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Incognito: Racism, bad words 'what I regret most'

There's a saying that any man who serves as his own lawyer has a dummy as a client. Well, here's a new corollary to that and it's, if you're suspended from your $235,000 a week job because you are being accused of racism and the NFL is investigating you, it's probably not a great idea to go on national television.

Yet that is what Richie Incognito is doing today. He taped an interview with FOX on Saturday and portions of it will be aired starting at noon on the FOX pregame show.

And in that interview, Incognito admits he used racial epithets with teammate Jonathan Martin. And he tried to excuse himself for doing that in his best social scientist approach possible by saying that's just the way things are in the Dolphins locker room.

"All this stuff coming out, it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture of our closeness, it speaks to the culture of our brotherhood," Incognito says in the interview.

"And the racism, the bad words," here it comes, "that's what I regret most, but that's a product of the environment and that's what we use all the time."

[Update: Incognito tells FOX he and Martin just communicated differently. He said the week before Martin left the team, the tackle left him a text message that read in part, "I will murder your whole (expletive) famil." "Now, did I believe Jonathan Martin was going to murder my entire family? No," Incognito said.]

The sound you hear is Incognito's career going down the tubes.

One way Incognito could emerge from this NFL investigation with a light sentence, so to speak, is if he can show that he was compelled to treat Martin as he did. In other words, if he was acting under orders. He declined to address that topic in the interview. Another way he can get off easier is if he can show that his employer knew of the treatment and did nothing, thus tacitly approving of his behavior.

But if Incognito's logic for calling his teammate a "half-n----r" as he did in that infamous voice message is that it's just the culture and the brotherhood and an alternate approach to communicating, then the roof is going to drop on him.

In a preview of the interview released by FOX, Incognito says of the scandal: "This isn't an issue about bullying. This is an issue about my and Jon's relationship."

Wonder if Martin would agree?

Incognito says what we already know when he encourages people to ask teammates who they believed had Martin's back most. "They'll undoubtedly tell you me," he said.

I've been told Incognito in the interview claimed he and Martin where friends. He expresses concern for his former teammate, particularly his health. Incognito talks of being surprised by the Dolphins suspending him.

Will there be a bombshell? I doubt it.

But tune in anyway.


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This whole thing is silly this day and age in an nfl locker room really j mart is a freakin woose

We are better off without Martin

Well, we're definitely better off without the racist retard!

Jonathan Martin had a nice career ahead of him being a starter since a rookie. If the Fins can clean up their mess he could return and be productive for a long time.

Ireland is speechless?? WTF?


11/22 91 yds int

It's a good thing for SF that they have thier franchise QB locked in for the next 15 years.

Armando, see if you can find out if Ross made an offer to settle and how much?

New GM + New HC = New QB

How bout that Jeff Fisher and Jake Long? 38-8!! WOWZA

Wish we had BOTH!!

I wonder if Mando is concerned about the players just not talking to him anymore. And maybe they haven't been...he's been way off from having all the facts and being objective in many of the aspects of this conjured incident. Not too good for a guy with access to the locker room and players. AND people wonder why we always get the canned answers and the interviews are so boring.

Reggie Bush 7.5 yds/carry 115 yds rushing

Why is Mando so up in a tissy about the use of these words. He has been covering football for how long and he is amazed at the use of the N word. Yes, the guy was white, why dont you read all those texts they say they have BEFORE rushing to judgement Mando.

You're not alone in this as ALL MEDIA has gone overboard but get your respect back. It's called innocent until proven guilty, not vice versa.

You remind me of that scumbag Obama crying foul when the white policeman arrested his beloved professor in college. And it was the professor that was a JERK.

I like your beat writing on the Dolphins, stick to it because your empathy for only 1 side of this story makes me sick.

If this isn't Ireland's final nail to his Dolphin coffin i don't know what to think anymore. Since i live in Pasadena, California basically have to watch Red Zone all day Sunday unless i want to watch Oakland or San Diego games, maybe i might just start going to Disney Land more often. It'll make my 4 year old daughter happy.

Its not just Armando. 5 consecutive losing seasons makes everyone negative. And then this crap. Total mismanagenent in every aspect. It has soured even the biggest homers.

This whole crap is so comical it borders on the absurd.
We are accusing a player for using a racial slur when that is what everybody else in the locker room is using.
It is only offensive if it is perceived as such and it is obvious that was not the case this time.
The "N" word is used regularly by teenagers and others in daily life. It is consistently used by African Americans.

If the locker room antics were not to Martin's taste, he could've put a stop to it instead of accepting and in some instances participating in it.

Why did he walk off of the team instead of dealing with the issue? Why haven't other rookies confirmed the "bullying" behavior?

The answer is simple: Martin wants to sue the Dolphins, selected players and/or coaches.

That is ALL this is...

I'm wondering what the new "politically correct" NFL is gonna look like...
Posted by: Tracyh474 | November 10, 2013 at 06:49 PM


For starters, the NFL needs to go back and place an ASTERIK besides the name of EVERY HALL OF FAMER. Things ALLOWED in PREVIOUS eras, but UNALLOWED in others, HELPED PLAYERS in previous eras to become hall of famers.

The NFL needs to place a GREAT BIG ASTERIK even next to ITSELF.


Nah, Incognito is a racist jackass.

I want to see all of Martin's texts to Incognito.

I am glad to see Armando moving away from the Incognito/Martin saga. I follow Armando and I hate to see him losing credibility on this topic.

No doubt that Cogs is not a good guy. His reputation and prior actions clearly depict that. However, Martin was wrong in this case too. He walked out on his team and has put them in a bad situation. He should have faced this problem head on. He should have gone straight to Philbin. This has become a victim society.

Armando, my advice to you is let it play out, man. No one is saying that cogs is a good guy but Martin has destroyed this team. Ask yourself this, why is it that one of the biggest guys on the team complaining about bullying? Why aren't other rookies or young players coming out saying the same team? It just does not add up.

From Jimmy Johnson:

“You look at this, and the Dolphins used a high pick on Jonathan Martin and had high expectations. Well, other teams shied away from [drafting] Martin. Maybe the Dolphins should have investigated why they shied away.”

This seems to put the blame more on Ireland for taking Martin.

This is BS.
You continue this nonsense story and you're going lose a lot of readers.


Where have you been? There are multiple stories on multiple sites about this. Look up the word "context" in the dictionary. A word, the same word, can have multiple meanings in the English language. The meaning of a word used in conversation (yes, a text message is considered a form of conversation) depends on what context and even tone and/or affliction of the voice. Now, reading a personal text as an outsider does not mean you necessarily "got" exactly what that text message meant. C'mon, man! You know this isn't rocket science here!

Mando, Do U want all NFL players who have used the N word to be kicked out of the league? If so, that's going to put of lot of black players out of business.

If the Dolphins were 7-1 this would be a non-issue. Outside of the text messages I do not see any evidence. And, I do not see bullying in the text messages. The fact Martin zero steps to stop them except to run away tells me everything I need to know. I mean...he didn't take steps to stop Icognito from texting him. If Martin is dealing a mental issue, fine...I get it. But don't place blame on others for your inability to deal with it. It is like an addict blaming the drug culture for his addiction.

10 pages of comments from a handful of people.

Mando thanks you. His job is to get hits on this blog and he knows the same clowns will post multiple times to his outlandish blogs.

When the black players are treating Incognito like a brother they are giving tacit permission for him to use the "N" word. I guarantee there was banter going back and forth between Incognito and the black teammates calling each other the "N" word. This is why no Dolphin has come out and says they were shocked over this. Obviously there is more to this story. I think Incognito is getting railroaded. I hope he sues Miami and not only gets his contract paid but receives damages that is preventing him to get another job. The guy is a vile person and he is guilty of much of what he has done but he was respected in the Dolphins locker room. The last person I need to hear from on this matter is Tom Jackson on ESPN who hasn't been on a NFL team in over two decades. He is so far from removed from the current crop of players that it isn't even funny. It's like if Abe Lincoln came back from the dead and walked into a gentleman's club.

Wow! If I wanted to watch soap opera's, they start somewhere around noon weekdays! Sure.. everyone has an opinion on this but the media is giving it much too much air time! MANDO..... PLEASE LETS GET BACK TO FOOTBALL!!!

I keep hearing NFL players and commentators talk about how we non-NFL types can't understand the pressures of pro football, and how locker room behavior needs to be exempt from normal social standards and workplace rules because of the intensity of the "bond of brotherhood" football players form, that the sport will fall apart without this bastion of love and security for the players. I've heard this same excuse used for a segregated military, for keeping blacks and women out of country clubs, for keeping homosexuals out of the military, for keeping blacks out of pro sports, for keeping women reporters out of the locker rooms. All these were forced to change, yet the sky has not fallen. Tony Dungy and others like him have proven that you can be kind yet strong. Time to eliminate the neanderthal locker room mentality and treat all people as valuable human beings. I suspect the sport will continue.

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