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Terrible Sunday for Dolphins (in more ways than one)

Sunday was a disaster for the Dolphins.

Think of this: The Dolphins were leading Carolina 16-6 at halftime ... and lost. Hours later, the rival New England Patriots were trailing the Denver Broncos 24-0 at halftime ... and won.

Terrible for Dolphins nation.

The Patriots erased a 24-point lead after turning the ball over three times, despite the fact Denver running back Knowshon Moreno rushed for 224 yards and despite the fact the Broncos had Peyton Manning at QB.

The Dolphins?

As I wrote in my column in today's edition of The Herald, they played to a script we've seen before. They did what we've come to expect, particularly in the fourth quarter when the offense can't seem to score a touchdown and the defense found a way to fold.

The Dolphins remain in playoff contention. But that's more a result of how flawed the struggling conference teams are.

Can the Dolphins catch the Patriots and win the division? Not based on what I saw Sunday.


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Why do you continue to mention the word playoffs?


hoping RT17 works out, great kid, but should use a pick on QB next year, and EVERY year until the dolphins have a legit star.

Dolphins Nation is three people, Mando included.

What The Patriots do is immaterial, The Dolphins haven't posed a threat to The Patriots in years.

Does anyone actually believe that the sorry a$s gay logo Phins would win the division at 7-9 ?

Hoping RT17 doesn't work out, Texas queer, doesn't know the AFC East, lack intellectual curiosity, doesn't have the marbles or the ability to be an NFL franchise QB.

At least we know we're going to draft 4 offensive lineman !! Another pathetic overhyped disappointing season. Mr.Ross let the housecleaning began, but whatever you do Mr.Ross don't hire C.Petersen to be the next czar of the dolphins !! If you're going to do that, give it to J.Taylor somebody this fan base could feel comfortable with please !!

The Dolphins only "star" is their punter lol.

Oh wait, Rashad Jones is a star.


Gay logo Phins being laughed about on NBC radio right now.

"The Dolphins didn't score a single point in the second half."

Chorus of laughter.


What did the NBC10 Meteorologist say? I want the AccuWeather forecast for metropolitan Philadelphia.

Are you the triangle girl? THREE sides. Triangle.//

Vishnu Krishna Rama Rama Hare Rama.

You know that long FG at the end of the first half? How do the Dolphins let that happen? You know that first drive in the second half to give Carolina momentum? How do they let that happen?

This team, as flawed as it is, could be leading the charge on the second wild card.

Dolphins can't close a game in 4th to save their lives. Sign of a flawed team. Meanwhile, NE shows us how to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat... again and again

One more thought before I rest my weary head. If Tanny hits Wallace in stride on the second bomb, that's six not three. His long ball still sucks- his pocket presence still subpar.

If Tanny took off an ran at least 5 more times, and tossed a couple more bombs to Wallace, game over. Wallace ran free all day on the long routes.

Who is coaching Tannehill? Just horrible- this coaching staff isn;t good enough and neither is Tanny right now

So...we've allowed a historic logo to be feminized. We've allowed a guy who doesn't even live in Miami to own the team (for the sake of a tax write-off). We've allowed a lousy OC to convince an atrocious GM that selecting a wide receiver in the first round as the freakin' quarterback is priority #1.

The Finfans don't mean s#it to this organization! Haven't in years. Ross has a gaggle of Manhattan number manipulators. The #1 thing that can bring about change is, The Herald. Period.

Mando...I hope you don't get fired, or threatened. You're about the only one with the courage to expose every aspect of this dysfunctional basket case of an NFL franchise.

Oh, and Cote...How's that, let's just get past all this stuff, doin' for ya? Step it up Cote, or get the F off the Fins articles and take your dumb arse surveys with you. And start showing half the sack that Mando has been doing week in and week out.

Fins were losing games exactly like this in the late 90s. Not a thing's changed in 15 years. It might help if they didn't keep hiring OC's who started coaching in the '70s.

As for the Pats, they've obviously gotten bored with blowing teams out from the start so now they just toy with them by allowing them to get big leads before winning anyway. I now truly believe Brady's boys could get down by 40 and still win. Just stop the season and hand them the title already so the rest of us don't have to go through 2-plus months' worth of agony seeing them win it.

This article hits things right on the head. We all know where the fins come up short and why the lose games that should be victories. I don't agree with mando often but his point on the pats is valid. They were down 24-0 and played a turnover filled first half against the class of the AFC against the MVP of the league. Do the pats panic?. They overcome slow starts and mistakes because of one thing. Coaching. You don't see the pats giving away free FGs or 4th and 10s. This just shows how miles ahead a staff like the pats is ahead of the clowns we have. Ross has to see this staff just doesn't have it. How can he not?

Also, the AFC is the worst I've seen it in 32 years of being a fan. And Badell wants to EXPAND the playoffs, Think about that for a minute or five.

Then again, even if he did expand them the Fins would still find a way not to get in by going 6-10 when all they needed was 7-9.

Mr. Ross:

Coaching clearly matters.

Best Regards,

VP Don Shula

Goodell has already publicly stated that he will expand the playoffs and add more teams in 2015. He's interested in adding a 14th seed, not a 7th seed, rather a 14th seed, quote "Just so The Dolphins have a chance."

With the heavy winds baring down on South Florida. Both Ross and Ireland were seen outside The Dolphins training facility in Davie, pants around their ankles, pi$$ing in the wind. This is the only type of contest either buffoon has a chance of winning.

People don't forget Tannehill is just a second year QB. Even Brady took awhile to develop into the QB he is today, difference is he played (plays) under a much, much better HC.

Belichick would have never allowed Sherman's non sense playcalling for too long. He wiuld have set rules inside the locker and would have fostered an identity for his team and I'm not saying a squaky clean one but a winning one.

The one concern I do have about Tannehill is his small hands when compared to his QB counterparts. Even R. Wilson has bigger mitts and it shows in th deep passes. This is something the coaching staff must evaluate asap to determine if he can overcome that. I watched an inaccurate QB when throwing deep today but I did not think it was a knock on his perceived hands but rather flawed mechanics. In the first TD underthrow that fortunately Wallace caught he did not set his feet. This is again all on coaching. And if he has been coached and he continues to falter then bench him, as simple as that.

Mando hit it in the nail the other day on the radio, biggest problem this team has it actualky starts with Ross himself who has too many people in charge of this team, to the point the do not talk to each other, see the Ireland-Philbin connection.

Why would securing the last playoff spot be of even the slightest interest to anyone?

I only want to make the playoffs with a team that has a chance of doing some damage. Otherwise, it just extends the season a week and gives you a crappier draft position.

Miami is not good enough to make the playoffs and do any damage. Neither are any of the other teams vying for that last spot. They can have it.

Actually a team like the Steelers or Ravens could win a game or two if they got in. Why? Because even when they're down they have a winning tradition that enables them to always stay in contention just out of sheer force of habit.

Meanwhile no matter how much goes their way (3-0 start) the Fins always find a way to lose for the same reason--sheer force of habit.

7-9! I have told you guys for some time now. Face it! We don't have the players, we don't have the coaching, we don't have the GM, we don't have the right owner. To the Dolphin fans who have waited patiently since 1973, I really hope fins get it together before our eyes close for the final time.

There goes Fire Ross Kill Martin Jail Pouncey again with the single dumbest name on the internet. The guy obviously wets the bed.

How do you fire an Owner? Seriously, your name is almost as dumb as your comments. I wish we could fire idiot fans like you.

And then there's Rabblerouser who is a doom and gloom idiot. What kind of fan predicts a poor season then comes here to brag about it? Are you seriously proud about that? How dumb are you?

And then there's Asjoerobbiecries. Has anything this emo nerd has ever said made a lick of sense? No, because he's a moron.

Well said RabbleBabble,

Bobbo, open your eyes and get wise.

4 FOR 16 ON 3rd DOWN. A one dimentinal offence can not win in todays NFL. Dolphins are strictly a passing team now. They only run to try and show ballance but they fail to gain even a yard or 2 on every running play. Add this to the fact that T-Hill can not or, is not yet ready to throw the long ball with accuracy and you get a lot of 3 and outs. PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE on the defence who played great but finally broke. Like I said for the last 2 weeks. This team needs 10 more points out of T-Hill to be a playoff calaber team. You can not keep going to the defensive well and not expect it to eventually run dry. I put this loss on T-hill but I put the seasons failures on Philbin & his coaches & Irland. They have to go. No playoffs this year folks.

It's that the traditional thanksgiving looking at draft prospects only this time it's only for offensive lineman&tight end help. The next g.m./czar hopefully will finally know how to pick real talented players this time around, unlike the clowns we've had here since J.Johnson.This is all on you Ross no more damn excuses I wanna see some real football players in here !!

Overall, defense played good enough to win.

This pop gun offensive scheme is awful.

It is for entertaining the NY owner, not for winning football games.

He thinks a good run game is boring, but it is the time tested formula for winning football.

So sad to watch what he has done to our team.

Remember whn the Blind Homer's were touting Lamar Miller's YPC Average as the highest in the league....

yeah...that was just before then Bucs game...

he now ranks 26th....


I know readily available links and stats are highly frowned upon on this blog....

"greatest RB in Dolphins History" One blogger told us over and over again!!!!!


Guy can't run thru a paper bag....and runs SOFTER than Bush....

You missed the point Armando.

1) It is our inability to run the ball in the 4th that's been killing us all season

2) in those situations, good teams bring the I-formation and chew the clock

3) we cannot do that because : 1) our OL is a mess (thank you, Jeff) and 2) we have no decent fullback (thank you for being cheap with Vontae Leach, Jeff)

4) don't put the defeat on young T-Hill: he connected twice with Wallace on 50+passes, and at the end of the day, it is Wallace (a veteran who earns 3 times more than T-Hill) who dropped the game-winner

5) we'll have to go OL and RB (sorry but Lamar Miller is not a RB1) in next year's draft

Regarding BobDole:

You're posting at the wrong Herald. Go back to the Boston Herald. Exposed shill.

Irrelevant again eh?
The Dopephins are useless like the stupid homers eh?

I agree with LeftCoast FIn Fan... middle second quarter... up 13-3... with momentum, started drive at our own 5 yard line... moved to mid-field after a couple of first downs, we get them offside, now have a second and 2 yds... WR screen to the wide side to Matthews for loss of 4 yds... now 3rd and 6, incomplete pass, punt... a 95 yard TD drive at this point would have been the dagger for the Carolina Offense and the increased confidence for the Miami offense... THIS WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT DRIVE OF THE DAY... and the reason it was unsuccessful was both coaching calling bad plays and players not making plays... but it seems on a 2nd and 2 if our team cannot run for 2 yards... maybe even go for it on 4th if we had to at mid-field... then we dont deserve any mention of playoffs.. NONE... and if you asked the OLine what we should do, they would say let's smash it straight up the gut two times in a row and we will get 2 yards..! BUT Sherman gets cute and we can't make a play. THAT was the turning point!

Mike Shula as HC?

Yes the defense found a way to fold but they were not bad. They rushed Newton in the first half taking away his time. The penalty on the last drive was called because the QB was involved and Newton slipped on the surface. The offense is the real issue and T-hill has to take the blame. It's not easy teaching an NFL QB how to throw deep. He should know that by now or he's not NFL material. When T-hill is not losing games fumbling or throwing interceptions or getting sacked it's obvious to NFL Defensive Coordinators that he is not accurate throwing deep and will be short. Therefore allowing the DB's to cover tight on the shorter routes. Yes it's all about the QB and the decision to use a backup NFL QB as a franchise one in the making.

Total QBR....

I have no idea how they figure this stuff out...

All I know is...

Tanne ranks 29th 29th with a 43.9 Total QBR rating....

the only FULL TIME starters doing worse than Tanne....Elie Manning @ # 30...and Geno Mith @ 34...

The Giants are 4-7

the jets are 5-6....

You guys want to see some terrible QB play on Sunday....tune in to see the 29th ranked (total QBR) vs. the 34th ranked (total QBR)....

Should be a barn burner....


Thill has the worst deep ball in the NFL. FACT.

FOX put the stat up during the game. With no deep ball accuracy he will never win us games, when we need a QB to come through for us.

He needs serious competition next season. Playoffs in 2014 or thats it for Thill.

Sherman must go at 31st in O in the NFL.

The Ravens and Steelers will have the best shot at the last wildcard spot, not the Dolphins.

Its down to who has the best QB, so that puts us ahead of the Jests.

Thill fans I ask you, which NFL starters are worse than Thill. Name me 10, go on try.... thats right, its not possible.

If only we had know that that the FALCONS were gonna suck so bad...

we might have tempered our excitment after 3-0....

Its almost like the win agist the Vikings a few years back....a perrenial playoff contender (at the time) was @ the beginning of a slide...and we celebrated that goal line stand like a SB win....


Ignorance is bliss....

Thats QB's off course, before you start to throw your garbage points : he is young the WR's the o-line, on and on.

Thill had time and wide open recievers the majority of the game and whiffed.

Face facts he is not the real deal.

I think your right Armando unfortunately, Tannehill doesn't look good enough to take us anywhere, the defense tried and played pretty good but you have to be able to score points and Shermans play calling is conservative and not innovative. Sherman has to go for sure , we are still in the race and maybe should bring in Matt Moore. Thill should get one more year next year but if he struggles again take him out and bring in Moore.

Thill ranked 25th in the NFL. Behind all the other second year QB's who are starting.

Sherman leads the O to 31st in the NFL on O.

Philbin has a coaching record of .444 after 27 games.

Time to make changes to the weakest links in the chain.

Oh and Ireland... well goes without saying really.

No matter how much you try and blame Tannehill, Sherman... Or the ofgense in general. This is the 4th game I have warched where thd.defense needed to protect a lead late in the 4th quarter, but instead allowed a long, clock chewong drive. Filled with poor tackling, and govong.up multiple 3rd down and long conversions. Go ahead and be a "ball watcher" until you are blue in the face. Caroline features one of the best defenses in fhe league. That Miami offense gave the team a chance to win against it. But once again, a final late drive by a opponent,.running the all right down Miami's throat is what sealed the deal. And allow me to throw just one jab at the offense. Okay, I "get it"... Tannehill and Wallace need another off season to get in sync... And RT misses ths PERFECT pass to him. But how about JUST F'in ONCE..... Wallace go up and fight for it against the defender???? JUST F'IN ONCE.... GO TAKE A.BALL AWAY AND BELP OUT YOUR QB..... It seems with Wallace QB has to hit him square in the numbers without a soul in sight fod him tl catch it. Keep one thing in mind while yojr thinking suicide... Miami has.only been soundly beaten bh ONE TEAM ALL SEASON. That was new Orleans IN NO..... Evdfg other team Miami at leasr had a lead and blew it... Or gave kt away on the last drive. They are a.mirror image of what Carolina was last year, and what San Fran and Baltimore was in 2011. If thy can fix the O-Line... And vet some continuity this coming spring and training camp... They're looking at a grear seadon.coming up. But it IS TIME to make RT fight fight for his starting roll. Miami making Tannehill competd fof it will eigher.make him bettdr and help him get.over these young QB issues... Or... It will wash him out, expose.him and give Miami a chance to move on. NO PLAYER OR COACHES JOB SHOULD BE UNTOUCHABLE... SAVE CAM WAKE, BRENT GRIMES, JAROD ODRICK,.BRIAN HARTLINE and CHARLES CLAY... They have earned a role. Everyond else shluld be a walking bullseye. This game, or should I say,."this is ANOTHEF GAME" where the defense didn't gst the job done. Time tl stlp using 3-4 defensive players to dun a 4-3 defenskve scheme... That is on Kevin Coyle and Jle Philbin.

Thill will take us nowhere but 6-7 wins a year, nowhere good enough to win big games.

Looking at other teams QB's I sigh at what a real QB looks like, even the journey men like McCown and Fitzpatrick are outplaying Thill as are another 23 QB's.

Can you seriously see Thill work with a new OC and start from scratch again ? No I didn't think so.


Wallace did that on the 1st TD pass...

Ball was horribly under thrown....and Wallace did what you asked...he went up and fought for it....and stumbled into the end zone....

we win the game if we stop them on 4th and 10.

that simple. we failed.

You people are so fkin ignorant, and Kris as usual leads the charge. Kris, you are so incredible pathetic.

This team still…five years later, needs a lot of work. I'd start with the coaching/front office. Someone needs to ask why they are constantly platooning players. It does not make sense…you put the best team on the field to win the game. It's obvious that you give rest to your guys, but at the most critical time in games…are Miami players that soft? Miami ruins guys.

Philbin is ultimately responsible to the scheme. If he doesn't see what is going on with the offensive calls or the defense he has to go.

Finally, these players, coaches, staff, custodians in the stadium need to learn how to win…it's amazing to watch one team stay so mediocre for so long. Unbelievable.

Start Sunday vs. the Jets.

Man giving Thill a pass for such poor QB play is denial.

Blaming the D is not fair either. The D kept Cam in check for most of the game.

Thill had a chance to get us points in the second half and went for those 3-4 yard passes. This is his limits and he rarely throws over 10 yards.

Sad but true, Thill has a very limited skill set.

Good football post @ 7:17...

The Dolphins are irrelevant.

Fan base dwindling.

Down 17.1%, tops in the NFL, among the leaders in all of sports.

The Dolphins are the only team that hasn't scored 27 points.

Sixteen points yesterday.

Haven't scored a fourth quarter touchdown in four games lmao.

Lamar Miller 0.8 ypc yesterday.

Where are the homers now ?

Who needs Bush right ?

It's Our Time !!!

New logo, new era.

Helluva team...Phins beat The Falcons, congrats.

3-0 start.

2-6 since.

Losing to an 0-8 team on national t.v..

Free agency produced only two good players, and one is out for the year (Gibson), the other leaves on five weeks (Grimes).

Draft produced nothing.

Tannebust sacked on the last play, great football instincts. Nothing to lose by throwing it...takes the sack.


Mate you really have zero case to keep Thill again.

You are one of those guys happy with a mediocre, neh cra.p output from Thill and Sherman.

Thill is 25th in the league.

Sherman is next to last in the NFL.

Philbin is .444.

Face facts my amigo !!!

Don't attack Kris, he actually know more than you about the game mate, maybe learn from him, no ?

Marco…I get what you are saying about the 3-4 yards. I'd only respond by saying, how come when running backs/ends/WR are thrown to for 3-4 yards they are able to pick up yards after the catch? It's not ideal, but they need to get moving forward…make guys miss…fight for yardage.

I'm not giving Tannehill a pass. I hope he's not broken. Being nocked down, watching the team loose games that you build a lead breaks guys. Things are his fault…but their is a lot of blame that should go around.

Philbin, looks lost on the sideline. He is in way over his head.

Sherman is killing us with those calls all year long.

Thill really has no accuracy on passes over 10 yards, its not funny anymore.

Can we get any worse ? Maybe we beat the Jets and have our torture prolonged till week 17.


Don't worry about it...its to be expected...if not tolerated....




If you you encounter one...you have encountered them all....same m.o.

and we ALL KNOW the the guy who refers to himself as a GOD...

Later today he will show up under his normal screen name...and actually talk football....

Why even throw the ball that short time after time all year long ?

Its Thill mate. I've seen his longer passes, they are off target and contested.

He can sometimes make the 10 yard throw but its not accurate.

Sherman may be the one calling those nothing passes, but its Thill who is throwing them. So is it Sherman or Thill that is doing this to us?

Why does the QB throw the ball 3-4 yards on third and 7+ all year long ? Is it because thats his limit ?

Probably. Thills stats reflect his play and his long ball is the worst in the NFL and it showed Sunday.

Hasn't that been a problem with this team for many years? They used to always take it into week 17/18 before they were done…which meant - don't make changes because we have a good team here. The problem, is that all the other teams in the league make adjustments and changes to get better. This is a problem that goes back to the 90's.

These guys need to make wholesale changes to get better. They need to create dynamic schemes that are fluid…it might work in one game or one quarter but they need to make adjustments when they don't work anymore. The Dolphins run into a wall, fall down, get up and run into the same wall. How could that be? Can't they see it? It's got to change.

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