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Source: Incognito is 'done' on the Dolphins

Richie Incognito remains suspended by the Dolphins for conduct detrimental to the team but his fate on this team long-term is already sealed, a source tells The Miami Herald.

"He's done," a ranking club source said Monday. "There are procedures in place and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective he'll never play another game here."

That really comes as no surprise, given the apparently untenable nature of the scandal that is rocking the Dolphins locker room. Allegations that Incognito left threatening and even racially charged messages on teammate Jonathan Martin's voice mail -- as first reported by CBSSports.com and ESPN.com -- have been confirmed.

The club has heard the voice mail, the source confirmed.

Incognito has yet to formally defend himself from these allegations and is expected to do just that in a robust manner. The Dolphins also have requested and are awaiting a vigorous review of the entire matter from the NFL. The NFL is leading the review.

So the Dolphins will wait for Incognito's defense and the full NFL review to play out before formally cutting ties with the player. But the die is cast. The same organization that once strongly defended and embraced Incognito has internally decided to sever ties.

Once the NFL review is concluded, and assuming the league doesn't suspend Incognito the remainder of the season, the Dolphins can cut Incognito or they can simply deactivate him the remainder of the season and allow the guard's contract to expire. He is unsigned after this season.

Whatever the procedure and even if Incognito is not cut, the source tells me the plan is to not allow Incognito to return to the locker room and definitely not to wear the Miami uniform again.


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Over 45 years following, dying and crying with and for this team. NEVER have I been more ashamed of saying I am a Dolphins fan. The Dolphins of the 70's were the franchise others copied. The Shula lead Dolphins were the hallmark of franchises. We used to be the #2 franchise in worth.
Organizations that allow this type of activity are the organizations that are perennial losers. Do you think that this crap went on in Dallas, SF, Pitt, GB, or NE during their glory years???
If Incognito must go....and he must....then so does Martin. You do not walk out on your team...PERIOD!! Then we must go a step further. The ENTIRE MGMT of the team must go also. From Ireland to the damn ball boys!! This happened on there watch and for that reason they are derelict in there duty to Mr. Ross. CLEAN HOUSE NOW!!

I feel like I am in the twilight zone reading all of this. Is anyone surprised that Incognito is not a nice guy? Anyone? He's a nasty type of individual. A lot of these football guys are anything but angels. The stuff he pulled here is beyond stupid. Did he really think this stuff would never see the light of day? He cut his own throat with this borderline psychotic behavior. As for Martin it make you wonder what his future is. Mike Ditka said in his day this stuff would be handled with your fists. Best way to silence a bully is to knock him on his can. What a sad mess this has turned out to be.......

Incognito's career is over. There will be a lot of resentment towards him if he tries to play somewhere else because of the racist statements he made. I cannot see him accepted anywhere else.

Martin will not play anywhere either. He will be seen as soft and as an offensive lineman you are facing beasts and you have to be a gladiator. If Incognito did this to him there is no reason to think that he will stand up to the big tough DL that he will have to face. Coaches want tough guys in the trenches. He will also be seen as a snitch and other players would have expected him to punch Incognito's lights out. I cannot see Jonathan Martin accepted in a locker room again.

I think the family threats was way to far. You threaten my family and I'll do what I can to ruin your life. That being said... I don't know what better way to destroy someone than to take away their only means of livelihood. What else can that moron Incognito do for money? Not exactly the brainy type. Commentary... Doubt that. He is fu*ked. Martin may be soft or whatever you internet tough guys want to call him, but Martin went to Stanford and is no idiot. Martin may be a joke among most for a long time, but his family will be living just fine. Hope Incognito had some savings

Martin has been facing d lineman for many years....he is tougher than anyone posting on this forum.

But everyone has a limit to how much crap they will take before they say it ain't worth it.

I just saw an interview with Cam Wake and he seemed to say that this was a right of passage. I got a feeling like he is pissed at Martin for bringing this kind of turmoil to the team. He said "I am sure that this will give you guys a lot to talk about but this is just hazing..."

Any of you Mensa members who are ripping into Martin might have considered that Incognito could be uh... Well connected?
As for Failbin's BS claim to have decent players last week Pouncey and now Incognito.


I told you and several others that Honey Suckle had indeed involved his family/Lawyers as I heard it from Mortenson on ESPN whose a viable NFL INSIDER (NFL Network also didn't dismiss it quite as easily as Mando's Sunday post) The tweets Mando put up on Sunday confirm for us all that his "SOURCE" was Incognito himself! From what I gather there was a point were they discussed with Honey Suckle the idea of Hazing and leaving it at that but his parents/Lawyers saw it otherwise. The real victims here are the team themselves with lies flying back-n-forth and us the fans!

Philbin now claims he knew nothing, "A FLAT OUT LIE" given I heard on ESPN Radio that he and Ireland screened every episode of HARD-KNOCKS before airing and Philbin today was caught in a lie saying he had NEVER witnessed an episode, WOW! There now calling Javorskie Lane whom as we all know was NICKNAMED Butter Ball and if that was maybe the opening for the hazing/Bullying under Philbin given he was apparently given horrible grief over it (How STUPID/RIDICULOUS is this getting)

I heard there was also a call to Ankle Weights Wallace with the intention of proving this was condoned under Philbin, again WOW! (Philbin was caught in a FLAT out lie because again he approved every episode of HARD-KNOCKS) The extortion bit will go nowhere it's been the OLD SCHOOL NFL way of treating Rookies. Back in 98 Junior Seau took the Credit Card of then Rook Ryan Leaf and racked up an 89K bill saying the rooks pay. The difference everybody disliked Leaf but give it time with Honey Suckle because he will go down as one of the most hated given this Lawsuit coming will change Locker Rooms forever!

This "AS THE WORLD TURNS EPISODE" now has Cogs Family talking about how he was BULLIED by being called LARD A S S while in H.S. The whole thing growing and getting bigger as it goes. Martin's parents are going to Sue the NFL and the Dolphins. This whole thing will grow HUGE before it's over and from now on I trust the League sources rather than go back and read Mando's Sunday post on the matter given that this thing has the chance to change the landscape of the entire NFL as we know it and apparently Honey Suckle has NO PROBLEM blowing up his career to prove his point!

Well, now what? This coaching staff and FO is a complete joke. THis could have been handled internally. Cogs could have got a stern warning and shorter term suspension just like many of the other thugs in the league when they violate team or league rules. But NOOO- instead he is made the example of an jettisoned off the team as I expected.

Too bad, one of the few guys that showed any toughness on the field for this bunch of losers. As for Martin, get your act together. The NFL is a tough business. Deal with it.

Ross- your franchise is an embarrasement and if you want to set any type of example, lose your crappy GM and coaching staff with no control and behind closed doors approach that people fans can't stand. We're fed up with this nonsense

BE ......................... THE SAD DOLPHINS AND THE DONKEY FAN BASE.......

Well, now what? This coaching staff and FO is a complete joke. THis could have been handled internally. Cogs could have got a stern warning and shorter term suspension just like many of the other thugs in the league when they violate team or league rules. But NOOO- instead he is made the example of an jettisoned off the team as I expected.

Posted by: tvegas | November 04, 2013 at 06:54 PM

He is the sacrificial Lamb, MAKE NO MISTAKE!

The NFL will avoid this Locker Room altering Lawsuit at all cost.



Philbin and Ireland will be fired after this year. No way that this team can perform under this kind of scrutiny. I think that they will lose to the winless bucs on Monday. Ross is going to have to start fresh with a new organization to put this ugly situation behind him.

The only things that could save this job is a wining season and the playoffs but I simply cannot see that happening with so much attention being paid to this story and all of the pressure sitting in this divided locker room. So it will be rebuilding time again next year and yes we will have a high draft pick.



DOLPHINS........ 4-4



I don't think anyone expected to see Incognito in a Miami uniform again after those transcripts of him saying racial slurs to Martin. His contract ended after this year too.

Unfortunately for the dolphins he was probably the best OL on the team. A jerk but a pretty good player.

ROSS...KNOW THIS. Your fans are disgusted. If Ireland and the rest of your coaching clowns are not fired sooner than later, this will go down as the single greatest Dolphin failure of all time (and your name will forever be associated with it). You could probably care less, but we the paying public have had enough!

I hope the stadium is empty the rest of the year, which won't be a big stretch to begin with!


Mike sherman says thank you richy incognito. He gets to keep his job another week

Incognito came to Miami after crapping all over his own career elsewhere, presumably with the understanding that he cleaned up his act, Or Else.

And it seemed that, for the most part, he had.

He apparently decided his probation was over. Oops.

Incognito was a great player he was one of my favorite players ! But no one deserves to be treated like that ! I'm glad incognito was cut no one deserves that !

I expect a revolt coming soon. Players are being asked to take sides on a situation they either helped to create or were completely oblivious to, pick your side. I can't imagine anyone on this squad coming out against Cogs. It is more detrimental to the team chemistry to expect players call out a teammate that is both respected in their own house and is hated by others around the league. Cogs may be allot of things and an angel is not one of them, but he is respected around the league for his toughness, his work ethic, and his no nonsense attitude toward the game.

I have heard enough from his teammates that do support him that this entire incident was completely blown out of proportion.

Society as a whole has become soft and our children are paying for it in the long run. I seen this coming back in the early 70's when women were burning their bras demanding their equal rights in the home and the work place, thus splitting the home and leaving the children out in the cold. Who was left to raise the kids when no one was home to supervise them?

On the other end of the spectrum there were the people of wealth and privilege that raised their kids by proxy and created wimpy dysfunctional children who can't handle the tough knocks of the real world.

What you are dealing with in this situation is a clash of both worlds brought together by a team sport with members from both classes. Those who victimize the weak and those who can't help but to put themselves in situations that make them victims in the first place.

I know I am going to get flamed for this statement, so bring it on guys. I can handle a bit of hazing unlike some others who whimper and cry about it.

Channon Crowder just admitted that he paid $ 17K his rookie year for dinner for veterans. This stuff is getting blown way out of proportion. These hypocrite former athletes saying that this did not happen when they were playing and being outraged are lying. Kudos to Crowder for speaking the truth. I guarantee you that Ray Lewis did his share of hazing/bullying now he won't admit to it for the cameras.

Incognito did go over the line with the comments but the media is citing instances when dolphin veterans made rookies pay for dinner, as if it is something that they cannot believe. ESPN needs to look itself in the mirror they just hired Lewis who was involved in a murder and now they criticizing the dolphins veterans for hazing rookies. Give me a break. I agree cut Incognito but it should end right there.

Shame on the Dolphin Organization. They are using incognito as a scapegoat. The O line has been under scrutiny all year. Incognito was team leader. He shold be on Jonathon Martins butt. Useing the N word. I bet he don't say it to random guys in wall mart. They go to war every week together. He is soft. They kept playing him. Draft bust, thanks Ireland. Safe face and use Incognito for a excuse for your lack of player picks. Tannehill is on track to be most sacked QB in N F L history. There was heat and incognito was doing what the brass pushed. Fire everyone from Ireland down. Gay or not, Jonathon martin should cover TH blindside or even be in a NFL locker room. Political correctness is absurd from x nfl analysts. They KNOW this is the norm. Burning all my dolphin gear. Been a fan since 75'!!! Wake, Wallace, Grimes, Tannehill, Patterson, Hartline, Jones, Solalai, Starks, Carrol, Odrick, Misi, Clay, Pouncey, Miller, and Vernon leave soon. No wonder nobody wants to play for this organization. They will lynch yall too....

Get rid of Martin, also. He's been trying to get Tannehill killed on the football field by not blocking, anybody.


What I want to know is Where were the lunchroom monitors during all this? They should all be fired immediately. It's all their fault.

Dolphins were NFL's class act years ago, a product of Shula's direction. It's funny we have been "rebuilding" for 20 years!

Under the leadership of Ross and Ireland we've managed to send some great players to other teams IE: Welker, Marshall, et al. We have gone through 12 quaterbacks, and we've undersold the decent people that supported the team since heydays.


More damage and embarrassment to follow, stay tuned.



I liked Incognito toughness and attitude that he brought to the oline. I really thought he was one of the leaders and a mature man. Turns out to be worthless as a leader and probably one of the reasons why this oline hasn’t work well together. Only time will tell. What was his end game with Martin, to toughen him up? His only leadership influence should be helping this young lineman with the play book, help him practice his blocking techniques, and drilling him on blocking schemes without belittling him. He should’ve been making him feel like he’s part of the team and set the example with a hard work ethic. At his age, if he wasn’t doing this by now, he’s not a good teammate and should be gone from the team anyway! It should be part of a veteran’s contract to do all these things! Leave it to the coaches to teach him, evaluate his talent and value to the team. Man, what an immature jerk!
I hope Pouncey's figures it out quick, and gets away from all the nonsense.


Got to call you out, dude. No way, no way! Cogs plays anywhere next year, or the year after that, or the year after that.This coming from a fan of his. He was the best O-Lineman we had. He had a nasty attitude, which this entire team sorely nees, BUT! He crossed the line. He got called out on national TV tonight as a racist. Do you really believe another team is going to bring a 30 yr. old FA lineman in with a ton of baggage like that. Never, ever happen!?

Now, on to you. You and I had words 3 years ago, or so on this blog. It was right after Reggie Bush got seen in public with Kim Kardashian. You made a very racist comment that had to do with a white girl liking a black guy. My opinion was, who gives a sh.t and why is it your business wh's fu.king who? See, I am on to your game. You're a FL redneck, I am guessing a deputy sheriff somewhere south of Palm Beach. Me? I'm a FL born white boy who took the time to travel and live in other places so that I could get out from under that ignorant, racist attitude that so many other rednecks like yourself just grew up with and can't shake. I know, you can't help it. You were taught it. Doesn't make it right, doesn't make it cool, and definitely doesn't make you smarter than others. Try traveling somewhere outside of south FL for a year, or 2. You would be surprised at what is really going on out there in the rest of the world.

Why Incognito and not Cooper?

Instead of focusing in the next game, the team has to handle all this trash. Well, it's a perfect moment to throw away all the dirt and vomit that plague the Dolphins since Ireland was infamously named the GM.
Just bring some men with ethos and character. Some that impose discipline and respect for the history of this organization.
If Elway is doing a fine job for the Broncos, why a former Dolphin couldnt make the same for our beloved team ?

Ross was more concerned in changing the fenotype of this team (logo and uniform) than the most important thing, the genotype (people with character, values and love for this team). This is what Ross harvested the last years. Bravo Mr. Ross, bravo ! Thanks for listening to us, truly fans. Yoyrarrogance and ignorance is exploging just in front of you face.
Learn it, and learn it forever Mr. Ross, we fans love our team, beyond the money and all the crap that you were intending since you bought this team. We're bigger than all the puppets that work under your command. We care about this team beyond your comprehension Mr. Ross.

Screw that Johnathan Martin needs to plug his tampon in his puss and shut it up , put it up and back it up , hes nearly gotten Tannehill killed more then a few times, if he can t handle the game of football or the ribbing in the locker room then maybe he ought to go play tennis , but then Serenna will prolly send him home in tears little biotch, now Tannehill will be killed , our running game is done and the only real man on our team is gone bunch of pansy asses

It will be interesting to see the comments from Incognito's teammates to get a feel for what he was really like. Obviously he appears to be a jerk, but ESPN is acting like this guy literally killed somebody. I don't think Wake and Wallace will continue to support Incognito if they think he is a racist committing hate crimes. We need to know what's really going on good or bad, not the sensationalized drama ESPN is reporting.

But then when I was a kid growing up in Englwood Nj , going to St Cecilia`s,black dudes always jumped me three and 4 at a timer, , punks , Id track their asses down and catch em alone and beat the snot out of them and oh , dont punch them in the head you break your fingers , gotta punch them in the throat to bring em down

The other day, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iPad and
tested to see if it can survive a 25 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation.

My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off
topic but I had to share it with someone!

Coaches and Players dropping like flies, even whole Tams crumbling. This is evidence of inadequate adaptation to the New Times.

this is a terrifically beneficial lesson for all of Us on how, even the largest of Systems, must adapt quickly as circumstances change around them in a relatively short period of Time.

An astonishing number of commenters seem to regard Incognito's conduct as irrelevant, no matter what it consisted of.

oh, they are as$king you to tone it down now. Sure. We understand although it might not be sufficient by this Time. We'll see.

I have no idea what's going on here. Is it worth the research or shall I just move on?...

You know what, I'm just going to move on.

This is simply a black and white issue. Incognito is white and Martin black. Wether or not Incog texted Martin racial slurs is anyones guess and I know the Hearld hasn't seen any evidence of Incog doing anything wrong. And until they do this is just another brother being handled with buttercups. And whats amazing is not one player has said anything to the media,,,amazing? They probably told to shut it until Uncle Rodger and their inquisition arrive in town.
Theres not one shred of evidence,,,,
I am a Dolphin fan,,,,,,,,

About the N word,,,,our younger generation is learning that word from the black rap music you hear and if you don't believe it,,,,give a listen.

I am a Dolphin fan

I'm a big Fin Fan and find it sad to see this as national news. A couple of troubling things here. First let's be clear about how RI got on the leadership comittee - he was elected by his peers - the other players in the locker room. It wasn't the coaches or front office's call. Second - did not Martin particpate in "hazing" when they pulled the same lunch table prank on Garner the week before this story broke? And the moving of Samuda's car Martin participated in? Didn't RI win the teams "Good Guy Award" for 2012 as voted by his team mates? Did he have the 52 or 60 other players intimidated so they voted for him? I'm not defending RI, but Ray Lewis and Vick and Cooper all seemed to return to football after more serious incidents. No doubt Richie was highly inappropriate in his private communications with Martin. But does anyone think the n word isn't used in every NFL locker room every day? Do you really think he was threatening Martin's mother or was he talking trash? And if anyone thinks this behavior is new did you see hard knocks? Haircuts in the shape of genitalia? Hazing. Incredibly we heard no complaints then. I hope we hear from martin and incognito that they have shaken hands, RI appoligized and maybe we can move on. The media circus amazes me.


What is not known is what has happened in the Miami Dolphins Team.
One player walked away and filed a grievance will the NFL management and Miami Dolphins management.

That one player did not go to the MEDIA. (repeat) Did not go to the MEDIA. Did not go on a smartphone or ipad or laptop or etc.. and type information on those feeds.

Amazing, adult, restrained behavior fora 20 something in these recent years.

There must be more to this than is easy to put in 140 characters.

Player is one of the few thoughtful ones in the NFL.

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