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Source: Incognito is 'done' on the Dolphins

Richie Incognito remains suspended by the Dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team but his fate on this team long-term is already sealed, a source tells The Miami Herald.

"He's done," a ranking club source said Monday. "There are procedures in place and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective he'll never play another game here."

That really comes as no surprise, given the apparently untenable nature of the scandal that is rocking the Dolphins locker room. Allegations that Incognito left threatening and even racially charged messages on teammate Jonathan Martin's voice mail -- as first reported by CBSSports.com and ESPN.com -- have been confirmed.

The club has heard the voice mail, the source confirmed.

Incognito has yet to formally defend himself from these allegations and is expected to do just that in a robust manner. The Dolphins also have requested and are awaiting a vigorous review of the entire matter from the NFL. The NFL is leading the review.

So the Dolphins will wait for Incognito's defense and the full NFL review to play out before formally cutting ties with the player. But the die is cast. The same organization that once strongly defended and embraced Incognito has internally decided to sever ties.

Once the NFL review is concluded, and assuming the league doesn't suspend Incognito the remainder of the season, the Dolphins can cut Incognito or they can simply deactivate him the remainder of the season and allow the guard's contract to expire. He is unsigned after this season.

Whatever the procedure and even if Incognito is not cut, the source tells me the plan is to not allow Incognito to return to the locker room and definitely not to wear the Miami uniform again.


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I meant the posters on the blog. Guarantee things dont go the way peeps here think. Of course after martin puts them thru a wall then they sue him cuz " he bullied me".

I hope Richie Incognito sues this sorry organization till they are broke and destroyed. No doubt Incognito will be playing somewhere next year, there are teams that actually like guys who have talent, unlike this sad sack organization.

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | November 04, 2013 at 04:12 PM

Are you kidding or are you really this stupid? Espn is doing a number o Cogs so bad right now, he won't be able to get a job at Burger King taking trash out to the dumpster.

Please tell us you aren't really this stupid.

Sam, he has to go because no matter which way you slice it, he put himself before the team. Sounds cold, callous, almost barbaric but it's true. No room for babies or puzzies

Don't forget there are likely human resource laws/regs, and their handing that are in question here...so the NFL and and NFLPA are really going to be in interesting juxtapositions here, as will Ire/Phil/Aponte.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 04, 2013 at 04:12 & 04:14 PM

OK there. Another looney! Did you forget to change names before you duplicated the same post?

Like I said the people calling others racist are usually the racists. Coward!


How as Martin under perfomed worse than anybody else on this OL....he is status quo....

This looks a team looking to unify...the win Thursday helps....a vote by the players...ad RESPECTED by the coaches takes another step in that direction...

What if Cogs was an @ss that got on everyones's nerves....maybe he has finally got his come-uppance....

I'm a gynecologist and I frequently tell my patients that I like the little bows on their panties. Does that mean I too can get sued ?

I wonder if Pouncey will be next, have a feeling he is part of this somehow

Lebron on bullying: "We’re a close group and I couldn’t imagine that happening. We joke and laugh and get on each other ... like brothers."


Brothers, like this? --> (pix) http://msn.foxsports.com/lacesout/what-happened-between-jonathan-martin-and-richie-incognito/

Dear Mr. Salguero

Why can't these other sports sites like CBS Sports and ESPN find a picture of Richie Incognito instead of using a picture of an overweight Jim Carry from the new Dumb and Dumber movie ?

Soiled :)

Don't want Martin back. For all the people saying coaches should be fired and they want to root for another go ahead. The Heat and the Cans are good alternatives.

Just win 2 and get to 6-4 and this is a non issue.

Channing crowder ? Really? How many times did he get ran over and dragged around
The field? He also said he would be back in the nfl after a year off. Still waiting for the comeback and that's the example you use?

Pouncey's new hat reads "CLEAR COGS"

The Dphins are more mismanaged than the Jets. Simply Wow. Cogs is finished. Now is the time to finish Ireland as well.

For many years now, the NFL and the media have tried, and accomplished, to stick the "female perspective" about Football down our collective throats.

I call the present status of the NFL, the "womanization" of Football and here we have, a 300 pound "womanized" puss too sensitive to take care of business man to man.

This rose does not want to play football anymore and has found a way to make a few millions thru the legal system because, guess what? The judge in the case if it goes to Court most likely will be...a woman!

Very soon, the teams will exchange bouquets of flowers before each game and will kiss each other on both cheeks, hell, although for a good cause,they are already wearing pink.

Sammo, martin couldn't put Paris Hilton's lap dog thorugh a wall. Guy's a waste of space.

big whoop....who really cares, all that much? I dont...so Incognito is crude loaf and wont be re-signed....Martin is still a young player that we need, and should keep, if he can survive the locker room after this--only one way to find out....beyond that....in the words of the immortal Al Davis...."just win, baby"

No team is going to want Richie because he's a bully
No team is going to want Martin because he's a snitch

One is (basically) banned for doing the wrong thing
One is (basically) banned for doing the right thing

One is a bad guy and the culture punishes him
One is a good guy and the culture punishes him

An unfortunate double-edged sword

I'm not a Dolphins fan, and after seeing all your comments I'm glad I'm not. You people are sickening. Incognito showed he was a piece of trash, by leaving sickening, revolting, threatening and RACIST messages to Martin and you people are still calling him soft and a coward and all this other stuff? You people are just as bad as Incognito is. Trashy fans.

Kris, because he not only underperforms (2nd worst rated OT in the NFL by PFF metrics), he whistle blew on a teammate in the worst way possible. By makign himself a national story and then telling teacher. FUKK him, even if Incognito was awful - it's still weak and soft. And what happens the next time someone hurts honey boo-boo's feelings here?

mark....I want Martin back on this team.....if the players want Martin back on this team--let them decide (and they will, for better or worse)--why wouldnt I want him back? Can he help us win (I think so, but debatable at times)....can he improve?--does he have a reasonable contract?--do we need him/OL depth? (yes, yes, yes....yes, yes and yes)---so why wouldnt I want him back?

Sammo, at least Crowder had the stones to fight and take his lumps unlike DJ Jazzy Jeff over here...


And Clabo was benched.

Tanne is going to end up hospitalized.

The NFL makes players wear pink so they can sell pink merchandise and promote the game to women. The breast cancer awareness bit is just a ruse. The NFL could care less about the "cause." That's secondary.

Mark getting rid of Martin at this point only adds another major offseason hole to fill.

Mckinnie's probably a 1yr fix at LT, we know Clabo is a horrible RT. Cogs is done at LG, now dump Martin too?

Even keeping Martin, 2014 we have 3 new face on offensive line. We're on pace to obliterate all sacks allowed franchise records now. With Pouncey the only 2014 returning starter, we probably obliterate ad sack allowed record we obliterated in 2013.

You are not going to effectively replace all 4 oline positions in 1 offseason. Think about that?

With the oline in place right now, we could possibly be looking for a new starting qb too.

bunch of bad, nasty dudes misbehaving.....and something like this happens--imagine that!

Clearly Incognito needs to go...but there is no way that he could have the effect he did without the other guys in the locker room either aggressivly supporting Incognitos behavior or looking the other way. The rest of the locker room and coaches for that matter need to be weeded out if they have been found to know about this. Also, how could Tannehill the leader of the team (as all good QBs are) let this behavior take place. I am ashamed of all the Fins right now.

benz and Kris, having martin on the team only prolongs this scenario ... cutting ties with them both puts it behind them and on the streets and everyone learns their lesson. Martin runs to the hills in the heat of battle and you take him back ... some example.

Sam, not hard to replace the worst starter in the NFL, is it?


Not accurate @ all....

He told teacher FIRST....then whistle blew...then the national story because teacher did nothing to prevent it....

even to the point where teacher put out a statement yesterday about 11 am denying the accustions....and saying that Martin was out due to illness....talk about a SLAP in the face....

that is MOST LIKELY the reason why Martin went foward with the rest of the story...that and COGS asinine twitter rant...

dude had no choice...that is why I am now in the camp that is beginning to winder if Philbin is the right man for this job....

he and the FO coudn't possibly have hadled it any worse...

Anyone still thinking playoffs ?

Phins go 7-9...again.

Lose on Monday Night Football to a winless team.

No one watches Thursday Night Football.

Public perception has never been worse for The Phins.

I'm glad to see at least a few of you are ashamed of the organization and the coaching staff. The rest of you are sickening.

If the Dolphins try to cut Martin under these circumstances, it will cost them a lot. There are multiple laws in play and the Dolphins will gladly pay Martin's entire contract and more to keep this out of court.

This is a nightmare for the team.

Martin was brave to stand up to this behavior. He probably had no choice in how he handled things.

Maybe if Shula spanked Incognito on PPV all would be forgiven.

How are we replacing 4? I would gladly take Jerry back instead of martin. At least when people called Jerry fat, and said he couldn't block his way out of a paper bag in front of the whole country, he didn't go crying home to his mother. and Jerry is a flat out better player.



I don't have a dog in the fight.....

This (to me) is stricly a players decision...I will support what ever they decide (if they got to decide)....

Mark, only in Miami do we seem to more issues in the current year than the year before. Nothing ever really gets resolved and new issues just pile atop the old.

ashamed James?---sheez....do you know how many girlfriends some of the married players probably have?--do you really want to guess or think about most of the locker room conversations, the content/language,etc?--do you think a few of them have money issues?--or legal issues?--or both?--you're really ashamed.....NOW?--c'mon dude, wake up....if we all knew many of these guys well, or we knew what went on or was said in the locker room, I bet we woulda been ashamed long ago....same for every locker room--hey, are you perfect?--if your dirty laundry was aired, would you be ashamed by any of it?--think hard before you answer....

If we fired everyone underperforming only Brandon Fields would be at the game lol

Sigh, not sure how things go down in Florida, but in Canada, hard to prove wrongful dismissal.

All Dolphins have to show the courtroom is footage of him playing and PPF metrics pertaining to his performance and it's all over. He may get a sandwich and club soda for his efforts but not much more.

One major advantage of my country. We discourage this type of litigation. Nobody getting rich in Canada by spilling hot coffee on themselves from McDonald's.


t, I need to take a shite, open ur mouth...

Kris, the precedent to Martin remaining on the team is Manti Te'o. If he can handle the abuse he must get from teammates and/or players on opposing teams, then Martin POTENTIALLY could. But from all this, do you really think his disposition is that strong? He's really going to get tormented in the trenches. While I wouldn't be against the team deciding his fate, I think the liability of the organization if he kirks out again is pretty strong.

Bigger question is if we need 4 linemen next year (who knows what Pouncey's legal status will be, maybe 5), does anyone trust Ireland is the guy to deliver on that need? I sure don't. Not after 5 years of whiffing.

Fins better get this team back together for the division games coming up. Rally sucks that the junk jets are already sneaking up to get in to the playoffs WE NEED TO BEAT 'EM!!!

Word at Dolphins headquarters is that Jeff Ireland has gotten in front of this entire unfortunate matter and has it well in hand. He is going to require a 15 minute sensitivity lecture for all employees, from the top down, with representatives of the African American community. His involvement in this process is to the degree that he is screening the sensitivity instructors to make sure that their mothers have not engaged in acts of prostitution.

Why shouldn't he come back at the proper moment? He was a 2nd Rd pick. You know what will happen if Martin comes back? They will fear him. And treat him wonderfully.

I know I am ashamed of the team and it's management.

This bullying, hazing, extortion, and worst has probably went on for a long time. Team leaders and management did nothing. A rookie is broke according to reports. Martin was tough to stick it out for so long.

In the end, it was Martin who did the right thing. He probably did. It want to do it, but had no choice.

Kris, i don't have a dog in this fight either. But to me the best thing would be to get rid of them both. Sure maybe for legal reasons you may have to wait until training camp next year and show someone can beat out Martin but neither would be on my team next year.

One guy is absolute psycho and the other just doesn't act like a football player and we've already seen this blow up. Whether validated or not, he broke almost every code there is among athletes in team sports here. I wouldn't want to see the next turn big weirdo takes this now that he has some momentum. Forget that business...

Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice...

hey, we aint fielding a boy scout troop....we've tried bad-guy players.....tried good-guy players....tried bad-guy who acted like good-guy players....CFL players...undrafted players--tried 'em all....I dont care....field a winning team, and accept the fact that you're gonna have some bad dudes on it that you probably wouldnt want dating your daughters--be realistic, folks.

Good point Benz...maybe ashamed isnt the right word for exactly the reasons you point out. But...what I should have said is that in order for a "bully" to be successful he needs an audience that will support him...either aggressivley or passively. Therefore, I am very disappointed that no one else had the guts to stand up to Incognito.

Sam, not hard to replace the worst starter in the NFL, is it?

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 04, 2013 at 04:29 PM


1st - He stinks as a player

2nd - If he can't handle locker room antics, how's he gonna fare on the field against opponents who will use it against him?

3rd - Based on performance, he was on the list to be replaced anyway!

We knew quickly this season we were gonna need a LT, LG, RG & RT this offseason. Cogs & Jerry are both UFA & were probably NOT coming back either way.

I can see the team trying to resign Jerry & move him to RT to replace Martin & stick to having to replace 3/5 of the OL with Pouncey the only 1 safe.

What are we losing in Martin? A lousy player? LOL This is the fan base, insisting on holding on to garbage at the expense of potentially upgrading!

This is EXACTLY what the phins have done with Jeff Ireland. They think the unknown GM out there will be worse than what we have!

Good riddance. Icognito was (not is) an average to mediocre player at best. Those who would defend him using racial slurs and threats haven't got a leg to stand on. I'm a pretty solid 6'2 220 and I'll tell you that a real man works out problems with his brain not violence. Maybe that explains why he did it in the first place. There's always someone bigger or badder out there and the jails and graveyards are full of fools who thought otherwise. The Dolphins handled this right.

Listen, some guys here could go to jail if the charges of extortion are proved, under racketeering laws. Marco, be alert, this can be made as serious as anybody wants.

There are different degrees of threats, etc. Incognito seems a little closer to A Hernandez type psycho so that could be scary to anyone. he may be soft but give him a break for not standing up directly to a psycho like this...

Death threats and gangster type behavior is over the top and criminal and is beyond any 'normal' NFL fights and hazing, etc. Good riddance Incognito, although he will continue to be a problem elsewhere....


Hadn't really thought of the liability aspect of another freak out...

OK..I get that...

But in all honesty....I think that Cogs just rode him a bit to hard...amd to long....Martin should have new found confidence from his victory...come into the locker room with a few self-depricating jokes about suing people...laugh @ others jokes about being sensitive....and wal-la....he is back in the good graces...heck...

even play Rocky 5 movie...with the fake Don King telling Rocky...."Touch me and i'll sue...(chuckles)...Touch me and i'll sue....

Great Movie...I love Rocky movies...

He can recover...and Martin can be a (mentally) stronger man from the experince....

Remember....COGS has been messing with Martin since he arrived 2 years ago....how much can one man take...

it wasn't a joke or two....it was a barrage of constant and consistent intimidation...I doubt many on here can even stand up to so much....

How many good posters has DAYTONA driven away....and thats just on a keyboard...

think about that...

Martin will get a nice settlement if he wants it. He may have just been trying to do the right thing.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Martin did come back, and they put him at left guard to replace Incognito (who wishes he were incognito right now).

Philbin wont say anything till after the NFL review. Wow he is going to come under so much fire now.

He did an ok job in the press conference though. Its the most comfortable I've seen him ever.

He maybe enjoting the national attention. He's a goner though. At the end of the year.

Meh. If a guy's stupid enough to call a fellow player a "half-n_gg_r" ON HIS FREAKIN' VOICEMAIL, then we need a smarter OL guy anyway.

as usual DC is wrong. Of course Martin will be back.

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