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Some words between linemen actually help Dolphins

At a time the words used between Dolphins offensive linemen has come under national scrutinty, it's ironic the Dolphins themselves have instituted a one-word system of communicating between their left guard and left tackle that is used on every play to benefit the team.

Since Bryant McKinnie arrived in Miami via trade from the Baltimore Ravens two weeks ago, he's been working to learn the playbook.

"I'm pretty good with that," McKinnie said. "I'm not 100 percent, I'd say probably 85 percent."

The remainding 15 percent deals with important stuff. McKinnie, you see, is not quite sure about blocking adjustments against certain defenses. And so before each play or pre-snap, the left guard, more experienced in the Dolphins offense, will give McKinnie a translation of sorts on what to do.

Originally it was Richie Incognito giving McKinnie the code. Now it's Nate Garner who will be telling McKinnie the code pre-snap.

"It's one word we use," Garner said. "Just one word per play. That's what we're trying to get it down to."

"It's certain terminology we use with each other to to confirm exactly what we're doing," McKinnie said. "I know the run plays and the pass plays. It's just about combination blocks and who I have to pick up on the blitzes. Stuff like that. That type of communication."

The exchange between the guard and tackle has worked very well so far. McKinnie did not allow a sack against Cincinnati once the system was instituted. 

"We did a pretty good job of doing it last week and this week we had a little more practice at it during practice," Garner said. "Sometimes he doesn't even need my help. He's been around the league 13 years. He's a vet. He gets one word out of me and he knows what to do."


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wash, it will b the pats,
that's where all prior phinz go 2 get their sb rings

philbin will be an oline coach someplace. just like cameron, sparano, etc they will never see another head coaching job again

yeah pats def favs now with manning probaly being done

cocoa, my whole problem with Kelly is he sees and judges things in absolute terms when he doesn't take into account that some things are a process. I mean, how you can come to a conclusion now on ANYTHING in the NFL is beyond me.

Would it be far fetched to comclude that even the Super Bowl favourite has emerged yet. I don't think so.. wo how can you come to a conclusion on a head coach, a qb, or anything else so early on in the process.

A multitude of things can happen before the end of the year. It's the snap judgements of this internet generation that drive me nuts.

Everyone praises belicheck, Peyton Manning, and Drw Brees now, but nobody remembers how they struggled early in their careers. The braided one would've fired them early too.

Not to mention Sean peyton also lost his play calling duties in Dallas because Parcells in short thought he was incompetent. And the two years before Peyton and Brees won the super bowl in new Orleans, they missed the playoffs twice.

Can we at least see if Philbin can take his team into the playoffs in his 2nd year before we judge him??

dusty hows the buzz around town of being 9-0?

Mando keep grinding your axe. If the fins win tonight, everyone will move on and let the saga play out away from the field. Martin is not talking because mom and dad see big dollar signs.

sure if u want to mark. this team is def not going to any kind of playoffs though. i dont see another game on schedule after tonight they win

Is Ireland still employed? Ross is flying in from New York. I wish he would just stay there. Permanently. Under six feet of dirt.


The issue with that theoretical is that your argument is based on them taking a LT with that pick. With the first two tackles off the board, that means Lane Johnson was the Tackle who's "perceived value" was in that range.
And he is AWFUL. Passing on Johnson was one of the few Ireland moves I've been happy with.

If you really want to put the Martin/incognito issue on Ireland based on personal decisions you should go back to the Martin selection itself.
I realize a players college career is more important than any single day or workout, but there are unique cases where a players performance is so poor it can't help but raise red-flags.
In my opinion that was the case with Martin. After his pro-day he wouldn't even have been on my draft board. Is that harsh? Maybe, but someone in his position has one job at that point and that's to prepare for specific drills and tests that are going to determine his future. When you come out and put up D3 numbers (What was it like 20 reps bench and a 5.4 40? or something) I'm going to question your commitment.

armando, keep grinding u'r axe, when the phinz lose 2nite give the axe 2 ro$$ so he can expedite the axing

dusty, that's your opinion but I see 5-3 being realistic on the back end and 6-2 being possible.

mark i c 1-7

I agree with flaherty 100%. The problem wasn't how the team approached last offseason, it was the Martin pick itself.

WashPhinFan, yeah he'll get a job somewhere and I'd be really surprised if it's HC...at least any time soon.

He just doesn't have what it takes to be a HC. Maybe down the road, maybe not. The signs were there, OC that didn't call plays. And one of the things many presumed turned out to be not true. He had nothing to do with developing QB Arron Rodgers. So, he helped put the gameplan together? That why he was hired?

If you run the ball six straight times and gain 2 1/2 YPC, you have two, 3 and out's. Then you gain 35 yards on 1 carry in the middle of the field. You have a 7 YPC average, no points and no way to win a ballgame. That is what our run game has produced this year. If you take out Miller's long runs, his average sucks. Points have come from the passing game.

Minnesota and Tennessee have the premier backs in the league. Do you want to play them, or New Orleans or New England in the Superbowl.

We won the first three games by riding Tannehill's arm. Then we got mugged in NO and threw him under the bus. He has had 1 bad game, Buffalo, and even that was a team effort.

We either do or do not have a good QB. How do we find out? We let him sink or swim. This year. If he sucks , we spin the wheel and try again in the draft.

2 watt, you saw 0-16...

2 watt they are going insane here, driving me nuts. cant stand kc. they have been so lucky, play a third string qb it seems every week. and now before the big denver game it looks like manning may be done. another funny side note is they hate s smith here. guy has really been the only bad player for them on d so far, dude gets burnt every game

don't 4 get mark, i still like the d

You know, if you are the dolphins reporter, don't you think you should at least like the team????, you are bashing us more than all the TV media! I mean, you are entitled to your opinion, but aren't you supposed to be neutral?

You want him to like the team, but then ask him to be neutral?

We should be thankful if there are local reporters openly criticizing and holding this team accountable. Because guess what? The most successful sports cities often have that. I'd argue much of their success actually comes from that kind of intense focus and accountability toward the team. You can't get away with being mediocre if your in Boston, or the Yankees. In L.A. They demand excellence from their franchises.
Putting on blinders helps nobody. And really can anyone argue there has been much of anything positive to report regarding this franchise the past decade or so?

mark seriously man, quit drinking. bias big time. this team isnt good at all so how would they ever see 5-3.

break it down
tampa= win
sd= toss up, long flight for chargers but moving game to 4 pm start helps them, chargers win
carolina= they will kill us
jets twice= split at best
pats= another ugly loss
at bills= no chance
at pitt= be shocked if we score even

EK, I agree with you but we need to run the ball, not because of the Qb, but because our o line can't protect 40 times a game.

Hopefully Ross is flying to Tampa in order to fire Ireland ASAP

tenn premier back?? u cant be seriosu charles,ridley,rice,foster,benard, mccoy,morris,forte,lynch all better than johnson

Dusty, get off that Mayor Rob Ford stuff...

We will be favoured agains the Chargers, will go up and beat Buffalo, and beat Pitt as well. At worst split against the jets and I think we can win both.

Chargers defense is the worst unit in all of football...

Cocoajoe...I am at a complete loss as to why he was picked to lead this team. Ireland's choices lately have been a real head scratcher. Ross has put way too much faith in Ireland and he is reaping the rewards. I am sure any high profile coach wouldn't touch this team with a ten foot pole as long as Ireland is in charge of personnel. Philbin was the perfect choice in that aspect because Ireland maintained the top dog status and wasn't worried about having his decisions questioned by his head coach. He is just a puppet and Ireland is the puppet master. Rid ourselves of Ireland and then just maybe we will be able to get someone in here that can recruit a decent head coach and staff. Who knows, maybe Irelands replacement will maintain the status quo and allow Philbin to stay.

And so I'm not commenting purely on the negative stuff.

I actually expect the team to come out and play very well tonight.
The responses from the locker room may have been questionable and caused some controversy nationally, but when it comes to their play on the field, it may be a positive.
While it had to have been a distraction, I think those comments bode well for the locker room rallying around each-other on the field.

bill that could seriously be true, if they lose this game there isnt a non movie scenario where it could get any worse for this horrible franchise. but u fire ireland and we all go crazy with new hope and excitement, plese ross fire this bum

ok mark ill rem those hilarious predictions

Mark, normally I don't take Omar's take on things too seriously. I do go there to see what tid bits Mando hadn't picked up on.

But the subject was about Ireland's/Philbin's jobs being on the line. And I and many others think they are. The part I copied was Omar's take on Philbin's coaching with which I agree.

I think normally you give a HC 3-4 years but for one, I've seen enough.

His players aren't developing at a dynamic rate. He's not a tremendous leader. He doesn't out coach his opponents on a regular basis. There's nothing that would make me conclude he's dynamic like Payton, or Belichick, so cutting the cord won't be hard."

I don't care much for Omar at the SS but I agree with his answer to question about possible firing(s)

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 11, 2013 at 11:46 AM


As far as the players "developing at a dynamic rate", just how fast are they supposed to develop? We're not talking about going to a 1 hour photo shop here...

Seems a lot of fans here loved the fact Philbin believed in bringing along your rookies. Takes some time.

I'm not totally defending Philbin here. He definitely seems to lack in areas of leadership and fire, but I do believe this year was still a stepping stone in his plan...with next year bringing the big jump.

cocoa, if this team craps out, I for one will have no problem with cleaning house. But the point is, you can't make that judgement yet. If we end up winning 9-10 games and make a go of it, I for one will be very upset if they clean house.

In short, I don't want changes done because of this martin debacle. I care only about results and thus far this year, taken as a whole, the results haven't been bad.

Then again, things can get real ugly if they don't take care of business tonight.

philbin sucks this entire staff sucks second half of games are a joke to watch

Posted by: rymflaherty | November 11, 2013 at 12:07 PM

I agree. Home team reporters are usually hardest on the teams they cover because that's what they are paid to do (not just write puff pieces). DC reporters are pretty tough on the Skins up here (many even are FOR the name change). LeVar Arrington has a radio show (and played for them) and is probably the hardest person on the team. And he said it himself, "you think I like doing this. Believe me, I WANT to cheer for my team. It's just they give me so little reason to do so." This is a team that just went to the Playoffs LAST YEAR.

People should understand, Miami fans are fed up. They just want a team that wins. They are sick of the excuses, of it being the QBs rookie year, or first year the OL is playing together, or the 2nd in a 5yr plan. Miami fans want to win, NOW, TODAY, THIS SEASON. I know these guys are trying. But unfortunately the franchise has been so inept that fans don't care anymore. "Give me time" is no longer an option here. It's all about "what have you done for me lately."

Carolina scares no one. 12 points yesterday. HaHaha
The silence of Buffalo Bill
Jeats can eat crow X's 2!

Mark....starting to think your smoking with your Mayor...lets take off our homer glasses. Beat the Jets 2 times? That D against our OL??
Beat Chargers?? our D against that Off?? Beat Buff in Buff?? They embarrasses us in Miami...we made a 3rd string walk on look like Mannning!
We are in trouble.....Im not so sure that the Bucs will kill us tonight. We are down 2 OL on the worst OL in the NFL?

Dusty, they got a 4-4 first half record playing a tougher schedule, I expect this team to get better in the 2nd half for several reasons....

I think it's more hilarious predicting 1-7 considering the product we've seen.

12 points and won at a team many consider best in nfl. carolina on fire with a defense that is sick. if u think we have any chance in that game u are ooooosing bias

Has everyone here forgotten that Philbin and staff schemed a way to limit the run-option last year that the rest of the league is using? Philbin and Coyle are good coaches.

If your peckers are as short as your memories, that explains why you are on here instead of getting laid. My excuse is that I am old.


Real housewives of Miami is on. One women just blew her breath into her friends face so the friend could smell the semen on her breath.

(My Worker's Comp was extended until next Dr appt on 12/3, I've got nothing but free time).

Mark you keep saying you don't want changes because of the Martin debacle...are you forgetting the last 6yrs of debacles?? If Ireland had any "bank" with Ross his job would be safe Martin or no Martin. However Ireland has no "bank" his mgmt. of the team has been abysmal since he took over.

You guys are hilarious. Nobody in the NFL is scary, nobody... you guys seem to think all these other teams have everythign sorted out and we are the only ones with flaws.

This team only looked bad once this year ... agains the Saints adn in their building in prime time, we are far from being the only ones.

Concede to the jets?? only if you're fukking moron. They have a QB way worse than ours and got 50 odd points put on them by the Bengals... yeah, I'm really going to quiver there.

And the Bills, pff, the air is out of that balloon..

tougher? heres there wins at clev with weeden, a horrible falcons team we barely beat, at colts a very good up and down team, and cincy a awful road team we lost home games to bad teams like the bills and ravens. pats and saints well we knew those were auto losses

Signal and Mark, I'm sorry but I just don't see Philbin as HC material. Can he improve? Yes. Will he ever be a top HC? I just don't think so. Just my opinion.

SF, best team??? kaep is horrible .....

mark 1-7 not a bad prediction. we lost 2 starters off oline. we lost our most valuable wr in gibson (thank u ireland for dealing bess for nothing) we arent near as good as we were at start of year. simply put this is a very mediocre football team i dont see any better than a 6-10 record,i for one hope we go 4-12. tired of the 7-9 seasons killing us for the next year also

Phins lose by 10 tonight.




Unfortunately Dusty has this right...you guys are forgetting we haven't "dominated" any team this year. NONE...

Dusty, you really wouldn't want Johnson?

The isssue with the jets is they have a very strong front 7 and we have a very weak front 5.
Garner was not good enough to replace Clabo.
McKinnie was benched by Bmore.

80% of our OL: McKinnie, Garner, Jerry, Clabo)

sorry dusty, we disagree... bottom line, the records of the teams we played in the first half before yesterday 37-31, 2nd half 31-37 ... excuse me if I don't act like a French soldier here ...

...So one of the blessings about this shakeup on the offensive line..Hopefully we will see more, or close too. The same amount of 12 personnel as we did last week, and the first half of games the 2 previous.

Just on having new players in the mix. Having 2 tight ends out there. On the line, in the backfield as a fullback..Whatever. It should be our bread and butter formation for the rest of this season. It makes the other personel groupings that we run out there more effective because the efficiency of the run out of the 12 personel groupings.

Where I think we will get in trouble is if we fall back into the mode of lots of formations with a single tight end single back, 3 WR's..We love this grouping. but it gets us in much more trouble then it does good. I went back and did some research..It is mind blowing...Over 75 percent of our sacks came when we are in the formations with this personel grouping..

We 1 cannot protect, it forces our running back to be a blocker instead of a pass catching threat. And 3 I think that a lot of Tannehills int's come from this set up as well(I can't say this as fact. But logic says that we used this grouping so much from week 3 to last week that it probably will be obvious)...

So to me..And looking ahead. 2 tight ends should be our base formation..It gives us more options. it helps the run, it helps the pass. It will make the other formations we wanted to run more efficient as well.
Wake up Sherman an recognize your own tendencies, and faults. And call the right game.

SF stuck with Kappe at least 5 more seasons.

never mentioned kaep, mentioned the niners very good football team

ETF, our OT position is stronger with McKinnie and Clabo than it was with Clabo- Martin ... anyone really want to dispute that???

Unfortunately Dusty has this right...you guys are forgetting we haven't "dominated" any team this year. NONE...

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | November 11, 2013 at 12:29 PM
Let's change that around a little. When was the last time we dominated any team.

Dusty....as much as I love the Dolphins...I feel your post make the most sense. As for 7-9 8-8 I agree I would rather be 4-12 so that we get better draft position. We've been that 7-9, 8-8 team for way too long. Mark and many other bloggers here weren't around for the dominant 70's teams he doesn't really know what winning feels like. I know hat it feels like and I want to feel that again

Yeah Mark..SF has a pretty decent defense, but their offense is nothing to write home about. We nearly beat them ourselves last season, even with our lousy offensive production.

well, the qb is a big part of the team and kape isn't even average. They better watch out or even the wild card may be slipping... going nowhere with that douche at qb.

u talking lane johnson? no i told u i would of never traded up. i would of dealt for alberts with 2nd rd pick and taken eifert with first

u arent stuck with anyone in nfl, u can cut them and owe next to nothing

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