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Tuesday PFF and Salguero study of Carlina game

It's metrics day at Dolphins In Depth and as every Tuesday our partners at ProFootballFocus.com drop knowledge from the last game on the blog, let's get right to it.

As always the folks at PFF tell you what they saw from their tape study. I add insight an opinion where I can.


Each member of the offensive line received a negative grade for the game, with left tackle Bryant McKinnie (-4.2) receiving the lowest and Sam Brenner and Nate Garner (-1.3) getting the highest grades.

Salguero: Sam Brenner and Nate Garner received the highest grades? So the two guys who were either backups or on the practice squad played the best among all the Dolphins offensive linemen? This line is going to be an offseason reconstruction project.

G David Arkin took the first four professional snaps of his career when Sam Brenner left briefly with an injury.

Salguero: Arkin, signed the first week of November, was active ahead of former Eagles first-round pick Danny Watkins. Watkins joined the club in October. He was inactive Sunday. Enough said.

Due to running back Daniel Thomas’ ankle injury, Lamar Miller played a season high 54 snaps.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 3-for-7 on throws of 20-plus yards down the field for 136 yards. When blitzed, Tannehill went 5-for-8 with 59 yards. He took one sack.

Overall, Tannehill was 7-for-7 throwing against Carolina CB Captain Munnerlyn.

On the three carries Lamar Miller ran to the middle right (behind Garner and John Jerry) he produced minus-7 yards.

Mike Wallace caught both of his 50-yard passes against Captain Munnerlyn, but struggled with two drops against Drayton Florence.

Brian Hartline caught 3 passes for 68 yards against rookie Melvin White.


Dion Jordan played a season high 33 snaps, including 10 snaps dropping into coverage, also a season high.

Salguero: Well, it's not what fans want because it still shows the No. 3 overall pick is a part-time player. But defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle promised more work for Jordan and the player got it. Look for continued advancement in this area as the season winds down. This stat, by the way, suggests coaches are seeing progress and trusting Jordan more. Fans, I suspect, did that a while back.

OLB Philip Wheeler had six stops, tying his season high, and had his highest graded game in pass coverage this season (+2.9).

Salguero: Coyle said he was very pleased with Wheeler's performance and now you have the metrics to prove it.

Cameron Wake didn’t have a sack, but did record 7 hurries, his highest number of the season.

Salguero: He also hit Cam Newton in the mouth during the first quarter and the Carolina quarterback was caught on camera spitting out blood. 

Cornerback Nolan Carroll gave up just four catches on 12 targets, including holding former Dolphin Ted Ginn to one catch on seven targets when in coverage against him.

Salguero: Good news for Carroll because he's going to be the target of much attention come the division games against New York, Buffalo and, of course, New England. Those teams have shown a desire to pick on Carroll in the past. It's good news for him he had a confidence building game.

Cornerback Brent Grimes had one of his worst days of the season, allowing seven catches for 72 yards on nie targets. Steve Smith caught five of six targets for 69 yards on Grimes.

Salguero: Smith also had the big catch on fourth-and-10 in the fourth quarter against Grimes, who also missed the tackle along with Chris Clemons. Tough day.


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Seeing is believing. No more excuses so lets have our starters play three quarters so we can get excited about a lead going into the forth quarter and then bring in the back ups in the forth. This way we can evaluate and lose the game at the same time. Don't care too much about PFF reports. We see problems on the field and don't see any improvements the following week. Putting numbers on failure is the same as sugar coating BS. We all watch the games and know that there deficiencies in every department of the game. Last year we made excuses, Rookie HC, QB etc. etc.etc. This year after a 3-0 start we got to see the real team, 2-6.

I think one thing alot of posters are missing, when comparing Tannehill to RG3, Kaepernik, Wilson, Luck, etc., is that the Phins (call me crazy now) have a better receiving corp than any of those teams. I'll take Wallance, Hartline, Gibson (before Tanne ended his season), Matthews, and Clay over any of those team's receivers.

DD...I generally agree that coaches should get two full seasons to show their worth so let's see how the next 5 games unfold.

With that said....IMO Philbin has shown me that he is not a coach that players want to rally behind. I never see him down on a knee getting face to face with his defense when the game is on the line (think Belichick).

It's his aloofness that has me convinced he's dead man walking and the new GM will use his powers to clean house.

Ross may bring on a new GM with limited power to save Philbin/Sherman which would prove to be a mistake.

Craig M is looking for suggestions to change his last name because Moron isn't a very flattering last name. Anyone have any ideas? How about "Malcontent?" "Craig The Malcontent" has a nice ring to it.


I wouldn't use first 3 picks on linemen. To early to project the draft.

I'm saying the #1,#2,#3 priority are O-Linemen.

The first 3 players we pick up from outside the team this off season better be linemen.

The way I see it. Resign Mckinnie and Clabo to 1 Year deals. Go after the 2 Best Free Agent Guards. And Draft #1- JMatthews LT, #2- S.Henderson LT.

Both Matthews and Henderson can Play LT or RT.

That is how Dashi will fix the O-Line.

That and resigning the Defense are the most important things Ireland has to handle this off season.

If he can do that and get 1 more deep threat WR and a RB to compliment L.Miller.

As of now, Luck, Wilson and Foles are the best QB's selected in the 2012 draft.

RGIII may or may not recover his rookie promise.

Tannehill is better than Weeden. Tannehill has potential, but right now he's not that good.

Craig M wanted Jared Cook. Maybe Moron is a more fitting last name, now that I think about it.

The BIGGEST problem on this team is caching!

Aside from the Bills & Bucs game, this team has played pretty well early in games.

I point to Indy, NE & Carolina specifically as they are excellent football teams. Even the Saints to an extent until the late Tanne int in the 2nd quarter.

The difference has been the 2nd half of games. This team is routinely outcoached. You cannot be good early & expect the opposing team to not do anything to change it up.

Miami coaches do not anticipate the other teams will adjust. Miami comes out with the same game plan that no longer works & have NO answers.

It's less on the players & more on the coaches. And Coyles defense is garbage. The DL cannot stop a running game & no matter who the DB's are, we cannot stop a big play in crunch time when it's needed.

Come on, fellow posters! Doesn't anyone have an opinion about Craig's new last name?

DD .... I just pray that Ross does not promote from within and give the GM job to Dawn Aponte.

She and Philbin are too cozy as it is already and nothing would change.

3. missed fg - thanks rookie!

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 26, 2013 at 09:40 AM
Mark, I blame that on whoever (Philbin?) made that call. Sturgis hasn't been accurate with 50 yd. kicks since preseason

MassD .. you're crazy.


The same S Henderson that cant even start for UM? You kidding right?

Why resign Paul Soliai since he isn't helping stop the run now.

Grimes is a good player but it will cost to resign him. The same with Starks.

Unless the rookie corners that never play develop, the defense is going to take a dive next year.

The expensive FA signings of the LB duo was a mistake.

I would really like the GM to draft some stud LB watching Willis and Bowman they were all over the place our running game is suffering because Millii and Vanilli cant make tackles at the point of attack!

I miss Zach Thomas!

Thats run defense*

cocoa, if that's what you have a kicker, you cut him. A 50short yard field goal in those conditions is automatic in the NFL or should be. He was hitting them early including a 55 yarder in INdy that was the almost exact same type of decision that allowed the Miami Dolphins to proetect a 6 point lead instead of a 3 point lead.

...Dashi..I get what you are laying down..And agreed. it is too early to talk draft.

Mark..I prioritize whatever cap space is needed(within a reasonable level as to not use all of it on one position) to sign a free agent lineman, or 2. I would then explore the draft..To me. I would rather have vets on the line then a group of young guys...The one unit that I think benefits the most from experience.


S.Henderson can't start because the 2 guys in front of him are future first rounders as soon as they are eligible.

You are telling me if that Mountain of a Man 6'8" 350+. Shows up at the combine and does above average on the Bench(30+) and Agility test that a team wouldn't waste a 2nd round pick on him.

Mark, I had a bad feeling with that decision to go with Sturgis and cut Carpenter. It was of course a money thing when that drafted Sturgis. Too bad, Carpenter is having a better year.

"This line is going to be an offseason reconstruction project." UH, YA THINK????

My guess is that Ireland survives to draft and sign another offseason. The only way he is fired is if the Dolphins finish 5-11 or 6-10. Ross seems to want to keep everything the same.

If Ireland returns, then expect the following:

- An intense focus on the DT positions.

- Massive investment in the OL.

- No investment in a QB. Tannehill will make or break the team and there will not be a backup plan in place.

- No investment in a WR. The unit is not really that strong.

- No investment in a TE. Clay is good and improving, but a team needs two good TE's.

- A bottom feeder OL and offense in 2014. Maybe Dallas Thomas becomes a ten year all-pro after all. But one doubts it. Ireland drafted him because he is named 'Dallas' and Ireland loves Dallas rejects.

- A middle of the pack defense that cannot stop the run or the pass when it matters.

Dashi potential? Im tired of drafting on potential we need a proven commodity. If he cant start in a major college program how can he then excel in the pros? I rather the starting LT Erick Flowers instead of fat boy Henderson. Time to draft guys who proved they dominated college level competition

So Tannehill is the worst clutch QB (4th quarter when it counts) in the NFL. Why isnt he benched? Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano made leaving Matt Moore on th bench.

DD, yes, been pulling for vets on the o line the whole way. The line needs to be better NEXT year, not 2, 3 years from now. Especially if the same guys are making the decisions because if they survive a mediocre yearr, they will not survive mediocre next year.

On another note did amyone else find it impressive that Dion Jordan caught Cam Newton from behind for a sack that was impressive and is the only guy on the line who could do that. He needs to see the field on a full time basis!

John Jerry = Another Irescum bust

Craig Malcontent does have a nice ring to it. But, I prefer Craig Mouth.

He's the prototypical MMQB.

Always there to say he told ya so & you're wrong.

To me, that makes him a big mouth.

Well, Daniel Thomas is injured again. We can add 'injury prone' to his resume. Thank you, Jeff Ireland for another draft bust.
Why isn't Dallas Thomas playing Guard? Is it because this confused coaching staff is still playing him at tackle, where he does not have the athletic ability to succeed? Or is he just another Ireland draft bust?
Dion Jordan plays 30 snaps, has a nice sack, but is invisible for the rest of the game? And gets creamed on at least one running play?
Since when do you use the 3rd overall pick in the draft as a coverage linebacker? Is he yet another Ireland draft bust?

I like all the banter about post season but we have a game to play on Sunday and its the JETS!

Jets have faltered a bit lately and Geno is regressing...so I see the defenses being the focus on Sunday.

Grimes rebounds and gets an INT and Wake gets back on the sack train.

Fins 20
Jets 10

Haha, Matt Moore .. clutch... wow....

NH, this is a game the Dolphins should win... the Jets suck bad, especially on the passing aspects of both sides of teh ball.

How Rex pulled victories against NE and NO, I have no idea but he should be coach of the year for that alone .. even if the Jets don't win another game.

We can all Agree. J.Martin, R.Incognito and J.Jerry are not coming back this off season.
McKinnie and Pounce should be the only 2 Returning Starters. Making the other 3 Positions, #1-RT, #2- LG, #3- RG, Priority this offseason.

That and Resigning Grimes and Clemons.

Anyone Else Catch This:

Tuesday PFF and Salguero study of Carlina game



...You cannot draft proven commodities. It doesn't exist. Proven where? College? How does that translate into the professional level. You had better be drafting potential...Potential is everything..

Sure you have your transcendent players.. Your Andrew Lucks..But these players are rare to non existent. As a team...you are lucky if the rookies contribute in a positive way year 1..So potential is all you have. Plenty of college players are 3-4 year starters, some are All-America, or All Conference. Some will even be labeled as can't miss.. Sure. I want the guy that has the potential to be great..Not the guy who already believes he is.

I know you guys hate to hear this, But,

This is Jeff Ireland's Most Important Off season.

McKinnie is retiring after the season

Great post, Armando. I think it's these types of posts where you're at your best.

I don't blame Grimes too much (still bitter about playing back on the 4th and 10 coverage though- not his fault though). When healthy Steve Smith is still one of the best in the NFL. He's getting older, but still at an age where he can play at an elite level.

We simply need a LT now that Martin's gone (we might have even needed to look for him while Martin was here-not sure, but possible).

We've gotta have more dynamic offensive playcalling (esp. in the 4th quarter), we need to work on our execution with the screen game on both sides of the ball(perhaps deception on offense there), and we need to work on our goal line offense and defense. Anybody gets inside the 5 on us and we already know that they're gonna score.

I hope Gillislee gets into the Jets game early. Maybe he can inject some life into our running game ?

Im glad we haven't gone after one of the old busted RB's out there, like Cedric Benson or Michael Turner.

Joe McKnight is out there and Thigpen is killing us in the return game, where are our alternatives to him ? I know Lamar Miller returned well at the U, but you can't have your starting HB on special teams can you ?

3 draft pick D Thomas WOWZA!

E.Flowers is a different player.

Agreed. Truth. If you are going to pick a linemen high make sure the guy will be a good player. I'm just speculating. I would like to see a S.Henderson type on 1 side and a B.McKinnie Type on the left side. I don't care who your G's are. Nobody's hitting the QB.

J.Martin is a Bust. But J.Long and M.Pouncey are pretty good players. J.Long is a future HOFer.

I trust J.Ireland to use a First Round pick on an Offensive Linemen.

Dashi sorry to burst your bubble but Ireland will be fired after the season.

DD, When i say proven commodity I mean they started for a major college program, contrubuited on the team greatly. Its not a full proof plans but drafting players like Gates, Thomas cmon these kids didnt do much for there teams

Take some time and compare our receiving core to other teams with young QBs and you'll see ours is prett darn good.
Wallace - deep threat teams must account for.
Harline - darn good No. 2 receiver. Excellent route runner.
Matthews/Gibson(before injury) - nice possesion recievers.
Clay - very good receving TE and FB.
Miller - pretty good pass catching RB.
Above average receiving corp.
TY Hilton, Coby Fleener, and a bunch of garbage. Below average.
No deep threat. V Davis, Boldin, and a bunch of garbage. Below average.
Nobody that scares anyone, except for Harvin who just came back. Below average.
A good pass receving TE and a bunch of garbage. Moss is way past his prime. Way below average.


Correct Darryl@10:20 . And as a side note, GMs get paid to pic players who will translate their potential into the NFL. But until they do, that's all they have...potential.


Finally a break in the schedule

I have two names for you guys RICH WEBB AND KIETH SIMS!!! did they struggle? NO NO NO.
Draft Chance warmack last year and ignore the coward Martin and we would be in the playoffs, so going in next years draft I say take four lineman 1 2 3 4 period

..Truth..I understand. I agree with you when it comes to the first round. But a guy like Thomas was a good player at on a good team from a major conference. He fits your criteria...The draft has about the same odds as a roulette wheel. And not red or black.


MassDolphan, have to remember Shanahan gave 3 1st rd picks to get RG3. These are the kind of problems teams will run into MORTGAGING the FUTURE for 1 PLAYER.

Adding insult to injury, Shanahan hasn't taken WELL CARE of that HUGE MORTGAGE. Judging by last night Griffin will b lucky to make it through this season without IR.

Shame it's possible by the time Skins can began giving RG3 REAL RECEIVING weapons(2015 when finally having a 1st rd pick, RG3's career could already be over.

..denman..Warmack has done nothing but struggle this year. It is difficult for rookies. He may be great down the line. But that is my point. Warmack was a mauler in college..A "Can't miss prospect" he may end up being that guy..Right now he is far from it.

I want to see Gillislee play this weekend. I would bet he doesn't get more then 5 plays...not carries but snaps. I just don't see him being integrated into the offense at this point..

ETF, if we beat NY, will Fins jump Tennessee for last play off spot?

Tennessee is probably losing their next 3 games.

Dolphins control their own destiny...

Posted by: Jay | November 26, 2013 at 10:14 AM

I have to agree with Jay that Matt Moore would've had us in the playoffs both last year and this year. Having him waste away on the bench while Tanny stinks it up is idiotic.

Sam...it was not Shanahan who gave away the picks it was his GM/Owner.

It's obvious RG3 does not match up with Shanahan's scheme and with his son running the offense, there is an undeniable rift between the Shanahan clan and RG3 camp.

I sense Shanahan is seeking a clean break from RG3 and hence the Miami talk.

Could be unfolding before our eyes....TBD

Ah ha!

MassDolphan, have to remember Shanahan gave 3 1st rd picks to get RG3. .
Posted by: Sam I Am | November 26, 2013 at 10:40 AM

That looks genius compared to Irescums 3 picks for D Thomas!! LOL

Fins @ 10:46

We're not the team behind Tenn for the 6th spot; we have no wins in the division (NJY, Bal, Pit each have 2 and Bal beat us).

If Pit beats Bal and we beat the Jets and then Pitt then that should go a long way. Henne will beat Tenn again.

Uh huh.

Carroll has been a liability all year, and would have cost us a long TD with any other WR than drop-machine Ginn.
We should give a reasonable take it or leave it contract, and hope one of our rookies can step up.
What about Patterson? The guy is a beast when healthy. Very though decision to make on his case.

Nat Moore,

Yeah, I actually think you're right. Matt Moore might have had us in the playoffs last year and this year. He doesn't necessarily have the physical talent that THill has and the potential when he ultimately puts it all together, but he's got leadership intangibles, and he's fearless out there with big play ability every down. He looks BIG first every down (like Brees and Brady) and then settles.

Moore isn't elite though. He can't throw the intermediate pass accurately to save his life, and his high risk/high reward style also creates more opportunities for turnovers. My thoughts anyway. Still, I'm pretty confident we would have had 21 points and 3 scores from Wallace on Sunday with Moore in the game. I realize that's VERY hypothetical, but it was crazy how BMarsh became a stud with Moore in the game 2 years ago. Thinking big play first ALWAYS puts the defense on their heels and makes everything else easier.

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