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Tannehill changing how he attacks deep throws

Some things are so obvious even the secretive men inside Stalag Dolphin have to admit to them. And the difficulty the entire NFL has witnessed Ryan Tannehill have throwing the deep ball since he joined the Miami Dolphins is one of those things.

Last year we saw Tannehill miss a wide open Brian Hartline a handful of times when the receiver was open deep behind defenders. This year, Tannehill is armed with dynamic deep threat receiver Mike Wallace. But 10 games into the season, Wallace's deepest catch went for 49 yards.

And fans have seen Tannehill miss Wallace, open behind the secondary, on at least five ocassions -- either by underthrowing the football and forcing Wallace to fight for it against defensive backs, or underthrowing it and having a sure touchdown result in a mid-range completion, or throwing out of bounds, or just missing short altogether.

“The one the other day, let’s talk about the one the other day, that’s the most recent," coach Joe Philbin said Wednesday. "The guy is open, you have to get the ball to the receiver. You have to put a little more air under it so he doesn’t slow down and the DB doesn’t have a chance to break up the pass.  It’s not that complicated, throwing the ball down the field.

"It does take the right timing, the receiver has to leave enough space, especially when you’re throwing the ball outside the numbers which we had on that particular play. You have to make that throw, [Tannehill] knows that, I know that, everybody who was at the game knows that. Those are the facts, we have to keep working at it and I’m confident we will start making more of those."

Confident or not, Philbin was concerned enough about the issue to talk to Tannehill about it this week. It's become more than just a rare happenstance now. It's an issue -- one that Tannehill got advise on how to solve.

"We talked to coach Philbin yesterday and that’s one of the things he told me," Tannehill said. "Just go out there and let it rip. When a guy gets that open, sometimes you kind of tense up and you don’t want to overthrow him so you end up underthrowing him. I just have to go out there and let it rip and not overplay it."

I asked Tannehill if he's likely to take Philbin's advice and attack the situation differently this week.

"Yes, I think so," Tannehill said. "We had a couple other shots in the game where he got behind guys and one time I got flushed out got bumped and flushed out and I had to throw it to (Rishard) Matthews over the middle and another time I got sacked on it. We had a couple more opportunities where he got open, just wasn’t able to get him the ball.  You’ve got to hit the ones that are there, if you only get one shot a game to get him the ball I have to just throw it out there and let him run underneath it.

"That’s what he’s here to do.  He’s got the legs to run underneath it and it’s on me to just throw it out there and let him get it.” 

Here's the thing: Tannehill is a young quarterback and he's still learning the job. But I get the feeling he's trying to be too fine and too perfect for his own good. He needs to trust his instincts more. He needs to use his many gifts -- one of which is the ability to throw the football a long way.

He's been aiming the ball. He needs to simply pass it.

"Yes, I think I just get conservative," Tannehill admitted. "You see a guy, like I said with so much space and separation between him and the defender, he had five yards or something on the guy.  You see that space and you're thinking just get him the ball. Instead of, just throw it out there, play football and let it rip."

This can go one of two directions now.

Tannehill, reined in for too long, can feel free and start playing rather than thinking. And we'll start to see his deep completion percentage improve.


Tannehill, despite given the freedom to rip it, simply hasn't the touch or deep ball accuracy that must be inate to a quarterback to be the launching point for a deep passing game.

There is some reason for hope here. Last year Tannehill completed zero percent of his attempts of 41 yards or more. He was 0 for 3. This year he has completed 16.7 percent of his 6 throws of 41 yards or more. That still isn't good enough, but it suggests some improvement.

The question is can Tannehill make a much more significant improvement.

You have to consider that Wallace averaged eight touchdowns per season and 17.5 yards per reception his four seasons in Pittsburgh. In Miami he's basically been turned into a possession receiver who has one touchdown and is averaging 12.1 yard per catch.

But in Pittsburgh, Wallace played with a quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger who completed at least 33.3 percent of his passes on throws of 41 yards or more the past three years and in 2009 completed a whopping 46.2 percent of such passes.

Big Ben can wing it.

Can Tannehill match those numbers? Impossible to tell.

But he needs to bring his numbers up soon. Otherwise, what everyone sees as an issue that needs work could soon be viewed as a fatal flaw in Tannehill's game.




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Remember Reggie's famous words after 3 weeks with the Dolphins? "This team stinks" lol

Clee on the Luck comparison mate.

Luck is night and day with Thill. He has a great abilty to keep the drive going and the stick moving with his ability to aviod the rush and run for first downs hence his offense is much higher up the NFL than ours.

Luck has created 18TD;s to only 8 TO's +10
Thill has created 15 TD's to 16 TO's -1.

In the fine margins of the NFL today that higher level of play and abilty to keep drives going is what counts.

The leadership of Luck is quite amazing too. I don't like the Colts but Im a fan of Luck to be honest. He is one of the non Dolphins I rate highly.

Marco, rating is one of a number of metrics I use to assess performance, not the only one.

Rating on it's own is too limited to come to a full conclusion. It merely expresses efficiency but ignores volume in it's asssessment. IN this league at some point you need a qb to be able to throw for a bunch of yards ot win a game, it's important.

If you think right now EJ Manuel is a better qb than Tannehill then wow, you've got problems...


That may be the best way to put it ( the ricky comparison)...

I have a vision...an idea of what a franchise QB is suppose to llok like (on the feild)...and while I don't think Marino is the ONLY model...I do think his "take charge attitude"...and fire...and calculated risk taking are all important elements...

I don't see those on Tanne...mot yet anyway....

Remember Reggie's other famous words last year with the Dolphins?

"This year I feel that I will gain 2000 yds"

Dashi @ 2:05, per attempt is a metric I like to use too. For example, nobody really notices that Russell Wilson turns the ball over darn near as much as Tannehill on per attempt basis (5.2% v 5.1%, RG3 5.4% more often).

But because Wilson attempts 25 passes per game v Tannehill's near 37 times per game, it appears Tannehill is more turnover prone when it really is not the case.

No, no, it's not that. It's just that we see that Philbin is clueless(or wants to be clueless) when he says that Jim Turner has done a good job with the OLine. What I know is that many well-informed and knowledgeable in American Football Fans, none Us are believing Philbin. Moreover. We believe this FO and Coaches are clueless as to how to speak regarding Us Fans in that we also have a voice and a vote regarding the Team now. I remember Sparano saying, I couldn't care less what the Fans say. Look him up, Now.


I know cause I feel the same way about a certain Aloof coach for a certain NBA team.

That is why I have never gotten mad when you talk about T-Hill's flaws. Cause you do more than just Yell Tannehill Sucks!! You explain your point of view.

EJ Manuel is playing better than Thill mate face it.

He is a rookie too with a new coach and system true or false ?

He is 3-3 as a starter in games he has finished without being injured, thats the same as Thill without having anywhere near the familiarity with the players or coaches.

Again you start comparing players with better numbers and don't back it up with anything other than blind faith. When will it end dear boy ?

Thill is not middle of the pack either.

You now say that you don't use QBR because of volume. It does consider volume my friend, if use your ESPN source that allows 14 attempts per game. I thought you liked that one, no ?

Hahaha, I'm done with you Marco.

Your last post shows how dunce you are ... DUNCE!

Everyone else is right, you can't belive half the stuff you post. Troll elsewhere, son....

You taking Us for fools, you Fukkks? Well, let it be known here and now that We are NOT.


I'd can Philbin, Sherman and Coyle.

Thill I'd keep if there was no-one offering a 1st or 2nd for him. The market would not give that up either, Who would give up anything like a 1st or 2nd for Thill ?

I'd bring in a rookie from the 1st or 2nd round to be honest and a FA QB. Thill goes to battle in camp with these two and see what happens.

Matt Moore was only givena few games here so its hard to assess him. In pre-season he didn't look to good.

Anyhoo.....what do you guys think will happen this week against the Panthers. I am not very confident in my team overall, but I think we will win this game

Phins 20
Panthers 17

You said that before didn't you and you came back for more debate.

Ok Im a dunce now. So we go back to name calling again ? There seems to be a cycle here with you old friend.

Are the points regarding your latest QB comparison true or false my Canadian amigo ?

If you pick a player comparison give yourself a fighting chance no, Ryan Leaf, look another Ryan ?

Is it because EJ is the starter for the Bills that upsets up that he is playing better than Thill, or is it because you are stuck with Thill and can't believe how good young Manuel is?

Ill give you than Thill is a better Ryan than Leaf, hows that ?


They love to use stats that curtail their argument. Not that have any real meaning.

T-Hill is asked to do more than any other young QB not named A.Luck.

You know Dashi can use Stats with the best of them. And from the posts earlier I feel you did a great job using Stats to explain how well T-Hill is developing for only his 2nd year in the league.

And like you pointed out 37 attempts a game. Without an O-Line. And his stats have gotten better from last year to this year.

RG3 is having a worst season than last year. And it isn't just cause of the knee injury.

Kaep, same thing.

Wilson, isn't having a worst season but his numbers aren't better than last year with that Pop Warner offense he runs.

More names from you again ?

Are you going to not debate with me anymore old friend. Is a troll something you call that questions your belief system.

I've given you so much evidence and still in the face of facts you sulk or make wild comparisons, with Brady, Brees, Manning, Marino ......... on and on.

When you aim lower and go for EJ Manuel, you are getting closer for sure, but still misfire.

Now I'll agree with Thill being better than Cleo Lemon or Geno Smith every time and twice on Sundays.

Marco, get my balls out of your throat, don't call my name here anymore, got it? I won't debate with people who just don't get it....

Ryan Tannehill, QB MIA 22.4 36.6 61.2 258.0 6.8 1.5 81.5 5.2%
EJ Manuel, QB BUF 18.1 31.0 58.5 214.6 6.4 1.1 82.1 3.2%

Philbin on Tannepuke:

"The guy is open, you have to get the ball to the receiver. You have to put a little more air under it so he doesn’t slow down and the DB doesn’t have a chance to break up the pass. It’s not that complicated, throwing the ball down the field."

Geno Smith > Tannehill


Dashi is refered to in the third person by you like young Gollum in LoTR's.

However my amigo Thill is turning the ball over more than in his rookie season.

Thill 2012 total in 16 games 17
Thill 2013 total in 10 games 16.

Im not using rocket science here guys. Even at 6 fewer attempts the 2012 total is over 6 more games.

Thill is -1 this year TD to TO ratio. Not good enough is it ? Last year Thill was -3 I'll bet you he finished with near to that figure at the end of 2013.

More names from our Canadian friends ?

Dashi, this idiot keeps harping on the only stat that supports his argument but won't look at the many others that contradict it. Tannehill turns over the ball as much as any 2nd year QB not named Andrew Luck. he's progressed is so many more other areas and his growth has outstripped his regression. his yards and tds improvements far outweigh the rate of which he's turning over the ball. And then he comes up with ridiculous theories like anybody who's turned over the ball more in the 2nd year than their first is not any good, then I went through all of the best qbs in the nfl and noted how all of them had a year where their turnovers grew at a far faster clip that their touchdowns. Instead of saying, wow, my theory is maybe not so right, he comes back with how dare you compare Tannehill to all these qbs. Guy refuses to debate and instead tries to jam his opinion down your throat. I don't have time for that.

And I agree that RG3 is having a worst season, not because of injury but because he's being asked to pass more from the pocket. he can throw but because the Shanahans didn't bother developing him properly he's more raw than he should be.

Wilson is probably the most insulated QB of them all. Asked to do the least and it hides some of his flaws. But I will admit that he takes his chances well. He's performing. But there are some metrics to indicate that if he was asked to throw a lot more, his #s would be a lot closer to Tannehill's. Again, conjecture, but not outisde the realm of possibility.


RGIII and Colin K in the same sentence as Thill, come on guys you are falling back into the trap of defending Thill and comparing him to much better players with a better track record in the same time.

One was rookie MVP, and the other took his team to the Superbowl. Wow aim lower again, Geno Smith and Gabbert or there abouts, come on chaps !!!


Canadiens dont know football. Thats common knowledge. They are experts on ice fishin though.

Great blog. Exactly what many here term bashing or calling Tannehill bust. He's far bust. He does absolutely has to greatly improve in the "deep ball to Walace" area.

Why? MOMENTUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a great momentum changing play. It's the difference between everlastingly having to play CLOSE GAMES and it's "FLIP OF THE COIN" who comes out winner. Or having games where you comfortably win and there very little doubt who the VICTOR will be.

We all should know by now that flip of the coin games will inevitably get you at .500(8-8) at best. That is not CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBRE play and almost NEVER will be.

Fun to see how bloggers flip flop with their arguments. The one bashing Tannehill the most today, in his previous posts has admitted to Having "NO" O-line and them on pace to break the NFL record for sacks allowed, has called for replacing Philbin, Sherman and Coyle, because of poor coaching and calling bad plays, Has been totally disgusted when the running game has been abandoned etc.etc.etc. I can go back and paraphrase all of the mentioned posts but will not. We forget that Dilfer and Brad Johnson won SB's because they were in the right system under the right coaches and to contradict that Brady did not do Tooooo well with Moss and Ochocinco. Bring in a OC that will work on Tannehill' s strengths and implement a balanced game plan and I bet that would change his argument. Even a skilled craftsman cannot produce if not given the right tools. IMO, progression reads is why Tannehill is not delivering to Wallace. By the time he goes through his reads he has a D lineman in his face and is hurried, thus the inaccuracy, so he in his quest to better his game is concentrating on the short game. Clay, Matthews and Gibson have been a success with Tannehill. Breakdown his performance in the intermediate game and see where he stands.

Hey Mark, Tannehenne leads the league in 3 and outs.


Just kidding, usually when I see something like this you know this person has no idea if he has or not, they're just being a jackhole.

marco kaep flat out sucks

You reach new lows time after time old friend.

You don't think that the stats you throw up there are helping you do you ?

You are reaching further and further down the toilet to prove your points.

Poor EJ Manuel has a higher QBR that Thill as you nicely pointed out.

Thill has the 7th worst TO ratio in the league, a fact you pointed out.

We are next to worst on offense in the NFL, with Thill regressing fast on his TO ratio per game ?

And finally you throw a wobbler and tell me to do something sexual to you. Where is your haad at my old chappie ?

Thill Forward Fast !!!

There have been some pretty reasonable post as to drafting a qb to possibly CHALLENGE Tannehill. There is one I have my eye o if he's still available come our 3rd pick. His name you ask?

AJ McCarron!

He isn't the getting the hype many PREMEIR college qb's are getting, but, all he's done thus far is lead BAMA to 2 National Titles and chasing a 3rd in a row.

I would love to have McCarron if still available with a 3rd rd pick. No, he isn't a FLASHYPICK. But just like the phrase AL Davis coined:


Marco, is it my name you think of at night before you go to sleep? Sure sounds like it.


Cant the canadien find a canadien blog?


You sound like a guy who will start C.Henne over D.brees. A Fraud.

Stick To, Tannehill Sucks!!

You make more sense that way.

How bout we split time with QBs Ill bet you a million dollars Matt Moore has much better accuracy throwing the long ball, so you let them each play half a quarter, bet we start putting up 36 and 42 point games on a regular basis

Cant the canadien find a canadien blog?
Posted by: Canadien Bacon | November 21, 2013 at 03:04 PM

Can't you find someone who cares what you think? Lol.

Seriously the only scrap you hit in you is to spell Canadian incorrectly, lol.

When you make love, do you look in the mirror?
Who do you think of, does he look like me?
Do you tell lies and say that it's forever?
Do you think twice, or just touch 'n' see?
Ooh babe ooh yeah

Darkoak, that's Daytona for you...

and if Dashi brings up Moore`s hand size just, remember who`s been the fumbling , bumbling idiot most of the season

What is a canadien doing on a Miami blog?

Dusty, maybe mate. A Canadian friend of mine was comparing QB's again against Thill.

Thill is a product of the coaching system here too as I've said all along.

The coaches are as poor at coaching as he is at playing QB. Its a combination that has our team playing the worst offensive football in the league.

Now for some of our friends North of that beloved border and Dashing young guns thats cool for school. For me no way. Even at 22nd in the NFL and the ability to watch the guy play and kill us in games they still persist.

Thill is a streaky, skill poor NFL QB. Quick capsule review.

It's unreal how devoted they are to being jackasses Mark. Maybe they are home schooled? I ran into a few shut in college students in my online courses and everything they said was a flame war. They couldn't debate any topic rationally.

And they better not cut the Cog for doing what the offensive line coach told him to do , the guys are friends for christssakes

See I've arrived at TROLL FEEDING hour. I'll be back when you guys are done feeding them and we're all talking Dolphin football again.


McCarron will be lucky to go 3rd round. Wait til the process starts. He is a product of a great system with pro talent all around him.

McCarron better go to a team with a great O-Line. Because his biggest adjustment to the pro game will definitely be the speed of the game. He will realize he no longer has 10 seconds to throw the ball.

McCarron is Kenny Dorsey 2.0!!

Dorsey won a title or 2 if I am not mistaken. And I believe loss less than a handful of times as a college Qb. But Dorsey was also on an NFL team going against College players. Dorsey got sacked a total of 2 times in a 2 year span. Dorsey couldn't make it out of preseason in the NFL.

McCarron has a little more talent than Dorsey but the Story is the same.

You know who else McCarron reminds me off but on a better team and better ball control cause Saban don't play that. McCarron= M.Barkley.

Amigo in Canada

"When you make love, do you look in the mirror?
Who do you think of, does he look like me?
Do you tell lies and say that it's forever?
Do you think twice, or just touch 'n' see?
Ooh babe ooh yeah"

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 21, 2013 at 03:09 PM

This is a blog about the Miami Dolphins friend. Your other interests are for other sites. If you can't debate anymore today thats ok, but leave if your done with football for the day pal.

There may be young uns blogging here.

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 21, 2013 at 03:15 PM

They never leave they just change their posted by name. You should know this of course.

By the way did you write that yourself, or get it from ESPN, Skip Bayliss thought of the day ?

Shame because you have so much potential for this blog too.

AJ McCarron? If there was a mundane, middle of the orad SEC qb to be had, I'd lean towards Aaron Murray.

But I have to admit it was great!!!!!!!! seeing the Patsies get screwed by the officials for a change, and has this investigation brought to the leagues attention that sports center , espn and all other sports outlets act like we don t exist , Sports Center actually had a commercial with the Dolphins mascot on it playing on TV the other night had to pinch myself

i love murray gonna be a very solid nfl qb

Doesn't know that reference ... sheesh.....

dusty, he would be the one middle of the road qb I'd look at here. Would be great for the trolls of this blog too. He never won at Georgia like Henne never won at Michigan. Why do all the guys that loved Henne, love Murray? hilarious....

Sam glad you are thinking of replacing Thill as I and many other fans are this season.

Even Canada Chappy is leaning towards bringing in a new QB to play at the level we need to drag us from 31st in the lead in offense.

Pathetic isn't it Canadian Amigo ? Or are we in the middle of the pack where you think we should be too ?

henne was was awful, real dumb also. murry knows how to handle a game. plays big in big games. smartest guy on field


You call yourself rational, ha ha. You haven't contributed anything my friend.

Just agree that Thill is the next Joe Montana or Terry Bradshaw and you'll be the toast of the town dear boy.

Murray will be a better pro Qb. Way better. But he reminds me to much of Stafford. And not just cause they both went to Georgia. The same style of play. Big Arm which causes him to force passes because he thinks he can make any throw. Which he can,he just shouldn't try it against Triple Coverage sometimes.

Murray with a Big WR that can win 50-50 balls will be pretty good. Murray should be reunited with his College WR. A.J. Green. Murray has more potential than A.Dalton.

Stop listening to them when I was about 12 dear chappy.

Are you back to football now.... good.

yes there are some pretty ignorant people who act like 12 yrs old`s with name calling and going on about everything but Miami Dolphins football , and I know there`s a lot of name changing, some of them argue with themselves , must have loser lives

Oh, I agree with you Dusty. But the Daytonas here think Tannehill is Henne too although they play nothing alike, their results are nothing alike, their career trajectory looks nothing alike. Anyways ...

yeah Murray moves a team around, has a good arm and prescence about him. To me he definitely looks better than McCarron or Stephen Morris and qbs of the like.

Dashi, didn't we trade a 3rd rd pick for Tyler Thigpen?

My deal is you don't use a 1st or 2nd rd pick on qb unless 100% certain your starter is fried. I also don't believe in blowing picks on qb's for the sake of doing it.

We all know AJ McCarron didn't carry BAMA to 2 STRAIGHT National Titles. He never did anything to foul it up either. Still, McCarron had some of his best Collegiate games in their biggest games against their greatest opponents.

Look how he shot Johnny Football down earlier in the year. This was a shootout game and McCarron was last man standing. Call it SYSTEM QB or what have you, I still believe McCarron HAS EARNED at least a 3rd rd look by any NFL team based on the NOTCHES ON HIS GUNBELT of his collegiate football resume.

If you do not feel the same, that's fine. Just means we have differing opinions, and the sun will not fail to rise or set in spite of it. Just my opinion, doesn't mean either of us are right or wrong.

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