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Tuesday afternoon practice report

The Dolphins are practicing today even as NFL investigator Ted Wells is in the building and more video surveillance cameras were being installed.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson, who left Sunday's game with his recurring groin injury, worked at least on a limited basis during the portion of practice open to the media.

Center Mike Pouncey, who missed Sunday's game while hospitalized, was still not present and is believed to still be under doctor care.

So Pouncey's status for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers won't be decided until late in the week.

You know what that means?

Well, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald, the offensive line will remain at the center of attention as it has been throughout this season.


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Pouncey in prison?? LOL Why, besides you are clueless and like making things up??

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Dashi, especially in Toronto and Montreal there are so many different ethnicities. IN Toronto alone, people come form 200 different countries. You find all kinds up here. We have our bowsers too though, but ignore those....

Who was the player with Incognito who mocked humiliated and dehumanized a staff member of the Miami Dolphins ? Incognito also said that many dolphin players slept with this dolphins staff member wife. And Incognito humiliated this guy in front of many dolphin staff members for all to see !! J.Cole of PFN broke the story the nfl investigator knows all unbelievable !!

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Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero Mike Wallace when told Sherman raved about his game: "He raved about the game I had?" Wallace asked. "I had 39 yards
get mw a real qb and he'd have 200+ every week

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I know every place has its potholes. But certain places like Sfla, SoCal, and Seattle have a better ratio of pretty to ugly than others. If it wasn't for all the Fat people I would even put Texas up there. Well you can say Texas has pretty Fat chicks.

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Sam I Am....I owe you an apology. You were right about the paranoia in regards to Daytona. Just so you understand I'm reading this blog since it started and posted occasionally. The entire time I keep seeing this fool Daytona/YG/17-0/and all the other names associated with him just trying to ruin the blog with his repeated idiocy. None of it fact based and said just to get the blood boiling. I assumed you were Daytona but after reviewing some recent post between you and her I can determine you are not Daytona.
Again Im sorry for the personal attack. I was just trying to "police" the blog and I have no right too.

Bill, don't be so gullible, DB uses many names.

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You are right. Sam I Am = YG. You don't have to apologize.

MIT...I lived in Toronto for a summer way back and then the Indian girls were "exotic" yet not very clean....hmmmm taste like CURRY!
Here in NYC we have every nationality imaginable so Dashi does not have to get a passport!

Dashi I thought that I saw you say that before and that's why my antenna was up about Sam I Am


Like I said earlier in my Bart Scott voice, Can't wait!!


Women in south America have no dignity or shame they will do anything or anyone for the almighty dollar. Plus, with the exchange rate being 100 to 1 in most those countries they are screwing you blind.

Plus, watch out for YG's in Brazil. You know the Boys that look like girls and only want you to put it in their ass.

Plus, watch out for YG's in Brazil. You know the Boys that look like girls and only want you to put it in their ass.

Posted by: Dashi | November 19, 2013 at 04:02 PM

I KNEW YG went that way!!

Nahh, the broads used to pay ME to bed them, at least the Motel Some even offered me their houses, but I didn't want them. True story.

Its alittle late for cameras ain't it ? And Pouncey, hmmm! Wonder if hes got the rocking pneumonia and the boogy woogy Hernandez flu!!

Hey Mark, Maple Laffs suck!!Lol go Sabres!!!

Does anyone know what exactly is Pouncey's illness?

Pouncy is pregnant. The rumor is that Aarons Hernandez is the father..

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