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Source: Incognito is 'done' on the Dolphins

Richie Incognito remains suspended by the Dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team but his fate on this team long-term is already sealed, a source tells The Miami Herald.

"He's done," a ranking club source said Monday. "There are procedures in place and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective he'll never play another game here."

That really comes as no surprise, given the apparently untenable nature of the scandal that is rocking the Dolphins locker room. Allegations that Incognito left threatening and even racially charged messages on teammate Jonathan Martin's voice mail -- as first reported by CBSSports.com and ESPN.com -- have been confirmed.

The club has heard the voice mail, the source confirmed.

Incognito has yet to formally defend himself from these allegations and is expected to do just that in a robust manner. The Dolphins also have requested and are awaiting a vigorous review of the entire matter from the NFL. The NFL is leading the review.

So the Dolphins will wait for Incognito's defense and the full NFL review to play out before formally cutting ties with the player. But the die is cast. The same organization that once strongly defended and embraced Incognito has internally decided to sever ties.

Once the NFL review is concluded, and assuming the league doesn't suspend Incognito the remainder of the season, the Dolphins can cut Incognito or they can simply deactivate him the remainder of the season and allow the guard's contract to expire. He is unsigned after this season.

Whatever the procedure and even if Incognito is not cut, the source tells me the plan is to not allow Incognito to return to the locker room and definitely not to wear the Miami uniform again.


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Has Philbin been fired yet?

It WAS a hostile workplace - one created and allowed by the Phins. The Dolphins SHOULD have to pay fines and settlements at the least. They should fire those in management who knew or should have known. I hope Martin wins big.

This is a total mess no wonder this team can not get it together who the hell is driving the ship here . Looks like there is no one at the wheel

This is far worse than bountygate or spygate. Its racism and death threats.

Sucks.. lost our best o.lineman.. thanks martin u big wuss.. if we only had 5 guys like incognito on our O.line we would be amazing..

Agree with Dashi. Martin had a duty to the team, and that included going to Philbin when he felt things were getting out of hand, instead of letting the steam build until it all blew up.

... Personally, if I were coach and I saw a player's "I hate rookies" sticker on his locker, I would tell him to take it off. That's not team spirit. YMMV.

I find it surprising so many are you saying he didn't stand up for himself. He sat on this quietly for a year. I'd say that takes a considerable amount of strength. I think, without Incognito, Martin has a significantly better season than he had so far. I'd welcome him back with open arms. Let him know he has the organizations support, the players get behind him. You want to prove your organization makes good decision, back your players when they have a hard time. Life is not easy.

How do Ireland and Philbin still have jobs?

Yup the coach and gm are totally responsible they can be held accountable in a civil suit . Steve Ross must protect himself and fire all the people within the chain of command this will spiral out of control

DC Fan at 12:32 on "Did the Dolphins Know?" Best post I''ve seen all day. This goes beyond the Martin incident. This is a deeply rooted problem in the organization, and I am not talking about the alledged bullying but the low level of competence and relevance of this franchise and both Ireland and Philbin must be held accountable. NOTHING will change until Ross -even if forced by the league- cleans house or there will soon be no Miami Dolphins.

"The Dolphins officially backed up Incognito. Until they heard the tapes. The entire organization is a joke and liability."

That's not fair. When it was he said vs. he said, the Dolphins stayed agnostic. When they heard Incognito on the tape, they had evidence. There's nothing wrong with that.

We will have anew coach. And gm very soon you just can't keep this regime

Ireland has had that racist reputation since the Dez Bryant incident.

How does this stuff happen to us all the time

Philbin is an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Far worse than spygate. Death threats, slurs, extortion, bullying, and so on. Against a teammate.

No surprise we can't win or be consistent

NHPhinsfan | November 04, 2013 at 05:21 PM

Good post...I am 43 and been a fan since I was 8 years old. I have two kids in middle school and living here in SW Florida they know Dad's team is getting pounded in the press the past few days for doing something wrong.

I would simply encourage you and all fans not to take the leap to "They should feel ashamed of themselves--I know I do in supporting the team right now."

Many NFL teams go through 'ugly issues' involving player conduct (DUI's, bar fights, rape, murder, etc.). The Miami Dolphins are not standing alone. This is not nearly as bad as some of the stories told about player misconduct.

As a father and as a committed fan I am going to tell my kids and anyone else who will listen....I have been a fan long before Incognito, Philbin, Ireland and Ross arrived here. I have been a long standing fan who has stood by this team during good and bad. I am NOT a 'fair weather fan" and I NOT going to abandon them now at this low point. I think the bigger issue is how will the leadership of this team manage through this situation and overcome the adversity they face. If they can navigate through successfully (i.e. cutting ties with the starting LG who acted so poorly, stand behind the starting LT who was threatened, address the locker room and set policies to prevent it from happening and moving forward with a victory Monday night) they need to be recognized and celebrated for that just as much as they receive scrutiny today for finding themselves in this ugly situation.

...I have been an Incognito supporter all season. He has easily been our best offensive lineman. He is a top 10 LG in this league today.

Boy was I wrong. Incognito is nothing more then a coward. It is starting to add up big time now. How could Martin possibly have been at his best when he was internally dealing with this? Instead of putting full time preparation, he had to deal with nonsense from the coward Incognito.

How do we know that the whole line suffered indirectly from Incognitos presence? The unit is supposed to be a brotherhood. They are supposed to have each others back. More importantly they are supposed to protect our number 1 asset. The division on this unit from one person could have been the cancer that destroyed this team..Luckily, it has been cut away. Hopefully we can heal.

You should be thanking Jonathan Martin. He wasn't the problem.

Unbelievable. It's like adolescent psychology with these guys. It's like I tell my kids when they start tattling on each other...ok he said or did that..now what did you do or say? I'm not naive enough to believe we have total innocence here on the part of Martin either. I'm sure that's the next round in this mess what was Martins part in all of this? What did he do or say if it truly bothered him so much that he had to run home to Mommy and Daddy that he didn't say anything to anyone in authority with the Phins? Come on.

Did u guys watch the presser? Lol what a sorry leader of men Philbin is. No passion whatsover you can find in that body, how is he supposed to inspire these guys let alone police themselves since he did not anything was going on.

I am not asking for the HC to babysit these guys but he for sure must have a pulse for the team. What a fiasco of a hiring that turned out to be!

can this franchise get any worse, i keep saying no but then the next day comes

Dolphin tickets = Huge waste of money

How can you trust a guy who seeks legal counsel before going to his superior to resolve the problem. In any workplace.

You don't just walk out of a company and comeback with lawyers telling them Lawsuit or else. Without speaking to your supervisor about the problem first.

Yes, Martin is a Victim. But he should've went to the Coaches first. Martin is also to blame for the situation he is in. It seems he has manipulated the situation to his advantage.

It's pretty disgusting seeing you folks attack Martin. If the allegations are accurate he essentially withstood constant berating for 2 years and you guys attack him for being weak. I'd love to see you handle it for that long, try to be a team player by not going and whining to the coach immediately. Pretty disgusting seeing you "people's" comments. No one should be treated like that.

Posted by: Richard Varela | November 04, 2013 at 04:59 PM

You know what's funny about these statements? The fans have said much worse than any teammate ever has to him. I've read comments in here, probably from the same people now defending him, calling JMart every name in the book. When they run off the field they are constantly taunted by fans.

The coaches are constantly screaming at rookies, "get your fat a#@ on that line and block him"! "I swear to God you suck so bad that if I was the GM I would cut your a$# right now". No one ever has a problem when coaches and fans are saying horrible things to the players so it just all seems so hypocritical.

Seriously, I'm CONSTANTLY calling people out for calling our players bad or mean names. The guy here a couple years ago, "FAT NECK HENNE".

So pardon me while I laugh at some of you for wearing team Martin t-shirts.

Incognito should be gone what to do with Martin is the big question Does he want to play football? And will he return to the Dolphins two big questions, losing two guys on the o line is never good if they are starters but these guys were not playing very well anyways, the problem is where do we go for help at this point in the season. We had a good ground game last week maybe we should be more of a smash mouth team and run the ball more and protect the QB. Where can we get linemen this time of the year?

cut both of them and move on. philbin and ireland need to be fired also, please

Posted by: jpao | November 04, 2013 at 05:52 PM

Awesome post.

How could anyone support this disaster?

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 04, 2013 at 05:53 PM

Great points Darryl.


Are the Team Martin shirts in Pink?

DD @ 5:53,

Yes, fans should be thanking Martin. Maybe the poor play of the rookies so far was also due to extortion and bullying. Martin May have done the Phins a huge favor.

The team needs to get rid of any others who bullied. And that includes management who knew or should have know.

Martin is a hero and will be welcome back with open arms. incognito was a racist JACKASS!

You too Dashi, good points, he should have taken this to someone as soon as he considered it a problem.

And the team Martin shirts are yellow ;)


"That's okay honey will just sue." Mommy Doucheb@g

The new America where no one should ever have their precious feelings hurt for any reason.

...and everyone is quick to sue.

My coffee at Denny's this morning was .000002 degrees warmer than I would have liked it to be, AND my feelings were hurt by this tragic event.

I called my mommy.

I'm suing.

Let's all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland, and leave the resolution of this matter in his capable hands.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army
Let's be honest dude Ireland had quite a few years now to build an offensive line. Irrespective of this incident the job Ireland has done to obtain NFL talent on the offensive line is nothing less than horrific.

Sounds like the media are trying to save face now. We've all heard countless stories how Rookies pay for restaurant bills and such. Pathetic

I wasn't believing it from the start and don't believe any of it now. It all smells.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | November 03, 2013 at 11:57 AM

How do you feel now?

Cogs crossed the line with the comments that are now coming out, there is a big difference between hazing and joking around and some of stuff Cogs was sayin'. I had heard he and pouncey were trying to toughen him up, well not everybody responds the same to the same tactics. The problem goes deeper i'm sure, we will find out more who were either involved or stood by and did nothing, you are supposed to be a team and Cogs was on the leadership commitee, voted by the players. That's where coach Philbin went wrong, He should have appointed a leadership comittee,you can't be a head coach and police the locker room too, these are grown men, { supposedly }. All things included maybe this is needed to come out for an O line revamp, who knows??

I think the person who needs to go under the microscope is Philbin. I am sure he will find himself there for the next several days/weeks as it relates to this story. He will be there over through the end of the season by Ross (if he isn't fired immediately for this situation).

I just can't believe he has banished several players for being 'bad character guys' but at the same time allowed this nonsense to go on in his locker room, which ultimately divides the team and limits team progress. If it comes out that he 'was not aware' he is even more guilty.

Now, I am not saying he should be fired now. But I am saying he should be held accountable and placed in the hot seat. Ross needs to tell him that he is disgusted that this all took place under Philbin's watch and that the HC needs to pull this team together and move them forward with a solid run of victories. If he can't do that he should know that this will be his last season as the HC of the Miami Dolphins.

While I'd hate to see the HC turnstile continue, I just can't stomach having an ineffective HC at the helm. I hope Philbin pulls it together. He has paid his dues in this league and deserved his shot at HC. I tend to like his overall 'message' but he needs to WALK THE TALK and not just talk.

And Dashi, I'm not defending Cogs. I feel now after the facts have come out that some of the stuff went overboard.

But some of the things they are holding him accountable for are ridiculous. "Big weirdo can't fit in the cart". LMAO so what!!!? You telling me people don't say worse things to each other on a daily basis in the NFL?

Just stick to the racial slurs and threats. No need to add the other normal stuff that happens all of the time in the NFL.


Ah, Yes, That Fits.


You know I stated from the beginning I thought Incognito was to blame.


Martin is also to blame on how he handled the situation. Or on how he manipulated the situation to get what he really wants. I believe Martin doesn't want to play Pro Football and he is using this as a Crutch.

Posted by: jesse | November 04, 2013 at 05:45 PM

According to Barry Jackson's Sports Buzz Richie Incognito has allowed six sacks ("most among NFL guards") this season.

No big loss it seems, except of course for this shameful spectacle and the unfortunate timing.

lets hope this implodes big time, we have to hope we lose rest of games and look really bad. only chance we have for next year and ross getting rid of ireland ,etc

I guess Tony Sparano should have never brought RI here.

Phins78. That was my first post on these boards. I didn't think Mike Sherman was out of line with his comment to Egnew (i'm assuming that's what you're referencing because it is a direct quote). If that was the only kind of comments Sherman ever gave Egnew that would be entirely different.

There is acceptable jocularity. Friendly ribbing. The "Fat weird kid in the go kart" comment from Incognito would not be harsh if Martin knew Incognito was joking and there was a sense of camaraderie. If that was just a public commentary on their general relationship (as it appears to have been) then it is entirely different.

Thank you captain obvious. Tony sprano called and wants to know if we miss him yet.

Martin is a hero and will be welcome back with open arms.

Posted by: Shula | November 04, 2013 at 06:00 PM

Maybe by his own team and coaches. But wait until you see how defenders use this to taunt him and get inside his head. It's not going to be good.

He plays in a sport where the opponent is doing everything in his power to find a weakness. Jonathin Martin just displayed his weakness to every defender in the league. And what, they're not going to use it against him now because they aren't allowed to say mean things to their opponents. Lets grow up here for a second and stop the finger pointing and look at the bigger picture.

A. Cogs is a d$#k and deserves what he gets.

B. Martin has shown that he is soft since first arriving in the league. His own teammates called him out for it in his first season. This bullying thing will only reenforce that in ever player and coaches mind.

There are people sticking up for both sides and saying they will both play again. I don't know, but the weird thing is Richie I. has a better chance of playing for another team than Martin does.

And what does that say about the league?

I still don't believe a grown man can be bullied like that and believe he used Cogs as his excuse to quit after his move to the right side. The money I could care less about. It was not a story when it hit twitter months back. I'm sure that's gone on for a long while with Rookies paying for all kinds of stuff.

I've heard one side of the story and Cogs is going to get his for his part. Now where's the other side?

to be
not to
TO BE.............

2-A CORNED BEEF HC..............

By now who is bulling who?. I mean, by the time Martin went out of the dolphin's facilities for more than a day long he should have decided not to pro football again, after all he have rich parents. But ending other guy football career, is not fair also.

The one who learned to be bullied, bully others.

different things bother different people differently, I've been in locker rooms plenty in my life and some guys can handle harsh joking around and some guys can't. It does not matter how big and strong you are, you just need to get to know who can handle it and who can't and respond accordingly, that being said, too often I find that if someone shows they are getting upset by some joking around, usually the culprits do it more and more just because they know it does bother them + nobody wants to be the team tattle tale. This is a much more complicated issue than some people are giving it credit for.

According to Barry Jackson's Sports Buzz Richie Incognito has allowed six sacks ("most among NFL guards") this season.

No big loss it seems, except of course for this shameful spectacle and the unfortunate timing.

Posted by: Hydrashock |

You know what gets me the most in all of this? Richie was supposedly making fun of Martin for training and then he's giving up more sacks. It almost seems as if we found out Richie is lazy and didn't like to train.

And our o-line was a mess for how long? They looked great the other night, at least better than the previous games.Martin and Cogs were both out. So yeah, how much was this affecting the cohesiveness of the unit. The one unit that needs to trust each other had a guy on it that was going against what they were trying to do. And another mountain of a man too scared to stand up for himself?




True Richard, very true.

Cognito and Sileo can hold hands and find themselves a comfy spot under I95.

Jonathan Martin will now be seen as a wus in the nfl. Incognito will be seen as a racist jerk. However, none of this would have happened if Martin would have stood up to the bully.

There are still many questions to answer. Did Incognito bully anyone else on the team? It would seem to me like 150 pound Caleb Sturgis would have been an easy target for Incognito. I also wonder if others participated on the bullying? Bullies usually like attention and enjoy it when others laugh at the bullying. Did Ryan Tannehill, Pouncey, John Jerry, or any other guys know about this? Did Jake Long know about this last year? I would love to hear from Jake Long on this.

A prostitute's son could take the ribbing.

It is what I do.

Serious question must be asked Armando?

How was this allowed to fester in the locker room for almost 2 yrs without Philbin knowing?

Why didn't a team leader standup for the weaker (Martin) player?

Why is Martin being given a pass for DESERTING his team mid season? No matter how much "abuse" he was taking you just don't quit on your "family"?

Hazing and rookie abuse was extremely evident in last years Hard Knocks Dolphins edition....how can mgmt. say thy were not aware of this practice?

Do you think this loser mentality of hazing and abuse are accepted/happening in winning organizations such as New England or GB?

One man ending another man's career over "hateful" words.

Martin is a coward and a p.o.s..

End of story.

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