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Statement from Jonathan Martin attorney here

Jonathan Martin's family this week hired sports attorney David Cornwell to represent the Dolphins offensive lineman. On Thursday evening Cornwell released the following statement:

Jonathan Martin’s toughness is not at issue. Jonathan has started every game with the Miami Dolphins since he was drafted in 2012. At Stanford, he was the anchor for Jim Harbaugh’s “smash mouth” brand of football and he protected Andrew Luck's blind side.

"The issue is Jonathan’s treatment by his teammates. Jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing.  For the entire season-and-a-half that he was with the Dolphins, he attempted to befriend the same teammates who subjected him to the abuse with the hope that doing so would end the harassment.  This is a textbook reaction of victims of bullying.  Despite these efforts, the taunting continued.  Beyond the well-publicized voice mail with its racial epithet, Jonathan endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate, and daily vulgar comments such as the quote

"These facts are not in dispute.

"Eventually, Jonathan made a difficult choice. Despite his love for football, Jonathan left the Dolphins. Jonathan looks forward to getting back to playing football. In the meantime, he will cooperate fully with the NFL investigation.

"Quote from teammate: “We are going to run train on your sister. . . . She loves me. I am going to (expletive) her without a condom and (expletive) in her (expletive).”


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As soon as Ireland is out, the team will start to recover its ethos.
Then maybe and in a not very far future, Ross will sell the team to someone who really deserves this honor.

Kris, your comprehension levels never cease to amaze me; Or, lack thereof. Perhaps that's why you're a career soldier.

Don't forget. Your wife is getting nailed each and every time you leave. Just in case you didn't catch it the previous 2 times.

It's amazing that you got that, but other things had to be repeated to you and you still didn't get them.

Instead of selling the team, getting rid of Ireland the coaches and players lets just get rid of 'fans' like "Sigh" and the rest of the circus of sensationalists?

What if Philbin and company run the table and advance into the playoffs? Will this get swept under the rug? Winning makes everything go away it seems. Right or wrong.

Sorry, but this statement from his lawyer sounds pathetic. To me, It hurts his case. Are you serious? this is the "abuse" he is talking about? Holy crap! Secondly, its one thing to try and befriend the bully in order to stop the problem, But I do not think anyone would call said bully on the phone and invite them out on the town, not once but repeatedly.

Man, what a world we live in where being a complete P**SY can potentially get you millions of dollars while destroying a professional football team. It's pretty safe to say that Martin was the worst draft pick ever.

The Dolphins have to do something tomorrow, not hide behind an investigation, Ross has to act, they cannot allow more crap to be made public. What is Martin trying to achieve, does he want half the team suspended?
Right or wrong one more thing is not disputed, Martin was a below average Tackle and will not be missed, incognito not so much and if Pouncey is involved he is the one lineman we cannot afford to lose.

Malicious attack? Was he hospitalized? Did the medical staff have to check him out? That would be pretty easy to prove. Or did Starks or Wake treat him unfairly by repeatedly beating his sorry ass in practice. Screw this guy. He doesn't indicate to anyone on the team there is a problem and according to teammates was very recently buddy buddy with the primar culprit. Keep in mind this all blew sky high shortly after McKinnie got here and he got demoted to the right side. No GM will touch Cogs after this year, but they'd be just as crazy to sign this guy. I wish they'd stop paying his lazy ass. He wouldn't be able to hide behind his attorney from his mom's couch. He'd actually have to show up in the locker room he is tearing apart.



Dude you must need to take a break.

I think ESPN is driving this story to add interest to an otherwise uneventful Monday night game between 4-4 Miami, and 0-8 Tampa.

Mags@ 12:58

Every OL from camp is now gone.
Pouncey is answering questions but you know his shht is about to go.
Fcck all them nggas yo.
Bones get smoked. Fools get smoked. Stupid dickheads get sodomized.

My Checkers Seasoned Fries are about to be done yo.

ETF, are you so silly that you didn't know they have trains in Africa? And planes to, oh my.

ETF is really Martins under cover lover. He went and brought French fries for his honey boo J Martin.

He's so deep in that he has no other choice but to go all the way. But the guy has to come up with something better than people making tasteless jokes. Martin comes off as this alien that is exploring a society that he's never seen before. I have trouble understanding how Martin is suddenly being exposed to "dude humor" for the very first time. The more comfortable guys are around each other the more vulgar things get. It's stupid. But not as stupid as actually taking it literally. Sounds like Martin has social issues. He can't assess other peoples personalities and take them for what and who they are. It's text book egocentric behavior. Text Book!

RI is playing it perfectly. He is saying nothing and letting the accusations roll in.

Each point will be dealt with one by one and defended well, as other than the rascist slur he hasn't done anything criminal.

Ireland and Philbin make me sick though. I hate liars, especially those that do it from the moral high ground such as Philbin.

Ireland may be gone soon if the Martin camp can prove that he suggested Martin attack RI. Why has the GM not spoken, what a WIMP !!!

J.Martin showers in his underwear after games.

Old Gizzle, Oscar, and Fraud join him from time to time. They call it Pool Pigs.

Sigh, great comment early. Unfortunately as you pointed out we are the minority here. The Dolphins are destroying their brand and "fans" are doing so as well without even noticing it seems.

This could very well -and I do not think I'm exaggerating anymore- spell the end for the Phins in Miami.

Yes, it is clear that this is some kind of war between Somebody and the NFL. I will speak my mind now and strictly from the point of view of a Dolphin's Fan. My balls are bursting from taking so much incompetence, ignorance and frankly, dishonesty from all the Organizations and it's members that have passed thru here Since Don Shula was made to resign in 1996. Where has the credibility, accountability, respectability that this great Team had, gone? In this case, we will ALWAYS side with someone that can force the whole NFL to acquire some respect for themselves, and for their Teams.

So where are the "facts" and "details" in Cornwell's statement? I see none. What kills me is the media presenting this as such. I have seen no "facts" and "details" outside of the text and phone message. And, why does Martin and his family need a lawyer to speak for them? Why doesn't Martin speak for himself? He is losing the PR war by doing that...I doubt he ever plays football again and I see a big lawsuit on the horizon.

Man fk this guy...I HATE Jonathan Martin...he is a classic pansy ass POS...FAHGUT!!!

If I had a sensitive kid vulnerable to being bullied, I would not recommend pro football for his career. Just a mismatch. Martin should have realized the job wasn't for him.

This is getting absurd. Incognito having a vendetta of some kind was superficially plausible at first. But now, EVERYONE was against Martin? From day one? And he just suffered in silence?

Kid best settle, because if he can't handle the locker room, no way can he handle the kind of trial lawyer Ross can afford to throw at him.

Yeah now its...everybody is being mean to me...holy shyt you got to be kidding me!!! Scum bag lawyer and a fahgut fking fat POS...this is just great...I've told every single one of my friends what I do to their mom/sister/wife...jesus christ you fat fk...you are a pathetic...I hope you die soon...

Oh no, Jack, now you're a defendant too.

In reviewing this mess I was thinking that bringing back Incognito and winning football games would benefit the Dolphins. However with the Lawyers now involved that's a legal nightmare. The Dolphins should just settle this mess out of court. The non political dialog that goes on in all NFL locker rooms is almost not human. I feel bad for the Dolphin owners and hope they move to get rid of the upper management people who allowed this mess to happen.

My rant from the last blog looks even more appropriate now:

I've been hoping this "story" would go away so we could get back to the never ending struggle to be a good football team.

I don't mean to be unconcerned about Martin's well being but I think the big fella will be ok. He's a Stanford grad, a fair football player, and has 2 lawyers for parents.

As usual though it's beginning to look like we once again will end up with egg on our face and mired in dysfunction.

Over the past 10 plus years we've had several periods, weeks, games where we just looked like we were plain snakebit but there was always hope of what the off season would bring.

This year we had what was supposed to be the best off season ever and optimism was highest as it's been in awhile and we got off to a 3-0 start.

Since then it's been a microcosm of the past decade. The irony for a shell shocked Dolfan couldn't get any thicker. It's like freakin Ground Hog Day! It just won't end.

Now we get the icing on the cake. After our biggest win in a couple of seasons we get the bully scandal.

I've been pulling for this organization to succeed but it's looking awfully same old,same old to me.

We are in dire need of some charisma, some energy, to reel off a few wins in row. To change the negative talk to playoff talk.

As Dolphin fans we know better than to expect that though. What possible reason do we have to expect that from this team.

It has gotten so bad that there are many fans hoping this latest debacle is enough to get the whole group fired so we can start over...again. Even though we haven't shown through 2 owners with enough money to buy the state of Florida, that we have sense enough to hire the right people to turn it around.

We're coming off a big win against a playoff team, we're 4-4, and have a Monday night game against the winless, hapless Bucs up next. Who's putting money on the Fins?????

Posted by: Dolfan Rick

I agree with the above post and believe that most Dolphin Fans can relate to it as well.

the dolphin players acted like JAIL MATES IN TREATING MARTIN ...........





THE GARAGE MANAGER .....................

If you are playing pro football like a wimp, you are going to get treated like a wimp. Unfortunately if wimp runs in a person's blood that person should not be an NFL lineman. You can't toughen this guy up. Ever. His video games would be wimpy wonderland.
Kris said it. He is PVT Pile. Screw everyone around without even given them the good ol reach around.
Most of the team will be amazed at what chit comes out when this all done.
Caleb Sturgis probably kicked his ass as well.
This will pull the team together, not break it apart.
Code Red? Big deal. Toughen up boy because on Sunday nobody is giving you flowers when they try to break your leg.

Here's a thought? Didn't Martin state at some point he was thinking about not playing anymore? If that's the case this is about getting the money he's owed. He can't walk away from his contract, but if he could prove bullying then......he's set for life.. Remember his parents are lawyers too.

Its clear that Martin just doesn't belong in an NFL locker room - he just ruined the Miami Dolphins for no real reason. What a pansy.
He went to Stanford, parents went to Harvard, been in private schools all his life, never been exposed to reality.

Here's a thought? Didn't Martin state at some point he was thinking about not playing anymore? If that's the case this is about getting the money he's owed. He can't walk away from his contract, but if he could prove bullying then......he's set for life.. Remember his parents are lawyers too.

Posted by: Jlkella
That conflicts with Martin's actions. He is talking to the NFL and if he did not intend to play again he would just shut up because what he says can be used in court against him.

At a dolphins charity golf event incognito got drunk and sexually harassed a female with a golf club.

Look guys Martin can say what he wants, but without proof those words were actually spoken he has nothing more than a circumstantial case at best. What the attorney is trying to set up is a pattern of abuse or the semblance of one. Martin was called out by several prominent players on this squad as to his reaction to several of these comments and they certainly didn't seem sinister by any stretch. His best bet is to accept a settlement and move on. If this case reaches trial there will be some serious mud slinging from both sides of the fence and it will get mighty ugly, ending with Martin not having a job and the team looking like fools.

There certainly was no criminal intent what so ever, just rousing by his team mates, nothing more.

His camp is reaching because I feel they have a weak case at best for workplace harassment. The judge will be well versed in the inner workings and culture of an NFL locker room by the time this does hit the courts, he may be even an ex-player himself. The locker room is not a politically correct environment, those of you that have played the game, including yours truly already know this, pretty much common knowledge between former players, so there isn't much of a story.

Don't read too much into this, it will only add fuel to the fire, which shouldn't be more than a spark at this point, but the media and the public are going to keep fanning the flames.

Oh and by the way before the peanut gallery starts flaming me, I do have some background in this sort of case. In my line of business I have had to deal with similar situations such as this one. I have on call two very knowledgable attorneys who have dealt with the EEOC in the past. Both are watching this case unfold and both are former players and both think this case has no merit for the most part. It is all about him against them and you need a heck of allot more than innuendo and hearsay to build a case.

Martin is going to have a hard time explaining his attitude, both during and after the alleged events. Very few witnesses are going to come forward with first hand knowledge of these alleged events which will make it very difficult for his camp to present a winnable case to the court.

Is Philbin a leader of Men?

Promichael, all this talk is aimed towards either forcing a payout or poisoning a jury. Martin's burned his boats. Claiming he wants to stay in the NFL is just part of building his damages: "I wanted to play, but now I can't, so pay me what I would have made."

We could end up with a jury watching film of Martin giving up sacks.


I seriously doubt anyone wants to poke Kris's wife. Women that marry military men typically have no other options. Why else would they want a husband who spends most of his time in ports of call where the only thing to do with their free time is experiment with their mates or bang the cheap local whores?

So Big Ben rapes 2-3 different women, Pac Man Jones is involved in a shooting that leaves a man paralyzed...and the Fin's are going to be tortured and run off the team because they used 'bad words' with a teammate in a setting where that is common place?

Really....it's getting pathetic....what this country tries to enforce and then turns a blind eye to.

Attorneys...as alwasys...will drive the final outcomes either way.

You truly have to be an idiot or a ghetto boy with no athletic skills to join the military. What a joke. It's basically a cop out to say you can't to anything else. You aren't even protecting your country, you are protecting the interests of corrupt big business.

I wonder if any other NFL players on any other NFL teams have bad words flying around their locker rooms? Probably not. I'm sure not.

@kris, you sound as vaginal as martin. Serriously.

You are very close to the answer Anderson. If in fact if he can prove he was harassed to the point that he could no longer function in his current position due to fear of reprisal then yes he could receive monetary damages, however if it is proven that he made false statements, which I am sure he has then he would be the one getting burned in the long run.

Cogs history is the only thing that is a constant in this entire ordeal. That alone is not enough to win Martin's case. It does however present a long history of abusive and unprofessional behavior on the field of play. Most witnesses to his past behavior have stated that he has issues with controlling his emotions, but not one of them alleged that Cogs ever harmed a fellow team mate during that time period. Being an ass on the field, arguing with refs, and punching opponents after the whistle has nothing to do with this case. Just be sure that you all understand that.

"I wanted to play, but now I can't, so pay me what I would have made."

We could end up with a jury watching film of Martin giving up sacks.

Posted by: Anderson
Ok Anderson that makes sense in building a case. However I think the Dolphins and Ross would want to settle out of court with all this non politically correct locker room dialog. The NFL will want this settled ASAP. Right now it's a PR nightmare for the NFL.

The incessant gossip here and everywhere over a simple bullying incident amongst a locker room of thugs is a testament to just how trivial the typical sports fan is.

This thing should have been a paragraph on page two the first day and a paragraph on page 3 after all is resolved. Instead everyone has their panties in a knot over something so trite it is uncomprehensible.

Well, you're both partly right. The military is primarily comprised of lower middle class folks that have few options. At least on the enlisted side. Someone like Martin would be teased incessantly in the military as well. As for the wives. They typically marry them young. Some are fairly cute until they have a kid or 2 and blow up to 200lbs. We called them BMWs....big military wives. Fact is fat or not, cute or not they're all whooooores that mess around on their men and if you're gone every other year for a year you can bet Vegas odds she's getting nailed every which way by the troops from units that didn't get deployed or worse. The Martin's that weaseled out of going to war.

Good luck trying to get back in the league, no one wants a barely serviceable tackle, who back-stabs his teammates and quits on his team with a topper of mental issues..

Mike and Mike this AM..more piling on. Didn't catch it all...something about some chick at a golf tournament.
Had nothing to do with Martin but another black eye for the Dolphins.

This is a PR nightmare and it would surprise me if Ross doesn't clean house just to distance himself & Dolphins from this mess.

Martin's lawyer is painting a picture of a competent and confident player coming out of college; a kid with the necessary physical and mental tools to succeed in the NFL- except that he went to a dysfunctional team where he endured harassment, threats and bullying which, after all his efforts to establish himself, finally brought him down.

OK. That might work. Certainly there were many scouting reports projecting him as a high pick. But there were many with a caveat questioning his ability to play LT or even RT at the pro level. A healthy number suggested he wouldn't make it in the NFL.

So... what does a team do when it realizes it has overdrafted a player and has no suitable backup? Money has been spent; the guy has to play; and the team has to do something to protect its investment.

For the Dolphins, this is where Richie Incognito entered the picture. As one of the longest tenured NFL and Dolphins' players, he undertook the job to mentor Jonathan Martin.

Many view this today as a recipe for failure- Incognito the bully and 2nd dirtiest player in the NFL vs brainey but mousey J Martin. However, we know its happened before in the NFL and will happen again. Read what Kyle Turley, the dirtiest player in the NFL 10 years ago, had to say about his mentoring duties:


There's even a military term for Martin. Blue Falcon, or Buddy F...ker

As much of a trainwreck as this organization has become since THE DAY Shula was unceremoniously thrown to the curb - my only hope is that someday, sometime before his days are done, this franchise can return to some semblence of respectability & relevance.
Its not 'just' the losing, its all the BS that has surrounded this team since H.Wayne sold the franchise's soul to the devil - Jimmy Johnson. We have had a 15 year run reflective of any of the most poorly run organization's in all of professional sports, I personally think it is the absolute worst, yet I remain loyal - hoping for a positive turn at some point. I feel so sorry for what Shula, Robbie & all built & the fact that Don has had to bear witness to its demise.
This latest debacle is just so far from imagineable in the old world of Shu, poor guy must cry himself to sleep at night.

Again weather or not Martin was a good player has no bearing on this case. The only issue at hand here is weather or not he was harassed by a fellow team mate to the point that he could no longer function in that environment. Like I said earlier, Martin has only one thing going for him at the present and that is that he has proof of verbal harassment via text and voice mail. The only damaging thing that I can point my finger to is the use of racial slurs used in those texts and voicemails. Now he could be considered abused if he felt that the use of such language cased him damages due to his racial ethnicity, that is protected under the law, but considering that an NFL locker room where that type of language is accepted by both parties and is used on a regular basis I can't see how that would have any bearing on a settlement. This is a very complicated case full of twists and turns on a daily basis. I am sure more will come out before this is over. This is becoming more of a case against the NFL and its culture than a case of abuse.

This will get very interesting as this case unfolds. I look forward to the end so we can move on with the season.

Posted by: Warfield42
AMEN brother. It's nice to see someone else point out what really started this decline of a great franchise.

Posted by: billcale | November 08, 2013 at 08:02 AM

Great post and the link made for good reading. Thanks.

Speechless. My fear is, being the NFL already knows of the league wide culture of the NFL locker room, they will use this team as the "fall guy" in an attempt to appear to address the things that most of us who don't live like a pro athlete will ever understand. Goodel will gladly sacrifice the brand of this team in order to protect the shield. But do we really think this is limited to just Miami?

If Martin does win this case it will have been won in the media, not in the courts. The media is going to continue to dump on Cogs for his antics on and off of the field. He admitted that he had issues in the past and claimed that he did receive treatment. I have no doubt that his past is going to be used in this case to prove intent due his history, but the court must consider that he did receive treatment, if it is documented so, and that his violent outbursts diminished due to that treatment.

Martin was targeted by his peers as a weak player and of course the coaching staff wanted him pushed to see what they had in this player. Cogs may have taken it a bit to far in this case, but it is an accepted practice throughout the NFL.

Morning everyone. I thought about a few things this AM. Once again, how can they prove that martin was hazed above what is usual. The only thing that is probably above what is usual is bodily harm and or death...which there is actually precedent for. 2) Define normal hazing. There is no standard for hazing. 3) We have a wonderful example of a player that was perhaps shunned, picked on and publicly called soft. He was belittled and threatened on TV by a coach to be fired. People leaked stories about his weird body shape and sadi he was soft...articles were written by him on this very paper...and he recently he had an article writtne about him saying that he is NOW an integral part of this office an doing well. Can you say...Michael Egnew.

"Jonathan Martin’s toughness is not at issue. Jonathan has started every game with the Miami Dolphins since he was drafted in 2012. At Stanford, he was the anchor for Jim Harbaugh’s “smash mouth” brand of football and he protected Andrew Luck's blind side."
Mr. Martin's attorney saying it isn't an issue doesn't mean it isn't in reality very much an issue.
Starting every game doesn't mean as much as being rated in the bottom third of players at his position does.
Playing well for Stanford is much different than playing in the NFL.

Humpty Dolphin sat on a wall,
Humpty Dolphin had a great fall.
All the king's horses and the all the king's men,
Couldn't put poor Humpty together again

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