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Tuesday PFF and Salguero study of Carlina game

It's metrics day at Dolphins In Depth and as every Tuesday our partners at ProFootballFocus.com drop knowledge from the last game on the blog, let's get right to it.

As always the folks at PFF tell you what they saw from their tape study. I add insight an opinion where I can.


Each member of the offensive line received a negative grade for the game, with left tackle Bryant McKinnie (-4.2) receiving the lowest and Sam Brenner and Nate Garner (-1.3) getting the highest grades.

Salguero: Sam Brenner and Nate Garner received the highest grades? So the two guys who were either backups or on the practice squad played the best among all the Dolphins offensive linemen? This line is going to be an offseason reconstruction project.

G David Arkin took the first four professional snaps of his career when Sam Brenner left briefly with an injury.

Salguero: Arkin, signed the first week of November, was active ahead of former Eagles first-round pick Danny Watkins. Watkins joined the club in October. He was inactive Sunday. Enough said.

Due to running back Daniel Thomas’ ankle injury, Lamar Miller played a season high 54 snaps.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 3-for-7 on throws of 20-plus yards down the field for 136 yards. When blitzed, Tannehill went 5-for-8 with 59 yards. He took one sack.

Overall, Tannehill was 7-for-7 throwing against Carolina CB Captain Munnerlyn.

On the three carries Lamar Miller ran to the middle right (behind Garner and John Jerry) he produced minus-7 yards.

Mike Wallace caught both of his 50-yard passes against Captain Munnerlyn, but struggled with two drops against Drayton Florence.

Brian Hartline caught 3 passes for 68 yards against rookie Melvin White.


Dion Jordan played a season high 33 snaps, including 10 snaps dropping into coverage, also a season high.

Salguero: Well, it's not what fans want because it still shows the No. 3 overall pick is a part-time player. But defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle promised more work for Jordan and the player got it. Look for continued advancement in this area as the season winds down. This stat, by the way, suggests coaches are seeing progress and trusting Jordan more. Fans, I suspect, did that a while back.

OLB Philip Wheeler had six stops, tying his season high, and had his highest graded game in pass coverage this season (+2.9).

Salguero: Coyle said he was very pleased with Wheeler's performance and now you have the metrics to prove it.

Cameron Wake didn’t have a sack, but did record 7 hurries, his highest number of the season.

Salguero: He also hit Cam Newton in the mouth during the first quarter and the Carolina quarterback was caught on camera spitting out blood. 

Cornerback Nolan Carroll gave up just four catches on 12 targets, including holding former Dolphin Ted Ginn to one catch on seven targets when in coverage against him.

Salguero: Good news for Carroll because he's going to be the target of much attention come the division games against New York, Buffalo and, of course, New England. Those teams have shown a desire to pick on Carroll in the past. It's good news for him he had a confidence building game.

Cornerback Brent Grimes had one of his worst days of the season, allowing seven catches for 72 yards on nie targets. Steve Smith caught five of six targets for 69 yards on Grimes.

Salguero: Smith also had the big catch on fourth-and-10 in the fourth quarter against Grimes, who also missed the tackle along with Chris Clemons. Tough day.


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...For the record. I would much rather have Ryan Tannehill over RGIII..I'm not kicking RGIII while he is down. I said it last year. Tannehill is a quarterback. He may not be a very good one right now. but at least he is developing the right skill sets. If this regime doesn't ruin him he may have a shot to be pretty decent...

The way RGIII has to play to be great puts him in too much danger. He was incredible last year. I won't take that away from him. But he isn't a true quarterback in the traditional way you have to eventually play the spot to help your team. Until there are rules that say you can't touch the quarterback...I'm taking the passer over the runner...Every time.

Perhaps Griffen figures it out. Perhaps the butcher in Washington(Shanny) gets shown the door..We have a butcher here too. Perhaps the 2 of them can go slaughter another young quarterback together somewhere else.The Shanahan-Philbin Butcher CO..Established 2014...By stock if you are into betting on young qb's being destroyed.

Ireland's most important offseason was 2013 followed by 2012. The 2014 offseason will be janitorial in nature as Ireland tries to clean up the mess he has made of the team.

He could not even draft a decent kicker with a 5th round draft pick.

Regarding Pouncey, he may yet have significant legal problems relating the Hernandez case. Best not to count on him for 2014 to be on the safe side.

Jake Long was elite the first two years he played for Miami. Since then, he has had injuries and his play has slipped. He has played better this season. He' probably not a Hall of Famer unless he plays at an elite level for at least three or four more years.

mornin yall

ize a gonna cleenze up the cellar fo yall

ize gonna cleenze real good

dem buffalo bills left it in a horabble mess

Brent Grimes will either be re-signed or have a franchise tag slapped on him... BANK IT!!!

You can NEVER have enough good CB's. Patterson struggled with a groin pull all year... a perfect reason why you don't allow players like Grimes to walk. Grimes is ranked in the NFL Top 5 CB's. WTF would you consider allowing him to walk when two 2nd year guys is all you have behind him? Davis and Taylor will get their time on the field. They need another complete camp and developed right, not thrown on the field for Blog posters to rip apart every week. Unless they are 1st round, elite players, CB's usually require 2 or 3 years of full time development. Camp, the season, working in a Sports development facility in the off-season. CB is the hardest position in football (save QB) to play... and when you have good ones... YOU KEEP THEM.

I hear then "Let Soliai Go" remarks. Paul may be having an off year. He may be making a point. It's hard to say.I can say this... "tell me how many 340 pound Samoan NT's can jump vertically 31/2'in a passing lane?" Big, athletic NT's are hard to come by, Vince Wilfork is STILL around in NE even through he's hurt this year. NE isn't dumb. They have kept him hell and high water.

I believe Kevin Coyle's insistence on running a 4-3 defense with 3-4 personnel is why this Defense is struggling. If they ran a BASE 3-4... it could look like this...

Starks - Soliai - Odrick

Wake - Elerbe - Wheeler - Jordan

Grimes Patterson

Clemmons Jones

Jordan is a OLB... NOT a DE. With Shelby and Vernon they can flip in and out of a 4-3 nickle with REAL DE's on each side.

I believe Miami is DE heavy... DE's are like cash money. And we have 2 who are TRUE DE's (Shelby and Vernon) and two OLB's who play there when they need to (Wake & Jordan)...

Let Misi and Wheeler fight it out for starts, let Jordan and Vernon alternate with Shelby in the reserve mode. Davis and Taylor are developing behind Carrol, Patterson and Grimes. Wilson and Campbell are your 2nd string DB's.....

Miami will draft along the O-line... They'll also take at LEAST one and maybe even two DT's, one early one deep in the draft.

I think you MUST draft a QB in the top 4 picks to push RT. I hope... as well as many others... That Ryan will continue to improve and this season of playing from his back without a running game will just be a bad dream... But Miami needs a plan B. And Matt Moore ain't it. Besides, developing QB's should be a goal of EVERY Team... You never know when you'll hit a Tom Brady or a Wilson. You won't find out by not trying.

MassD, ur crazy. I would take Vernon Davis alone over any other player you mentioned there. He's never had a capable Qb to use him. Guy runs a 4.3 at 250 lbs. Then you compliment him with Boldin who catches everything even close. Those tow alone kill anything we have. Indy's tight ends are better than Clay and when they have Wayne , their corps is better than ours too.

And Pierre Garcon is not garbage. He's closer to ebing a true #1 than Wallace.

I think Shanahan has done a great disservice to RG3. RG3 does not have the frame to take the pounding from being a read option QB. Shanahan also played him last year when he had no business being on the field. He ended up with a very serious knee injury and I don't think he's recovered from that yet, and may not ever.
He's been misused, much more so than Tannehill.
Shanahan also has a habit of ignoring the defensive side of the ball in FA and drafts. Denver won in spite of him, not because of him. Elway was the reason they won.
I hope these rumors of Shanahan coming here are just that.

all these "phin" fans on here have bought into the hype that "this" is our year...turn down the media. I know JP & JI are planning for next year. work this year to develop chemistry for Tannehill w/ Wallace & gang, develop the RBs. figure out the DEF (choose between Starks & Soliaia), figure out which CB will stay (not Patterson, resign Grimes), and mostly work on Tannehills confidence and knowledge. the way you don't do this is make him check down 90% of the time (henne), so keep your eyes down the field, and keep him ON the field (do not let him run wild like BOB & Wilson), by keeping him healthy. he cannot progress while hes hurt on the bench. IF he does get hurt, that's what Moore is for.
we are building a dynasty, not a 1 & done run at the playoffs. if we make the playoffs this year, great. but it will come down to the draft next year by getting some solid OL players.

ETF, that's the point Fins is making when he says we control our own destiny. We win out, our AFC record trumps everyones. But we won't win out. But neither will anyone else. 8-8 playoff team, here it comes...

My 2 cents-
Mouth is a good name, too. This gives him some options when choosing a new last name. It's always good to have options. Mouth, Moron, Malcontent, Malicious, Maggot, MF'er... Decisions, decisions... Which will our Craigy Waigy choose?

Canadiens talking American Football,too funny.

Man, how old are some of you guys????

After I've had a couple of days to mourn that terrible loss, I will say that I thought we looked better in that first half than we have all year. A half does not a game make, but perhaps it shows some semblance of overall potential coming together. Just need to play like we're supposed to win once we have someone on the ropes. Stay aggressive. Be dynamic. Have the other team second-guess themselves.

I sense Shanahan is seeking a clean break from RG3 and hence the Miami talk.
Could be unfolding before our eyes....TBD

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | November 26, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Today's log posts are 1st I've heard, even a sniplet, of Shanahan postering to come to Miami. Where're you guys getting this from?

Further more, Shanahan's the least of hc's I believe would be fit in Miami. He's sort of like Fisher, a .500 hc without a franchise qb. He's far from miracle man an there are very few NFL layers that even want to play for the guy.

Shanahan seems to be a lightning rod for rubbing his own players the wrong way. Would be better off bringing Sparano back. At least Sparano's players want to play for him even if h's a subpar hc.

...The thing about Soliai...He isn't on the field enough to warrant paying him a large contract. We will see if we can come to a deal with him. But why pay a guy a ton of cash that only sees 1/3 of the defensive snaps? If he was a 3 down player..Ala Wilfork, or Ngata..Pay the man his money(Teddy KGB)..the way we use him? Why?

I certainly hope that Shanahan is not coming to Miami...
Where did this idea come from? If we are just making stuff up, then-

Belichik is going to leave NE and come coach the Phins. He'll be bringing Brady with him. It's true, I heard it (from my own mouth).

Posted by: Mama Ho | November 26, 2013 at 11:14 AM

At one time Armando made the mistake of telling this person a post of theirs was funny and that he added to the blog. Armando, not knowing this person was mentally challenged was wrong. But now this person thinks he is helping the blog and making everyone laugh when in reality everyone just shakes their head at the childish nature of his moronic posts. He adds absolutely nothing to the blog and it's obvious he is a leach on his family and community. A quick and untimely death would be beneficial to all.

Posted by: M is for Moron | November 26, 2013 at 11:33 AM

Hey look, this guy's still searching for some c$#ks to suck. Hey pal why not try Craigslist?

He wants to name Craig mouth, very telling. I told you he was looking for some mouths.

...Also. Lets see who is making the personel choices. Lets see who the coaches are. If we have new leadership I would hope that GM gets whoever the DC is in a room. And grills that DC about what his plan is For each player. Tell me how you are going to use Paul Soliai that it makes financial sense to keep him? Eery DC is ging to lobby for him(Soliai) because he is a good player. But how many are going to come with proof of concept that we have to re-sign him?

Even if the DC is Croyle..Why is Soliai a piece to this puzzle. How can we justify paying him in the manner in which we use him? Part of it is that we are in nickel so much..He would do himself a favor by becoming a pass rush guy...then he would be worth the money in this system.

It's true-
It's true. Lol. That's why I'm here. Yummy!

But someone else wanted to name him Mouth. Not me! I suggested Malcontent, Maggot, Malicious, etc. Read the posts, stupid!

Canadiens talking American Football,too funny.

Posted by: Mack in Torino | November 26, 2013 at 11:36 AM

Crazy loser Americans with a crappy economy and crap president talking s#@t to Canadians, too funny. Dumb Americans who can't spell talking crap at all, priceless. Way to be five years old, congrats, another stupid American, no wonder the country is tanking.

The way I see it, you have wanted his mouth for almost a year now. Keep trying sweetie, you might get him in the end. It's so cute watching you kick the guy you have a crush on. Please continue so I can keep commenting.

It's true= Craig M
Clearly a Canadian.

DD, we got in the habit of taking our best players for granted in the past so let's be careful with how we address Soliai. Unfortunately this is fast becoming like a jake Long situation. he's ahving his worst year in a while during a contract year...


We have the best backup QB that was a top 10 guy when given a chance so why not play him. Especially with Tanny struggling so much.

The 2013 Ireland offseason:

Wallace - average and wildly overpaid.
Gibson - good until injury.
Keller - injury concern that got injured.
Clabo - worse than Columbo. Horrid.
Louis - injury concern that got injured.
Martin - injured.
Wheeler - mostly a bust.
Ellerbe - mostly a bust.
Grimes - excellent signing.

Jordon - Does not play a lot. Why?
Taylor - Never plays. Why?
Thomas - Probably awful if he can't play on this OL.
Davis - Never plays. Why?
Jenkins - OK.
Simms - OK. Has potential.
Gillislee - We should find out very soon.
Sturgis - Ugh.
Jones - OK.

Ireland's 2012 Draft:

Tannehill - Worst 4th QTR QB in NFL. Has potential.
Martin - No comment.
Vernon - Good player.
Egnew - A bust.
Miller - Good player.
Kaddu- Who?
Cunningham - Who?
Randall - Who?
Matthews - OK.

2011 Draft

Pouncey - A center picked that high, really?
Thomas - Three picks for this RB, really?
Gates - Really?
Clay - Very good player with more potential.
Kearse - who?
Wilson - OK.

Overall, Ireland has not done well at all the past three years. He also failed to 'convert' the trades of Marshall and Davis into equally skilled players.

He failed to address the OL in responsible way.

He held on to Henne one year too long in 2011.

He focuses too much on injured players - probably trying to fix his personell mistakes on the cheap.

He has yet to find a star player.

He has yet to find a star QB, although Tannehill has promise. Yet, Tannehill shows signs of regressing given his horrid 4th QTR performance this year.

Ireland's focus on prototypical causes him to miss out on many talented players.

The lack of drafted WR talent hurts. The lack of another TE hurts. The signings of FA LBs to high cap numbers hurts.

Ireland has never drafted well. That's a problem.

He hired Philben, a well-intentioned mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

The ONLY chance the Dolphins have of major improvement is a new GM and Head Coach. Winning 7, 8 or 9 games a year and getting chewed up by elite teams is not real progress. It's the last twenty years repeated.

Could be that playing Solai in 4-3 doesn't match his strength as a 3-4 NT. It seems to happen a lot in Miami, playing players out of position or scheme.


RBs thrive in his system. Bring in Shanne, let him make the personnel selections this offseason, with our passing game and a legit running game, and the D we could be a pretty good contender for several years.

...Mark....I know what you are saying. But to me, I'm not paying a player that plays limited snaps a huge amount of cash. Unless that player is a game changer on his limited opportunities. It is a fine line. But how important is Soliai to our defense right now? I would argue that we need to find a niche for him, a way for him to be on the field more before we commit to a large contract.

Now..I have no idea what Soliai will ask for , or expect. Or do I know what value the Phins have put on Soliai. Both sides could come to a nice agreement that works for both team and player. I don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

Tannehill does have a good receiving corp compared to most teams. It hasnt helped.

Winning 7, 8 or 9 games a year and getting chewed up by elite teams is not real progress. It's the last twenty years repeated.
Posted by: Sigh | November 26, 2013 at 11:58 AM

When did we win 8 or 9??

Playing Matt Moore may help evaluate Tannehill. If Moore performs well (behind a horrid OK and with Gibson out), then that may show that the problem is Tannehill's development or ability. It would probably be wise to find that out before the season is over.

Could be that playing Solai in 4-3 doesn't match his strength as a 3-4 NT. It seems to happen a lot in Miami, playing players out of position or scheme.

Posted by: Jj
Excellent point.


You are right. I'm just concerned that the Dolphins will win enough to remain status quo for another year. Perhaps my concerns are misplaced. Lol.

With the past two owners track record for bringing in gm's and hc's, our future is still clouded in great uncertainty. Yes, I would like to see Ireland gone. But, what's next?

Another buffoon gm, and his buffoon hc? Only thing less successful than the team's overall performance the last 15yrs, is the very flawed process in which we bring in fo and hc successors.

There very thing this franchise needs to get right most, we fail at every single time. We never seem to have the right answers, on or off, the playing field.

Yes, I did forget to mention Garcon for Wash. Regardless, the rest of their WRs are garbage. Vernon Davis is a good TE, but Boldin is a possesion receiver past his prim and they have no deep threats at all. I'll still take our receiving corps over Wash, San Fran, Indy, Seattle any day of the week.

A few may argue but there is NO doubt in my mind we'd be in the playoffs with Matt Moore starting.

Sam I Am,

You are right.

I supported every move over the past fifteen years with the exception of retaining Ireland after 2011. All that change and things never improve. Totally dreadful.

u can surround tputz wit 10 m-1 bradleys and he wuld still suxx homers

Shanahan his team on brink of mutiny in D.C. So, why would we want him here?

Plus, if he left D.C. for here, Kyle Shanahan's coming with him. Yes, he exact same pair that's nearly destroyed RG3 in LESS THAN 2 SEASONS.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Shanahan wouldnt be a top 3 choice for me but I'd take him over Failbin any day.

nat ofcourse
and u will still have keller and gibson healthy 2

..I don't think the 4-3 or the 3-4 has anything to do with it. I think that he(Soliai) isn't used in pass situations, or against certain personnel groupings. We are in nickel probably more then any other defensive look. How many times is Soliai on the field in nickel, or dime? He isn't a pass rush guy. He is a pure run stuffer. This has its merits for sure. And I am not discounting the importance of stopping the run..We have seen how it is killing us defensively this year...

Again..how much will Soliai ask for. What is the value of his services compared to what he may want? Then we will see

Shanahan is just another of those HAS BEEN hc's whose clocks have nearly reached the EXPIRATION DATE.

His SB rings now hold more tarnish tarnish shine. Just what we need right now, another has been coach, for what is now a has been franchise.

Paul Solai is one of our very best players but would it surprise anyone if Ross was to cheap to keep him?

I, for one, think Soliai has played very well this year. As far as him being part of a rotation goes, that is the stupid system Philbin and Coyle run. Starks and Odrick (and other DTs) are all rotated in and out and what ends up happening is you have a really good player standing on the sideline at various points in the game. Not a recipe for success.

ETF @ 12:02, that would be the allure of Shanahan for sure.

I, for one, think Soliai has played very well this year.
Posted by: MassDolphan | November 26, 2013 at 12:21 PM


is cheap ross gonna sit in the jets side suite or the phinz side suite on sun.?

Grimes has a bad hammy I think

2 watt,

I think Ross is secretly working for the Jets.

Defensively, Belichick has to rank best ever. The guy is simply genius at taking away what you do best. Has nothing t do wit 4-3 r 3-4.

Sunday he allowed Broncos rb's to run for over 200 YDS. He knew, even with Broncos rb's running for over 200 YDS, they would do far less damage than Manning passing for 400 YDS 5 TDS.

Belichick maybe the cleverest NFL defensive mind to ever live.

Ireland is definitely working for the jets

mike nolan hc
mike shula oc/axxt.hc
rex ryan dc
ben at qb
phinz in 3 afc champ games 2014,2015,2016
u'll c

Ireland is definitely working for the jets
Posted by: Jay | November 26, 2013 at 12:28 PM

As far as game planning taking away what an opposing offense does best, Coyle pretty much sucks wet cow dung through a double cylinder straw.

mark, afc champ games r played late in jan. btw for u out of touch out of towners

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