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Ted Wells: Initial round of interviews are over

NFL investigator Ted Wells, looking into the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito saga, released this statement on Saturday night:

"We have concluded our initial round of interviews with the Miami Dolphins and spent time with every player and coach, as well as key staff members and management. Our work will continue over the next few weeks. I want to thank Stephen Ross, the Dolphins organization and its players, coaches and staff for their complete cooperation throughout this process."

Every player and coach?


It has been so far known that Wells talked at length with Incognito, center Mike Pouncey and offensive line coach Jim Turner.

It is surprising he says he's spoken to every Dolphins player and coach.

Also, this statement suggests there might be another round of interviews and the investigation might last  a "few weeks" more.

The NFL placed no timetable on the Wells investigation.

I've been told Ted Wells's interiew with offensive line coach Jim Turner took approximately two hours. His interview with with most players lasted approximately 15 minutes but the interviews with Richie Incognito took more than five hours over two days and the interview with center Mike Pouncey took more than an hour, although a source declined to give the exact amount of time.

I reported last week Pouncey and Turner were of particular interest in this investigation.

Jonathan Martin's attorney alleged his cliented endured a malicious physical attack on him by a teammate, and that attack was the topic of repeated questions of Pouncey and others. The Herald's Barry Jackson reported the alleged attack happened at Pouncey's home in 2012.

As I reported Saturday afternoon, Pouncey will not play against Carolina on Sunday.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/11/statement-from-jonathan-martin-attorney-here.html#storylink=cpy


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That's some kind of thorough job he's doing. Expect bad news for some Dolphins and big changes throughout the League.

long as it takes ireland out of here im fine with it oscar gamble

So funny how JM never complained until he lost the starting LT job which he only earned through FIRELAND Stoopidity. Sad twerp trying to quit without forfeiting bonus & bringing down team to boot.

I wonder wth went on in there for the NFL to take this so seriously. Probably the ugly face of Racism combined with abuse, perhaps physical, even sexual.

martins an idiot, but we will always remember him as the guy who finally took down ireland

Funny that although most of us despise JM for "bringing the team down" , in the end it could work out for the best.

Funny indeed, C'mon.

I Hope Ross loses a ton of money.

None of this matters folks! Move along to the real topic at hand - The Miami Dolphins are going to the playoffs!

Yeah the NFL Is thinking WTF is this wimp(Martin) wasting our time with this! The media owes all of us fans an apology. Bring back Richie! We need the upset tomorrow boys nobody is picking us, that's good! I smell it 27 /24 Dolphins!

Incognito will ultimately be arrested for his actions and banned from the NFL.

Fed S,

Fed Ex is more likely to deliver your package late...ain't gonna happen.

I've sent stuff to Japan and Ireland overnight...they got there.

The Dolphins ain't going to the playoffs.

Even if hell froze over The Dolphins would lose 62-7 anyway.

The Dolphins are gay beyond belief at this point.

Just an embarrassment to South Florida.

Lmao The Dolphins have male cheerleaders.

Who are these queers and wtf should I care that they're jacked up on the side line ?

Even the female cheerleaders look at bit ridiculous as grown women wearing cheerleader outfits, trying to relive their high school years.

I like it when they bend over though...

The occasional crotch shot is nice too.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 24, 2013 at 12:19 AM

Don't lie. Everyone who posts here knows you like those male cheerleaders! Or are they too old for you? I'm pretty sure you've met Chris Hanson in a suburban house before.


the dolphins do not have male cheerleaders!

You Deviant MuthaFuckas

The way things are lining up for tomorrow, I smell a goat phuquing. The refs are likely to play a big part in this game.
We are given 4.5 points by LV. I think they will want us to cover the spread. That, of course means a FG will likely decide this game. Vegas does not care which way it goes as long as the spread goes there way. I could be wrong, but I think the refs will call the game our way, especially if we show the capacity to keep it close.
If Big Ed is calling the game, it is for sure.

Hardin Drye,
You old mutha fucka

15% gratuity is still good right?

And I will be one till I'm a dead one. What's your point?

Actually 18% and up

I think I may have discovered something. I need to further apply applicable circumstances to get formidable conclusions, but it would appear from preliminary results that am on the border of a biological discovery that can promote human life.

As a Fin Fan since Joe Robbie & Danny Thomas, I vividly remember the undefeated season and that roller coaster year. I watched 26 seasons with Coach Shula, and recall only 2 losing seasons. I remember Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football when the Fins played the Pats, and he told the world John Lennon was shot dead.

Of all the on-line Finformation, Mando's "Miami Dolphins In Depth" is #1. I realize Mando is putting his sack on the line. Especially when the team is so dysfunctional in nearly every aspect of a professional sports operation.
I want the truth and somebody to speak for me. Verbatim, Mando has hit every concern I've had the past few years.

Props, AS.

In the middle of the week during game prep they question everyone. Maybe they could send one of them NE refs to come down and ref for us like they do for the Pats. You know, tit for tat.

Then they can tell everyone that is all cleaned up. Nothing to look at here. Move along. What a waste of time.

JM is a jerk and Cogs is stupid for putting that stuff on a recording device. Teammates? Seriously? JM is a Bellicheck plant.

The team should bring back Cogs ASAP. The guy has so much to hide he was voluntarily questioned for 8 hours. No way do you give Martin a release or fire him...let the chicken bleep face down his teammates.

I just wonder how Martin will feel when he has to face his 60 team mates? He can only hide so long before he's going to run into these guys. You know what they say right Martin about cowards dying a thousand deaths? And what do you think the opposing teams are going to say to you if you ever play again? Nice to see you...? LOL

I feel the locker room still reflects what is happening in society today in America.

The way people treat each other and interact is preety close to the bone. Racist name calling though crosses the line an is inappropriate. You can be witty and intellectual with jokes if you are two of those things.

RI and Martin spat really illustrates the weakness of Philbins control or therein lack of control in this locker room.

During several games where we have given away dunb 15 yards penalties, he just stnads there and fails to address the player as a leader would do, its really weak.

Philbin is more an admin guy, not a leader of his men. Managers do things right, Leader's do the right thing.

A great leader could have both of these guys back on the team and helping us towards the playoff run guys. Philbin could never do this he is stuck like a deer in headlights no ?

Martin was left to take the jokes and never really become one of the guys. RI was allowed to be the king of that locker, which would explain why we never really played as a team with spirit until he left.

IMO, Ireland is not going anywhere, neither is Philbin. Some in Philbin's staff might be gone along with some Players and somebody will be named as overseer of Football operations to help Ross out in his endeavor with this Franchise.

Philbin? Pfft. It's not even worth my time to debunk that garbage.

Who's going to be the star of this game if win? Charles Clay was the man last week even though others contributed. Who steps up this week Maybe L. Miller?

The quality of mercy is not strain'd...

This week only one "expert" at Espn picked the Phins to win today. Last week it was 3.

Let's face it Phins and fans it's us against the world. We have to earn respect and show people how much talent there is on this team and that can compete with the best teams in this league. I won't give up on you guys...just bring your best and play smart.

T-hill to Hartline for a 40+ yd TD pass play in overtime.

I still don't believe this team has hit on all cylinders with a complete game and there's no better time to do it than right now. What happens if the Phins win today and the Pats lose to the Donkeys tonight? Setting the stage for an epic showdown with the Jets next week....you never know

Recently, there seem to be less commentaries than usual in this Blog. Either Armando has banned YG or People are boycotting this site because of his stance on the current Dolphin's problems.

If you look at all the "expert" picks, their scores are all within 1 TD. They all believe the game will be close, like most NFL games are. They come down to a few key plays and making the other team pay for mistakes. The Jets beat the Saints, which proves any team has a shot any given Sunday (especially the home team), but it's no secret Miami has a smaller margin for error than Carolina (with a worse offense, worse defense) and must play it's best game of the season to pull this one off. It would be perfect-timing, would show the team has some self-respect (as well as playing for their coaches). However, if we were to lose any game to close out this year, this is the one (as this is a non-Conference matchup). But of course for the record, a win would be optimal. Playing our "best game" and losing would not be a moral victory.

Yeah, make big plays, more than they will. Only way I see to win this Game.

The key guy here if we are going to beat them is Cam Newton. Contain him, but force him to make mistakes. Confuse him with diff coverages, go hard for the ball when he runs.

You Mental Degenerates amaze me with your idiotic opinions. If any of you had any integrity you would put your name behind your insulting post. Cause I would like a list, So at the end of the season I can publicly laugh at you guys when IRELAND AND PHILBIN AREN'T FIRED OR RELEASED FROM THE TEAM!!

Well, Sherman says the Dolphins will step on the gas. What gas? The Dolphins are the joke of the NFL, still, which is very deserved.

Panthers 24, Dolphins 10


Good thing you guys switch names instead of exposing how big of a fraud some of you are and how little you understand the game of football.

With that said time to prepare for game day. GO DOLPHINS!!

Dashi Out.

Coaching and game planning can make the difference today. Miami will not beat Carolina with the same flaccid effort we've seen this season.

Look for some new wrinkles, i.e., several long throws to M Wallace or B Hartline- or both; reverses for Wallace; getting the ball to L Miller or M Wallace consistently in space; Tannehill rollouts; on-sides kicks; fake punts; spying on C Newton; heavy blitzing, etc. If coaches are not ready for this game, the players have no chance.

Optimism. Enjoy some it's a great day for a game and to play some ball. Maybe through all the negative hype of the past few weeks these guys have grown together and have finally become a team.

I support the firing of no one at this time. We can worry about all that after the next 6 games. This is a team with it's back to the wall and now we are going to see how they respond. There are players on this team on the rise...see Clay, Odrick, O. Vernon, J. Wilson, D. Thomas, Matthews and even Egnew.

Incognito will never play in the NFL again. His apologists are already eating crow. Other teammates have backed up Martins story.

Not going to lose any sleep over Cogs. Either way it's a next man up mentality. We don't get a vote in the bogus pile of hyped BS fair or not.

Now is the time to put the pedal on the gas and for the guys to lay it all on the line. Let's see more imagination from the coaches...we can hurt them with our play calling if we put our guys in the right place to make plays. We need to give them heck on both sides of the ball and special teams. There is nothing harder on a team than getting the other team on their heels guessing what's coming next.

Martin's attorneys have mentioned "failure to properly supervise". If that sticks Steve Ross will have a very bad day lol

BTW Fins 23-17


Student loans busting my as $...

I wish I had tickets for the game...

I just ironed my Tannehill jersey...he better step up today..

Where is Rdubs??

I can feel it to!

Dashi, holla at your boy...

Where is marc Oscar, fin4life, phins78?...

Time to RISE.....

Steve69, what's up my brother?

Interesting article in the SS..."NFL has ways to make players cooperate during investatgation".

A quote, "But really the truth is whatever the NFL wants it to be, Williams said".

That pretty much says it all. Is Goodell really a Sith Lord?

Goodell = lord asimus, sith lord = Anakin baby daddy

I'm really looking forward to the game tonight Brady - Manning.

Incognito will never play in the NFL again. His apologists are already eating crow. Other teammates have backed up Martins story.

Posted by: BIG LAWSUIT | November 24, 2013 at 09:40 AM

Nothing in this post is accurate or true which means the person who left it is dumb as shite.

It's the QB stupid eh?
HOW many games has Green Bay won with out Rogers eh?
It's the QB MORONS eh
Tpuke will lead you to the toilet to vomit eh?

Did they interview Ape Tamer to find out why he is such a dumbasss?

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