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The Empire strikes back with truth, context

I'm not a big science fiction buff but I am aware of pop culture. You've heard of Star Wars? You've heard of the Empire Strikes Back?

The Dolphins are in full strike back mode the last few days.

On the heels of my report this morning that Dolphins people were indeed not aware of any harassment of Jonathan Martin and the team is confident no evidence of prior knowledge will come out in the NFL investigation, we can now turn our attention to two other matters that lately seemed to damage the team's brand:

The first is the idea that someone within the organization ordered a "Code Red" to "toughen up" Martin. The idea is that someone -- presumably a coach -- told Richie Incognito to make Martin tougher. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post reported that story.

But ProFootballTalk.com on Thursday reported early indications are there was no such order and those reports are wrong. And today I have confirmed there was no such order given to Incognito from anyone within the Dolphins organization and the team is comfortable that will come out when the NFL investigation is completed.

(Understand that all these media reports and allegations have to stand up to scrutiny and proof. In other words, if Incognito or anyone says he was told to "toughen up" Martin but cannot show an email or text or a confession or some tangible evidence of that order, what we have is an unproven allegation. And by the way, Incognito refused to address that issue altogether in his FOX Sports interview, obviously aware he was going to face NFL investigation scrutiny and the requirement of providing actual proof).

So there was no order to "toughen up" Martin.

Something else ...

The report that Jeff Ireland told one of Martin's agents the offensive tackle should have punched Incognito when the agent complained to the general manager about the guard's treatment is not fully in context, I'm told.

The report made it seem that Ireland was suggesting Martin's response should have been to punch Inognito. That has made Ireland seem insensitive to Martin. Indeed, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith referred to Ireland during a pre-game interview with ESPN on the topic. 

"The union will be looking at whether or not management in the Dolphins either encouraged or allowed a workplace to become unprofessional," Smith said. "Certainly we know the history of the GM [Ireland] in this case with other issues. Those actions were unacceptable then. If there are actions that were taken or not taken to allow this unprofessional environment to fester, if there were things done to intimidate another player, that's a thing the union will look at."

But here is the problem:

The truth, I'm told by a source, is Ireland did not suggest Martin should have punched Incognito. He instead was asking why Martin had not confronted Incognito on the matter and perhaps even punched him if the treatment was so onerous.

In other words, Ireland was asking why Martin hadn't done anything about the treatment he was alleging.

Different context to the same conversation.

The bottom line is the NFL investigation will not deal in stories citing "at least two sources" that are anonymous or dubious. It will not deal in he-said, he-said allegations. It will deal in cold, hard facts. It will deal in text messages, voice mails, emails, corroboration, provable communications. And it will get the full context of those communications.

Then, and only then, will the true or truer picture of this situation come out.


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DC, that previous posting came from ME....RJ

My post was deleted.

Reinstate Richie. Lets get to the playoffs. We need him!

The D being on the field most of the half means they cannot shutdown anything. The run D is terrible. Good thing the Solia and Starks are in contract years. Who is going to pay big money for that?

Hey Steve. Learn to spell the term offense. EYE SEA YOU!

As I have said from the beginning the way we have won games is not sustainable. Our losses are unfortunate, however, we are addressing the problems. I believe in our schemes. I believe in our system. I believe in the guys in our locker room......hey, wait a minute....I hear a song in my head....."I believe I can fly"....."I believe I can touch the sky"....wow...cool song...It was on my I-Pod during the game Monday night..... anyway, as I was saying, we just need 5 or 6 more years and by golly we are going to get this thing turned around.

If all this stuff Mando is throwing at us today is just a public campaign so Ross can keep those two disastrous persons (Philbin & Ireland) in their jobs after such a disgusting season, he can forget once and for all about a new/renewed stadium even if he manages to get his referendum going.

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Of course, in this Time, the choice for annihilation belongs strictly to the participant. If Civilization started in the Middle East, it would be very fitting that it end There.

Thad Lewis and Mike Gannon beat the Dolphins.

Think about that.

Two yards rushing against an 0-8 team.

Think about that.

If the Dolphins should happen to win against the Chargers this weekend.

Anyone in here who mentions the word playoffs should be forced to threaten suicide and hold up traffic on the turnpike.

It's Our Time.


You mean you can't even find a girl friend on Craigs List? Ok, well, then you are at that point you need to hit the asian massage parlors at least a couple of times a week to compensate.

Agent: Jonathan Martin had issues with several Dolphins

Agent: Jonathon Martin....wants money. Who cares about the rest its complete BS conjured by blood sucking lawyers and media hype.

Let's talk more about Martin and Cogs.

"There did not seem to be an increase in behavioral problems. It's been the same here my entire career," Denney said after Friday's practice. "I never saw any red flags. I never saw any concern. I never saw anything that raises concern from my perspective.

Long snapper John Denney he's only been here through 4 coaches and 9 seasons.

Hey...do ya think you gossiping queenie's can get off the housewife soap opera chat and get back to football? What femmes you all are.

This means you.

If Ireland weasels his way out of this and retains his job I'm done with this team. I tolerated a 1-15 team, but I won't suffer through another year rooting for a team with such a despicable character at its helm.

If Ireland weasels his way out of this and retains his job I'm done with this team.

Posted by: Statler | November 16, 2013 at 05:39 AM

I'll bet you are one of the bloggers that has said this every season for the last 10 years. You all still come back like lonely puppy dogs.

Someone will be made the scapegoat we will see

Let's all enjoy the Heat run to a 3 peat and forget about the 2013 Dolphins. Lets start all over in 2014 with a new GM, new coach and go back to the original team logo !!

We need to demand the immediate reinstatement of Cogs. This witch hunt has been a complete fabrication by parasitic lawyers and overblown media hype. Ross has only made this much much worse and all the stories by sources were BS.

The only one that should be on suspension is the treacherous quitter. His dishonesty is appalling.

Truth...you are trying too hard to say something. Nobody cares. Come back if and when you have something fresh to say,

I see no reason to fire Ireland and I was on the original Fireland bandwagon as a charter member. None of this is his fault. These are same players that were 3-0. I blame Sherman, Coyle and Philbin way more than Ireland for the way this team is playing, the development of players and these losses. Fine if you want to clean house and get rid rid of them but the chatter about who stays and who goes is premature.

Well, things are looking bad again. All I hear is we have to run the ball.

Indy said they had to run against Tennessee. They got behind real quick. The teams who run the ball the most are losing.

Give the damn ball to Tannehill and let him sink or swim. Use the damn hurry-up like they planned instead of thinking too much.

Go-Go Fins.

Panic not.

If we win out, 11 - 5 gets us in the playoffs.

Here is my list of problems with Philbin.
1. use of players during the game and not playing them to their strengths
2. the players and team rarely seems to progress
3. the strategy on gameday. 10 days to prepare to play the worst team in the league and we still lose.
4. the supervision of coaches.
5. the playing time of rookies.
6. Hurry up offense...we practice every training camp using this offense but don't use it during the season unless we are behind or before the end of halves.
7. the defensive line rotation. It's awful to see Cam on the sideline at the end of games. And we hardly get any pressure on the QB or stop the run well.

like i said, every year theres still idiots in here talking playoffs. some things never change. lose out and finally help this franchise out

dusty there is no Luck in this next draft. It is a big draft of crap shoots all the way. Losing out won't help us.

Here's my list of problems with Sherman.
1. too predictable seems like the other team is in the huddle and knows the snap count
2. not sure he's hard enough on T-hill
3. no surprises on offense. Little imagination
4. offense line
5. use of players insisting on splitting carries instead of giving Miller the ball. R. Matthews where the hell has he been?
6. TE? Where did Clay go and why do we never throw the ball to our RB
7. the inconsistency and lack of rhythm on the offensive side of the ball.
8. the slow plodding way of the offense. Too many 3 and outs. I'd rather the team pick up the pace.
9. play calling stinks in key situations

losing helps us big time and it would of every year rather than the idiots in here rooting for another 7-9 record each year. it gives us a higher pick in each round of draft, it gives us a last place schedule which has been huge for kc this year. wake up man this team isnt good and hasnt a chance at the playoffs, so finish 4-12 rather than 7-9. one of these years your gonna realize this finally

truth relax, shermans gone with rest of them after season

chargers,panthers,at bills, at jets, pats, at pitt should be auto losses. so really only worry is the home game vs jets. hopefully mia just sits everyone and we can lose that game also. 4-12 probaly put us around pick number 6. and guarantee us a last place schedule as well. AND finally get rid of ireland,etc for us

No reason to relax because I'm not wound up. I've had a while to consider. I'm providing context to why the coaching staff is to blame for the way this team is playing not Ireland. Sorry I type fast try and keep up fella.

yes truth but it doesnt matter anymore, they are all gone anyways. so who cares why they suck at coaching, not our problem anymore

dusty, the best teams get the easiest schedule, the worst teams get the toughest schedule. not the other way around.

wrong fred last place finishes gives us games vs jacksonville and pitt

the problems I have with Coyle.
1. the use of D. Jordan. this guy won't get better faster on the sideline.
2. the defensive line rotation. all of it.
3. the pass rush is awful nothing like it should be with the level of talent on the DL.
4. the tackling of the defense.
5. the strategy of the play calling the defense rarely blitzes and has it work out well for the team.
6. Flat out this is an under performing defense.

lol truth nobody cares man, they are all gone.

Martin blew this team up! he is the guy you thought was your friend stabbing you in the back looking for a big pay day, and the media ate it up, blew it up! and spit Incogito his teammates and coaches out in the process....

I like Teddy Bridgewater's QB form.

I also like Pat Devlin's accurate form.

Is Armando being paid by the Dolphins to write this crap?

oscar bridewater dropping like crazy.

Up to now, Jeff Ireland has proven to be an average talent evaluator. No more, no less. Up to now.

armando being paid by a newspaper if that tells u anything. his salary is around 45 k only. newspapers are almost dead, its the online stuff that keeps them around for few more years. sure armando knows this and will be employed somewhere else within a few years

sure ireland will be back in dallas next year working with jerry jones, kudos to him. our new gm will clean house

Mando, I would hardly call the Dullfins an empire lol

You see, dusty, I believe QBs are born and not made. You can easily see it in the way they drop back, the way they set up, their huddle presence, even in the way they carry themselves off the Field. Watch them closely.

Is Irescum working for the Jests?

well oscar really no reason to like bridgewater then at next level

btw, anybody here knows Ireland personally? If you do, is he that much of an A--hole as he is frequently portrayed to be? Just curious, me.

Mando do you know the Fins are playing a NFL game tomorrow? Great coverage of that matchup and keys to success.

Cam Newton, that's a hell of a QB. Andrew Luck, idem. Many past and present great ones.

The media is guilty of slander day in and day out. They just get away with it on a daily basis with half-truths, speculation and reporting what they think is good for us and what should be popular. People are sick of the cowardly media. Who is the media anyway? Who reports on them? Cuban media....good call!

SO basically the only chance of getting rid of Ireland and philbin is if the team continues to lose on the field and wastes the millions spent on getting the 'upgraded' players that Ireland chose.....

got it....

This blog is fun to read. Everyone is YG to some people, which is hilarious. I actually enjoyed his posts, but now I don't know which are really his. YG, come back!

Philbin and his staff should be fired! They make no adjustments on either side of the ball. There is talent on the team, but the coaches fail the players on a weekly basis. They consistently misuse players- playing them out of position, wrong schemes, bad play calling on both sides of the ball. The 3-0 start shows a talented team, the current 4-5 record indicates an incompetent coaching staff. And why the hell do no rookies play? Either they suck (on Ireland) or the coaches can't coach them up (on Philbin & staff). It's simple logic!!!

Ireland? He's made some good moves (Grimes,Wake,Matthews, Miller), but more bad than good. He does not draft well. Time to move on.


The Fins went 1-15 in 2007 and had the 1st pick in the draft in 2008 which they use to select Jake Long. A new regime was hired. Bill Parcells VP of operations. Jeff Ireland General Manager and Tony Sparano head coach.

They went 11-5 and won the AFC East that year aided by inheriting a better roster than they thought and the free agent additions of Chad Pennington, Jason Ferguson, and Randy Starks.

We know what has happened from that point to date and it hasn't been good.

Btw there is not one player from the 2008 draft or an undrafted free agent from that year still on the team. Not one.

It's definitely not an endorsement for Jeff Ireland but it's also not an endorsement for losing the rest of the season to get a high draft pick for a new FO to fix things.

I've never seen a GM as pathetic as Ireland. Steve Ross, DO SOMETHING!!

As far as Star Wars doesnt Philbin look like 3-CPO?

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