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Some words between linemen actually help Dolphins

At a time the words used between Dolphins offensive linemen has come under national scrutinty, it's ironic the Dolphins themselves have instituted a one-word system of communicating between their left guard and left tackle that is used on every play to benefit the team.

Since Bryant McKinnie arrived in Miami via trade from the Baltimore Ravens two weeks ago, he's been working to learn the playbook.

"I'm pretty good with that," McKinnie said. "I'm not 100 percent, I'd say probably 85 percent."

The remainding 15 percent deals with important stuff. McKinnie, you see, is not quite sure about blocking adjustments against certain defenses. And so before each play or pre-snap, the left guard, more experienced in the Dolphins offense, will give McKinnie a translation of sorts on what to do.

Originally it was Richie Incognito giving McKinnie the code. Now it's Nate Garner who will be telling McKinnie the code pre-snap.

"It's one word we use," Garner said. "Just one word per play. That's what we're trying to get it down to."

"It's certain terminology we use with each other to to confirm exactly what we're doing," McKinnie said. "I know the run plays and the pass plays. It's just about combination blocks and who I have to pick up on the blitzes. Stuff like that. That type of communication."

The exchange between the guard and tackle has worked very well so far. McKinnie did not allow a sack against Cincinnati once the system was instituted. 

"We did a pretty good job of doing it last week and this week we had a little more practice at it during practice," Garner said. "Sometimes he doesn't even need my help. He's been around the league 13 years. He's a vet. He gets one word out of me and he knows what to do."


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Hilarious how one OT win has the delusional homers thinking that the Phins actually have a decent team. The O-Line is the worst in team history. Tannebust can't move the team.

The Martin case has been a colossal distraction.

Phins lose by two scores.

Still clinging to hope huh ?

Phins lose to Tampa and S.D.


No one can say you were not warned.

Numbers don't lie.

Does anyone remember that Tannehill THREW the ball on the drive that tied the game?

agree 100 percent bill, 4-12 benefits teams wayyyyyyyyy more than those awful 7-9 years. and we seem to have them every year

u talking lane johnson? no i told u i would of never traded up. i would of dealt for alberts with 2nd rd pick and taken eifert with first

Posted by: dusty bottoms | November 11, 2013 at 12:37 PM

These moves would have actually addressed 2 areas of need on our team....so again I agree with Dusty!

Do any of you realize you all sound like a bunch of bitter, old women?

vegas, numbers said kc would win 5.5 games this year. thats a huge lie

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 11, 2013 at 12:38 PM


My point as always is not that Vegas is always right, just that they are right more often than any other pundit, site, or source.

Yeah! Talk about actual football! Can't wait for the game tonight.

What a show of solidarity would it be for the players to wear "68" AND "71" stickers on their helmets (not sanctioned by NFL, of course; never would be)? Then go out and beat the snot out of the Bucs? It's my hope that they do something that shows support of both Richie and Martin and show that this BS is behind them. Channel the bad energy into a huge win and maybe stuff a towel in the media's pie hole.

but they arent vegas. i for one who gambles every week watch and record every line. they dont set a line on what they think will happen, they set the line to high to start on favorites in games, knowing that most of the gamblers almost always bet the favorites regardless. then they move the line back and fourth till they even the money out. really has nothing to do with what they think will happen.

That could because Vegas puts the fix in on just about every game...the odds simply don't support their uncanny ability to pick games at the rate they are unless their is a fix. I don't bet on games for the simple fact that I would just be feeding the monster. Take Vegas and the big money and games would be decided by the players on the field instead of the refs. Call me delusional. well just take a look back at the game in Foxboro a few weeks ago. If that wasn't a fix, then I am Mary Poppins.

I am old and I remember when we made the playoffs almost every year and lost and everyone whined we couldn't win the "big" one.

I also remember that we had a hard time filling the stadium when we were winning 10-11 games/year.

We even whined when we didn't score enough points winning the Superbowl. We didn't "dominate".

well then your mary poppins fins ran ball great and forgot what play calls were runs in second half

lol...okay DD :P

Posted by: EVERYBODY KNOWS | November 11, 2013 at 12:48 PM

I remember pretty much the same thing as you....the Orange rocked most times but Miami fans are just about the worst in the NFL....I wish we had fans like the Chiefs or Seahawks...they show up win or lose and rock the stadium. IDK how many times I have flown down for a Dolphins game to find half the stadium empty and/or filled with the fans of our opponent!!

i hate that stadium, orange bowl was much better. fans were loud, palm trees showing. marino slinging it around

Agree...again...Dusty...for all the same reasons. Our home record in the Orange Bowl was one of the best in NFL!

@Hardin Drye

I agree with a lot of what you said, but I have to make a statement on something you stated:

Correction: The liberal society doesn't want the N word to go away. They just want white people not to be able to say it. The liberal society embraces the hypocrisy that only blacks can use the N word. How often do you hear them vilify a black for saying it? They always get a pass.

It's only an issue to them when whites use it.

The N word should either be allowed to be said or not to be said.
It's either right or wrong, and it's either racist or not.
The double standard of allowing blacks to use it every other word with impunity--but when whites use it is literally the end of the world--is pure racism in itself.

We all know that by accepting that only blacks can use the N word as often and however and wherever they want daily if not hourly or even minutely at times, and yet whites can lose their careers ad reputation over saying the same word one time (even if it was literally years ago if you are a politician, etc) is utter ridiculous B.S.

This extreme double standard and it's lack of consequences if you are black and it's extreme consequences if you are white has got to go.

Let's all stop walking on eggshells about this.

I know I'm not the only one sick of it.

Dusty, you must have watched a different game than I did. The Fins ran on first down the first four possesions of the second half. And when Tannehill did make a play in the passing game the refs called it back.

If you don't believe me, look at the tape.

Although the bench seats in the Orange Bowl SUCKED!!

ran on first down? u mean when everyone in the stadium knew we would

I still can't understand why we even moved the team in the first place. Orange Bowl was good enough for National Championship games, but not good enough for the Super Bowl? Too many pansy arsed fans wanting a roof over their heads to watch a game that should be played outside in the elements in the first place. I hate closed stadiums and will never attend a game again that is played in doors.

The last game I attended that was in a dome was the game where Marino brought us back against the Hawks in 2000. Great game, but sucked being inside.

marino to tony martin from own goaline third and forever

Exactly Dusty.

You have to throw on first down at least 1/3 of the time and you have to trust your QB. He either has "it" or he doesn't. Every game you waste protecting him by "running the ball" you waste an evaluation of his worth.

Sink or swim this year!

Is Patterson still doubtful for tonight's game? Too bad if he doesn't play. Guy changes our entire defense...

Espn just reports Martin likely done with Dolphins.

Per Jonathan Martin he is relieved to be away from the team and he can't play with Dolphins again. Says he would like to play football again, just not with the Dolphins.

We all knew it, the lawsuit's coming.

Gotta get ready for work....4-12 tonight...saving NYC!!

sam we knew that a week ago. theres zero chance that guy ever plays a game again in a fins uniform


i don't care who they had or could have gotten to solidify the left tackle position, just as long as they did, or even if they showed an equivilent effort in relationship to the importance of that postition...they didn't necessarily have to draft a left tackle with that 3rd overall pick, they could have very well traded to a team for an elite left tackle who would have been considered worth that #3 pick...all i am saying is that to ignore the hole at one of the hardest to address positions(left tackle) while in posession of a sure fix tool such as the #3 pick overall is mindblowing! unless extremly lucky, you can NOT solidify the left tackle position with garbage picks, it takes something of GREAT value to GET something of great value, and the #3 pick overall commands such value. if my car is broke down and i need it to report to work in order to make a living, i FIX the car, i DON'T go out and buy a flashy suit!

Dolphins 38
Tampa 10

Go Phinsssss!!!!!

Bill, don't fall into the dusty trap (he's been advocating that strategy for years. When we got the #1 pick, we took Jake Long. How'd that work out (for more than a season)?

Truth is, teams have been drafting just fine from the middle of the pack. There are 2 kinds of wine buyers: the kind that buy a bottle they want to drink immediately, and the kind that buy a bottle and let it develop for a few years before they drink it.

Ireland is the latter. And we need the former. We need impact players YEAR 1, like a Clay Matthews, like a Julio Jones. And it would be nice to have players still on the team in years 3-4-5.

Also, we're just not that bad to be 4-12, 5-11. We're a .500 franchise. The goal isn't to go backwards. It's to get over the hump. If we had an impact HC (Andy Reid) we'd be 7-1 right now.

If Ireland survives this latest fiasco, he needs to be anointed "A Made Man". He's officially become a "Teflon Don".

bud they had an elite left tackle in b albert for the second rd pick. but ireland was so excited to shock everyone and move up to take this shiny new object at a place where we didnt need help.

dion jordan is that flashy suit that ireland can wear while walking to work while his car sits at the garage.


Unless the flashy suit gets you a promotion & a raise to buy a new flashy car.

New post up.

Good lord now the coward won't even do a TV interview, he will release a scripted video statement instead. I am so glad he is gone, what a joke of a human being that man is, at least come out from under mamma's skirt to explain yourself. Even though Cogs interview seemed a bit self serving, at least he was man enough to face the nation.

the bottom line and fact here is that ireland had an OPPOURTUNITY to address the ritchie/johnathan issue before it blew up(phone call with martin's agent) but he chose NOT to. ireland had an OPPOURTUNITY to address the left tackle position in the offseason with good resources at his diposal, but he chose not to. ireland had another chance to address the left tackle position during the draft(selection/trade..)but again, chose not to....i think irelands only play now, or final oppourtunity is to make some kind of settlement(if possible)...and guess what, jeff's track record screams that he will gamble with something totaly off the wall....just as he did by starting martin at left tackle, just as he did by drafting dion jordan instead of addressing the hole at left tackle, just as he did by ignoring martin's agent complaint about hostilities.

The new offensive line needs to open up holes for Miller and give Tannehill time!!!

The Dolphins lost crucial games due to late game crushing sacks/fumbles. OL needs to get it together!

All other aspects of this team are very solid, including Philbin!!!

The season starts for the Dolphins tonight...

Miami 31 - Tampa - 10

You have to give coaches time to transform their teams... I think Philbin has done a good job so far by getting rid of most of the poor player choices during his short 1.5 years with the team.

Adversity is not always a bad thing, it forces coaches/teams to work harder to succeed!

Some of the best coaches of all time had slow beginnings. Here's a list of some notable coaching records during their first year:

Vince Lombardi, Packers - 1-10-1
Chuck Knoll, Steelers - 1-13
Bill Walsh - 2-14
Jimmy Johnson, Cowboys - 1-15

I think the Dolphins are on the right track...

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