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Stephen Ross shows a lot of love for Philbin

TAMPA -- This is what Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said in his opening remarks tonight when he met with the media.

You will note the love he shows for Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. You will note he does not mention Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland:

In the past two weeks, our primary concern has been for Jonathan Martin.  Immediately after learning that Jonathan left the team, I spoke with Head Coach Joe Philbin and Joe visited with Jonathan in person that evening.  Over the ensuing days, both Joe and I reached out to Jonathan to express our concern and to offer our support.  Jonathan and I have exchanged texts as recently as this weekend, and I am scheduled to meet with him in person to see how he is doing and to listen to his concerns.   As I noted last week, I reached out to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and asked him to conduct an independent review of these allegations and I am grateful that Ted Wells will be leading the effort.  We have pledged our full cooperation in that endeavor. In addition, last week, we began our own internal review of policies and procedures to determine if there are immediate areas which can be improved upon.  I have asked President and CEO Tom Garfinkel to lead this effort.

Joe Philbin is a big part of that review process.  Joe is a man of high character who routinely communicates to our players our expectations of behavior and he espouses the values that we stand behind. He genuinely cares about our players—you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. A final step is the creation of an independent advisory group to review our current organizational conduct policies and to make recommendations on areas for improvement. I have asked former NFL Head Coaches Don Shula and Tony Dungy, along with former players Dan Marino, Curtis Martin and Jason Taylor, to be a part of this group and we will announce further additions in the coming days.  Together, these men bring integrity, respect and diverse experiences to the discussion, some having just recently retired from the locker room.

Joe Philbin and others will be a part of the process, as will current Dolphin players.  I want to be clear: this effort is to improve the Miami Dolphins only and is not intended to be a blueprint for other franchises. The working group will begin its charge after the season.  The NFL locker room is a special place, no doubt, but that does not mean that different rules of decency and respect should be in play.  Winning championships is what we are all about, but we cannot do so if any of our family members are challenged from reaching their potential. I want to thank the Dolphin fans and alumni for their patience as we work towards a stronger organization.


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Blah blah blah blum blim blah!

Sam You Are,

Tell us again how great Gillislee is, please.

Ross is a jerk if he thinks joe philbin is worth a crap. He is good at profiling and evading questions and does NOT coach up his talent well. Keep joe and we will keep losing.He has lost control of his team and is a drooling moron

Now would be a good time for Philbin to give a motivational speech, if he has got one. Team is flatter than a tire.

Philbin may be a great human being, but he is a crappy football coach.

The Dolphins continue to be a bad joke, and it all starts with Stephen Ross.

Yes let's keep the robotic coach who nobody on the team seems to respect...

horrible horrible coaching... Coyle needs to go back to being a

Bingo again, Gruden. They look like they are sleep walking. Pick your damn head up Phillip Wheeler! Have some heart man.

Is it just me or do the Bucs know the Dolphins snap count?

Dolphins lead the league in Phantom pass interference calls...

IrelandSucks, yeah a few times I thought the Bucs were offsides but they seem to be getting the snap count and I think its Jerry because it's his guy I see in the backfield everytime as soon as the ball is snapped

Where's all the winning solves everything?

These losers have little 'character'.


So I guess it's time to talk about the draft.


Only self worship

im telling you primetime is poison for this team. being rolled by an 0-8 team on monday nite, no matter what they do the rest of the season all everyone will remember is tonite.

Kevin Coyle sux, no jam and 3rd and long is horrible play calling.

Resurection time, when I ride on my enemies...

Hey refs, they holding us all day U BASTARDS!!!

The team looks lost in all phases of the game. Philbin, if he has a motivational speech, needs to cough it up. Now.

Where's mark from Toronto now. Told u this team is awful. Loving this. Tank season and we finally get rid of ireland

Philbin told the team they are playing like a bunch of half breed neegwads.

Finally we r gonna tank a season totally

Way to have your team prepared for a game failbin. Lot of love my a$#. Failbin and irescum need to go ad soon as this beat down is over.

Philbin looks like he is crying.

Time for Philbin to go back to Green Bay

Ross needs to fire the whole staff. They are making Tampa look like a playoff team. They SUCK!!

Best way to fix the locker room is to draft only white players.

Sensing that this could be their first win, the Bucs look like a pack of ravaging wolves tearing the Fins to shred. And the Fins truly look like a fish out of water. Pathetic first half.

I'm not feeling a whole lot of love for Philbin right now or Ross. The team is playing completely flat but not completely a surprise. Like I said yesterday this Bucs team deserves respect. Too much worrying stupid quitter Martin and not enough focus on Football. Even Ross just had to keep it going today. All his change announcements could have waited until tomorrow.

I blame the coaches Philbin, Coyle, and Sherman mostly for the play on the field. The only way this team comes back is if the players get fired up. The coaches have sucked bad in this game for the most part. Finally some offensive life from this team.

Sure, it is tough watching the Dolphins get blown out by a winless team, but I think we can all agree that Jeff Ireland has done a great job assembling the Dolphin roster. And that offensive line shows a lot of promise! Lots to be excited about. Jeff Ireland, well done, sir!

Some body wants to win..

Well, at least our QB doesn't look like Napoleon Dynamite. Seriously, have you looked at this kid? LMAO

Steve Ross, worst sports owner ever?

If ya want some laughs watch the Dullfins! LMAO!!



I thought Ed Ansin was cheap and incompetent. Always bought cheap dollar store batteries.
Until S. Ross showed up in Miami. BBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZ

Why is the #3 overall draft pick covering kickoff returns?

What were you saying Armando? You putz.

The fins will never improve until its fans improve. Good luck if this blog is any indicator.

Can everyone say. Bye bye IRESCUM?
All yeah. His days are counted. No love for Irescum!

Almost eh?


F**k these clowns, after 40 years I'm out, done, finished. Thanks for the (old) memories, losers. Get back to me when there's a reason to care.

Wallace is garbage!! Matthews is a better WR.


I thought the team played very well. Can't win them all.

Wallace waits for the ball instead of going to snatch it.

Can we just end the season now and forfeit the rest? Worst team in the league...

Yesssssssss ireland is done. This is awesome

Buffalo, NE, and Tampa all beat us by not showing their hand and saving their blitzes for the 4th quarter. Another meltdown. SMH.

dusty don't assume the next GM will be better, could be worse. I think the team is doing well considering they lost Keller, Gibson, Patterson, two rookie corners and half the line.

dion Jordan looks like a bust now

Playoffs? Lol. We could use the better draft position. Would be nice if our OL was better than some college OL

TWO YARDS on the ground vs. a winless team. TWO. Nice work by the OL on that last drive, too. TB lost their backup running back in the 1st quarter and still managed 140 rushing yards, but Miami managed TWO.

fire the whole staff. start over. control-alt-delete

i think i've had it with the fins. been a fan since 1982. I am going to sue ross for ruining my life with this shithole team. never been more embarrassed to be a dolphin

After following this team for 42 years, all I can say is Arreviderci Fish.

F?@k You Steven Ross, Jeff Ireland, and Joe Philbin for the abortion of a product you put on the field, and the embarrassment you've wrought on this once proud organization.

Why would you even want to make the playoffs??

This offensive line is horrible and non-existant. Tanny will be lucky to make it through year. I would start Moore just to keep from destroying Tannhill.

Philbin needs to go. Personally I wish Ross would sell the team. This is how many disasters in how many years. This is a horrible nightmare that seems to never end.

Please clean this mess up someone. Not even going to mention the name that should not be spoken. Ya he needs to go to. Should have went with Sparano.

This is Cameron all over again.

Tonight showed everything that is wrong with this team, can't run the ball can;t stop the run can't pass protect, and Ross has love for Philbin give me a break,What are the Vegas line for us even winning one more game this yr. and I agree with Peel why was wallce waiting for the ball at least go after it you Diva.This is a very sad sad sad team

worst run defense since the 80s teams. Ellerbe and Wheeler are both backup types. Figures we paid for them. They are terrible tacklers.

Cut wallace, and fire sherman. We fought back and pissed it away. The play calling in crunch time is horrendous. Wallace made no attempt at that last throw. The 46 million dollar man is a bust. Matthews is a baller. Let tannyhill run on an option roll.

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