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Source: Incognito is 'done' on the Dolphins

Richie Incognito remains suspended by the Dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team but his fate on this team long-term is already sealed, a source tells The Miami Herald.

"He's done," a ranking club source said Monday. "There are procedures in place and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective he'll never play another game here."

That really comes as no surprise, given the apparently untenable nature of the scandal that is rocking the Dolphins locker room. Allegations that Incognito left threatening and even racially charged messages on teammate Jonathan Martin's voice mail -- as first reported by CBSSports.com and ESPN.com -- have been confirmed.

The club has heard the voice mail, the source confirmed.

Incognito has yet to formally defend himself from these allegations and is expected to do just that in a robust manner. The Dolphins also have requested and are awaiting a vigorous review of the entire matter from the NFL. The NFL is leading the review.

So the Dolphins will wait for Incognito's defense and the full NFL review to play out before formally cutting ties with the player. But the die is cast. The same organization that once strongly defended and embraced Incognito has internally decided to sever ties.

Once the NFL review is concluded, and assuming the league doesn't suspend Incognito the remainder of the season, the Dolphins can cut Incognito or they can simply deactivate him the remainder of the season and allow the guard's contract to expire. He is unsigned after this season.

Whatever the procedure and even if Incognito is not cut, the source tells me the plan is to not allow Incognito to return to the locker room and definitely not to wear the Miami uniform again.


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Good job by the Coach and Front Office. This thg needed to be resolved quick.

I would Put J.Martin on IR the rest of the season. Settle with him and release him at the end of the year.

The Team will move on. We will be better for this.

All that DC....

and play a decent game a RT...that goes a long way as well...

Sam I Am, you are beyond a rock sometimes. WQAM was saying how Incognito will have absolutely NO Problem playing on another team. He is a Pro Bowler with TALENT.
Again, you live a sheltered life. Incognito did NOTHING different then happens in every single locker room in the NFL. You can't be that clueless??

For those unsure about the American legal system, the Dolphins do NOT want this case to go to court. Wrongful dismissal would e the least of their worries. If the hazing, slurs, bullying and extortion went on for well over a year, then any sane jury would stick it to the Dolphins. A $5 million dollar verdict would be a victory - for the Phins. It could easily reach tens of millions.

fair enough James, and I agree....disappointing, without a doubt--my point was simply that, unfortunately, there are few players in pro sports that could truly serve as role models these days--alot of these guys have had bad/checkered pasts, tough upbringings, etc....but thats what gives many of them their edge--yes, obviously are enough exceptions....but the reality is that many of them have things they (and we) would be ashamed of--uh, some icon that we all looked up to named Marino comes to mind.....no?


How do you see this as a good job....

Philbin says "Bullying won't be tolerated"...

then the FINS release a statment thats says..."there was/is no bullying going on"....

and then they suspend Cogs for conduct detrimental...bullying....

They coudn't have handled this worse imo...and the really should have handled it SOONER...you know...before it became a national news story...

ie. James.....lower your expectations

oh...and cost us ONE...and possily 2 OL men...

I think they could have done things different...and BETTER...

thats all i'm saying...

Let's see, Wes Welker claims Aaron Hernandez told him he was going to kill him when he wouldn't tell him where the film room was. How big is Wes Welker? Did Welker go running to the Coaches? Did Welker leave the team?? Uh NO. He told the story AFTER he went to play for Denver. Yet people are defending a 6:5 315 pd puss cause he was "bullied"
Utter Nonsense

finally....there was nothing "quick" about how this was resolved....

unless we are on a completly different "time space continuem"....when it comes to our definition of quick...

a year and a half...NOT quick...by my definition....

Philbin and the front office are only playing the game J.Martin started. Every word has to be well thought out. Lawyers are listening.

As a NFL Team, Any coach would've done the same thing. You let players try and resolve their issues on their own. You have to wait for them to come to you for help. If the player never comes to you for help. Maybe the player is to blame.

At No Point has J.Martin ever said he went to J.Philbin and complained. Martin is also at fault. He doesn't communicate his feelings properly.

It's pretty disgusting seeing you folks attack Martin. If the allegations are accurate he essentially withstood constant berating for 2 years and you guys attack him for being weak. I'd love to see you handle it for that long, try to be a team player by not going and whining to the coach immediately. Pretty disgusting seeing you "people's" comments. No one should be treated like that. You have no idea how difficult that kind of stress can make doing your day job. Knowing every mistake is going to be a point for mockery and derision. No one improves in that kind of environment.

Good luck Martin.

Unfortunately the Dolphins will have to let creampuff back in if he wants due to fear. Fear of PC attitudes that are destroying this country. Fear of that POS commish we currently have.

Martin will never play another down in the NFL. There isn't one player who would want this crying little snitch on his team.

Oscar @4:44,

You are right. If the authorities and/or pitiful powers that be want to do so, they can rip the Dolphins apart on a number of possible legal charges.

they couldve Kris, agree.....but they didnt....and we all wake up tommorrow (hopefully)--so now what?.....they didnt handle it better....move on....beat TB--simple.

Bobby D...

Looks like the FINS oraginzation see it the EXACT same way you do....

hence the suspension of the 330 LB guy...

I meant political NOT pitiful. The NFL, Union, state, or Feds could do what they want with this situation as could the media.

Every opponent that faces Martin will belittle him! Calling him all sorts of bad things, I could see him lose it and start crying on MNF vs the Bucs if he plays...

You remember, I coulda been a contender, I coulda been somebody. Review the movie. Like, You are going to jail, I will kill you, You are going to jail. Yes?

expectations folks.....dial down the expectations, in general--see this for what it is, and dont expect alot (or anything) more--win on the field, and accept that its definitely less than perfect off the field (by definition....these are pro football players after all)--like I said above....a guy we all know named Marino let his family down, the fans down....not too long ago--he aint perfect and you/we were only disappointed if you expected him to be....so we move on

Did someone just say 'good job' to the FO, lol.
Philbin just said in front of the world, Martin did not make accusations to him about inappropriate behavior.


I'm with you on the beat Tampa....I have posted as much on page one...its is the ONLY cure....

but as far as moving on....

Monday night can't come soon enough...

You live in a wonderful, primitive Country, Mark. How I envy you!


Philbin's credibility is about to be called in to serious question...

If I were him...I woudn't talk in absoultes...PERIOD.....

stefin....are you serious?--they'll "belittle" him?--geez, oh my....really?--do you have any idea whats said on the field, on every play, already?--regardless of this situation?--do you think they're wishing each other well out there?...."hey, nice play there old chap...and I appreciate your respectful tone and pat on the back too....cheerio!"---dude, the craps flying out there anyway....this might make it a little worse, but it aint pretty already--wow....

Complete sociopath and a drunk. I feel for martin but why wait so long? This guy gives bullies a bad name. He is a danger and needs help. Wait for the others to come out now. I would have set him up and got him arrested. Not for this but a DUI or assault. He is done so he can now be incognito. Sounds like he is in the closet.

I sure hope Philbin is telling the Truth. Otherwise, he might join some other People from there in Jail.

only open ened answers...open to multiple interpetations...

" Incognito did NOTHING different then happens in every single locker room in the NFL."

That is not what the team's lawyers will be telling them. Their story will go more like this.

(1) Incognito is kicked off Fins for abusive conduct, as trumpeted throughout the world by ESPN & co.

(2) Team (let's call 'em "Houston Texans") hires Incognito.

(3) Incognito pushes some rookie around.

(4) Rookie sues Texans for the price of their stadium, citing Texans' knowledge of Incognito's prior conduct when they hired him.

(5) Texans play next season's games at Rice because they can't afford to rent their old stadium from the rookie.

The question isn't whether such a thing could happen; it's how *likely* is it to happen, and why take that chance?

Man whatever happened to due process. This guy os no angel
But come on. Espn is tearing him apart.
Here we go espn around the horn is pileing on blaming the dolphin organization. This os a joke. Wtf

Unfortunately the Dolphins will have to let creampuff back in if he wants due to fear. Fear of PC attitudes that are destroying this country. Fear of that POS commish we currently have.

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 04, 2013 at 04:59 PM
Edit: Should add creampuff will not want to come back. He left his team in a cowardly fashion and he knows it. He also knows he will not be respected and probably despised. Easier to take the cowards way out. Take a settlement and 'retire'. No guts, no glory

I know Kris, that's why I was surprised to hear him answer the Q's the way he did, in a hurried presser.

Richard Varela, another one of the emasculated men who played in the band in high school. Women like you are ruining everything it means to be a man.

Great post anderson...


Not one mention by any of you idiots about our starting QB the No. 8 draft pick going into his 2nd year with these clowns charged with protecting his blind side.

Not one.

Don't kid yourself fans, Philbin is the problem as well.

The only reason Cogs will be let go is because he got caught not doing enough or anything about it.

First they wont tolerate bullying. Then they martin never made a claim. Then Cogs is suspended after Martin all of a sudden madea claim?

He knew, just didn't take it seriously enough. Martin is a sissy & Cogs is a loud mouthed douche. Neither of the 3 have a place on the team.

Kris your an idiot

BTW, reports are out that Martin has a drug problem and has been in treatment centers for this before. So now if that's true, there puts another twist we have a druggie who is a baby.

To those who claim he hurt the team by the way this happened: How long should someone be tormented before it is acceptable to have a breakdown? He stayed strong for the team for two years, he didn't go to the coaches and one day it came to a head. It's not the ideal way for it to come out but that isn't his fault. He tried and failed. I'd like to see any of you live with that for 2 years. I give it five minutes before you're crying to coach about how the other players are mean to you.


This was resolved quick. It hasn't been going on a Year and Half. The Situation happened last Monday. Martin walked out on the team. The Team met with the NFL and J.Martin's people got all the evidence and resolved the issue swiftly. In under a week.

And I wouldn't pat myself on the back for being the first one to point the finger at incognito when you weren't the first one here to bring Incognito up as Suspect #1. Just Saying.

How many times did the league warn the Saints about Bounty Gate? 3 TIMES!!

How about SpyGate? 2 Times!!

How many times did the league warn the Fins about BullyGate? Not even once. As soon as this came to light and J.Martin said he was being bullied, the Fins acted swiftly.


As soon as he expressed the problem he was having the Coaches responded.

J.Martin could've left the lunchroom and went directly to Philbin. But he didn't, Yes, J.Martin was a Victim but he also was part of the problem by never speaking up.

Seems convenient to Dashi, J.Martin just gets up and leaves the team without telling the HC he is leaving. And Now he has Messages that are over 6 Months old. Claiming he has been bullied, but never saying anything to his coaches about it. Almost like he was looking for a reason to quit Football.

It's OK to clear the locker room and everything but if Philbin had paid any attention to this matter sooner we could have achieved the same cleansing effect without losing one or maybe more starting players in mid-season (either by erasing their paychecks from the salary cap in time to hire replacements or even better, by correcting the ongoing situation in time).

I hope Martin gets back on his feet to become the best player he can be without losing valuable learning time anymore. The team is this close to fire Incognito, many fans and NFL rookies are on his side; but the truth is that he needs to show some character right now if he wants to succeed at the pro level and prove himself worthy of our trust and support. We just need him now.

Not sure if next year's pre-season will be long enough to address the whole OL mess unless we draft like wizards AND boom the FA market yet again.

Are u guys kidding me we defened killers, dunks, fellons, and were down on a guy for being a bully to a 6.8 340 pound guy..are u serious...

Wow, what a set up! Sometimes, I marvel...

Bobbyd12, you're not a man, you're a slave. A delusional one. But, if you insist, I will meet you for a duel at 40 paces. We can settle this like real men, by fighting to the death. WHAT'S THAT? Men don't do that anymore? I guess what it means to be a man is fluid, evolving, and not narrowly defined as who gets in the most fights.

Enjoy your "manhood."

Life-long Phns fan (45 years)and I can honestly say while I have been severely disappointed by this team, I have never felt truly embarrassed by it--until now. Tarnished name!!! NO leadership from ownership and FO on down, especially to the locker room, to allow this to happen--Cogs on the Leadership Committee? The discord and upheaval in the locker room has proven to be equally pathetic! Should not happen, even with "Locker room antics." We threw away three games so far this year and are averaging 6 sacks a game. So much for a new direction. Anyone claiming ignorance about this is just being, well...ignorant, er, no, PATHETIC. If the effort to play well matched the effort to act the stupid footballer, we would be leading the AFC East and maybe the AFC. We now currently deserve to lick the bottom and pay the price for the mismanagement and lack of leadership we have so desperately needed. What am I supposed to explain to my young son, who is (was?) a budding Phins fan? I don't know if I will allow him to wear the jersey I recently bought him (well, they got that money from me so you're welcome, Mr. Ross!). They should feel ashamed of themselves--I know I do in supporting the team right now

no dan! dont you no that kris knows everything!

jealous....@ 5:21....

let me guess...

actually I won't....just keep reading my post...and commenting on them...is the greatest...and most SINCERE form of flatery...imo....


Some have claimed national media gives Dolphins no respect. Now you have, the only type of media a franchise 15yrs in disarray gets.

Current front office signed a "problematic Incognito". Drafts a "soft flubber ball" Martin. Hires a "clueless hc" in Philbin.

Anyone else connecting the dots?

Call it the perfect storm!

"Martin’s camp claims the Dolphins fostered an unhealthy work environment"
-Sun Sentinel

So, Martin's camp read mommy and daddy are not just going after Incog, it's the Dolphins (Ross) too.
What a creampuff scumbag. Anybody else see dollar signs?

Tom Brady, that guys a baby.

Yes, the lack of leadership finally broke this team and tarnished its reputation.

This is FAR worse than spygate.

Phil in is already starting to spin and the NFL is going to try to spin everything as well to protect the product.

I feel Phil in and Irelsnd and Aponte should be fired. My guess is they will not be and the Dolphins will be losers for years to come.

Can anybody tell me where josh samudo is at why not resign him

Cogs suck anyway...as does Martin...
Cogs is a punk for his actions...Martin is a beotch for is...
So we lose a couple punk ass beotches??? Where's the issue???

You are a moron. The Dolphins officially backed up Incognito. Until they heard the tapes. The entire organization is a joke and liability. Give up trying to defend the indefensible.

You the funniest MFer on these blogs.

This is worse than spygate? Haha... are you delusional? This is an issue of a guy being a douche canoe. You're comparing that to institutionalized cheating. Lol...

Okay now the facts are out and I can come t an informed conclusion.

The regular taunts, big weirdo can't fit in the cart. I don't care much about those, some guys are d$#ks and there's nothing you can do but ignore them or stand up to them.

The stuff about his race and his mother. COMPLETELY OVER THE LINE. I would never condone such a thing and I'm shocked that this stupid moron didn't realize he was doing something wrong. Incognito needs some serious mental evaluation. The guy obviously has self esteem issues.

The bigger issue is Martin now. Incognito is basically gone. So what do you do with a guy who couldn't stand up for himself and put a stop to this on his own? He obviously can't play football anymore, opposing defenders will use this to get inside his head so he's done imo. Maybe take a year or two off and try again but it seems as if football isn't his calling. Maybe in a small way this was a blessing in disguise for him because now he can leave the game. And maybe it's a blessing in disguise for us because we find out now that this kid doesn't have the mental makeup or toughness to play the game.

Mark - I have found over the past couple of years that I tend to side with your perspective on the team and their football related moves (or non-moves). But as I have read your posts the past few days I am surprised by the position you are taking with Martin.

As I stated in an earlier email (the one you agreed with) I see both Cogs and Martin as not handling this situation well. I would be fine if neither of them played for Miami again. But you are going well beyond that and really seem to be attacking Martin. I just don't support that at all given what is coming out here.

We both agree that he is not a top OT in the NFL. We both agree he may not ever prove to be worth the #2 pick Miami spent on him and that is really irritating as many of the team's draft selections continue to struggle. We both agree that he should have handled this better so that it didn't create so much public scrutiny of the team.

But to call him SOFT and WEAK and really attack his character is WRONG. Its becoming clear that Cogs' actions were completely moronic and inappropriate. These actions were causing a really problem in the locker room and were creating tensions and chasms with team chemistry. This behavior threatened team success and individual player success. That puts Cogs clearly in the wrong and he should be banished from this team immediately.

The fact is that Martin is a second year player who was given the starting RT job last year, moved to LT this year and then to RT later as the veteran Clabo failed. He is NOT a top OT but he was doing all he could for his team. If this BS hadn't occurred he would still be our starting RT. Would the team ultimately move beyond Martin at the end of the year (if this hadn't happened)? I don't know....maybe....maybe not.

But for you and others here to be attacking him without access to all the details and facts behind what has been transpiring for months is just not right.

You, of course, are entitled to your opinion. So obviously feel free to go ahead and keep expressing it. But I also see you attacking other fans here who are taking differing positions than yours. I am surprised because I don't see you taking such a negative and nasty approach to other Miami football related issues.

Rather, I would have expected you to be one of the true diehard fans trying to encourage overall progress and finding ways to effectively move past this whole thing vs. attacking a 20 something year old kid who has been dealing with abusive behavior from a veteran player who was ironically added to the team's 'leadership council' by the coaching staff.

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