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Source: Incognito is 'done' on the Dolphins

Richie Incognito remains suspended by the Dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team but his fate on this team long-term is already sealed, a source tells The Miami Herald.

"He's done," a ranking club source said Monday. "There are procedures in place and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective he'll never play another game here."

That really comes as no surprise, given the apparently untenable nature of the scandal that is rocking the Dolphins locker room. Allegations that Incognito left threatening and even racially charged messages on teammate Jonathan Martin's voice mail -- as first reported by CBSSports.com and ESPN.com -- have been confirmed.

The club has heard the voice mail, the source confirmed.

Incognito has yet to formally defend himself from these allegations and is expected to do just that in a robust manner. The Dolphins also have requested and are awaiting a vigorous review of the entire matter from the NFL. The NFL is leading the review.

So the Dolphins will wait for Incognito's defense and the full NFL review to play out before formally cutting ties with the player. But the die is cast. The same organization that once strongly defended and embraced Incognito has internally decided to sever ties.

Once the NFL review is concluded, and assuming the league doesn't suspend Incognito the remainder of the season, the Dolphins can cut Incognito or they can simply deactivate him the remainder of the season and allow the guard's contract to expire. He is unsigned after this season.

Whatever the procedure and even if Incognito is not cut, the source tells me the plan is to not allow Incognito to return to the locker room and definitely not to wear the Miami uniform again.


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news flash, water is wet !

I wonder if tannehill can also sue Incognito for threateneing him when he told him "he better not fukk it up" when told he was the starter.... sheesh...

Good. Now, do the same with Martin. A big man has no business being that soft. If he can't handle locker room antics, he can't handle it on the field. We actually have proof of this.

Seasons end, wipe the slate clean by axing Philbin & Ireland.

Then, all will be good in Dolphin land.


Dont forget, Richie hacked Egnew's facebook account last year and put some profanity on his page,!!! Richie is pure evil!! When he retires he will be the worlds first Super villain!!! hell he already has the name "The Incognito"

I wonder if Martin rejoins the team this week? He better get back soon, if he plans on playing for the Dolphins or any other NFL team in the near future.

If you believe Adam Schefter - he's now saying other players on the Dolphins as well as players from other teams have a lot to say (not positive thoughts) about Incognito. Maybe Martin comes back a hero...

What a F'n mess! Thanks Mr. Ross and Mr. Ireland... you sure know how to pick em!

Maybe Martin comes back 20 lbs heavier after laying on momma's couch crying, eating twinkies and watching marathon sessions of Lobstertube. Sorry went all day with out saying LOBSTERTUBE

Guess that puts an end to PHINS 78s theory of "he was suspened aginst a WEAK opponet" (paraphrasing)...

are the words...can the words "i was wrong as can be" be tped on your keyboard...or are you just gona keep clining to the fantasy that...
you know more han the rest of us about Locker rooms and how they operate....30 years I believe....


me neither....but then again...I wasn't the one so dsmissive of other's oints of view....I merely was trying to get you to ee that tere was more than on side...and that YES...I IDT IN FACT HAPPEN.....

Like I told you DAYS AGO....my version was was probably closer to the tuth...to ofcourse you gave me a patented....hahahahahahahahahaha.....

Still haven't seen the words i'm looking for....

I know you got it in you FINS 78....

Now can you guys agree with me what I been saying for the last couple of years that JI and Philbin the clown and his crap of a staff has to be fired gone!!! I hope you blind a s s fans that support this GM and coaching staff see what is going on now because no matter what it boils down to the responsibility of Jeff and Philbin for what happen in that locker room. But remember Jeff interviews with Taylor of the Steelers des Bryant interviews
Jeff also curse out fans. You get where I'm coming from? Now I hope this is the final nail in the coffin for Jeff lrescum! And the rest of this crappy staff!

The NFL is such a p*ssy league these days. It's insane to try to pretend that the NFL is like an office workplace. Guys literally fight each other every training camp. If office guys fight each other, they get thrown in jail. If you can't take being called names, you shouldn't be in the league. Anyone who listens to NBA games hear someone being called the n-word EVERY game.

dolphin Ray,

I shall never agree with thou!!

I Hope @ 3:44.....i do indeed hope...

Rdubs...to funny # 3:46...

Martin...its time to get back to work...show is over for all intents and purposes....


Look at the picture taken of him & Incognito.

Yes, I'm SOOOOOOOOO SURE he's felt threatened or uncomfortable around Incognito before. You can REALLLLLY tell in the picture!

Maybe he was threatened or forced into taking htat picture? Both of these morons should go. Don't just stop with Cogs!

Please, please get rid of the cry baby Martin!

What a disgrace to the NFL!

When simultaneously masturbating and eating twinkies. One must be able to differentiate between the twinkie cream and the winkie cream. I dont know from personal experience, but I heard they taste alot different

SURE you don't know...Rdubs...sure you don't...

There are other players involved as well. For example, the roomies that were forced to pay thousands or tens of thousands in expenses for others.

Having said that, the Dolphins will probably offer Martin a very nice settlement to try to get this off the front pages.

Martin outsmarted the bully. Good for him.

This is just the tip of the iceberg .... watch for other allegations and possibly suspensions start to surface across the NFL. This is a locker room culture thats been going on forever and political correctness has finally caught up with it. My grandmother told me many years ago when I came home from school crying ... Sticks and stones will break your bones but words should never hurt you ...... my how times have changed.

Even if Martin was any good I wouldn't want him back on the team. He's gotta go to.

I think my biggest problem with Martin is. I really dont believe Philbin would ignore Martin if he thought the situation was that bad.

I believe Martin is a person who keeps things inside and lets it boil over. If thats the case, he can only blame himself.

Rookies was misspelled in last post

Well maybe had Martin punched Cogs in the mouth and then present all of the evidence he's presented against him. Then things still may have went well for him.

People like Cogs are the worst kind of racists. They think they aren't predjudice when using racial slurs. They think they are "JUST KIDDING" around. In my opinion, this maybe the worst breed of racist of all.

They are kidding, but, the ethnic person they kid with never find it so funny.

Saying Martin should have hit cogs in the mouth is plain stupid. Cogs is on the leadership council. Meaning he had the wool pulled over the entire organization's eyes.

Can you imagine what would have happened to Martin had he thrown the first punch? a 2nd yr player with question marks attacking a seasoned and established vet?

We all know the org would have sided with cogs and Martin would have seen the last of his Dolphin playing days. Please use your brains people

(begin sarcasm) wow ... football players can be bullies ... who knew? (end sarcasm) it is a bit surprising that grown men would still behave like they are in high school but I suppose that is just the "football culture".

what is truly a shame is these are some of the highest paid individuals in our society. I know several doctors and other professionals who don't earn 1/2 of the league minimum. I suppose that is more a reflection on what we value as a community / society more so than what these players lack as individuals.

But the simple truth remains, these "professional" footballers give their 5 minutes of charity each month for the required photo op and then order $30,000 dinners when the cameras are off. (begin sarcasm) What wonderful examples of human beings they truly are. (end sarcasm)

Kris, don't hold your breathe. Some posters here are delusional or just plain idiots if they believe anything that comes out of the mouth of Philbin when speaking for the organization. Being in DC, with a wife who works in politics (in communications), my ear is fine tuned to spin and 'organizational-legalese-corporate communication-BULLSH*T'! Listen to Philbin when talking about anything but x's and o's and that's what you hear. It's sterile gibberish to communicate exactly nothing with a lot of words. Dawn Aponte's been training him well. Belichick does the same (though I doubt he's being coached by his lawyer girlfriend capologist), the difference being the media up there moves on when Belichick produces wins. Down here, there's nothing moving the story along because the Dolphins are in mediocrity stagnation.

But Martin really can't come back either. For one, how will his teammates treat him after he brought this distraction to a climax mid-Season during a short week? Second, if he thinks Incognito was bad, what will he hear in the trenches from defenders? Think they won't try to get in his head, knowing now he's susceptible to ridicule and being bullied? OF COURSE THEY WILL. No way the team wants that liability if the guy snaps again. IMHO, both Incognito and Martin have worn the Dolphins jersey for the last time.

It is normally not smart to try to outsmart a Stanford man.

Cogs will be broken by this.

Let's all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland, and leave the resolution of this matter in his capable hands.

I know many are pi$$ed @ Martin....and you have the right to feel and think as you wish...

but I say keep an open mind...Like I HOPE said in his post...if the Players come out in SUPPORT of Martin (especially with COGS being gone)....then there is/will be room on this team for Martin....

If I were Philbin....I would totally let the players decide this....and after a 30 min or less player discussion...

I would have them vote...secret ballot....count the yah's...and the neh's...

Players decide...PERIOD....and then stick with that decision....

Probably help him get some needed Credability back in the Locker room...

Why does Martin have to go? He helped clean up a locker room cancer no one was aware of. My question is how many other young Dolphins Cogs used this type behavior against that didn't step forward?

The team has played like their were morale issues. Cogs just shows he may have played a major role in some of the team's morale issues.

So, now some of you think Martin should not be allowed to return because he EXPOSED it? I truly digress.

I have ZERO issue with Cogs using the N word. They're in a locker room with their "brothers' That's the term you always hear about right?

So, assuming it's probably repeated 2 times a day in jest in the locker room, why is it not OK for Cogs to say it?

Don't give me this BS about it being a black thing. If it's OK for blacks it's ok for non blacks. Just as it's OK for blacks to use phrases like cracka or whatever.

Cogs obviously took it too far but, the use of the N word, is not what cause Martin to snap.

Can't wait to see what the NFLPA is going to do. They are reluctantly going to have to take Incog's side on any punishment that comes down by the team or the league office.

Rdubs, are you Lobstertube in Fantasy? If so, I doubt you understand anything about bullying. You've been bullying our league all year. Think you're big and bad. How bad are you this week though? I put you back in your place. AND I left points on my bench. How you like DEM APPLES? STOP BULLYING THE LEAGUE BRO!!! I'm coming for the top spot!

If Ireland or Phil in knew about all this, then they should be fired as well.

Call martin soft to his face fella's. Would love to see that. Teammates are supposed to back each other not intimidate and harrass . Threaten to kill a teammate because he is training? No wonder these guys couldnt gel on the field.Rediculous it went on this long.

NO WONDER there was no "working together" and "jelling"
with the O line. Maybe now that the "bully" is gone, we can now work together ans STOP the sacks....I don't care how good Incog is...let him go....

Its not how he'll be treated in the locker room its how he'll be treated in the trenches...cut the ties now...we'll be better off without both of them!

At what point do I finally give up on this franchise and start following someone else??? 40 years of loving this team and with each year this team comes closer and closer to becoming the laughing stock of the entire NFL forever...unbelievable

I wish the rookies would pay the veterans to make more plays so this would team win more.

Tweet from Armando: "Joe Philbin normally has no tolerance for injury questions. I get the feeling today he'd pay to be bombarded by injury questions."


Sure would be nice if Stephen Ross decided to sever ties with Ireland/Philbin/Aponte. The three of them are all just the same big mess.

That would be music to Dolphins fan's ears……..

'Free Cogs' hats for everybody!!!

ED @ 4:07,

I know how you feel.

Think about his name is Incognito he was always fronting.

LOL, you are a racist idiot!!!!!

You know the word was used in a derogatory manner.

Kris, you actually want martin back on this team?

No doubt in my mind, the Staff and FO could have short-circuited this fiasco.....when Martin went missing on Monday, any GM and Coach worth their salt would have had Martin's agent locate him, get both parties in touch, get him back on site, with everything in place, and everyone on board to end it before it grew media legs.....

...Shame on Ross, Ireland , Philbin and the OL coach, Turner...somebody had to know what happened in that cafeteria on Monday, and bring it to the higher ups...

...keep the turnovers to a minimum, eh Coach...well, you all dropped the ball on this one....


Apparently the Herald is protecting the identity of a Phins rookie who is flat broke paying for dinners & paying for vets social affairs.

DO you guys REALLY think this was all Incognito? Some locker room mastermind? LOL I mean seriously! Some of you people are insanely ridiculous!

Releasing cogs will NOT make this go away or make it a better locker room. To EVERYONES knowledge, the only person with a real issue with Cogs is Martin.

How many players love Cogs? I'd bet you my left nut it's a lot more than just 1. It will be investigated. Goodie Goodell will institute changes throughout the NFL as a result & all players will have the phins to thank.

Luv thy bully.


If he was scared of him before ...oh man I'd go witness protection.

I have ZERO issue with Cogs using the N word. They're in a locker room with their "brothers' That's the term you always hear about right?

Posted by: LOL | November 04, 2013 at 04:01 PM

I guess this qualifies you for "worst kind of racist" like I mentioned in my earlier post.

At least the KLAN doesn't hide behind the "I'm just kidding skirt". I respect the Klan far more than racists of your kind.

he did get called soft to his face, through text, and a vm and didnt do a thing...
Piaoli said he wouldnt have drafted him bc his mental status wasnt to their par..

I hope Richie Incognito sues this sorry organization till they are broke and destroyed. No doubt Incognito will be playing somewhere next year, there are teams that actually like guys who have talent, unlike this sad sack organization.



I'm gonna hold out...you never know.....

Mark and DC...

to me..its not about what I want...its up to the players....if they decide he should stay...then I think he should stay....

if the vote comes back 61-0 against...then hasta la vista baby...

I think its a PLAYERS choice....and only PLAYERS should decide....

Sam I Am = Yesterdays Here


LOL, you are a racist idiot!!!!!

You know the word was used in a derogatory manner.

Posted by: LOL = KKK | November 04, 2013 at 04:09 PM

I respect the Klan far more than racists of his type. Racists of his type are far more cowardly.

LOL, you are a racist idiot!!!!!

You know the word was used in a derogatory manner.

Posted by: LOL = KKK | November 04, 2013 at 04:09 PM

You obviously are an idiot because I don't know that & neither do you! Cogs is a sarcastic prankster. We all saw it on the show last year.

I work with MANY black ppl. Everyday I see them & I say the same thing. Whats up *****?

They smile & say the same darn thing back to me.

The racists are almost always those calling other people racist. Go look at J Mart twitter page & see the pic of him & Cogs in NOLA smiling & havin a good time.

Get a grip!

Sammo, Channing Crowder said Martin is soft, more then once. I put my money on a REAL football player ripping Martin's head off. Anything else you need to know

Lebron on bullying: "We’re a close group and I couldn’t imagine that happening. We joke and laugh and get on each other ... like brothers."

The Martin haters are downright bizarre. If a message like that was left on your phone about you and your family I wonder how you would take it?

Cog has zero respect throughout the league LONG before this incident.

Kris, let the players decide? Do the strong thing and take control of the situation and fire them both. Send the message that this nonsense both ways won't be tolerated especially from non performers. Taking Martin back send the worst kind of message. That we will tolerate the WEAK AND THE UNDERPERFORMING...almost as bad as harboring a bully. The Dolphins have plenty of ammo for dismissing Martin for non performance.

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