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Tuesday PFF and Salguero study of Carlina game

It's metrics day at Dolphins In Depth and as every Tuesday our partners at ProFootballFocus.com drop knowledge from the last game on the blog, let's get right to it.

As always the folks at PFF tell you what they saw from their tape study. I add insight an opinion where I can.


Each member of the offensive line received a negative grade for the game, with left tackle Bryant McKinnie (-4.2) receiving the lowest and Sam Brenner and Nate Garner (-1.3) getting the highest grades.

Salguero: Sam Brenner and Nate Garner received the highest grades? So the two guys who were either backups or on the practice squad played the best among all the Dolphins offensive linemen? This line is going to be an offseason reconstruction project.

G David Arkin took the first four professional snaps of his career when Sam Brenner left briefly with an injury.

Salguero: Arkin, signed the first week of November, was active ahead of former Eagles first-round pick Danny Watkins. Watkins joined the club in October. He was inactive Sunday. Enough said.

Due to running back Daniel Thomas’ ankle injury, Lamar Miller played a season high 54 snaps.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 3-for-7 on throws of 20-plus yards down the field for 136 yards. When blitzed, Tannehill went 5-for-8 with 59 yards. He took one sack.

Overall, Tannehill was 7-for-7 throwing against Carolina CB Captain Munnerlyn.

On the three carries Lamar Miller ran to the middle right (behind Garner and John Jerry) he produced minus-7 yards.

Mike Wallace caught both of his 50-yard passes against Captain Munnerlyn, but struggled with two drops against Drayton Florence.

Brian Hartline caught 3 passes for 68 yards against rookie Melvin White.


Dion Jordan played a season high 33 snaps, including 10 snaps dropping into coverage, also a season high.

Salguero: Well, it's not what fans want because it still shows the No. 3 overall pick is a part-time player. But defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle promised more work for Jordan and the player got it. Look for continued advancement in this area as the season winds down. This stat, by the way, suggests coaches are seeing progress and trusting Jordan more. Fans, I suspect, did that a while back.

OLB Philip Wheeler had six stops, tying his season high, and had his highest graded game in pass coverage this season (+2.9).

Salguero: Coyle said he was very pleased with Wheeler's performance and now you have the metrics to prove it.

Cameron Wake didn’t have a sack, but did record 7 hurries, his highest number of the season.

Salguero: He also hit Cam Newton in the mouth during the first quarter and the Carolina quarterback was caught on camera spitting out blood. 

Cornerback Nolan Carroll gave up just four catches on 12 targets, including holding former Dolphin Ted Ginn to one catch on seven targets when in coverage against him.

Salguero: Good news for Carroll because he's going to be the target of much attention come the division games against New York, Buffalo and, of course, New England. Those teams have shown a desire to pick on Carroll in the past. It's good news for him he had a confidence building game.

Cornerback Brent Grimes had one of his worst days of the season, allowing seven catches for 72 yards on nie targets. Steve Smith caught five of six targets for 69 yards on Grimes.

Salguero: Smith also had the big catch on fourth-and-10 in the fourth quarter against Grimes, who also missed the tackle along with Chris Clemons. Tough day.


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2 watt, the left or the right ball, pick the one you can suck, suyck em both and fill ur mouth

i kno u luv me mark

I could not agree more with Troop's assessment of the defense. It is truly built to play a 3-4 and not a 4-3.

Soliai is a nose tackle in a 3-4 defense and Jordan and Wake are best suited as OLB in a 3-4. I would love for them to bring back Soliai and Starks. Their best defensive line is Odrick, Soliai, and Starks. Get a DT early in the draft (3rd round) to develop and back up Soliai. This defense would have been dominating if Coyle had not been stubborn and ran a defense that suited the personnel that he has.

I dont know if its Coyle or the players or both but our D is outstanding.

..Here are some numbers..You guys decide how much you would pay Soliai. (luckily, it isn't our money, so go ahead and spend away)

Soliai has played 394 defensive snaps..53.5 percent. He has played 187 pass snaps. Jared Odrick..Has played 526 snaps..76.1 percent. 342 pass plays..

I know they are different players, different positions. But who is more important to the defense?

Solai is one of the very best at his position. Odrick isnt even close.

Interesting numbers Darryl. Wonder how many snaps were in the 3-4?

Orlando I don't think it matters much which defense, 4-3 or 3-4, when your dc isn't a great strategist.

Coyle plays the defense, but, when have we seen him put a great defensive plan together? It always boils down to the players themselves making or not making a play.

Belichik is au contraire to the Coyle defensive approach. Belichik will always choose the LESSER POISON in his defensive game planning approach. Although the Broncos rushed for over 200yds, Belichik rendered Peyton Manning merely MORTAL.

this d , wit a qb who can get 1st downz is top 7

There is no way we beat the Steelers with Tannehill at QB. We need a veteran in there as that game will likely determine if we get into the post-season. Play Moore this weekend and we make a run for a playoff birth. Otherwise its time to call it a season.

..Jay..you are missing the point..Soliai doesn't even matchup to the top NT's as far as production. These guys are on the field for 500 plus snaps..Guys like Ngata, Poe, Wilfork when healthy..Theses are just off the top of my head..

Soliai is very good. I'm not debating that. I'm not debating him against Odrick..They are different players who play different positions.My point is that we have a choice to make..Do we give a contract(a contract that none of us know how it will be structured) to a player who plays 50 percent of the snaps on 1 side of the ball? Is that a wise investment?

The only players on the team worth keeping are Wake, Solai, Brandon Fields and maybe Pouncey. The rest are a bunch of nothings.

If Coyle continues to be DC, It isn't very fruitful to pay Soliai big bucks. In 2013, we're like 28th in run defense under Coyle's system. This just does not justify paying a NT huge dollars to play in a 4-3 d.

There's too much talent in this defense to be ranked as far back as Coyle's system has them. If we decide to pay Soliai, we're best to initiate plans to pay a NEW DC as well.

dd, I'd take Solai over Odrick easily if forced to choose. But there will be enough cap room to keep both

Sam @ 12:49 , I would argue that NE doesn't have a great game changer on defense either, yet continues to be near the top in takeaways .. always seems to be.

I mean Talib and Jones are good players but not pro bowlers...

2watt, the inability of this defense to CNSISTENTLY be UNABLE to stop offenses on 3rd or 4th and longs has to fall on it's DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. Has ZERO to do with the QB.

Why do you think teams CONSISTENTLY go for the 1st down on these downs? They see how successful other teams have been converting 3rd/4th and longs. Been this way since Coyle took over.

I have not heard anyone mention this...

But why didnt we CALL TIME OUT on 4th and 10?

To discuss.....take a breath, etc. That was the ball game right there.. Call TIME OUT!!!!

MIT if Belichik were game planning with our talent on defense. We're probably easily a top 3 defense.


TannePukes 3 outs puts tremendous extra pressure on our excellent D. We are 5-6 yet cant move the ball!

2 watt and Mark beefing?

So, despite all this teams issues I think they will still roll over the Jets. Beating the Steelers in Pitt will be another story, but they need to win the next 2 games.

Fire Mike Sherman and everything will literally change over night!

darryldunphy, your stats on Soliai are misleading. He missed time due to injury, and it's not his fault the coaching staff is too stupid to play him on more downs.
I just love how posters cherry pick stats to support their opinions.
Anyone who watches the games can tell that Soliai is a beast in either a 4-3 or 3-4. And Odrick is a good player too. Remember, this is the same coaching staff that only gives the 3rd pick in the draft 10-30 snaps a game.

So, despite all this teams issues I think they will still roll over the Jets.
Posted by: NeMo | November 26, 2013 at 01:08 PM

Can u say dumb homer??

Carlina...I have an aunt named that.


I know that you and I wanted to keep Solia next year. I am almost ready to resign Starks instead. Soliai hasnt really stopped the run and Starks gets sacks. You still want to keep Soliai, what are your thoughts


Can you say "rude"??

Can you say "rude"??
Posted by: Rdubs | November 26, 2013 at 01:16 PM

Rude but truthful. Some idiots need tough love.

Let's talk rushing:
Lamar Miller Rankings:

Rush yards - 28th w/475 yards
Attempts - 31st w/114
Yds P/Attempt - 25th - 4.2 yards
Yds P/Game - 32nd - 43.8 yards
20+ yard runs - tied 14th = 4
TD's - Tied 41st = 2
Fumbles - Tied 41st = 1
1st Downs - Tied 36th = 19
None of those stats are good except for the 1 fumble.

FYI...Reggie Bush is leading Miller in every category!
don't even get me started on Daniel Thomas.-(


Nemo's a good guy. He doesnt talk crap to other people. Heck I thought we could beat the Panthers last week. But truth be told I am a stupid homer and then my wife gets mad at me. Cuz I get all mad when they lose and she says stuff like "They always lose, why do you still get mad?" Dammit I cant argue you with that, so I get madder!

LOL, as bad as the Dolphins are this year, they are far better than Gino and the Jets. Gyno makes Tanny look like we have Marino again.

Rdubs/Toronto, I must say Starks has looked good this year. Not sure if we should resign him or Big Paul at this point. It might make sense to just get the cheaper guy to pair with Odrick.

sam read 1:03
the d is spent, they need 2 rest tpuke doesn't help

truth, i only come here 2 make luv, not friends
mark and the other homers have been attacking me say since hmmmmm, jaime nails was lg

Sam @ 1:03. And vice versa, if we had NE's cast of misfits on defense, we would be 33rd on defense. WE rank behind all 31 other NFL teams and then the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

is sanchez on ir?

Sunday Dec 1
CBS Present!!!!!!!

Toilet Bowl
Dolphins VS Jets
Buy some snacks, make Bbq.
It's going to be good.

TannePukes 3 outs puts tremendous extra pressure on our excellent D. We are 5-6 yet cant move the ball!

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | November 26, 2013 at 01:05 PM

Don't forget when most games averaging 1ypc running the ball this equates to 3rd and long most every fresh set of downs.

Don't forget the sacks that equate for 3rd and VERY long.

CONSISTENTLY under these conditions op 5 qb's do not CONSISTENTLY get 1st downs. Tannehill actually CONSISTENTLY converts 3rd and 5's or less.

Plus, we're lucky if 10% of ALL OF OUR FIRST DOWNS CAME BY THE RUN. I'm willing to bet 90% of all of our first downs came by Tannehill's arm.

Truth, we aren't beefing. You ever been to a farm? YOu ever see the big brahma bull just standing there all chilled out and there's this one fly that keeps going around his face and eventually he just shakes his head at it.

Well, 2 watt is my fly. He pecks at me all day and eventually I snap at him. It's the basis of our relationship.

bbq ribz on sun. m m m

lol, mark u and all of the other homers on numerous other blogz

rdubs, I'm right with you. Soliai is not having his best year but hopefully they find a way to keep him at a salary acceptable to both levels. I think if Ireland learned one lesson last year, it was sign your best players first. Don't know why he didn't know that lesson, but I bet he knows it now.

ya'll just can standz that senor 2 watt has been correcto mundo on all phinz since fifi 9 was behind centre
c i spelled centre like u'z do'z in canada

oops sry oscar
i 4got the ~ after senor~

What is Jamie doing these days? He and Mark Dixon were a nice left side of the line for Ricky's record year ... what a waste...

MIT I don't think Ireland ever learns lessons. Even if he did, he would just find new ways to continue to screwup.

Getting back to an earlier reply from you:
I think Bal is the team that controls it's destiny. They beat us and NYJ, if they beat Pitt this week then they own the most division wins and head-to-heads, no? As long as they win out of course.

mark, i used 2 watch the o back then,
now i'm out gett'n a beer and wait 'til the knuckleheads in my sanctuary start yelling when
tpuke does sometin

Sam, Cadillac, the Dolphins are middle of the road on 3 and outs ... I don't know where this stupid stat came from that we lead the league in that but it is far from the truth. If you want to know why the defense wilts., it's ebcause they themselves stay too long on the field. Last Sunday, we lead teh Panthers in time of possession. 1st series of the 2nd half, what happens? The panther offense sticks a boot right up our fresh defenses arse and conducts a 9 min drive that effectively finishes our defense for the day. This has nothing to do with the offense. Our defense gives up way too many yards (19th in the NFL) and can't get itself off the field. That is why they wilt late...

Furthermore, you're inclination on passing for 1st downs is correct. Passing for first downs, we are a respectable 14th. Rushing for first, 25th or so, in the cellar just about.

Francias is back and sing RB Marshall

2 watt @ 1:36, be honest, your prediction was 2-9 by this point and we would have Moore in there by now... seems like this season is not like you expected either and nobody is getting what they want...

4th and 10 and you don't blitz nor double cover the only real threat they have on offense in Smith?

f- for the DC today!!!

funny how the rogues bash the o and the homerz bash the d
st's is open season but i ain't remember carpenter kixing any 50+ when he was a rook,meaning they wuldn't let him ? yes/no?

wtf does the post @ 1:42 mean???


I agree with you on perhaps calling a Timeout, but it was also, if I'm not mistaken, Carolina's first set of downs. I'll also say that this is the first regime that I can remember actually calls timeouts to give our defense a breather. I've never understood why that's not done more often before key plays when it looks like it may benefit our D to get their wind back.

oh, AJ Francis. He was good in the preseason, cool

mark, that's u at 1:42


Got a deferrment From The Radio Shack Assistant Manager Training Class he was scheduled to start next Monday.

A J Francis from Pats PS
and sign RB Cameron Marshall

We have a defense that collapses and an offense that is horrid. We have a bad coaching staff, a horrible GM, and a regressing below average QB. And some say they fear change?

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