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Incognito: Racism, bad words 'what I regret most'

There's a saying that any man who serves as his own lawyer has a dummy as a client. Well, here's a new corollary to that and it's, if you're suspended from your $235,000 a week job because you are being accused of racism and the NFL is investigating you, it's probably not a great idea to go on national television.

Yet that is what Richie Incognito is doing today. He taped an interview with FOX on Saturday and portions of it will be aired starting at noon on the FOX pregame show.

And in that interview, Incognito admits he used racial epithets with teammate Jonathan Martin. And he tried to excuse himself for doing that in his best social scientist approach possible by saying that's just the way things are in the Dolphins locker room.

"All this stuff coming out, it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture of our closeness, it speaks to the culture of our brotherhood," Incognito says in the interview.

"And the racism, the bad words," here it comes, "that's what I regret most, but that's a product of the environment and that's what we use all the time."

[Update: Incognito tells FOX he and Martin just communicated differently. He said the week before Martin left the team, the tackle left him a text message that read in part, "I will murder your whole (expletive) famil." "Now, did I believe Jonathan Martin was going to murder my entire family? No," Incognito said.]

The sound you hear is Incognito's career going down the tubes.

One way Incognito could emerge from this NFL investigation with a light sentence, so to speak, is if he can show that he was compelled to treat Martin as he did. In other words, if he was acting under orders. He declined to address that topic in the interview. Another way he can get off easier is if he can show that his employer knew of the treatment and did nothing, thus tacitly approving of his behavior.

But if Incognito's logic for calling his teammate a "half-n----r" as he did in that infamous voice message is that it's just the culture and the brotherhood and an alternate approach to communicating, then the roof is going to drop on him.

In a preview of the interview released by FOX, Incognito says of the scandal: "This isn't an issue about bullying. This is an issue about my and Jon's relationship."

Wonder if Martin would agree?

Incognito says what we already know when he encourages people to ask teammates who they believed had Martin's back most. "They'll undoubtedly tell you me," he said.

I've been told Incognito in the interview claimed he and Martin where friends. He expresses concern for his former teammate, particularly his health. Incognito talks of being surprised by the Dolphins suspending him.

Will there be a bombshell? I doubt it.

But tune in anyway.


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I really cannot get up for the Game tomorrow night. Perhaps I'm more concerned about the respectability and integrity that was here before Shula was let go.

why would u get up for a bucs fins game oscar. both of their seasons are over. we need miami to tank as much as possible, get rid of ireland right after season ends

In the last 10 years or so, the number of times this franchise has been involved in 1 of the lead stories on ESPN casting it in a negative light is astounding. As a life long Dolphins fan, I am embarrassed to admit to people who ask what team I follow.

At the end of the season, I hope both Ireland and Philbin are asked to leave the organization. Its time to move on. On a side note I wish Ross would sell the team, but that is just wishful thinking. My fear is that whomever advises this guy is a buffoon, and will hire another bunch of idiots to replace the ones we already have. Groundhog Day all over again.

Dusty Bottoms- Yes it matters because the Media has been slamming the entire organization.

Yes I want Philbin gone, Ireland gone, but at the same time I'm sure there are other fans like myself who knows if Philbin and Ireland are gone, then it seems for the 100th time since Marino retired we have to start all over again and wait another 3-4 years to become relevant.


Sooooo all you Martin defenders. Martin sent Richie a text saying he would "murder Cogs entire fn family". Now unlike you people, I want to hear the tape but I bet he was laughing and joking just like Cogs. Keep defending Martin, the Dolphin players are right. Incognito is the REAL victim who is being punished over a wuss punk who shouldn't be playing in the NFL

You're not understanding Us fully(perhaps we have not explained our feelings fully), dusty. We prefer Nothingness than to live under these conditions.

disagree joey, getting rid of ireland will be huge for this franchise, guy is horrible. far as media slamming us, well they have been doing that for last decade

JL Raleigh @ 6:42 AM:

Excellent post! Armando is judging the lockerroom he is not a part of and never will be. Armando is the ultimate outsider. I think after 4 weeks the Dolphins should reinstate Cogs (rules require it according to the NFLPA). What will probably happen though, is the NFL will find additional reasons to keep him off the field. I am beginning to hate the new, totally, politically correct NFL. Sucks to watch it. I have to put up with enough of that sh.t in my daily life!

You know, like we are going to bring Everything down, including Us, then, if anything is left, perhaps begin anew, dusty. We can do it now.

I am with you Joey...no one on the personnel side of the front office will survive, including Ireland. Philbin is out along with his cast of characters and of course we will end up starting all over again with a new regime. Seems to me this has been the norm since Shula left and will continue under Ross's ownership.

We need new ownership in order to right this ship. Ross has made way too many mistakes while bringing this franchise to its knees. Time for the NFL to force him out if all possible, then maybe integrity and pride will once again shine in South Florida.


Excellent interview by Glazer and Ritchie.

wash this franchise wont be in miami much longer. nfl will have teams in LA and london soon, and miami and rams are front runners to move. only jacksonville moving instead could save miami franchise


Incognito says Martin sent him threatening text

Look at the difference between FOX coverage today and CBS. FOX got an interview with Incognito and seem a bit more fair. CBS didn't get an interview so they ignore all the facts and parade a bunch of self righteous players and ex-players harping on racism.

who cares marc, we all know martins mangina hurts. big deal richies the man

Of course, dusty, if We survive, We are very resourceful.

yes bobby, cbs tried telling us once that we actually landed on the moon also

If Failbin and Ireland get fired over this, J. Martin goes in the ring of honor. And hopefully Ross will die in his sleep tonight. He is old.

Bobby, I wouldn't call Cogs a victim, but I also think his culpability is being overstated. But the people I blame most in this affair are Ireland and Philbin. Leadership starts from the top. Philbin is aloof, players have said so. Ireland obviously has problems (had a falling out with Parcells, now Aponte, who next?). One or both need to go, that I'm sure of.

lol so true ship shape

dc they needed to go long time ago, u would think ross has to finally pull trigger and the former ball boy of the bears and company

I never thought I'd agree with FOX but compared to CBS' assassination of the Dolphins and Incognito. While FOX of all places preaches patience every other network has painted this black n white.

Disgusting to the core.

No one cares anymore, the story is a huge bore, like the entire team.

Get new management and coaches, get rid of the girly Dolphin uniforms and go back to the old ones, and get back to the even older winning ways. This is all nowhere.

1142 texts between Martin and Incognito. Richie gave Glazer his phone. 3 days after Martin left team, he told Richie it wasn't him. Perfect background on FOX.
"Incognito Guilty until proven Innocent"
I have more respect now for Incognito then ever before. Great job by Jay Glazer. Armando, you still think Richie shouldn't have given that interview??


agree 100 percent on uniforms, they are horrible

Players witnessed last year if you complained about anything, you were gone (Sean Smith, Dansby, Bush, Long, Vontae). This is why Martin couldn't go to Philbin. This is Philbin was negligent in his duty to manage the team. This is why he might be fired.

In the full interview, Incognito said that while he understands why eyebrows wre raised by that language, “The week before this went down, Jonathan Martin texted me on my phone, [saying] ‘I will murder your whole effing family.’ Now, did I think Jonathan Martin was going to murder my family? Not one bit. I knew it was coming from a brother. I knew it was coming from a friend. I knew it was coming from a teammate. That just puts in context how we communicate with one another.”

The worst possible news, ESPN is reporting that Jeff Ireland is on shaky ground.
What seems so wrong is that Jeff Ireland should be held in any way accountable for what happened under his watch.

I think the only way all this goes away soon is the Dolphins management cutting loose both Incognito and Martin. I know for legal reasons right now that isnt possible but it needs to happen now.
New England acted swiftly in the A. Hernandez case and didnt wait for an outcome in his fate. This is why the media and public as a whole doesnt climb on that organization. Why do our guys sit on their hands and let all this negative pub engulf the team and bring down the season before our eyes. If i wasnt convinced before of this regime being a collection of malcontents in running a team i have no doubt now they need to go and start anew

That interview on Fox blew the whole pile of media hype BS out of the water. If you haven't watched or don't want to then you don't know right and wrong or fair.


You have no chance.

OK, DC. For the umpteenth time...we went over this with Bill the other day until he saw the light...and as a side note-Sean Smith sucked ass and wanted too much money; good for him he landed on a good D. Vontae was an immature guy with some talent but showed up every camp out of shape and no doing his job. Dansby, Bush, Long, and Burnett were Cap Casualties. Stop with the if you spoke your mind you were out of here. You really think Randy Starks doesn't and hasn't spoken his mind?

Now...Am I in the twilight zone or did I just read Richie Incognito say Jonathan Martin left a text message saying h was going to kill his family and then the next line Armando says his career is over? I'm serious, I just...I mean my head almost just exploded. I mean last week this is the man that witnesses say stuck up for Martin win Jordan assaulted him (might as well call it assault because he fought with him.) So richie has witnesses but it's just they are sticking together. What if he has the actual text? Armando, anyone defending martin? If he has the text showing that he said he will kill Cog's family, does that mean nothing to you?

Thanks Fox

To your tweet, as I don't tweet, Armando. I don't think anyone on here is accusing you of being anti-Martin. Get your facts-distortions-opinions straight. You are welcome

Man, I hope richie gets his job back. If anything just so the rest of america has an aneurysm, lol

Sami, don't be so naive. 3 members of the Leadership Comm go talk to Philbin. ALL GONE! That's more than just coincidence (or football decisions). And if you (as the HC) get rid of all those vets, you need to be aware of the void you left and control your locker room. And as far as Starks, don't worry, he'll be gone next year (too opinionated).

Philbin's leadership is unimpressive. Think what you like, I'm just telling you what's gonna happen.

lol @ drsamli


Wow...what's up with Martin texting Incognito a week before all this went down and saying he was going to murder Incognito's whole family. How come we didn't hear about that yet!!

or the fact that he said none of this is coming from him as he congrats Incognito on the win...Way to go Armando

Leadership council whatever..this is all beyond stupid. The guy after a pro bowl year was voted to the position by the players. Did you guys want the coaches to interfere and say no...that's not we want. You guys have to have the voice we want.

1142 texts between Martin and Incognito. Richie gave Glazer his phone. 3 days after Martin left team, he told Richie it wasn't him. Perfect background on FOX.
"Incognito Guilty until proven Innocent"
I have more respect now for Incognito then ever before. Great job by Jay Glazer. Armando, you still think Richie shouldn't have given that interview??

Posted by: Bobbyd12 | November 10, 2013 at 12:55 PM
Saw the interview and it's just like what the realist among us thought: Incog may have gone too far BUT this is a completely and without qualification witch hunt by the media. What a f&cked country we live in. Martin is a disloyal, back stabbing POS creampuff. Glad my dad isn't around to see this.

Not Naive. Ok, tell me what in the world Jake Long Sounded off on regarding the team? The only thing that guy sounded off on was his contract. What was the intelligent and deep thinking Vontae davis a soap box perpetrator of? "TO CALL OR NOT CALL MY GRANDMAMA...That is the question?" LOL How about Sean smith? Look the leadership council came about for one reason. Everyone who saw hard knocks knows why: The players ASKED Philbin if they could form one so they could potentially prevent what happened to Chad Johnson and Vontae. Meaning a potentially talented player who was screwing up, could be identified and they could straighten him out before he got cut. That's it.

And you know who else IS Opinionated? Mr Mike Wallace. Now tell me DC...Is he join to be gone too?


Good for Richie. He did a good job of explaining his side of things in the Incognito-Martin mess. If anyone missed the interview, it's here:


Yeah, I wish him well in his new home- away from Miami. He can't reconcile his actions at the Dolphins charity event, as far as I'm concerned. In fact, I have a great deal of trouble with the entire organization over this.

ESPN's Adam Schefter: 'this story is going to get a lot worse...' ...for me

So funny how unbalanced the media is. Tom Jackson and Chris Carter were all over the race issue today and were really against Cogs. Then we see the interview with Jay Glazer on FOX.

My opinion....These Miami players, like many players, use very foul language when speaking to each other. This is normal course of communicating according to most of them. The fact that Cogs shares 1142 text messages without a lawyer present makes him much more credible to me (Despite what Dopey Mando has to say). Shows we he has nothing to hide and is confident that any reasonable person will read through those texts and see this was a normal flow of communication between them.

My final take....I think Martin never struggled in his life. He was a top H.S. player. He went to Stanford and had success. He gets drafted in 2nd Round and all is good. Then he struggles last year for the first time in his life. He sees his name in the press receiving negative commentary. Then he gets to start at LT this year and is part of the OLINE giving up the most sacks in the NFL and is again receiving negative press. Then they bring in a LT replacement and force him to move back to RT. The OLINE continues to give up sacks and receives negative press. So, he is getting depressed and is struggling with stress. He can't cope with it. The 'boiling point' is the cafeteria prank where he storms off and is not embarrassed as the story goes across the country quickly and he is being described as 'soft.' He then tells his family of his struggles and the text message is exposed to the media....but his camp doesn't share all the texts. Then he lawyers up and is yet to speak himself to set his position clearly.

Cogs went too far, they were both acting like inappropriate and immature children. But I just don't think Cogs was really threatening him and I just don't think Cogs is a racist. Bad judgement, loose cannon, childish...sure. But not the evil person the media and many hear are making him out to be.

To all those calling for Ross to fire Ireland and Ross. Ok....who do you think should replace them at this point?

Some outlets are reporting that Ireland and Philbin will not survive this "scandal".....so all in all we got rid of 2 OL that were going to be gone or benched next season and best of all Mgmt is FINALLY gone!! It turns out that Martin did us a favor!

Disagree some Bill, I don't have a problem with Philbin. And they did not do us a favor by making the dolphins team out to be a laughing stock. We may not have won for a while but Jacksonville is a laughing stock, not us. This franchise has history

I remember a certain reporter that made inappropriate comments to a Vietnam veteran and he still has his job. Lighten up on Richie. He deserves our support just like you mando.

drsamii why are you continually picking fights with me?? Where did I say I am happy we are a laughing stock? Which BTW we have been since Marino left....are you forgetting the Wannstedt, Cameron, Saban, Saprano, Harbaugh...oops thats right he dissed us too...years? Please don't preach too me about our history. I have stated our history for years...in fact I forgot more of our history than you know!! You don't have to agree with me. Im not the Mr. Know it All on here.

Bobby whatever, there is no one defending Martin. Most reasonable people that write here argue that we have to see all the facts. Of course Incognito is going to defend hinself in an interview or what did you expect. As for the texts back and forth or what players inside the locker think of either player it is almost irrelevant because a)They were not Cogs target, and b)Textbook bully is always liked and perceived to be better known than the victim by their peers. Now I'm going to label Martin a victim just yet because guess what we still do not have all the facts.

It is a matter of context. Just as the Cogs voicemail could be taken out of context (and I fully understand I call my best friend worse things than that and I have "done" his sister in any possible way lol) the Martin text shown at the end of the interview could also be taken out of context. For those of you who have an ounce of psycology education, well you must know people like Martin always try their hardest to be accepted and liked, especially by the bully.

Now what is going to be extremely compelling is the full extent of the case presented by Martin's attorneys. If indeed are more people other than Martin inside or outside the team that will testify against Cogs with details of what could have happened then watch out. They are also likely to present a picture of Martin's background, for instance the fact he aced all the social and aptitude tests, scoring way above the average nfl prospect.

Having said all of that, what it is absolutely undisputable however; is the team's hand in all this. Omar Kelly suggested that he's seen a spike on the team's "erroneous" behavior inside the locker since Philbin took over with a complete lack of seriousness and thus allowing the team's prankster to take over as a "leader". The fact a journalist had a better pulse of what was going on inside the locker makes Philbin either a willful accomplice or just an inept HC. Neither one is what you would like for a man who is supposed to lead by example.
Furthermore it is clear most lockers take after the coaches persona, for all the loose cannon things the 80s Canes did while JJ was the coach there he was just as a strong personality as the players were. What characterizes Philbin? He is such a bland HC that he reads of Aponte's cue cards during his post games speeches, really could not make that up.

Yes it sucks royally to start all over again but it is painfully clear that Philbin is not the guy to lead this team. As for Ireland he has just simply ran out of time and his leave will allow Ross the opportunity to truly start over.

drsamii I live in NYC I hear, read and see what others think of us...we have been laughing stocks many, many years before this scandal. That's all I am trying to say.

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