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Source: Pouncey out against Chargers

Mike Pouncey, questionable for today's game against the Chargers, is not playing, according to a source close to the Dolphins center.

So with Mike Pouncey out, the Miami offensive line will now be down three starters from opening day -- Pouncey, Richie Incognito, and Jonathan Martin. The Dolphins also put backup OT Will Yeatman on IR this week when he blew out a knee in practice Wednesday.

Pouncey was Miami's best lineman.

What a mess.

The Dolphins may move Nate Garner over to center from the left guard spot and use Danny Watkins at left guard.

This season has become something of a nightmare, folks. And as I'm familiar with nightmare Dolphins seasons, the script is often this:

1. Problems with coaching/personnel.

2. Losses.

3. Off field issues (i.e. coach mutiny, player mutiny, discord among staff). This year it's the harassment scandal.

4. Ownership steps in to assure everyone everything is alright or will be alright -- which means things are falling apart.

5. Injuries mount.

6. More losses.

We are in the more injuries stage. Expect more losses.

And that leads me to this: I've already written the Dolphins need to clean house.

In my column today I tell you a possible solution for the Miami mess: Tony Dungy. Read the column Tell me what you think.


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What is wrong with Pouncey?

So, its looking like J Martin will be viewed as a hero (in a year or two), improving the working conditions on the Dolphins and throughout the NFL. Incognito is being proven to be a dispicable jackass that has no business on ANY team.

Crickets.. Proof of losing fans! Stop caring = Stop paying = Stop watching = Stop reading about.

Good luck Fins! You will need it!

Is this the worst offense the NFL has ever seen?

what is wrong with Pouncey? But your right it is gonna be a tough 7 games left, really tough being a Dolphins fan. The coaching is absolutely horrible to ridiculous at times. I don't like Ireland but all of our losses were close games except for the Saints game so better coaching could have made a difference. I agree Philbin should go as well as Ireland, you you don't fire both than you might as well keep both and try to bounce back next year The team does have some talent and should have a better record than they do. Sherman is awful though, Philbin should take over play calling from him.But with out Pouncey they really have a low chance of winning today, and also looks the most of the team has checked out on philbin, I hope I am wrong about this but we will find out today which way the rest of the season will go. What happened to the Defense?

These guys do not want to play for this coaching staff. They hate the play calling, defensive rotation, probably hate that they game plan on Tuesday.

We are folding folks cancel your Direct TV tonight. You will see why this after noon.

Maybe they are trying to set up the injury dram to justify one more year for Philbin and possibly Ireland.

What a mess! What a Mess!! What A Mess!!! If Ross cant see this than we are really in trouble.

Never really thought the players wanted to play for Philbin from day one. This is what happens.

Wast of the fans money.

I think Pouncey was a Richie incognito rape victim.

All you Tony haters out their. He did a better job fist pump and all.

The players gave 100% for Tony. We are not even getting 10% way under performing.

Hope I'm wrong! For I do want our Dolphins to win, but just not feeling it. Fan till the end guess we change our motto from "Its our time." to "Their is always next year."

Mike Wallace hates TannePuke lol

It made Pouncey sick seeing Martin laughing it up on the Stanford sideline. Made me sick too. Martin wants to play football again, yeah good luck with that.

Philbin appears weak. he tows the company line saying what dawn writes down for him. in games he seems overmatched relying on mike Sherman to "coach the team". he isn't forthcoming with the fans or players;seems afraid to call a player out for "dumb football" ie. pounce punching negating a 1st down. he fails to say when or how anyone was disciplined. the golf course incident comes to mind when the victim was surely paid off not to speak. everything he says stays "in house".

Where is the dooosh Craig Moron? I miss my PAL.

Pouncey went to the hospital Friday. Something with his gall bladder & kidney.

You wouldn't get that info from Mando since he's too busy trying to get Philbin fired for Tony Dungy.

Dungy, really? He rode Mannings coat tails to a title & the team h left in Tampa won once thy got Chucky.

When it rains it pours'''This could get ugly if the D doesn't play hard again..like guys standing around and doing nothing...like last week..JUST WATCHING THE ''THE COACH PHILBIN SHOW'' I CAN SEE HOW HE SLEPT ROSS AND DEE TO BECOME THE HEAD COACH..VERY SMART AND GOOD SPEAKER KINDA LIKE A WHITE OBAMA..BUT THAT WERE IT ENDS NOT A HEAD COACH..NOT A LEADER OF MEN..A FRAUD.

I have no problem with Tony Dungy but he's a Lovey Smith guy. And for whatever reasons my Chicago in-laws never liked Lovey.

If we make a change at head coach I predict we'll go to a fiery guy with more locker room presence. More of an A personality. These things always seem to swing from one extreme to the other. And completely agree with Armando that if we change if must be both GM and coach. We've tried it the other way and it does not work.

Great article, Mando. Unfortunately, I don't see Tony Dungy taking a leadership role with this organization dut to its current toxicity. Maaaaybe after the season is over and Ross cleans house. Clean house. How sick are Dolfans of that phrase?

”Some Dolphins fans would perform unspeakable acts in exchange for a 10-win season.”

so true Mando, but no L.smith at HC. TD within the organization would be wonderful but not sure where he works other than HC, and he probably deosn't have the desire/energy to do that any more. a young 40 something defensive-minded guy from the college ranks would be great, similiar to JJ. and draft a QB this year to replace delvin, and hedge agianst RT17 not working. go dolphins!

It would be nice to see the phins win this week but I don't see it happening. Here is how I see the game going:
With pouncey out too the online will give up 4+ sacks with 1 Tannehill fumble.
Philbin will call a timeout that makes you scratch your head.
Sherman will make 3 play call that make no sense with 1 being a Thomas sweep on 3rd and 2 that looses a yard.
Defense will struggle covering woodhead in the flats.
Score 24-20 chargers.
If the defense can be real stout today then I think the phins win 23-13, which I hope is the case.

RUN, RUN and RUN some more.....straight forward not left and right. Set up Play Action passiing. The Defense will really need to step up by creating turnovers. The special teams needs to tighten up this week and have ZERO mistakes.

That will be the only chance the Fins have today with this makeshift line.

My prediction....Pouncey is not HURT....he gave up. I saw his face several times last week as this OLINE created a total 2 rushing yards. He was out of it.

This OLINE is a disgrace and he wants to remove himself from it.

Loving this. Auto losses coming. 4-12 is the goal fellas.

Posted by: Chris in the 623 | November 17, 2013 at 11:31 AM

Chris - we are all speculating what will happen next. I am not saying you are wrong because nobody knows for sure what Ross will do...me included.

By I think Ross is soft spoken and quiet guy. I think that is why he took Philbin to begin with. I would prefer more of a visible leader and outspoken HC to breathe life into this franchise. But I tend to think the opposite with happen. The L. Smith / T. Dungy combo is likely due to their experience and their quiet but confident approach.

BTW...based upon that I can definitely see Ross firing Ireland as the scapegoat and trying to keep Philbin as he has the same characteristics. I just don't think that is the right move.

"Smith is unemployed now because the Bears fired him last season after his team won 10 games but missed the playoffs. Some Dolphins fans would perform unspeakable acts in exchange for a 10-win season."

LOL, That was some funny stuff Armando and good article. I'm all for it but there's one problem i see. Didn't Dungy suggest Ross hire Philbin in the first place?

Does it make sense that his first act after coming in would be to fire the guy he suggested we hire? It seems as if he would be starting off on the wrong foot, already making a mistake in helping us pick a coach. Who's to say it doesn't happen again.

And if you trust Tony Dungy so much why not let Philbin have a little more time? Just curious.

I think I called it before the season, that this offensive line was PAINFULLY thin and god forbid any of the starting five went down we would be screwed. Well now we're down three and reclamation project Clabo is a shell of himself (but healthy!) and we're only halfway through the season. But even I couldn't have imagined that the O linemen who would be drawing the least amount of fire this would be that pant load at RG, John Jerry.

I also said we were woefully inexperienced at RB and would be combing the waiver wire for somebody by October and last week they rushed for 2 yards. Apparently #GMinHiding doesn't realize that Danny Thomas just flat out sucks and Lamar Miller wasn't ready to be a starter. And while Brian Hartline did finally break through the glass ceiling and post TWO TDs this year as opposed to his customary single 6 per annum Reggie Bush is on a pace for 1100 yards rushing and another 600 yards receiving and on pace to find the end zone eight times this year.

Jpao let it go man. Season is over. The future is much brighter for it

You guys are just ridiculous with your juvenile posts. I can't believe there are grown men that act like you guys. Really do you get your jollies in this way? It doesn't come out on this side as humor trust me...you guys just sound and look awfully dumb and it makes us feel sorry for you.

Bush would have less yards than miller with this oline. Miller doesn't run backwards

Told ya so truth. Welcome to reality brother

F this S, man. Anybody has any idea how we can win this afternoon?

Rising from the ashes.

I am rooting for Miami to lose only to ensure a proper house-cleaning. That does not make me a bad fan...on the contrary, the team I grew up watching started to die the second they hired Jimmy Johnson. The Dolphins crawled about nearly dead the next 10 years. Then Bill Parcells made sure it was good and dead, burning it to the ground, then peeing on its ashes as he is inducted to the hall of fame.

Ireland watches over to make sure there's no signs of life and they hire an OCD coach who cares more about tying shoes properly and not cursing at press conferences than adjusting play calls during the game.

This organization needs to be placed in a blast-furnace to finally burn off any remaining flesh before it can be reborn.

Phoenix. Rising.

oscar wake upppppppppppppppppppp

welcome aboard ajdczar, good to see a few smart fans here

I could never root against my team. Sorry I don't think we're that far away with the right coaching and play calling. Rather than chopping down the whole tree I'd rather they cut off the dead limbs. Like I said earlier...Damn it guys have some pride and play some ball!

Does Pouncey have MRSA?

I refused to advocate the "Suck for Luck" attitudes that ran from 2011-2012, but this year, I almost think that a terrible showing is what's needed to convince Ross to "Fire Everybody" and start over.

Not "all" the players specifically; We still do have some good, talented, growing players that can help us win.

But organizationally? Yeah, pretty much everybody.

If you see someone who's worth bringing back, re-interview them and hire them back if they pass.

truth reagradless this season is over, the more losses the better now, it helps our future. at some point u guys will realize this, has taken years and u still havent but soon u will

welcome aboard hrp, train is filling up. and play all these drafted guys who havent seen field yet, lets see what they got

mornin yall

ize a gonna cleenze up the cellar fo yall

ize gonna cleenze real good

dem buffalo bills left it in a horabble mess

2 watt for President Eh?

Well the source is Adam Schefter. That windbag is rarely right.

Anybody has any idea how we can win this afternoon?
posted by Oscar Canosa
Play Matt Moore, run the ball and throw short passes that do not require a lot OL protection time. When the Charges go to 8 in the box, Moore will recognize it and go deep with accuracy and touch unlike T-hill.

At least it's a 4:00 game. Ought to be self medicated by then.

The media owes an apology to the Dolphins organization

must make this real happy for armando and ESPN.

Kickin when there up!
Kick em when there down!

move out of that city.
priority #1

We start a new winning streak today, 4 games minimum.

For you outsiders that don't no Miami....

Fly into the airport. Hop in a taxi, put on a blindfold, and ask the driver to take you anywhere in Little Havana, Hialeah, Liberty City, or Opa Locka. When the car stops, take off the blind fold.

You will swear you are in a slum in Cuba.

South Beach is nothing more than a shiny stone among rocks of sun dried sheet.

fred dont be so dumb brother

We start a new winning streak today, 4 games minimum.

Posted by: Fred S. | November 17, 2013 at 12:55 PM

If that were to happen,, what would Mando have to write about? Would he even admit he was wrong?

Doubt it.


Dumb is you sister thinking losing for a higher draft pick will help the team. The last time a first overall pick helped a team get to the SB was Peyton and even that took a decade.

really fred,super bowl. pretty sure we are just taking baby steps, like a winning season. its not just the first pick, its a higher pick every rd. its a last place schedule, its a entire new regime top to bottom. wake up for once, u been watching 7-9 seasons now forever. 4-12 much better than 7-9. for once be smart and think of the future instead of a couple more meaningless wins like a bunch of fools in here do every season

Should have NEVER lost to Tampa or Buffalo. Those were both due to COACHING. We should be 6-3 and not even talking about this. They say Pouncey has a gall bladder problem, who knows if that's true?? I'm heading to the game and rooting for the Fins to turn it around but my expectations are not that high.

Go figure my fantasy team QB's are Tanny and Rivers. I was already going with Rivers but Pouncey being out seals it.

wow bobby feel free to sit anywhere, sure the other 300 fans there wont mind. yeah rick come on it was rivers easily either way

I see another 4 game loing streak.

HENNE Just Threw 62yd td on 4th & 1

swami check the schedule, really not another game we should win or be favored. so ill give us one upset and a 5-11 finish. which should get us around the number 7 or 8 pick and a last place schedule with jacksonville on it

i put some dough on jack +8 today, zona awful away from home

The media owes an apology to the Dolphins organization

Posted by: racemn2 | November 17, 2013 at 12:46 PM

Nah. The Dolphins owe an apology to the media, fans, and their players.

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