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The Empire strikes back with truth, context

I'm not a big science fiction buff but I am aware of pop culture. You've heard of Star Wars? You've heard of the Empire Strikes Back?

The Dolphins are in full strike back mode the last few days.

On the heels of my report this morning that Dolphins people were indeed not aware of any harassment of Jonathan Martin and the team is confident no evidence of prior knowledge will come out in the NFL investigation, we can now turn our attention to two other matters that lately seemed to damage the team's brand:

The first is the idea that someone within the organization ordered a "Code Red" to "toughen up" Martin. The idea is that someone -- presumably a coach -- told Richie Incognito to make Martin tougher. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post reported that story.

But ProFootballTalk.com on Thursday reported early indications are there was no such order and those reports are wrong. And today I have confirmed there was no such order given to Incognito from anyone within the Dolphins organization and the team is comfortable that will come out when the NFL investigation is completed.

(Understand that all these media reports and allegations have to stand up to scrutiny and proof. In other words, if Incognito or anyone says he was told to "toughen up" Martin but cannot show an email or text or a confession or some tangible evidence of that order, what we have is an unproven allegation. And by the way, Incognito refused to address that issue altogether in his FOX Sports interview, obviously aware he was going to face NFL investigation scrutiny and the requirement of providing actual proof).

So there was no order to "toughen up" Martin.

Something else ...

The report that Jeff Ireland told one of Martin's agents the offensive tackle should have punched Incognito when the agent complained to the general manager about the guard's treatment is not fully in context, I'm told.

The report made it seem that Ireland was suggesting Martin's response should have been to punch Inognito. That has made Ireland seem insensitive to Martin. Indeed, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith referred to Ireland during a pre-game interview with ESPN on the topic. 

"The union will be looking at whether or not management in the Dolphins either encouraged or allowed a workplace to become unprofessional," Smith said. "Certainly we know the history of the GM [Ireland] in this case with other issues. Those actions were unacceptable then. If there are actions that were taken or not taken to allow this unprofessional environment to fester, if there were things done to intimidate another player, that's a thing the union will look at."

But here is the problem:

The truth, I'm told by a source, is Ireland did not suggest Martin should have punched Incognito. He instead was asking why Martin had not confronted Incognito on the matter and perhaps even punched him if the treatment was so onerous.

In other words, Ireland was asking why Martin hadn't done anything about the treatment he was alleging.

Different context to the same conversation.

The bottom line is the NFL investigation will not deal in stories citing "at least two sources" that are anonymous or dubious. It will not deal in he-said, he-said allegations. It will deal in cold, hard facts. It will deal in text messages, voice mails, emails, corroboration, provable communications. And it will get the full context of those communications.

Then, and only then, will the true or truer picture of this situation come out.


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The American media isn't that much different than the Cuban media these days. They all try to prop up those in power and facts are just inconvenient annoyances that distract from their narrative.


That's a NO....were not gonna get a NFL game type post.....

so much for football friday....

Can't you see your are all a bunch of trite housewives wrapped up in a trivial soap opera?


Thou shalt not ever beat the NFL in the courts. legal, public opinion or otherwise. Watch as Johnathan Martin is squashed into nothingness.

Seriously, try to beat the NFL in court... don't people realize that the NFL is waist deep in a lot of political circles and even then most people at the top of the legal process are men who are also big NFL fans???

Foolish Martin, very foolish.


You have not yet exhausted every ounce of interest in this fluff story? Is your life that freaking boring?

As the World Turns

In today's episode, he says that what they said was not true because what she told her was not a command but a question. Then he told them that we should tell him to get his side of the story because they were not telling her the truth about what he told them.

Do we have a football game this week?

Finally, somebody doing some solid journalism.

So bottom line is that almost everything that Martin's high priced attorney has said has proven to be half truths that were taken out of context. I guess this tells you that maybe just maybe Martin was the one that wanted out of the NFL and then got home and his lawyer Momma said, "Son if you quit you have to give them back $1M in signing bonus so we need to come up with a story" and there was born "Bullygate". Martin was just a soft player and Ireland should be held accountable for hiring and promoting a player that weak instead of keeping Jake Long.

And what about confirmation Pouncey was not at practice today Mando? Is he hurt? Dealing with the subpoena? What gives (since I guess I'm the only one who cares that we might be without our THIRD starting lineman come Sunday!

The NFL front offices are on a witch hunt because they cannot buck up and own the irrefutable fact that they have let hazing of this nature go on for decades.

Its like an NHL player dying on the ice after a fist fight and the league trying to sue the team for having a player in a fight.

But don't let that stop the victimhood freight train of Jonathan Martin!

Madge, I was sick of it last week but since the media insisted on miling it until it took our season right off the rails last Monday, what can I do about it now???

Ah, but 'Mando...the LEFTIST media got to use one of their favorite words: BULLYING!!!!! How dare you try to diminish that! Bullying is a CRISIS dontcha know!?

And so nothing will stop the Left -- as we see with Obamacare -- from bending the truth or just outright lying in order to twist something into their line of thinking.

The mainstream media doesn't care about facts or the truth. Heck, that's why our government is a total disgrace because today's media is to willing to lie for most of the politicians that fit their ideology.

So why should this be any different? They simply rallied to yet another of their catch-phrase causes.

Basically it was all a big BS media hype and someone still has to change lil Johnnies diaper...

Draft a tackle, next...

It's still grounds for dismissal if you don' t know what's going on in your locker room.

NOTHING was going on in the locker room!

There's no RACISM. This doesn't even merit an explanation.
There's no BULLYING. Martin is soft.
There's no EXTORTION. Rookies buy vets stuff. Happens on every team. The Vegas trip was explained.

I wish someone would past my comments about this very subject the day it hit the fan, I said for all to calm down and WAIT for evidence. But no, most said Incognito was a racists, redneck, et al. Incog is a football player, do some of you morons really believe the NFL is just some silly reality show on OWN tv? Its not, its played by people who want to win, will knock your azz off to win,,,why? because its there profession,,,they play for money. So if one of the players is not committed as the other players feel necessary, words will be forth coming and sometimes those words get right to the point, at some time fights might break out, but you will never hear of these incidents because footballers are by nature,,,tight as a tick on a dog and no information is forth coming and thats the way its is,,,live with it. I would be shocked if Martin will ever again play in the NFL. Possible, but not probable. Martin didn't have "IT" and "IT is very necessary to play in the NFL. Stones,,,,

Paula Dean has started the resurrection of her career by agreeing to do a weekly cable show in which she cooks for an NFL team. She will appear with a different team each week. Don't miss out as the high cholesterol foods fry while the racial epithets fly. It will be called Team Paula Dean. First episode will be filmed with the Miami Dolphins !!!


If nobody blogged about it, maybe Armando would shift back to football. But since you and your peers are pounding the blogs away, you perpetuate the interest in easily the dullest sports story of the year. I mean who really gives a Flying FKK about it. This isn't the inner circle at IBM, its a freakin football locker room!

Trust me. I grew up in a black neighborhood, went to black schools, was in the Army with blacks, played sports with blacks.

If ANYONE on that team had ANY doubt that Richie was racist SH*#T would go down!

Too late now for context to matter. The media frenzy tried and convicted Incognito and Ireland because thats what THEY WANTED TO BELIEVE. I give you credit for attempting to interject truth back into the story but that storm has blown past. Presenting context and truth now is akin to putting toothpaste back in the tube.

doesn't change the fact that this coaching staff is in over thier head making poor decisions, and a GM that had 6 seasons and 2 first round picks to put together the worst Oline in the league. JI has a solid front 7 but thats it.

forget about this absurd media story and time to bring in real change at GM and HC.

Why the sudden defense of the Dolphins Mando....you were all hater last week....geeze maybe you should go get treatment with Martin...bi-polar!

Ok Madge, sorry for being responsible for this story still being around. if I stopped commenting n it, it would go away.

So marc, is it true that the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice?

For all you fools who keep saying "the coaches are still liable" because they should know what's going on. You're overlooking one key fact...all the evidence is over texts and phone messages...how the hell are the coaches supposed to monitor that???? Martin is guilty of not being a man!

Nothing was going on. So you think this investigation will find there was no wrong doing? I don't think so.

Briefly changing the subject, ADRIAN PETERSON.

Trade rumors continue to SWIRL.

Would not an Adrian Peterson trade kill 2 birds with ONE STONE for tis franchise? Primarily, LOCKER ROOM LEADERSHIP.

Peterson would bring instant credibility to a locker room STARVED of true leadership. NO QUESTION at all about this.


BYE-BYE Daniel Thomas! How does a duo of Peterson and Miller sound? SOUNDS LIKE WOW TO ME!

Yes, Peterson would come at a very high $PRICE$, but he comes at a price we truly can't afford NOT TO PAY.

Think about this very Carefully Dolfans, you too Mr. Ross!

MarK. I like ALL berries...I still prefer the latin ladies, but, some sisters got booty to die for.

I agree maybe Armando is turning Dolphins fan now, can we please talk about football Armando, here are some questions for joe next time you see him

1) How come the teams performance is so inconsistent from week to week and quarter to quarter and play to play ?

2) Why can't you guys figure out how to get the ball to Mike Wallace

3) do you think after27 games as a starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill is your future? I realize this is a tough one to ask but he is very consistent and seems to lack the arm for the deep ball , when he does throw it it looks like a pop up most of the time with the one exception this year a 35 yarder to Hartline down the sideline was Marino like, but all the other deep balls are weak at best and under Thrown.

These would be some good football questions for a beat reporter to ask and report back to his loyal following which we are , most people on this blog love the Dolphins.

That was supposed to be inconsistent

Ray Lewis is an embarrassment, for him to go on National TV and stand on his righteous pulpit is a disgrace. He of all people. The intimidator, motivator, murderer, now American hero! Unbelievable

Sam I Am, you do know AP is 28 right? You know what happens to RBs when they turn 30, they DIE (in a football usefulness sense). So you want to pay a guy Mike Wallace-type money for one Season (and probably give us a #1 draft pick to do it)? When he can't lead the team he's currently on to 3 wins?

No thanks, pass. Only position to do that for is QB. Like Chad Pennington (that was worth it, he brought us to the Playoffs). Only thing AP would bring is some more illegitimate children in the Miami-Dade area.

Posted by: Josephus | November 15, 2013 at 02:56 PM

Funny how big, tough teabaggers talk about the scary "Left" and "mainstream media" like they're a bunch of Jonathan Martin mitches. "The Left forced us to act this way." "The MSM came down too hard on us so we shriveled up in a little ball and gave in."

And you people call yourselves Americans! You should call yourself a cupcake! A majority of NFL Owners are Republicans...FACT! NFL is the most powerful sporting league in the WORLD! They cower to NOBODY.

Win an election if you want to change the world. Until then, sit there like the cream puff you are and SUCK IT!

DC joining the Dashi school of resorting to tell others to suck or swallow because they have no capacity or vocabulary to debate on any higher level.

Bleacher report just came through. Pouncey sick and Wallace hamstring questionable for the game Sunday. Another loss in the books.

We are better without Wallace. Tannehill rarely even looks at him. Ppuncey is going to jail so we may as well learn to play without him.

Sad But True resorting to the troll school of standing behind the vagine of anonymity because they have no courage to own their posts by using a recognizable handle. Go stand behind your mama's skirt little girl, this saloon is for the big boys.

Marc, latinas are crazy...

Although if you are going to have illegitimate dhildren, might as well get some AP genes in there. That child may pay for your retirement one day...

Not a vagine?!?!?! how French!!!


So you mean to say your drivers license says DC Dolfan? OK.

You have no defense for your suck and swallow talk. Your children must really admire you.

Mark, otherwise the post was getting blocked (but a oui, oui, j'adore la France!).

No troll, but if you've been on here for the past 5-6 years, you would have noticed I post under this name all day, EVERY day. While you change up your names because you're a coward. So enjoy urinating sitting down.

By the way, here's what's going down in my hood, "The Washington Redskins don't have leadership. That's a conclusion drawn by former Redskins great Darrell Green."

So it's not the WORLD vs. the Miami Dolphins. It's in every city a sucky team resides.

Dolphins want to erase the stench that was the Jonathan Martin non-controversy, WIN GAMES!

The cover up is in full force.
As I suspected all along, it's likely Ireland and Philbin go unscathed in all this.
Meanwhile, the scapegoat Incognito is suspended.

Non, elle n'est pas une put. Elle est la grande dame merci.

More of looking in the mirror:

When asked who the leader of the team was, Green said Washington didn't really have one.

"I think that's the problem," he said. "I think it's super important to have leadership, and I don't think [Griffin] really is the leader."

Sound familiar?

DC, i also think it's guys out of the spotlight trying to get in the spotlight, of course teams with young QBs who have struggled forever are lacking leadership. The reason they sucked to begin with is their vets sucked!

Whenever have you heard of a 1st or 2nd year QB tuly leading his team to the promised land? I don't mean being a game manager bystander like Brady and Big Ben, I mean for real, being the ebst player on that team. IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED..

i don't know why so many people work themselves up and bang their heads against the wall, see if the young guys can do it now and enjoy the ride...watch the whole thing unfold before your eyes and see if it works or not ... unless we had the defense and running game of the 2001 Pats (and ref calls) or the 2006 Steelers, it was not going to happen this year either.


It's not what you know but what you can prove

Hey troll, I know you're not smart enough to know another language, so here's one for you...SUCK IT!!! To be honest.

Haha, mon dieu DC, c'est vraiment!!!

It's hard to be optimistic at this point. Last year we had no receivers, This year no O line. All this negative media exposure. Almost certain major changes are coming. Then starts another era of rebuilding. How much longer do we have to endure this. Ross has lost his home crowd. No one wants to pay to see us losing week after week when we can watch us lose for free sitting at home. Taking your frustrations out on the TV is just as good as in the stadium. They just don't hear you and just don't care. With Ross having Shula, Marino, Dungy etc. involved in the Phins locker room issues is a perfect time to seek advise and run with it. I am almost certain major positive changes would be the outcome.

DC Dolfan, Adrian Peterson has 4yrs remaining on his current contract. The good thing is that its a contract that's very movable.


$14.4 million cap hit, but, only $4.8 million dead money.


$15.4 million cap hit, $2.4 million dead money

2016 & 2017 are both ZERO dead money years. So if needed he can be cut the final 2yrs with ZERO cap repercussions. Even yrs 1 & 2 offer very little dead money.

Say, by miracle we finish 2013 8-8. Our 2014 draft position is #13. I would give the #13 all day long for "All Day" Petersen. But, who knows, if the Vikes are desperate enough to part with AP, they may take 2 2nd rd picks for him.

Our GM should at least make the call, because AP has the type contract that does give a great "out" on the salary cap if need be.

Mark, you're right, it is the culture change in the league. With the new CBA, teams are getting younger so they can maintain salaries. So the leaders have to get younger too. But I disagree. Before this whole thing blew up, we were a couple plays away from 6-2. I think with the right coaching maybe this team could have been somebody.

But as far as playing the young guys to see what you have now, I'm all for that. They're going nowhere fast so get these guys experience for next year.

Agreed. I've already moved on to 2014 - coaches and management should do the same. It would serve everyone well. We are not going 5-2 the rest of the way.

DC you are advocating the team quits. That is a loser mentality. No surprise.

Sam, that means asking Ireland to pick a lineman in the dreaded Round 2. And you already know how that would turn out.

However, I might be interested in seeing how good AP really is. If he can run with our line, he's the best that ever played that position. It would be a great test.

Does Mando even read this stuff before he posts it?? Talk about wishy-washy....look Mando you either hate the team,or Ross,or Ireland,or Philbin....now I ask you, which one is it??

August, 2013 - Hey, kid, you get up on that table and sing your High School fight song. - I don't want to do it. - You better do it or we are going to make your life miserable.
August, 2014 - Hey, kid, get up on that table and sing your High School fight song. - I don't want to do it. - Well, ok.

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