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Tuesday PFF and Salguero study of Carlina game

It's metrics day at Dolphins In Depth and as every Tuesday our partners at ProFootballFocus.com drop knowledge from the last game on the blog, let's get right to it.

As always the folks at PFF tell you what they saw from their tape study. I add insight an opinion where I can.


Each member of the offensive line received a negative grade for the game, with left tackle Bryant McKinnie (-4.2) receiving the lowest and Sam Brenner and Nate Garner (-1.3) getting the highest grades.

Salguero: Sam Brenner and Nate Garner received the highest grades? So the two guys who were either backups or on the practice squad played the best among all the Dolphins offensive linemen? This line is going to be an offseason reconstruction project.

G David Arkin took the first four professional snaps of his career when Sam Brenner left briefly with an injury.

Salguero: Arkin, signed the first week of November, was active ahead of former Eagles first-round pick Danny Watkins. Watkins joined the club in October. He was inactive Sunday. Enough said.

Due to running back Daniel Thomas’ ankle injury, Lamar Miller played a season high 54 snaps.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 3-for-7 on throws of 20-plus yards down the field for 136 yards. When blitzed, Tannehill went 5-for-8 with 59 yards. He took one sack.

Overall, Tannehill was 7-for-7 throwing against Carolina CB Captain Munnerlyn.

On the three carries Lamar Miller ran to the middle right (behind Garner and John Jerry) he produced minus-7 yards.

Mike Wallace caught both of his 50-yard passes against Captain Munnerlyn, but struggled with two drops against Drayton Florence.

Brian Hartline caught 3 passes for 68 yards against rookie Melvin White.


Dion Jordan played a season high 33 snaps, including 10 snaps dropping into coverage, also a season high.

Salguero: Well, it's not what fans want because it still shows the No. 3 overall pick is a part-time player. But defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle promised more work for Jordan and the player got it. Look for continued advancement in this area as the season winds down. This stat, by the way, suggests coaches are seeing progress and trusting Jordan more. Fans, I suspect, did that a while back.

OLB Philip Wheeler had six stops, tying his season high, and had his highest graded game in pass coverage this season (+2.9).

Salguero: Coyle said he was very pleased with Wheeler's performance and now you have the metrics to prove it.

Cameron Wake didn’t have a sack, but did record 7 hurries, his highest number of the season.

Salguero: He also hit Cam Newton in the mouth during the first quarter and the Carolina quarterback was caught on camera spitting out blood. 

Cornerback Nolan Carroll gave up just four catches on 12 targets, including holding former Dolphin Ted Ginn to one catch on seven targets when in coverage against him.

Salguero: Good news for Carroll because he's going to be the target of much attention come the division games against New York, Buffalo and, of course, New England. Those teams have shown a desire to pick on Carroll in the past. It's good news for him he had a confidence building game.

Cornerback Brent Grimes had one of his worst days of the season, allowing seven catches for 72 yards on nie targets. Steve Smith caught five of six targets for 69 yards on Grimes.

Salguero: Smith also had the big catch on fourth-and-10 in the fourth quarter against Grimes, who also missed the tackle along with Chris Clemons. Tough day.


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Defense played pretty good except the last drive of the game, and of course the rushing yards they gave up for the game. The problem continues to be offense and the Quarterback same problem for last 12 years or so except the one year from Pennington we actually had really good QB play and what do you know we made the Playoffs.

The two biggest problems other than oline which has played better considering, are Tannehill and Sherman , Shermans offense is way to predictable and he runs the same 6 plays or so all the time the running play out of the shotgun never gets anywhere and he continues to call it, we need somebody innovative, and with the season really on the line this week maybe consider giving Matt Moore the start, time is running out , only thing anyone will remember is we didn't make the playoffs again if we don't which it certainly looks that way. Why not give Moore the start maybe we would have a better result after all the coaches job is to win games and put best player out there and I think Moore is just as good as Tannehill maybe better. Also need a new kicker the Sturgis guy is killing us.

philbin is alot like sparano. even with the benefit of hindsight he never admits to a mistake on his part. even knowing something didnt work, he says he would do the same thing over again. philbin is sparano; neither can make a halftime adjustment or admit to a flawed decision. it shows an insecurity in them.

I was happy with the defense. I don't like the fact that on the one yard line we let receivers and tight ends walk in for a pass. That is the smash in the mouth Wake should have dealt out.
The play calling was weak in the second half. Once again, the team has to adjust. Knowing that all good coaches adjust the game plan the team needs to have a second game plan for the second half to beat the opposition.
We should have signed Wes Welker from New England and paid him the big bucks. The guys is still awesome. He is certainly more valuable as an outlet receiver than Walker is at this moment in time and Welker fits our qb's skill set much better.
Year 3 of Tanne's reign will be the determining factor.

Definetly a tough day for Grimes....

It just proves he's human....an Steve Smith is built in a similar mode...Small...over-achieving...Napoleon complex...has serious chip on his shoulder....

Brent Grimes...meet your evil twin...he plays WR on offense....

but still...He NEVER quit...and I am surethat Grimes use this as motivation and learn from it for the future...

11 games played....1 sub-par by my count....I think we can live with that....

My plan to change the fins as a whole.

Get a new GM- Fire Ireland (replace with a new up and coming guy)

HC Staff- Fire OL Coach I would say the entire staff but I have a feeling Ross wants one more year of Philbin

Team FA- Resign Starks(I think he is more important than Soliai, Grimes (multi-yr deal he's earned it), Chris Clemons (2yr deal no great safety prospects this draft),

FA- KC OG Jon Asamoah (one of the best OG in the business), and other fillers for ST


1- Mich OT Taylor Lewan (our new LT that plays past the whistle)

2- Buf OLB Khalil Mack (fast, hard hitting, OLB)

3- Penn St DT Daquan Jones

4- GA QB Aaron Murray (I think he drops based on recent injury)

5- Ore OT Jake Fisher (potential RT/OG backup)

New OL

LT- Lewan
LG- Brenner (yes I think he could stick next year)
C- Pouncey
RG- Asamoah
RT- Garner/Thomas/Fisher

greg......not defending philbin but i live in the philly area and could say the exact same thing about andy reid (exact.....literally)--the guy who most consider to be a good to very good coach and has completely turned around the chiefs--alot of coaches around the league say little at their press conferences, give no good insight, are vague.....dont care to comment, say the same thing over and over--ever hear one of belichiks press conferences?--its not just philbin, whether mando and the media like that or not--not good or bad, just the fact

I agree Kris,Grimes has been the ony ray of sunshine on this dismal season so far. Five games left and all look to be winable but, as a realist, we will be real lucky to win two of them. Only two are home games,not that it matters,they lose at home as much as they lose on the road.

agree that the Oline obviously needs, and will get, an overhaul, but the problem is that it usually takes awhile for an Oline to gel, and 2-3 new players only complicates that further.....not to mention that 1-2 of them will probably be rookies or young players at least

Last year.....RG3 was rookie of the year...

he was th mst dynamic and complete running QB we have seen since maybe...Randall Cunningham....He was Mike Vick before Mike Vick...except more accurate....

The Skins finished 10-6...and won the divsion...and was up 21-0 (21-7 ?) on the Russell Wilson led Seattle seahawks....

Mike Shannahan was touted as a reborn coaching guru....and his son...Kyle Shannahan was the hottest coaching prospect who had reveloutionzed football with the READ-OPTION....

RG3 gets his knee busted....

RG3 in 2012 had a QBR of 73.2 and a passer rating of 102.4 =s playoffs....

this year Bob 3 has a QBR of 40.2 and a QBR of 80.9 ='s 3-8 currently....

The supporting cast remains generally the same....cause they rode RG3's coattails....some to new contracts....

This year...the NFL's REAL SUPERMAN has been more Clark Kent than anything else...and all of those deffincies that had the SKINS @ 3-6 before they went on that amazing run to win the division....have shown themselves in full force....with no 4.2 (whatever) QB to mask them again....

I said all of that to say this...

RG3 is a perfect example of....

(to borrow a line from Ape Tamer...who stole it from....and I stole it from Bill Clinton years ago Of course President Clinton said it was the "economy")...


its not the metrics...its not the stats that we twist and turn to fit this way...or that way....its about wins and losses...and you largely get there with a largely talented...highly superior QB playing his best football....


Wes Welker would not have signed with the Dolphins. He's already worked for the Dolphins and realizes how dysfunctional this organization is. Very rich dudes who delegate to the wrong management. Ross is a good guy but by keeping Ireland he makes it clear that he is still clueless.
Let's see what happens in January 2014.

We need a GM with a plan that has cohesion and continuity......someone with experience with two or three teams.

Ireland's on-the-job training should be ended. Looks like another 7-9 season, and that is absolutely unacceptable...even 8-8 is not something to bark about..

However, I think Ross is looking for any excuse to keep things as they are now. But for the life of me
I can't understand that thinking.

I sure hope I've got him figured wrong.....


Link to those #'s....posted @ 7:24....

you don't have to do "do the work" for me...


Mr. Titman...

I agree...would love to see Grimes re-signed....but I am sure he is ready to get out of dodge....perhaps next year he plays begrudingly with the franchise tag....

Altho it will make him rich... doubt it will make him happy....a guy comming off a Achlles will want some security....

If we don't make a sufficient offer t re-sign Grimes, then there is no hope for this FO. He is the best D-back on the Fins in the past 10 years or more...

There is no hope for this FO. These people showed their stripes 3 years ago with their treatment of Sparano, last year by letting Long walk, and with their treatment of other veterans (Bess, Bush, Marshall, etc). No amount of lipstick can cover up this pig, there is too much history now. Ireland is a decent late round scout, he should not be a GM. Aponte is an MBA. The new guy is a baseball dude and probably another MBA sociopath. But ultimately this team reflects the area, the fans, the city and the ownership. The stadium is next to a casino in the middle of nowhere. Say buh-bye to the Dolphins. No amount of marketing BS is going to make this any better.

I see no way to put a consistently winning Team on the Field for at least 3 years. Superstar Players are not let go by their Teams except on rare occasions and Special Players in the Draft are few and hard to acquire with low picks. Any solutions to this in a shorter term?

The jets will hit you in the mouth we got,to be tough at the point of attack on both sides of the ball.. Same rules apply to smith we can let his legs beat us. I love grimes but when teams need yards they go to him because he gives cushion we need to give him help overtop on key situations so he can close faster. Glad to see,Sherman finally calling boots to give,tanny time to look deep, glad to see tanny stepping up in the pocket and running more. I think he does a good,job looking down field in that proces ,ala Ben which will create
more opportunities mid and down field. The jets like to run downhill. Be stout at the point of attack, stop the run and keep smith in the pocket and we should win this game. Not surprised Wallace didn't catch the ball he is more of a body catcher. Stop throwing the hitch to him he cant make people miss. We need one more receiver with speed and shake someone like tavon Austin.

Philbin has proved to be a bad coach when decisions are important. Namely, 4th downs and short. He ALWAYS take the most conservative decisions, and not even, like that FG of fifty something when we were winning. For someone that has been around in football all his life, this has no explanation, except maybe, that he was never prepared to take tough decisions at the right times.
The Dolphis have been used as a training team for the last 4 coaches, who never had previous experience as HC. The worst is that they dont have talent for that. Bowles was much better, he should've stayed. This also shows the bad quality of management, something that even my grandma knows.
Clearly the staff is blind and deaf. No matter what we fans tell, they do nothing. That is why it's important to stay out from the stadium. This is the only way they will learn.

The image of the Dolphins are Ross, Ireland and Philbin. People with no character. It's not strange that the team reflects exactly that, the lack of ethos. This is why we witness the Incog-Tin affair, the Ireland-Prostitute-Punch affair, the Pouncey affair, etc.
Look the Broncos, they decided to take as GM his most iconic man, Elway. He brought Manning, Welker, etc. It's a respectable organization.
The Dolphins are seen as a retirement resort, earn money and no effort. And tne good players get contagied to all that chaos.
It's sad, a really sad period for all we fans. There's no light at the end of this long tunnel.

Anyone with eyes saw that RG3 is struggling and his relationship with Shanahan is weak.
After watching last nights game I'm convinced that Tannehill is equal to both Kapp & RG3 in ability.

Sure they have better escapeability from the pocket, but on the run, I'll take Tannehill over both with regards to downfield accuracy.

Did you notice the Skins running game last night...it was not clicking at all. But they stuck with it and wound up getting some decent yards on the ground.

We are 5-6 but our team is better than the Skins right now and we can compete week in and week out.

Injuries and bad calls have cost us 3 games, easily.

I think both Soliai and Grimes need to be resigned. The run defense is bad enough, if Soliai is allowed to walk then the run defense will completely collapse. He is a beast. Grimes did have bad games against Carolina and Baltimore (Torrey Smith ate him alive) but has played very well in all the other games. He's a keeper.
Starks will be let go. Between Soliai and Odrick, no need for another costly rotational DT.
Ireland needs to go. Actually, he needed to go years ago. I could throw a dart at the draft board blindfolded, and still draft better than him.


The Fins can still go 9-7.

Only the Patriots are a better team. And we had them down 17-3. Before the Second Half started.

Heck, The Fins can still go 10-6. But it starts this Sunday. Have to beat the Jets. Get after Genome.

The Fins can still go 9-7.

Only the Patriots are a better team. And we had them down 17-3. Before the Second Half started.

Heck, The Fins can still go 10-6. But it starts this Sunday. Have to beat the Jets. Get after Geno.

kris, get u'r cave man tools and pound in u'r 7:24 post into the craniums of the clueless homers and maybe,just maybe they might,might get it

N.Carroll is the Dolphins #2 CB.

nh, tputz is = to bob 3 with just 1 leg u got it

It's Jets week all so let's get pumped up!

Weather looks to be mid 40's and cloudy so not too bad. Rex Ryan defenses are always tough and I expect many blitz packages against Tannehill...who will probably be sacked over 5 times.

I also expect the run game to be non-existent again, so look for another aerial assault from Sherman...maybe the Tannehill/Wallace hook up will click in the Meadowlands?

Get to 6-6 and head into Pittsburgh on a roll because the Steelers are awake and sniffing the playoffs.

Every game heading down the stretch is wide open! (Including the Pats at home, just need to show up in the 2nd half)

RG3 isa gimp right now....yo9u are comparing our healthy QB to that of a one-legged man...not really a fair comaprison @ all....

I'm not even comparing the two NH...

My casewas this....

excellent QB play (as in Rookie of the year excellent)...makes EVERYBODY look good...

average to below average play has everybody looking for answers...and as you say....test the strengths of relationships...

that was merely my point...

RG3 is horrible this year...he may never be the same...that 4.2 speed made him an anomoly @ QB....now that that is gone...he turns from RG3...in to BOB....

For an NFL coach, Philbin is a good guy, he might be in over his head at this level, but he is a good guy, Why uncle Joe hired Sherman is easy, Sherman was with the Packers when Joe was there. Why Joe doesn't fire Sherman, is the same answer, which is why Philbin will go down with Sherman, and probably get re-hired with the Packers to his old job, of not calling but suggesting plays to the HC. Maybe we could suggest some plays to Philbin,, for his consideration. EeeeGads

Until Ireland is fired this franchise will be in the dumps just look at the some of the dumb things hes done below

Trade up 2 picks to select a former QB to be a brusing RB in the NFL. No matter how you spin it D Thomas sucks!

Draft a former WR to play QB im the NFL. Are you serious?

Theres been numerous other things that i dont feel like posting but you get the drift! The guy is single handley ruining the franchise


Your plan sucks and is unrealistic. Also, the players you want to pick suck and don't fit the team in any way.

Yes, I can do better. But GM Dashi knows it is to early to start projecting draft picks.

#1, #2, #3 priority this off season is the O-Line. That and resign the players on defense. Soliai, Starks, Grimes, Clemens, Carroll.

2 watt,

rg3 will never be the same explosive runner anymore ... 2 ACLs, got it?

Tannehill didn't cost 3 first round picks...

That's why Shanahan is already angling for the Dolphins job...



do you really think he is angaling for the FINS job....

and if so...

would you want him...

So, RG3 (now BOB) cannot throw? what's this one leg crap? He was running fine last night?

Kap was ok last night but Tannehill's season numbers are just as good.

BoB has 24 fumbles since he entered the NFL....24!
That is a record!

Hey, injuries happen and people bounce back...remember Brady was out for year with a knee injury and he lit up the NFL record books the following year so stop making excuses for BOB.

The game was lost in the first half, not the second half. All those red zone trips deep in Carolina territory and we come away with 3 field goals. Same problem, we just can't convert and put teams away. Heartbreaking losses this year continue.


The problem with RG3 isn't RG3.

Maybe at the beginning of the season but not now.

The problem is Shanahan and his play calling.

Instead of installing more of a pro style offense his second year. Shanny only kept running the limited plays from last season. Defenses figured it out.

Kaepernick is a different story. The 49ers have been trying to diversify their offense this season but Kaepernick seems to me that he isn't that good at reading coverages yet. But at least Harbaugh is trying to teach him more.

Cam is on a different level. Cam has actually figured out how to be mobile but still win from the pocket.

I'm convinced that when the umbilical cord between Tannehill & Sherman gets cut, Tannehill will flourish.

New GM, New OC, New offensive system and Tannehill takes off next season (with a new and improved OL & running game).

We take the AFC East next year with this plan.


Dashi is OK with Sherman babying T-Hill. T-Hill needs to learn from the pocket before he starts to decide that it is OK to run when things break down. That way his first instinct isn't always to run.


not excuses...facts...

Brady got hurt in game on....didn't play again until game one of next year...and may said he wasn't same guy until year two after the injury...altho...he was good enough to win comeback player of the year


The record breaking season was in 2007...not 2009....check the link...unless you are couting the 1 QUARTER that he threw 5 TDs against Tennessee....

so LIT UP THE RECORD BOOKS....i don't think so....

Dashi...with a decent OL and a pocket that stays intact for more that 2 seconds, that sounds like a plan.

But we've all seen the pocket collapse too quick for Tannehill to even read his primary receiver, let alone the 2nd & 3rd reads.

When the pocket does stay intact, he's very good at making the right call and delivering strikes to his receivers.


you make good points...

but I still think that the mental aspectof that injury is lingering...and will continue to due so...@ least thru this season....

Next year...we will see if the old RG3 can comback...or if he was just a fast guy who could throw the rock....

Kris...nice fact check, sorry I got my season's mixed up.

...Dashi..Why would you use the first 3 draft picks on offensive lineman?

First..Even if all 3 of them could play. That would give us an offensive line that is re-done. With 3 rookies. That is not a good thing. Lets come down to Earth a bit, and I will give you 2 of the 3..Still. 2 rookies on a rebuilt line? Not a good way to strt a season..

The line is going to be difficult to fix just because of the nature of how the unit must play in concert to be successful. We have to bring in a mix of FA vets, perhaps a high draft pick.

Before all of the draft wish lists are sent to Santa. We should probably wait and see who the GM, and HC are going to be...

RG3? Running QBs NEVER last. The smart ones learn to stay in the pocket and run only as a last resort.
I laughed last year to see so many falling all over themselves for RG3. Not just fans but 'experts' that should know better. News flash: When a QB runs, the rules change. Big guys are going to try to rip your head off.

Darryl...we all agree that Ireland is gone, but are you suggesting the new GM will get the green light from Ross to fire Philbin?

Barry Jackson (article in today's Herald on Tannehill:

"This season, he’s 33rd in fourth-quarter passer rating, at 61.7, with two touchdowns and five interceptions."

Considering that every game except the NO game was decided in the 4th QTR or OT, these stats show Tannehill AND the offense are horrid.

The OL is worst in team history. Tannehill is playing like one of the major busts of the 2012 draft.

Ireland did not focus the draft on the offense, but the defense. Yet, the defense got significantly worse this year - especially against the run. Grimes has been good in the secondary, but what about those rookie cornerbacks? Are they working second jobs to pay for meals for the experienced players?

The offense was already quite bad and still managed to regress.

This is a total and epic fail for a team that had so much cap space and give premium draft picks going into the 2013 offseason.

This is a below average team with subpar coaching and one of the worst GM's in the business.

Kris, I do believe Shanahan is angling for the job - it's pretty blatant. I don't know if I would want him to have sole control or whatever - and he better hire a good d co-ordinator because he is awful with that.

... but one thing Shanahan's teams are always known for ... good o lines and great running games ... without spending high picks on either.

I believe, and this is personal pure conspiracy here, but I believe with what he sees in the Qb, and the personnel he sees on defense that if he comes here, he believes he could turn this team around in a year by assembling a functional o line and running game. You know Shanahan as well as anyone, that report put out there was very, very strategic. He's planting a seed in Ross' mind and he believes he can do the job too. I mean why else say you would've been more than happy with Tannehill. makes no sense otherwise.

Mark...I agree 100% with your assessment of the Shanahan issue.
Problem is we don't know who the new GM will be and whether or not he's even interested in him.

New GM = Hope

bobby, that game swung on four plays.

1. matthews dropped pass for a td

2. coyle's bonehead call at the end of the first half leading to a 30 yard catch and run for a fg

3. missed fg - thanks rookie!

4. Grimes/safety blowup on 4th and 10.

Make just one of those plays ... someone just make a fawking play!!

..NHFIN..I hope Ross fires Philbin...I don't "hate" Philbin...I think he brought a system here, and has been unwilling to adapt. He isn't a good HC IMO. He was supposed to be an offensive guru..We are at Sparano levels of offense again..I know people are going to throw their support behind coach. People will say that 2 years is not long enough, he deserves at least another year. We have shown improvement(really??) all points that are up for debate.

I have seen enough...I don't have any confidence that this coach is going to take this team to the next level..We may get close with him..But when it matters, is Philbin going to outcoach the elite coaches in this league??? I have seen nothing in 2 years that would make me say...We have a coach here..

Just my opinion..Debate away if you disagree.

I will be the first to tell you that this team is under performing to my standards.(11-5)

I expected more from this team.


T-Hill is developing. And that is the most important thing. He hasn't regressed. And he is doing it without an O-Line or a running game.

Tannehill is making better decisions with the football with less time to throw with the football. That is the Most Important thing.

I don't care that Tannehill is getting sacked at a record pace. That is the O-Lines fault. As long as he doesn't throw INTs. I'm OK.

please. it makes me laugh how tannehill gets ll this hatred but all the receivers get a pass. you can tell by watching how ofter receivers run the wrong route, it's way too often. you don't have guys who make tough catches on even a semi-regular basis. wallace is the a solute worst in this area. i'm not ever asking him to make every catch that ouches both hands but how about pulling in one or two of them. tannehill is hanging in there and taking some vicious hit to throw them. the least you can do is pull in a couple tough ones. i se guys like victor cruz making impossible catches. can wallace make a few tough catches? the one near the end of the game hit both hands. would it have been a tough catch? yes. but look at the other side of that throw. tannehill had pressure right in his face and took a huge hit but still managed to get the ball downfield. the least you could do was ws pull in a ball that hit both hands. clay drops, even hardline, drops. our QB is under pressure nearly every play and is the most sacked and hit QB in the NFL. yet he is fought than all receivers combined!!

as far as staff goes, the top on my list of guys who need fired isn't ireland, it's mike sherman!!!

Dashi, Kaep is a horrible pocket Qb, one of the worst in the NFL this year. For some people here to say that he is about equal with tannehill is an insult to Tannehill. I mean, I heard people make excuses for Kaep yesterday because Crabtree is out. WTF?!?! he still has an all pro o line with three #1 picks, frank gore, vernon davis, and anquan boldin. Geez, you need more than that????

Posted by: Sigh | November 26, 2013 at 09:33 AM

So you are suggesting the rest of the offense has played well in the 4th QTR?

Our running game hasn't existed, our Oline falls apart and our coaches make no 2nd half adjustments.

I would say those are the real problems with Tannehilll in the 4th.

The Circle-Jerk Club is back! What a great day! But wait, Craig T. Moron isn't here. Oh, phooey!

DD, regards to the o line. You think if any of these guys stick around, there will be rookies starting on teh o line? These guys and rookies don't mesh. heck, Jordan would be a star if he was playing OLB from day one right now. All he does is make impact plays when he plays and his highest snap count is 33? At least it came against an opponent he is born to play against in Cam Newton though so I will give partial credit to the staff there. Anyway, I digress.

These guys rather red shirt a rookie unless he's a lot better than the next guy up from day one.

This team is blowing a good chunk of that fat cap space on the o line in free agency.

I would rather get that big receiveer to work the middle of the field anyway for this offense - either a mammoth WR or an ultra thletic TE. Tannehill is nails in the middle of the field and has made Gibson and Matthews look great. imagine what he does with an above average talent.

.NH..I will go a step farther..Between Sherman, and Philbin. Sherman would have been the better HC choice.

At least e is committed to running the ball. At least he has toughness. Sherman isn't a pass crazy psycho like Philbin. Sherman teams run the freekin ball, the quarterback has to prove himself before being asked to throw it 100 times a game..

This is what the owner wanted..Philbin was going to bring this here. We are going to chuck chuck chuck it!! YEE HAW...That is fine and dandy. If you have a quarterback that can play in that system. You don't stick rookie-second year quarterback in a system that asks him to throw it as much as we have..It is asinine.

It has Philbins DNA all over it..The Lewinski Dress if you will...Get him gone.


happens to us all...

No problem...

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