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Statement from Jonathan Martin attorney here

Jonathan Martin's family this week hired sports attorney David Cornwell to represent the Dolphins offensive lineman. On Thursday evening Cornwell released the following statement:

Jonathan Martin’s toughness is not at issue. Jonathan has started every game with the Miami Dolphins since he was drafted in 2012. At Stanford, he was the anchor for Jim Harbaugh’s “smash mouth” brand of football and he protected Andrew Luck's blind side.

"The issue is Jonathan’s treatment by his teammates. Jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing.  For the entire season-and-a-half that he was with the Dolphins, he attempted to befriend the same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment.  This is a textbook reaction of victims of bullying.  Despite these efforts, the taunting continued.  Beyond the well-publicized voice mail with its racial epithet, Jonathan endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate, and daily vulgar comments such as the quote

"These facts are not in dispute.

"Eventually, Jonathan made a difficult choice. Despite his love for football, Jonathan left the Dolphins. Jonathan looks forward to getting back to playing football. In the meantime, he will cooperate fully with the NFL investigation.

"Quote from teammate: “We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to (expletive) her without a condom and (expletive) in her (expletive).”


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Jon Martin is a pathetic excuse of a man.

I don't think it is the smartest news to go after the rest of the team....seems like it will be hard to prove...

Martin had better have some good stuff on that phone.....

Cog says: I'm going to slap yo momma then do your sister.

Martin says: Can we be friends?

What's wrong with this picture? And his toughness is not an issue? Seriously! ?

I wonder if Ireland asked Martin if his sister is a prostitute.

Those statements aren't proof of harassment blood sucking scumbag lawyer! These texts are just guys messing with guys saying sick twisted crap in humor. Any guy with a pair will tell you so. Really how can anyone take this seriously? J. Mart you are a joke and have shown your intent to cash in. I no longer support you in anyway and neither do your team mates.

No way do I ever cut J. Martin from this team... let this guy look his team in the eyes and feel the shame he deserves.


IT'S NOT BULLYING!!! That's TYPICAL locker/military/frat HYJINX!

I honestly can't believe some of you call yourselves men. Go sit down and pee.

note to Miami Dolphins players: SHUUUUUT UUUUUP!

you really do want to stay the he!! out of this

Kris, forget all of this, there is no side to take as both are jackasses. You're right more will come out but in the end neither player will be with the Dolphins so who cares.

I would have cut Richies ass when he harassed the woman at the outing.

And I would never have a player on my team who is as soft spoken and intreverted as Jonathan Martin playing in the trenches.

So in the end we lost both players and ultimately Martin falls on Ireland, Incognito on Philbin. Why Philbin? Because he is full of crap. He cut other players for far less than using a golf club to fondle a volunteers genitals, knock her glasses off her head and pour water on her face while also grinding her from behind.

He had to have known about this and he did nothing.


Marc wants to be associated with tough guy jobs...NFL locker rooms...military....but does neither.....

A 4 year washout....

Nothing more.....nothing less....but he will attempt to give lessons on manhood....

Jon Martin is trying to bring down the Miami Dolphins organization not just Richie. For all you fans who love the Dolphins should be pissed at this sissy Martin. I wish I was in the locker room I would "bully" Martin too

It wasn't just any woman. It was Kris' mom


We live in a New Soft Society. Where everyone takes every word literal. I also remember when people called other people F'ggot and it didn't just mean they were gay. Where the F-word meant punk or sissy. Give it a couple years and punk or sissy will be considered curse words.

The Sissifying of America is in full force.

Its real simple. JMart thinks he is a girl trapped in a mans body. The Dolphins should say more. The little girl who said nary a word for a year and a half will have her family claim more abuse. JMart is one really twisted dude. You think you know someone, you joke with them, you laugh with them and cry with them, and then they shove a poker up your butt. JMart and his parents have shown their colors and they are not black or white; they are green. How can we profit from our son's failures? I fully expect those in the lgbt community and those in the 'my child is special' bumper sticker community will support Judas. No football player worth his salt would want Judas on his team, or neighborhood, or state. This freaking guy and his attorney are pathetic. The Dolphins are pathetic beeches as well for suspending Richie before giving him his day in court. Monday Night football? Screw you. I hope the team wins but I won't be part of the 'audience' that grants you advertising money.

I wonder if Ireland asked Martin if his sister is a prostitute.

Posted by: Dolfania

LOL!!! It would be a prototypical Ireland response.

Phins 78....

When you put it that way (10:31)......you win.....

And by that....I mean your right...nobody wins...least of all...the FINS.....

But Dashi why would incognitos departure bring martin back? Hes saying that it was a bunch of team members. That's pretty convenient right, the perfect out.

Theres some truth to this story but imo in the end jmart is being overly sensitive and you can see it on the faces of his confused teammates.

Martin is an idiot period. I hope someone knocks his lights out. I would much rather have Richie as my teammate. At least you would know someone had your back. I hope Miami Cuts Martin and reinstates Incognito. We are going to blow out Tampa on Monday night because of this crap. In support of Richie here!

Well, we all wanted national media attention...


We all know football players are horrible actors. Dont tell me all of these guys are putting an act on. They seem genuinely confused and hurt by this whole thing. Like they had no clue. Yet jmart says it was teammates meaning someone would have known. What a freakin mess

J-Mart is a hypocrite. He is OK with getting bullied by his parents but he is against getting toughened up by his teammates.

Why hasn't J.Martin spoken publicly?

Because his body language would expose this is just a Money Grab.

The longer he takes without publicly speaking the less of a Victim J.Martin looks to me. And with a lawyer involved doubt J.Martin will ever speak. They want to take all the emotion out of this. Put everything in Black and White so everything sounds like an Insult.


Your a funny guy....

In the not to distant future....I am hoping that those of us from this blog will actually meet up @ a game....

I would prefer to save my talking with for just such a time.....

Then we can see talk about who is more manly.....

Until such time.....if ever....

Feel feet to be a internet tough-guy....I'm sure this is the only place that act works....I have no doubt in your actual life...you are quite as a church mouse....

I've had nothing but Dolphins news scrolling across Madden. My RSS feeds have been blowing up all week. We have attention no doubt.

Just highly misplaced and completely silly attention.

Ross has the funds to fight this chicago/obama style shakedown . Total bull shyte.

Incognito ruined the team.

The Dolphins have been mis-built on the field since the start of the Parcells/Ireland/Aponte mismanagement team. Now, it's become clear the team was mis-built in the locker room also.

Cogs would have no place on this team if Ireland could draft well. But he was a LEADER of this team - even after the golf event incident. And the Dolphins got rid of Marshall, Davis, Bush and others? What's wrong with this picture.

Kris. Remember one thing. You started this ish calling me out. My information is easily acessable faaaaag

It's over now except for the fact JMart wants to continue to embarrass himself. Keep it up Martin.

The players on the team speaking out have sunk the Martin. I doubt if there's a single player on this team going to support him. I applaud their courage to speak out against a wrong in spite of them being told not to comment. I encourage the team at this time to bring back Cogs before there is further mutiny.

Joe Berger sighting!

After reading many of this Kris guy's posts, I can comfortably say he is a girl or a cross-dresser. He doesn't post here because he likes football, he posts here because he likes men in tight pants. JMart likes wearing girls makeup and Kris is his biggest defender. I think I am on the wrong blog; I thought this blog was for sports fanatics who had actually played sports. Next, Kris will explain he was the captain of the dive team. I believe that... it just isn't a sport.


That is my point.....

A Journey man....who is barely holding on to his career comes to Miami,...and becomes the locker room king pin....

Tells you all you need to know about leadership in that locker room.....it was sorely lacking....

Phins 78,

You know I was defending Martin when this first came out. NOBODY HERE WANTED INCOGNITO OFF THE TEAM WORST THAN DASHI.


Abuse is Abuse!!

Real convenient like you said. The Fins suspend Richie and the Martin family expands their statement. Now it was multiple players. And let's only quote half the statement, let's leave out the part where people realize that the other person was joking.

This is getting ridiculous. And the Martin's will not win against the NFL Mafia.


Why would I forget....

If/when the time comes....hope to see you then....and really...there isn't much more to say....

Kris quick question if u r still around. The Sun is writing that a teammate threatened his sister. They wrote that because of the text at the bottom here.

Are you in the camp that takes that text literal or are you in the camp that understands while distasteful, the teammate didn't actually intend to rape his sister?

Solia was giving all the defensive line rookies terrible haircuts, that they had to wear for 2 weeks. They sucked it up, and played the game. Martin is a wuss. This blog and everyone who responds to it were SCREAMING about Ireland not addressing the LEFT Tackle Position via trade or draft. He finally traded for McKinnie. Because NO ONE had faith in Martin. I hope Incog is cleared, Martin goes back to Cali, and is happy, and JEFF IRELAND IS FIRED. I totally disagree with the way Martin handled this. Totally a WUSS!!!

Kris, it is a young team and at least Richie made the Pro-bowl last year and would have made it this year too if it weren't for some weak baby claiming to call himself and NFL Player

So JM befriends his team mates so the bullying would stop?!? Did he ever ask them to stop? And why would he not befriend them anyway!

This is nothing more than a PR shakedown because there is no lawsuit here even if what is alleged is true. Harassment is only actionable if it is based on a protected class. Though I am sure there will be some sort of settlement. Shame!


My point exactly. Football players are bad at lying. Reason I want J.Martin to publicly speak. So we can read him. Just how other people here are constantly trying to read Philbin.

And Kris,

You are going to have to expand your allegations to the whole team, Not just Incognito. Remember Multiple Players bullied Martin, Not just Incognito.

From a legal standpoint and PR standpoint, the team has hurt itself deeply on many levels.

The stunt of having the players back Cogs and express confusion about Martin was a disaster as it now appears that Cogs was accused of attacking a woman at a Dolphin sponsored golf event.

The Dolphins need to realize that backing Cogs is NOT a winning hand in its battle against Martin (and the team is almost certainly trying to fight off the story of extortion of rookies by veterans).

The Dolphins should settle this matter quickly, clean house and move on. Yes, it will be a rebuild. But the current six year rebuild has been a failure in any case.

Write some checks. Fire a lot of people and move forward.

Kris, check your punctuation, man! The .... Gives me....a headache....LOL

Phins 78....


I don't think the text is literal.....but then again... I don't belive that the "I'm gonna kill you" stuff was literal either...


Over time....how many of thos messages...slash text......slash every day "joking"....would you put up with....

How much is to much...

Right now the count is 2.....

What number is your limit...

One can always hope for "friendly fire" until then...

That is, unless you never actually get deployed, which is likely. Admin?

Great game here, hope you guys are watching.

Watch yourself: Kris is a 6 foot 4, 230 pound man who can pound some keys; when he isn't in 6 inch heels and sporting 4 inch french manicured hands. You will see him at the next game.


I did @ 10:09....

The Dolphins also had Hicks, Will Barker, Lance Louis express confusion over Martin? What are you talking about, Sigh? Those guys aren't even in the league right now. They have no dog in this fight. Why are they all agreeing with the current roster?

Ireland should be fired immediately just for drafting Jonathan Martin

Hope away....

And I spent more time deployed than you spent in the military....

Dashi, you want to see Martin speak?? Lmao he can't even look people in his eyes, I think you said Martin is being bullied by his parents cause that sure what it looks like. How can a grown man 23 or 24 whatever let his parents dictate the situation. My gosh he might be the biggest wuss ever in any team sports!

Guys I'm sorry but Ireland needs go!! Reasons why below!

He drafts a weak sorry excuse of a man on J Martin!

Trades B Marshall away for 2 3rd round picks??? The guy a top 3 WR.

Doesn't draft Dez Bryant and asking momma a hooka.

Not resigning Long or Bush, come on theres were our leader. Could of kept Bush and Miller let Thomas go he's a bust!!

How many more reasons do I need to post!?


It's what I do....you will just have to skip my post....

Propaganda by Martin Mom and Dad because her baby got his feelings hurt! Now they making a big deal to get Martin taken care of for years to come after everything is settled.
But Martin wouldn't be able to play again because other opposition opponents will let him have it like he never heard it before
Thats a guarantee, plus no one will befriend him, its all about making money because Martin sucks and will never be a good player.


You did what?

Bring your parents to sue the school?

I get the sense the Phins are going to come out ticked off and smash the Bucs on Monday. This thing has united the players in a surprising way. Like they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.... unless you are a certain guy that likes to cry and run home to momma.


What are you talking about....


I think we are in agreement about the fact that Cogs should have not been a leader on this team.

It's crazy and sad.

This has hurt everyone.

No Kris I get that. I was just trying to see how far apart you and I might be on this thing but I'm realizing we are pretty close. We just have a couple of differences in opinion but in the end we both want what is best for the team moving forward.

There are people who are taking those words literally and I decided if you were one of them we were going to have to stop talking about this! Haha


That is what it sounds like. J.Martin is getting bullied by Mom and Dad, but he is still not man enough to stand up to them.

J.Martin wanted to quit in April, but his parents orchestrated this scheme so when he wants to quit again they have enough ammo for a lawsuit.

J.Martin doesn't love the game. Never did.

And that is the Truth, Truth.

Or he just finding a way out because he knows he can't handle the locker room football life, plus he will never maker it in the NFL because he is soft mentally and physicallly, and the only way out is to scam the NFL to collect big money, I give him credit on the bullying idea because that's a bid issue in america these days. Smart dude or very smart parents. I probably would of done the same thing if someone was bullying my 6"5 300 pound baby boy!


You said, I did to my post at 10:09. That was my post about the school.

No Phins....

Like I said earlier ....I heard the Voicemail......and Cogs didn't 't even sound menacing.....just sounded like a fat dude on an answering machine....all out of breath....

But in the end....I do think he took it to far...perhaps he (and the team)....just did it to much...to soon...to often.....

We keep hearing the code red scenario.....

But this was quite possibly a case of private pile.... From full metal jacket.....and Zmartin is looking to take everyone out....including himself(career)ccc

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