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Incognito: Racism, bad words 'what I regret most'

There's a saying that any man who serves as his own lawyer has a dummy as a client. Well, here's a new corollary to that and it's, if you're suspended from your $235,000 a week job because you are being accused of racism and the NFL is investigating you, it's probably not a great idea to go on national television.

Yet that is what Richie Incognito is doing today. He taped an interview with FOX on Saturday and portions of it will be aired starting at noon on the FOX pregame show.

And in that interview, Incognito admits he used racial epithets with teammate Jonathan Martin. And he tried to excuse himself for doing that in his best social scientist approach possible by saying that's just the way things are in the Dolphins locker room.

"All this stuff coming out, it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture of our closeness, it speaks to the culture of our brotherhood," Incognito says in the interview.

"And the racism, the bad words," here it comes, "that's what I regret most, but that's a product of the environment and that's what we use all the time."

[Update: Incognito tells FOX he and Martin just communicated differently. He said the week before Martin left the team, the tackle left him a text message that read in part, "I will murder your whole (expletive) famil." "Now, did I believe Jonathan Martin was going to murder my entire family? No," Incognito said.]

The sound you hear is Incognito's career going down the tubes.

One way Incognito could emerge from this NFL investigation with a light sentence, so to speak, is if he can show that he was compelled to treat Martin as he did. In other words, if he was acting under orders. He declined to address that topic in the interview. Another way he can get off easier is if he can show that his employer knew of the treatment and did nothing, thus tacitly approving of his behavior.

But if Incognito's logic for calling his teammate a "half-n----r" as he did in that infamous voice message is that it's just the culture and the brotherhood and an alternate approach to communicating, then the roof is going to drop on him.

In a preview of the interview released by FOX, Incognito says of the scandal: "This isn't an issue about bullying. This is an issue about my and Jon's relationship."

Wonder if Martin would agree?

Incognito says what we already know when he encourages people to ask teammates who they believed had Martin's back most. "They'll undoubtedly tell you me," he said.

I've been told Incognito in the interview claimed he and Martin where friends. He expresses concern for his former teammate, particularly his health. Incognito talks of being surprised by the Dolphins suspending him.

Will there be a bombshell? I doubt it.

But tune in anyway.


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One thing makes all this go away.

As Charlie says, 'WINNING'.

So in other words, you want him sooooo badly to rat the Dolphins out...poor baby, not gonna happen !!!

So using racial slurs is now a terminal offense in the NFL? The roof didn't drop on Riley Cooper and probably a long list of white and black players. If that's where we're headed fine but as long as there is no double standard.

So, Mando, when he ends the VM tirade with "call me", what do you make of that? When he ends the tirade at the bar hugging Pouncey, what's that signify? I'm telling you media folks, I agree this is a dark episode with the team, shows the organization is not as stable as some might have thought under this new leadership, but this "racist" angle, I just can't see it. I don't think there's anything to that.

I still don't want either man back on the team, and the only way they can get past this is to win.

All the players in the locker room didn't have a problem with RI's use of the words.

RI shouldn't use the term outside the locker. I don't use those terms myself, but Im not in an environment where that language becomes the norm.

Storming, forming and norming, is part of culture forming, the Dolphins locker room is probably not that much different than many other teams.

Problem being RI should never have become the guy to lead the whole locker room.

Dolphins have gone without vetern leaders on the team, instead opting for to go with younger cheaper guys, in order to bring in the Marquee players like Wallace. What happens then is you get characters like R~I comin gto the top of the tree unopposed.

Where was Starks ?

So, let me get this straight.....The man is accused of wrong doing is condemned for speaking himself and not through a lawyer or agent and is condemned by you. Yet, the accuser who runs and hides, says nothing, and only speaks out through his lawyer is not? Icognito may be a lout but I still think this should be more about Martin's mental state than Icognito. If Martin came forward on his own and admitted he could not take Icognito's loutness or the Miami locker room culture because of issues he was going through in his life everyone would admire his courage. Instead, he hides behind a lawyer when he himself has not been accused of any wrong doing. It only reinforces the image of him as weak.

To be completely fair...the list needs to be all inclusive for terminal offenses. What about slurs on women, religious faith, sexual orientation, political beliefs and yes slurs against our men and women in the armed forces? The list needs to be all inclusive so no one gets offended in the ultra sensitive society and todays PC America.

Better get ready for a long list of unemployed. It's all fine with me let the will of the people be done.

I did hear that starks was the one that punched/fist fought j.martin. can someone corroborate this account?

Armando can't seem to see that using the n word does not make one a racist or automatically banned from anything. Who above 5 years old doesn't hear our dark skinned friends using that word incessantly? It's only a racial epithet in the media that seeks drama where there is none.

It's just a word, a sound. Society is so silly. Let everyone say what they want when they want and then poof there will be no more bad words. The fact a word can be banned is preposterous and a sign of a trivial society.

They still all need to be fired. Bottom line. How about those hurricanes. Plain garbage too. Morris is horrible, he will never be a NFL qb, the D is a joke, their coordinator needs to be fired too.

Using racial slurs with intent to insult is certainly bad. Cursing in public is bad. But boys in the locker room using language that in public would be embarrassing? Is this a terminal offense? I doubt that what goes on in any other NFL locker room is all that different. Have we heard any other black or white players complain? Incognito and Martin both have some personality issues that need counseling. The NFL likely should encourage teammates to review their behavior or what is considered hazing. But in any business the new guy on the job gets razzed, gets the rotten jobs. You work your way up and earn your seniority. You don't start out with everybody kissing your ass. And if you have a problem you don't just up and leave, or undermine the team. I feel for Martin, however he could have exercised other options with management.

1. Mando is bitter he did not get the first interview
2. Saying he was "working on orders from above defense" does not work. It has been tried since WWII to major corporate fraud cases to today.
3. I think Incognito is being honest and he is explaining the situation is as he states.

Why do local guys get so angry when the national reporters scoop them?

I wonder....if the team was 7-1 and not 4-4, how many of you would have different attitudes about what should be done.

You guys make me laugh...Really I just can't take most of you seriously. That's the answer for everything around here clean house. Fire everyone anytime a team loses, struggles, or has off the field incidents. It's absurd to fire everyone all the time for the list of offenses you guys conjure up. Not laughing with you but instead at you. I would guess you guys have been fired many times...since it's so easy and you have such high standards.

As a true Dolphins fan and former college football player this kind of behavior does exist in the locker room. Martin needed to express his feelings to the coach and players if he didn't agree with the atmosphere. In my opinion Martin let the team and fans down. Stand up for your feelings and don't sell out your teammates. I'm looking forward to Monday's game.......it will give the viewers a real chance to see the brotherhood of a team. Lets just enjoy 3 hours of dolphins football and then return to the
media's BS of this crap going on. Let's go Dolphins!

"But if Incognito's logic... is that it's just the culture and the brotherhood, then the roof is going to drop on him."

Usually I get your message but I don't get your thinking here at all, Armando. Richie shouldn't use the "it's the locker room culture" defense? At this point in the fiasco, anyone who's kept up with this knows countless current and former players are echoing this exact same thing. Take a look at a recent interview with former NY Giants player Lawrence Taylor:


If this is really the culture and Incognito is simply being open and truthful about it, why does this harm him as a viable teammate, player or team employee going forward. I don't get it.


You're an idiot. Richie is speaking the truth. And no matter how many times I hear it from this PC culture, I will never believe that speaking a single word (no matter how many times it is used) makes one a racist. Context matters. Racism is judging a person based upon the color of their skin. Racism would be if Incognito refused to socialize with the black or yellow or brown or white players because of their pigment. Incognito is not a racist as everyone in that locker room sees him as a genuine teammate, a brother in arms. To the extent that Martin was treated roughly has nothing to do with his race. It was likely because he was reserved, intellectual and not aggressive enough on the field.

Jonathon Martin (and you in this article) aren't happy with the gangsta culture that exists in an NFL locker room. Fine, I get that, but placing all of the blame for the Dolphin's (NFL) locker room on a single man, just because he is an easy target is flat out wrong.

The reason Incognito is in this mess is not because he is an outlier in the NFL. I bet there are 5 or 10 guys on every NFL team with equally foul locker room behavior. The reason he is suspended is because he was line mates with Jonathon Martin. And Jonathon Martin, unlike any NFL player before him chose to stick up for himself not physically, not verbally, but by crying to the press and filing a lawsuit.

I still don't see what the story is here. Please don't tell me the n word that is used in every locker room in every school and pro sport in the country.

1 out of 1000 players can't handle the hazing, decides to quit, and it's a national subject?

And you mean to tell me the media is shocked and blindsided by this??? These journalists that have been talking to players for years all know this is status quo. If anything the media should be punished for not having informed the public honestly about the situation.

One way Incognito could emerge from this NFL investigation with a light sentence, so to speak, is if he can show that he was compelled to treat Martin as he did. In other words, if he was acting under orders. Another way he can get off easier is if he can show that his employer knew of the treatment and did nothing, thus tacitly approving of his behavior.
Armando, Incognito has the backing of everyone in the locker room, black and white players. They do not see his comments as racism. Martin's own agent says that Ireland wanted Martin to be physical and punch Incognito. What more does Incognito need. Do you really think that Incognito went on the air without both legal and professional advice. Just stop it Armando your not stupid. Incognito is going to blame the locker room and Miami Dolphins culture for what was done to Martin. All of his teammates were involved in more than hazing including center Pouncey. They are all guilty and complicit. The Miami Dolphins and the NFL are not going to want this PR nightmare to go much further. Upper management with the Dolphins are involved. Going on air will get all to just stop this nightmare and settle so that all everyone can keep on making big money from the naive public. This is real live that no one wants exposed. So Incognito and his council are simply forcing both the NFL and the Dolphins to stop vilifying Incognito and allow everyone to move on.

The lazy media loves to pretend it's 1960 when its convenient so they can create drama where none exists.

What is the proposed solution exactly? Roger Goodell fining players for cursing or teasing? Remove players from the HOF that have done worse things than touch a girl with a golf club or use the n word?

Some very thoughtful posts above promicheal, Kirk, Steve, billcale. That is encouraging. More of you guys and less of me and the trolls is a good thing.


You should be ashamed. It's clear you've made a decision on who's guilty or not before all the evidence is out.

Do you think Joe Philbin, who's ultra-conservative policy that was on display on Hard Knocks, encouraged bullying, racism, and violence in the locker room?

Incognito and Martin are on two opposite ends of the spectrum. Richie's a favorite amongst his teammates and Martin is not.

This is about a guy, who isn't cut out for the NFL, looking for an exit out.

The Richie golf tournament incident, the disgusting language and comments in texts and voicemails, and the discussions between Ireland and agents are all sad realities of what goes on with 99% of NFL teams.

Not pretty, actually vile. But I wonder if you and all the other reporters stalking the team this week are prepared to open your texts, emails, conversations, and thereby sins to the rest of the world.

But you gotta a job to do. You gotta solve this thing. You gotta lay judgement. Quickly.

Incognito... Classic Neurotic Abuser... The regret comes only after their behavior is no longer tolerated. They use the "freedom" excuses as justification that somehow makes their behavior in the moment ok. After the damage is done then the regrets suddenly surface usually with shallow promises that they will somehow change for the better. There is no change for the better with someone who is a Neurotic Abuser. They will always see the world through jealous eyes, willing to sink themselves and those around them down to the lowest denominator, a state of being that somehow fits their narrow view of the world and the people in it. The Classic Neurotic Abuser is only happy when making those around them miserable. Unfortunately when you have corporate sociopaths in charge then they don't see anything wrong with such behavior. For them it is simply the "natural order" or something that everyone else does too. I am willing to bet the Dolphins nor the NFL will ever hire an ethicist, they will rely on lawyers for that function to their detriment.

I have a question Mando....if the use of racial slurs is common in the locker room culture, why does the roof fall on Richie alone?? WTF? so the other players get a pass because no one has stormed out over it?

I think your judgment is faulty on this. Wjy can't a person speak without a lawyer next to him? How do you know he wasn't doing the interview with the advice of a lawyer? Just because one was not by his side, doesn't mean he hasn't spoken to one.

I think you just want Richie off the team, and Philbin fired, because you can't get a story out of them that blemishes the entire organization.

What's wrong Mando, they playing this too close to the vest for you?

Richie is no saint, by any means, and I , for one, don't condone the insensitive and irresponsible things he has done. But I'm not going to crucify him for the sum of his deeds, since I'm not saintly either.

But apparently you, stain free as you are, have the right to throw stones.. hmmm...interesting to say the least. Funny that I haven't noticed your halo yet!!!!

incognito is a bully and a liar. the golf outing fiasco should tell you what kind of person incognito is. dolphins lacked the balls to release him then and now. philbin said the golf situation was dealt with swiftly yet says the details are private. nat moore apologized to the woman and the victim was immediately given a monetary settlement to keep quiet. by doing so the issue would disappear and franchise would spare the embarrassment.

Benz/Buster I recall someone getting suspended for bad mouthing a vet and their service. I find the nasty texts and that distasteful behavior in the same ballpark. So I don't get the zero tolerance stance. I don't believe either are/were terminal offenses. People make mistakes and just wish many would apply the Golden rule.

Let's get back to talking about the cheating refs. As I see it, on the surface it almost looks like most of the bad seasons the Dolphins have had over the years can be significantly attributed to a LOT of bad calls against them coincidentally when they've played "darling" teams. But I'm just a conspiracy nut job.

TruthhurTs if you or someone committed a felony crime say sexually harassed or abused someone you know and then nothing was done about it or it was covered up I think you would want punishment for that person. Same goes here. Reap what you sow buddy.

Are you already picking apart this interview before you see it??? That's been the problem this whole darn week. Media has been running with little bits info that may or may not have been confirmed. This is one big joke. Congrats you've had the greatest week of your reporting life. If the Dolphins get burned to the ground, no one's going to be reading your blog.

How in the hell can people say he wanted out of the NFL when he says he is looking forward to playing again. There goes that theory.

JEFF Ireland was behind all this. With the garbage season so far after his "prize" Draft Pick QB, he promised Ross a winning team and season and we are all witness to exactly why this Qb was NOT worth the 1st round pick but rather a late 2 early 3rd pick.

Ireland needed a distraction to get him out of that mess he created and what better way to accomplish that other than getting the team destroyed even further so that Ross gives him a vote of confidence and a 15 year look ahead contract.

If Ross was smart he would purge Ireland and hire a proven, real GM to right the ship.

FIRE Ireland.

And another thing....you keep referring to the way he treated Martin. Other than the Voice mail, which Martin paraded around the locker room like it was a joke, according to the players, where is the specific allegation(s) of Richie's treatment of Martin?

And is I had YOUR phone number, and left YOU a similar voice mail, how is that a public humiliation, how is that unacceptable, if it were between two friends or acquaintances?? Martin is the one who shared a PRIVATE message with his teammates, and then the world.

And , why haven't we HEARD the tone of the voice mail? Likely because it would lose much of its impact when the listener would understand that it was done as a joke. Richie is a clown, a prankster and a strret tough guy. He is not a racist. And all his BLACK teammates agree.

So, I want to know what the big deal is here? Why are YOU making a case against Richie alone? EVERYBODY curses and criticizes and passes comments on their locker room buddies, from High School right up to the pros. And the last time I looked, you weren't stuying for the priesthood either. So stop the nonsense, please !!!

The NFL will mandate all players must have a blankie and warm glass of milk before bedtime.

The worst thing is this so called league review will take about a year so that mean this thing will hang over our heads like a dark cloud , wich also means wishy washy Ross will do nothing to Ireland and philbin ,,,,,,,what a sham go whalefish go

Man you are a bunch or tards here. This blog looks just like the Dolphins locker room all standing up for a well documented a-hole, perhaps it is very fitting this whole situation for this piss poor of a team with "fans" like this.

Take a second and look yourselves in the mirror. No one feels sorry for Cogs and the Phins, and that list include most NFL players and personalites with a few exceptions like that moron Rolle in NY. Some of you -incredibly- talk about winning will solve this, on to MNF game, I mean so let's sweep all of this under the rug and beat the winless Bucs, yup that will make things go away, LOL. You are the kind of fan Ireland is banking on, because yes there is enough talent in that locker to win a few more games but no way in hell they win 9, 10 games to make the playoffs with that line and NO depth. The Phins would be lucky to end the season with Tannehill in one piece, and frankly after his atrocious show of leadership I don' t care. So you really want this bunch to win one more game? Why? So we can finish 7-9 or 8-8 AGAIN?

And BTW, Since most of you did not get what the column is about, it is not about Mando unilaterally condemning Incognito, he is just stating how dumb is for him to go on national TV, no decent lawyer would EVER tell you to do that, nothing good can come out of that for you. Moreover some of you condemn rather quickly Martin for not doing the same, LOL, he must laugh when he reads comments like that. He is just being smart you idiots, and he is gonna laugh all the way to the bank and punish an organization that screams dumb all the way from owner to fans. I'm done with this team, can't associate with morons like you nor would I even think to take a client to a corporate suite at Sun Life, because that is what is coming next if this keeps dragging and your beloved Phins will, sadly, have no choice but to move elsewhere and start anew; perhaps only then you all will be satisfied.

We do indeed have by far the worst owner in nfl history

scott...Just so you know...I don't believe much of the overblown hype and speculation from the Cogs incidents as my previous posts have shown. The rest of the hypotheticals and what ifs about me without facts I'll pass on those and stay here in reality.

Incognito should be in jail he has always been out of control

He is a sex offender

Hats off to Jeff Ireland for his superb handling of this entire sordid affair!

Just the fact he did what he did at the big golf and fishing outing and it was covered up is all you need to know about this franchise it's unacceptable

Joe Robbie is turning over in his grave ,,!!!!!!! God bless us all

Most of the time your points are dead on Mando. But this time, you have joined your brethern sports writers in let's crucify Ritchie Incognito campaign.

One way or the other Incog is done at least with the Dolphins. Unfairly IMO but that's besides the point. Isn't that good enough for you? Why grind it into the ground?

You could have been the voice of reason but you chose not to be. Why? Were you afraid that your peers would think less of you?

Disappointed in you man.

Marc Cuban where are you , please buy the dolphins

Now wonder we can't win games , we are a joke

Again it sounds like you Armando want Richie to say something that just was not the case, you Want him to throw Philbin under the bus the same way Martin is trying to do to the entire team, because that would be a better story for you.

Like I said before. There is no cover up if it was reported to the NFL like articles have stated. To claim there is just inaccurate and your mindset of being unwilling to accept the realities that differ from what you want.

I don't believe for a second neither people in these incidents were unwilling in their roles so there. Both have shown dishonesty and both were ok so long as they can cash in at some point.

Steve Ross has still not spoke about this whole ordeal

Okay...obviously Armando won't answer, so I'll ask you folks....Why hasn't ESPN allowed everyone to actually hear the voicemail?...The players who heard it (when Martin passed it around while he laughed about it) have characterized it as a joking thing.. Why only selected parts of it?...Why not the entire voice mail?

All these references to lawyers, yet no recognition that if it ever went to a hearing or courtroom, the ENTIRE tape would have to be admitted as PUBLIC evidence, and played for ALL to hear.

Until that process is complete, any vilification of Richie Incognito regarding the "bullying" of J Martin has to remain on hold.

Again, I'm not presenting Richie as a saint, or a role model, because he is definitely not that. But I would like to know the answer to these questions before I make a judgment. All I'm basically asking for is the WHOLE truth.

Oh and by the way how has our draft class done ???????? Yup they are invisible

Boy mando, I would not want to be in a foxhole with you. The guy finally speaks and you recommend he lie say the team made him do it to save his career. What a weasel dude....


Exactly Buster that's what I've said from the start why rush to judgement without ALL the facts..We know some of what Cogs said but what did Martin do or say? What was his response 7 months ago?

Furthermore..if you have 50 guys in a room that disagree with one person doesn't that tell you a lot about that one person? Martin?

In Jeff Ireland's defense, the draft board was picked over by the time the Dolphins were on the clock for the third pick of the first round. If the Dolphins could have selected earlier, Jeff Ireland definitely would have drafted a starter, and, most likely, a player without a serious injury.

Where is Jake Long in all this? why hasn't he been interviewed? he is a respected veteran left tackle in this league and was a leader on that O-line and a witness for Martins entire rookie year.

No comment (as ordered by the management of the Rams)

How do they let you continue to write these cumdumpster articles yo fkin cksmker???

Jeff Ireland should have been aborted blame his mother

Ban the ginger

The Truth??? Hahahah!!! There is no truth concerning the media...especially when you give these asspirates their own blog and let them voice their opinion...AS is a douchebag!!!!

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