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Incognito: Racism, bad words 'what I regret most'

There's a saying that any man who serves as his own lawyer has a dummy as a client. Well, here's a new corollary to that and it's, if you're suspended from your $235,000 a week job because you are being accused of racism and the NFL is investigating you, it's probably not a great idea to go on national television.

Yet that is what Richie Incognito is doing today. He taped an interview with FOX on Saturday and portions of it will be aired starting at noon on the FOX pregame show.

And in that interview, Incognito admits he used racial epithets with teammate Jonathan Martin. And he tried to excuse himself for doing that in his best social scientist approach possible by saying that's just the way things are in the Dolphins locker room.

"All this stuff coming out, it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture of our closeness, it speaks to the culture of our brotherhood," Incognito says in the interview.

"And the racism, the bad words," here it comes, "that's what I regret most, but that's a product of the environment and that's what we use all the time."

[Update: Incognito tells FOX he and Martin just communicated differently. He said the week before Martin left the team, the tackle left him a text message that read in part, "I will murder your whole (expletive) famil." "Now, did I believe Jonathan Martin was going to murder my entire family? No," Incognito said.]

The sound you hear is Incognito's career going down the tubes.

One way Incognito could emerge from this NFL investigation with a light sentence, so to speak, is if he can show that he was compelled to treat Martin as he did. In other words, if he was acting under orders. He declined to address that topic in the interview. Another way he can get off easier is if he can show that his employer knew of the treatment and did nothing, thus tacitly approving of his behavior.

But if Incognito's logic for calling his teammate a "half-n----r" as he did in that infamous voice message is that it's just the culture and the brotherhood and an alternate approach to communicating, then the roof is going to drop on him.

In a preview of the interview released by FOX, Incognito says of the scandal: "This isn't an issue about bullying. This is an issue about my and Jon's relationship."

Wonder if Martin would agree?

Incognito says what we already know when he encourages people to ask teammates who they believed had Martin's back most. "They'll undoubtedly tell you me," he said.

I've been told Incognito in the interview claimed he and Martin where friends. He expresses concern for his former teammate, particularly his health. Incognito talks of being surprised by the Dolphins suspending him.

Will there be a bombshell? I doubt it.

But tune in anyway.


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Yes it sucks royally to start all over again but it is painfully clear that Philbin is not the guy to lead this team. As for Ireland he has just simply ran out of time and his leave will allow Ross the opportunity to truly start over.

Posted by: Ectoplasm | November 10, 2013 at 01:58 PM


Lets get back to football already.....we have a game on National TV Monday Night in Tampa Bay.....2 OL starters down. OL looked good last week against Bengals. If we can run we win...if not this just amy be the game where we lose Tannehill for the rest of the season!

The Jests are laughing at us.

Incognito is just a JACKASS

We should easily beat Tampa Bay tomorrow night.

The Bucs will be to busy hysterically laughing at to play ball.

Dolphins have a new and devastating weapon against our remaining opponents. It's called:


Have an of you ever been able to get anything done while engulfed in hysterical laughter? I rest my case.


Dolphins could bring Martin back as quarterback. Picture it, not one olineman would block for him.

Again sami, act dumb if you like. But when the hammer drops on one or the other (HC or GM), don't come around acting surprised. The writing is on the wall (you're obviously choosing to ignore it).

Where is all your opinions, have truths and skewed, out of context facts now. I figured you, Shefter, Florio, Omar and Abramson would have a ton of tweets and blogs to write after that Fox interview??? What's wrong Mando, does it not serve your self serving agenda?

DC I'm with you. If Ireland survives this, he can survive a nuclear winter.

If Ireland survives this, we do not need an autopsy to determine the cause of this franchise's death.

Long went into that room with the others, and you had to be blind not to see how agitated Philbin was. It put a bad taste in his mouth. He wants everyone on the team to bow down to his will. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the gravitas to make men follow. And that's how this whole thing got out of hand. If we lose to Tampa, things will start to move swiftly.

Bill, chill out. I am not picking a fight with you. I said I agree some hence the "I disagree some" part which means I agree...some. How am I picking a fight with you? I am just disagreeing and picking the territory of one of our greatest enemies...NY...as a justification doesn't prove your point. I am just disagreeing with you...some. There are no exclamation points. There is no name calling. I am not insulting you. Tone is lost in words sometime. I'll refrain from making a comment with your name in the future though. See...not that serious. I won't Jonathan Martin You, ;)

Zonk, I'm so sad you were not an abortion. You should have been. I bet your parents wish you were.


I do not get how the local media did not report the charity golf crime Cogs committed. Isn't the local media always around at these events?

So, how can you guys not hear a thing about it? Is the local media also part of the COGS COVER UP?

No DC. I won't be surprised if it happens, but if it happens it will because of the pressure of the media machine and the fiasco they created. I'm not ignoring anything at all. I just don't blame Philbin for this mess. Actually, that's not true...I blame Philbin for suspending Richie Incognito based on negative media and incomplete evidence. Hopefully he can coach em up though and get back in your good graces.

Again...for all those calling for the firing of Ireland and Philbin...please tell us who you see as realistic replacements that are going to help turn this team into a consistent playoff team? Calling for their firing is easy. Saying they should be fired is easy.

But explaining who is REALLY going to take the jobs, do the jobs better and lead this teal to the playoffs consistently...that is what I want to hear from you.

There seems to be a special buzz about this team.

Good point, Jpao. Good point.

Are you guys going to bail on the team if Ireland and/or Philbin don't get fired?


Vontea GETTING DESTROYED AND ABSOLUTLY HUMILIATED BY tavon Austin today....LMAO and he looks even more gassed then he did Miami...LMAO LMAO LMAO

jpao, Problem is I can not see this team ever being a winner with Ireland.

Under Ireland

1. Lost our 1st overall pick Long.
2. Oline got progressively worse every year.
3. Only drafted a 1st rd qb after nearly forced to.
4. Dez Bryant
5. Cogs on leadership council after golf tourney crime.
6. Participated in illegal hc(Harbaugh) search.
7. Levy of personnel bust, drafted and fa.

Should I go on? I mean, how many mistakes does Ireland get to make?

I can not tell you who the next gm should be, but even amongst his peers, Ireland's the laughing stock of the league by all of the other gm's. Every gm in the league is miffed as to why Ireland still has a ob.

drsamii I do not have much issue with Philbin as hc.

Ross wanted to keep Ireland so they had to hire a hc that would allow Ireland to pull BEHIND THE SCENE STRINGS. Philbin is pretty much Ireland's puppet.

So, I would leave it up to the new gm as to who his hc would be. If he likes Philbin sobeit, if not, next batter up.

Before being ousted in Indy, Bill Polian was grooming his son to takeover gm-ship in Indy.

So, why not bring in Bill Polian for now, while he grooms his son to takeover in the near future? Having Polian's dna I'm sure he wouldn't be nearly as bad as Ireland.

Let's see 1100 plus texts from Ritchies phone and the relationship was truly give and take. It is clear Martin has some serious mental issues -maybe you do too AS.

Your articles lately have pretty much sucked.

Ireland has only led this once proud and storied franchise into the slush and mud.

What do we have to gain by keeping him here? What do we stand to lose?

The answer to both of these questions is:


Sam - I am not saying that Philbin and Ireland should stay. I am not saying they should go. I am just saying that fans calling for them to go should have some understanding of who would be realistic and ultimately successful replacements. The 'grass is always greener' and we should be careful to call for the firing a head coach who has only been here 1.5 years and his on the field record has been decent.

I agree that Ireland is on very thin ICE. His draft picks have been pretty spotty. His free agents have been spotty. Its easy to point to the busts. But I do think there have been some really solid additions. Pouncey, Miller, Clay, Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Ellerbe, Wake, Solai, Starks, Patterson, Jones, and Grimes have all panned out pretty damn well.

The big question is THILL. Will he prove to be a legit NFL QB or not? I like him and believe he will continue to show steady progress and have success in this league. But that will take 2-3 years to prove out.

I don't blame him for Long. He had been injured two years in a row and was looking for really big money. Not sure paying him would have been right for the team. This year yes the OLINE has struggled so its easy to suggest allowing Long to leave was a mistake. But over the life of that new contract...I don't believe that paying Long that type of money makes sense.

The COGS/MARTIN situation leaves me to ask:

How many more hidden land mines does Ireland have stashed on this team just waiting to explode?

"But if Incognito's logic for calling his teammate a "half-n----r" as he did in that infamous voice message is that it's just the culture and the brotherhood and an alternate approach to communicating, then the roof is going to drop on him."

Not that he cares but imo Armando is losing his mind and respect from fans on a daily basis.

I guess Armando missed the part where Incognito explains that it is the culture of the locker room and no one thinks twice about it. Is he lying?! I wouldn't think so considering the vast amount of evidence including a video where he is yelling "NI#@ER!!!!!" in front of a bunch of black guys who are all laughing.

Yeah the roof is going to drop on him because the whole team is okay with what he said. Oh sorry, Martin isn't okay with it all though he threatened to kill Richie'
s family.

jpao, correct, Ireland has landed "some" talent on this team. Just not nearly enough.

What gets me about Ireland most, is for every step forward he takes in adding talent, he seems to take 2 to 3 steps backwards.

One step forward and one step backwards alone means not going anywhere. Since the 2008 season, this franchise hasn't even niffed 8-8. I would be shocked to see 8-8 this season.

My choice would be to bring in Polian and allow him to groom his son to eventually takeover gm-ship.

So Martin said he would kill Richie's whole family but no one cares? Isn't that a threat according to you bozos in the media? Didn't he just THREATEN Richie's families lives?

You guys are unbelievable morons and soon you will all take over for lawyers and be the new scum bags in our country. Keep up the great work, way to be fair Armando!!!

We are witnessing what happens when trying to turn a ball boy into a gm.

I say ball boy because Ireland hasn't even proven to be an average talent scout. Many of us could do as well throwing darts at the talent board while blindfolded.

Martin threatened to kill COGS family, say Cogs. Uh, will Cogs be like Martin and produce that text?

It's all he says she says until Cogs produces evidence of this. Martin sure did.

For those calling for Ireland to be fired. Consider this. The Bleacher Report ranked the GM's at end of 2012. Ireland was ranked #17. Top three GM's were for the Giants, Steelers and Ravens. How are those teams doing this year?

Just remember that the GM doesn't draw up plays, he doesn't create the schemes, and he doesn't throw or run the ball, he doesn't make the tackles. He tries to compete for talent against al the other NFL teams and manage that as part of a salary cap. It's a pretty thankless job in the end.

The team's record has definitely been impacted by the success or failure of the players added. But I believe the team has also failed due to the coaching the past 2 decades. With so many coaching changes the team is forced to adjust to the new coaching schemes and styles. The GM is constantly having to change over the talent to fit the coaches' plans. That doesn't hapeen in one or two years. It takes 3-5 years and in the past 2 decades the ownership hasn't shown that level of patience.

I actually think Ross trying to give Ireland that 3-5 year window of opportunity makes sense. But with this media circus going on he may feel forced to push out the GM and HC and that will just add to the carousel problem that has been plaguing this team. That happens, you all better get ready for another 2-4 year 'transition' because that is exactly what will happen.

jpao, Haven't the Giants, Steeler, Ravens all won SB's within the last decade?

Sorry bud, but a truly terrible analogy.

Also, the Giants, Steelers, Ravens have all under gone a TREMENDOUS amount of personnel turnover since last winning their Super Bowls.

Their gms simply rebuild or retool and within a few seasons they are relevant again, while we're still stuck in our quagmire.

I actually think Ross trying to give Ireland that 3-5 year window of opportunity makes sense. But with this media circus going on he may feel forced to push out the GM and HC and that will just add to the carousel problem that has been plaguing this team. That happens, you all better get ready for another 2-4 year 'transition' because that is exactly what will happen.

Posted by: jpao | November 10, 2013 at 03:16 PM



Does anyone find it funny that his team mates support Incognito. Not one of them but most of them if not the majority.

None are comming out on the side of Martin.

You guys might not like this but I would bring Incognito back and support the locker room. How about having the players vote who should come back. Its really their team. Its really their locker room.

You could really make changes to the NFL here that could radically take away from the game. These guys are gladiators. Gladiators are asked to punch each other in the mouth. You all think Mean Jo Green ever bullied anyone.

One persons bully is another persons Hall of Famer. Not saying Incognito is Hall of Famer, but smash mouth (potty mouth) offensive linemen he is.

This is a mans game and guys we all act this way in the locker room and at practice. The weak are shown the door fast and Martin was being toughened up to improve his play against men across the line who will really bully you on game day.

This isn't reality this is pro-football. This is the world were mean, tough, individuals smash, cuss, and threaten each other and they do it for our entertainment.

You don't like the nasty part of football. Then go watch soccer. This is really ugly, but sometimes when men are fighting in the trenches it gets ugly.

Go Dolphins!! Now rally and shut up the news people and girly girls.

Actually, Sam-I-Am, martin did not produce the Voice mail. They gave a partial transcript of the voicemail. Unless I misunderstood and you meant something different.

Move The Dolphins to Antarctica.

I see another 4 game losing streak.

Sam there was not 'analogy' provided by my comments above. I simply cited a ranking by one of the recognized sports media outlets that ranked the GM's of those three teams as the top three in the NFL at the end of last year. Yes they were all in Super Bowls recently. BUT they are all also really struggling this year.

So the POINT I was making (not an ANALOGY) is that teams who supposedly have great GM's aren't always going to have winning seasons. So just because a team is struggling it doesn't always mean they have bad GM's.

In my opinion the success of an NFL franchise has more to do with having an Elite QB and a great coaching staff.

Finally I think that LUCK has a lot to do with talent selection. When you look at Tom Brady being picked in the 6th round and turning into one of the best QB's in his time I don't think it's fair to say the GM is a mastermind for picking him. It just worked out that this QB from Michigan that all other NFL GM's passed on turned out to be world class. Unfortunately for the Fins the QB they selected after starting 5 Years for Michigan didn't prove to be any good at all (Henne).

Shula71, please tell us you're kidding.

Did you forget Cogs idea of just kidding around is rubbing a woman up with a golf club, hunching her buttocks, then dousing her face with water afterwards at a team sponsored golf event?

Really, is this the kind of player you want representing your favorite football team?

"How does it feel to have sucked as a soldier in Vietnam "

Viva Cuba

Where people float to freedumb on Goodyear Eagles.

drsamii, Cogs hasn't even produced a transcript. Until he does, he's only pitching dirt on his own grave.

He needs to produce evidence Martin said he would kill Cogs family. Or it only fall into the category of he says she says.

After all that's come out on Cogs, his CREDIBILITY is absolute ZERO. If Cogs says the SKY IS BLUE right now he NEEDS to PRODUCE a PICTURE.

Sam I Am, Jay Glazer verified the email on Twitter

Don Shula on Richie Incognito and the current troubles:

"You win with good people on and off the field," the 83-year-old Shula told the Herald. "They took a chance on a guy with a bad reputation, and it backfired on them."

Don Shula on Richie Incognito and the current troubles:
"You win with good people on and off the field," the 83-year-old Shula told the Herald. "They took a chance on a guy with a bad reputation, and it backfired on them."
Posted by: billcale | November 10, 2013 at 03:41 PM

Don Shula would NEVER have that scumbag on his team.

Change the logo back...

Martin and Incognito had the same tattoos.

They were brothers.

Martin had the words Made In The USA tattooed on his buttocks.

Poor Shula has to watch his team disappear for all eternity.

Mediocre football play.

Gay uniform and logo re-brand.

Disgraced by the national media.

Is it really better to be hated than ignored ?

The Dolphins are at rock bottom right now.

The whole world wants to see the Phins lose on Monday night.

...they will.


Yep 4-5.

Just Sayin': While Shula was known to give 2nd chances, Incognito would surely never have survived the golfing incident.

If the Fin's win and go 5-4 then what? More drama drummed up by "fans" and media?

Sam I Am,

This "golf volunteer" groupie chick probably asked for this treatment.

Understand there's more to this than what you think you know.

She's probably a gold digger, paternity suit type.

Football players get approached by these types all of the time.

She was no lady.

Get over it.

Billcale thinks he knows about "The Golf Incident."

Ever been to a bachelor's party ?

That's everyday life for a celebrity.

Don't like the way these NFL players are acting ?

Stop enabling them with your money.

If you're paying NFL prices for tickets and merchandise.

Guess what ?

You're part of the problem.

You didn't have these incidents in the 80's because players were playing for 80k per year.

Now they make 800k.

Because you just had to have an authentic jersey for the low low price on $300.

Shula would've known about the racism and extortion going on from Incognitabrain.

Sam I Am,
This "golf volunteer" groupie chick probably asked for this treatment.
Understand there's more to this than what you think you know.
She's probably a gold digger, paternity suit type.
Football players get approached by these types all of the time.
She was no lady.
Get over it.
Posted by: KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 10, 2013 at 03:54 PM


WOW! Unbelievable anyone would make a post such as this. Armegeddon must be really close.

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