bane ireland has everything to do with losing records every single year and a fan base at near zero

Has anyone considered where Cogs will go if cut by Dec. 2 ? Or will he stay and be deactivated till the end of the season? Not many options that are available for the team. I sure wouldn't want him going to a contender in our devision or conference. A move to the Skins may be an option for him.

Come on guys, he may be an a*shole, but he is our a*shole....Martin can walk for all I care and good riddance. He was more of a cancer than cogs for the most part. and I would sure hate to lose him to a contender, unless well the Seahawks or Redskins can use his services the he can go with my blessings.

From the braided one.....

"Based on the 24 games I've covered Philbin, I haven't discovered anything special about him. He's not an offensive guru. His players aren't developing at a dynamic rate. He's not a tremendous leader. He doesn't out coach his opponents on a regular basis. There's nothing that would make me conclude he's dynamic like Payton, or Belichick, so cutting the cord won't be hard."

I don't care much for Omar at the SS but I agree with his answer to question about possible firing(s)

You know, if you are the dolphins reporter, don't you think you should at least like the team????, you are bashing us more than all the TV media! I mean, you are entitled to your opinion, but aren't you supposed to be neutral?

mark, wtf i thought u liked me?
y didn't u post what o k said in lieu of me going over to the ss and look

You have to learn to crawl before you can walk cocoajoe...Philbin will get another gig somewhere else, maybe not a head job (excuse the pun) but maybe a lower end position since taking it in the end seems to be his specialty of late. Who cares where he goes just as long as he is out of Miami for good along with his buddy Ireland.

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