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Tuesday afternoon practice report

The Dolphins are practicing today even as NFL investigator Ted Wells is in the building and more video surveillance cameras were being installed.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who left Sunday's game with his recurring groin injury, worked at least on a limited basis during the portion of practice open to the media.

Center Mike Pouncey, who missed Sunday's game while hospitalized, was still not present and is believed to still be under doctor care.

So Pouncey's status for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers won't be decided until late in the week.

You know what that means?

Well, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald, the offensive line will remain at the center of attention as it has been throughout this season.


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game 3 for nate
u'll kno what dat means?

2 watt, please continue your attack on Nat Moore. Troll on Troll violence makes me laugh.

mark, did u c u'r tdummy make the tackle after his almost pix six against san dog?
maybe he shuld play on d

he's a complete athlete. 13 th in the NFL in passing yardage.... height unseen by any Miami Dolphins Qb in 15 years at least...

Video surveillance? What? Is this Ross' knee-jerk reaction to this incident? Is he going to sit in his office with a bank of monitors watching and listening for "bullying"?

I'm sure we will have no problems signing free agents (and re-signing our own players) once they know that Big Brother is watching their every move.

mark, he's good at tackling 'cuz of all of his pix + fumbles

I find t hilarious anyone would defend the call against the Pats last night. Just a case of what comes around goes around.

Remember the Brady tuck rule? The call last night is but a slap on the wrist compared to the INJUSTICE done to the Raiders(I think it was) in that playoff loss.

At least this didn't cost the Pats a playoff game. So, they should consider themselves getting off very lightly.

mark, did u c u'r tdummy make the tackle after his almost pix six against san dog?
maybe he shuld play on d

Posted by: 2 watt | November 19, 2013 at 01:57 PM

2twatt, he didn't have to make the tackle cause he was ruled down by contact.

nice try tho!

Why do you people even give this 2watt twerp any attention? It thinks its funny. What's funny is how sad it is.

It comes off like a 10 year old brat. Ever heard of Build it & they will come?

Well, ignore it & it will leave!

2 watt is a good punching bag. you ever need to tell anyone to fawk off, he's here for that.

2 watt, fawk off, see, i feel better.

So whats wrong with Mike Pouncey? And what does GM Ireland have to say about this scandal? Didnt Ross say the team would be more fan friendly and transparent? More BS from Ross?

How ironic, the CHEATERS now feel CHEATED. LMAO at the Pats game last night.

Pouncey needs to have his gallbladder removed. Then he has kidney issues. Pouncey's future is either in the hospital or behind bars.

So I guess the coaches and players saying it would be business as usual aside from the 15 minute interviews meant it will be business as usual aside from the 15 minute interviews.

Posted by: Monte | November 19, 2013 at 02:19 PM


Ross is a used car salesman.

Maybe Mike has the clap. You have some dirty girls down there in Miami. I always double up down there.

Pouncey needs a labatomy almost as bad ss Inognito needs one.

Maybe Mike has the clap. You have some dirty girls down there in Miami. I always double up down there.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 19, 2013 at 02:26 PM

What girls? He got raped by Incognito!

Why do the phins even play? Watching Peyton and Brady is enough to realise they have no chance.

Even worse!!!

Mando, start the campaign you are our voice, bring in Mike Shula as our next head coach , this is what the dolphins need , a creative young mind with family pedigree. Let him build the coaching staff with like minded , smart , innovative coaches that will connect with our players and possibly kick off the next dynasty for our phins.

Say no to Mike Shula. There's only 1 DON!


Maybe he is still with that asian chick from Hard knocks last year. The one who said she wanted expensive s%it. She seems to be a real winnner and looks like she could carry a couple of STD's with here, wherever she goes

Mike Shula isn't qualified to coach High School football. He gets hired n daddy's name only.

Yeah more cams, that should help. Whose suggestion was that? Philbin, why don't you grow a pair?

Really good and funny article in Miami New Times about these two guys who have been attending games wearing nothing but their Dolphins-logo Speedos:


I actually saw them at the Bengals game and thought it was great, even if stadium security (prudes) apparently had a problem with it this past Sunday. But they plan to keep on doing it, and good for them!

They definitely have the bodies to get away with it, though, and the ladies have been going wild. NOT recommended for any of you fat slobs, for sure!

Former Dolphin Eric Walden, now Colt, suspended one game for head-butting helmet-less Titans player Sunday.

If this bunch wore speedos to a game the women would have to run to the bathroom to puke, lol!

rdubs, could be. Most lucrative job in the world ... nope, not athlete or rock star... it's incredibly hot chick with no morals or no qualms about giving it up for guys with bread as long as they push it your way. Musicians and athletes need a skill or work on their craft tirelessly to be successful. Hot chicks with loose lips just wait until a man works his arse off to come along and lays with her vagine spread and palm out...

Sorry but 'scandal' aside, I'm fed up with these coaches top to bottom. And I hold Philbin most responsible. What first time coach hires so many assistants with zero NFL experience? He screwed himself from the get-go.

Posted by: david561 | November 19, 2013 at 02:48 PM

Why would guys be interested in guys wearing speedos at a ball game? Sorry, but do not get it. Hopefully, I never will.

No reply necessary.

David, they do it in Seattle too, and stop looking at men's bodies you sally!


Posted by: david561 | November 19, 2013 at 02:48 PM

Post about gorgeous women going topless at the ball games, then you maybe on to something. I'm there already!

Posted by: david561 | November 19, 2013 at 02:48 PM
j mart,is that u?

Why don't they let Patterson rest for a month so he'll be ready for the playoffs?

Why don't they let Patterson rest for a month so he'll be ready for the playoffs?
Posted by: Bo Jackson | November 19, 2013 at 02:58 PM
the trade deadline is over so u can't trade him to the seahawks

Good move on the extra cameras. Probably recommended by Wells and the NFL. That way if someone comes up with another bogus bully story the Fins can without a doubt prove that it didn't happen on their watch. Just covering all the bases.

And to the guy complimenting other guys in Speedo's. Really? Even the Gay Dolphin fans here could care less. As Green Eggs and Ham said.

I bet that is the one new Dolphin logo you like. The one on the Speedo's.

Did anyone tell the guys in Speedos, that their effort is for not. JMart is in California and not in S.Florida, to enjoy looking at their weiner packages

patterson plays b ball?
lol the heat is the only team in so flo that is gonna c the p/o's for the next 5 seasons

2 watt is dumb as a retarded rock

yeah, as i said before. now we see why patterson was released. it wasn't politics or ability. He just can't stay on the field. Sad. Good win on Sunday. Better loss last night for Pats, lol.

I would rather hear about the Hot girl at the Bills game twerking for money in the stands. I couldn't believe Buffalo had beautiful women. She must be from Canada or something.


Some guy there had 17 tackles and Luke Kuechly had 12. So it's not only Cam Newton we have to worry about on Sunday.

Isn't Brady a lot more handsome on his back. I guess the angle of his chin is just better.

Our pass rush was supposed to be like that. What happened?

We coulda have Cam Newton, we coulda have Kuechly. We coulda been contenders!

Dashi, not far from Buffalo, in Niagara Falls, Ontario is a bar called the Sundowner. Many beautiful girls from all over Ontario, Quebec, and overseas go work there. On any given night they have about 100 girls working. I would bet her other job is at the Sundowner. Craig can attest to this.

Per a league source, Charles Johnson has a sprained MCL.

The term “week-to-week” implies he’ll miss at least one week, which would put him out of Sunday’s game at Miami.

Every little bit helps!

Sundowner - BFD - that is so North American. If you can't take them in a private room for under 100 bucks then you are nowhere good.

Trying getting around in South America or Eastern Europe. You will never waste another time an a north american strip bar or stupid Hooters again.

They don't have any wh-rehouses in Cuba anymore, Toronto, but I guess you know that. We DO have them in Miami though, but I believe they are out of your price range.

oscar, some of the smaller neighbourhood strip clubs in ft lauderdale actually have private rooms where you can twirl them for not too much, 150 or so.

oscar, mark goes 4 the 1's wit the big adams apples
like down in cuba

Here too, keith(in Miami), but Mark seems like a cheapie one.

What? More suveillance cameras? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, thanks Dolphins!

Mark, The Sundowner sounds like my kind of place. Haven't been to Canada, but would love to go. Maybe next year I will take half of my month vacation over there. And if they look anything like the women on the Showcase channel, Can't Wait!! I have yet to see one ugly Canadian actress.

2 Watt,

As long as there are 2 functioning holes, its OK!

HoHo, 2watt!!

raja, I just came back from havana, I know better times... but sometimes, you need something quick in a pinch, ya know?

Oscar, you just go to the clubs and the girls round you up, no worries about that ..

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