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Tuesday PFF and Salguero study of Carlina game

It's metrics day at Dolphins In Depth and as every Tuesday our partners at ProFootballFocus.com drop knowledge from the last game on the blog, let's get right to it.

As always the folks at PFF tell you what they saw from their tape study. I add insight an opinion where I can.


Each member of the offensive line received a negative grade for the game, with left tackle Bryant McKinnie (-4.2) receiving the lowest and Sam Brenner and Nate Garner (-1.3) getting the highest grades.

Salguero: Sam Brenner and Nate Garner received the highest grades? So the two guys who were either backups or on the practice squad played the best among all the Dolphins offensive linemen? This line is going to be an offseason reconstruction project.

G David Arkin took the first four professional snaps of his career when Sam Brenner left briefly with an injury.

Salguero: Arkin, signed the first week of November, was active ahead of former Eagles first-round pick Danny Watkins. Watkins joined the club in October. He was inactive Sunday. Enough said.

Due to running back Daniel Thomas’ ankle injury, Lamar Miller played a season high 54 snaps.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was 3-for-7 on throws of 20-plus yards down the field for 136 yards. When blitzed, Tannehill went 5-for-8 with 59 yards. He took one sack.

Overall, Tannehill was 7-for-7 throwing against Carolina CB Captain Munnerlyn.

On the three carries Lamar Miller ran to the middle right (behind Garner and John Jerry) he produced minus-7 yards.

Mike Wallace caught both of his 50-yard passes against Captain Munnerlyn, but struggled with two drops against Drayton Florence.

Brian Hartline caught 3 passes for 68 yards against rookie Melvin White.


Dion Jordan played a season high 33 snaps, including 10 snaps dropping into coverage, also a season high.

Salguero: Well, it's not what fans want because it still shows the No. 3 overall pick is a part-time player. But defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle promised more work for Jordan and the player got it. Look for continued advancement in this area as the season winds down. This stat, by the way, suggests coaches are seeing progress and trusting Jordan more. Fans, I suspect, did that a while back.

OLB Philip Wheeler had six stops, tying his season high, and had his highest graded game in pass coverage this season (+2.9).

Salguero: Coyle said he was very pleased with Wheeler's performance and now you have the metrics to prove it.

Cameron Wake didn’t have a sack, but did record 7 hurries, his highest number of the season.

Salguero: He also hit Cam Newton in the mouth during the first quarter and the Carolina quarterback was caught on camera spitting out blood. 

Cornerback Nolan Carroll gave up just four catches on 12 targets, including holding former Dolphin Ted Ginn to one catch on seven targets when in coverage against him.

Salguero: Good news for Carroll because he's going to be the target of much attention come the division games against New York, Buffalo and, of course, New England. Those teams have shown a desire to pick on Carroll in the past. It's good news for him he had a confidence building game.

Cornerback Brent Grimes had one of his worst days of the season, allowing seven catches for 72 yards on nie targets. Steve Smith caught five of six targets for 69 yards on Grimes.

Salguero: Smith also had the big catch on fourth-and-10 in the fourth quarter against Grimes, who also missed the tackle along with Chris Clemons. Tough day.


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This is what the owner wanted..Philbin was going to bring this here. We are going to chuck chuck chuck it!! YEE HAW...That is fine and dandy. If you have a quarterback that can play in that system. You don't stick rookie-second year quarterback in a system that asks him to throw it as much as we have..It is asinine.

It has Philbins DNA all over it..The Lewinski Dress if you will...Get him gone.

Posted by: darryldunphy | November 26, 2013 at 09:49 AM

When we got the ball back with 4 Minutes to go I'm sure Philbin would have loved to run the ball but in the 4th Qrt. we were actually losing something like 3 yards a run per attempt which some have conveniently forgotten. I've been reading some of the posts from early today regarding what we should do in FA and the 2014 draft and in looking over the available talent on OL in FA it's not that appealing outside over paying on either LT Jordan Gross or RT Micheal Oher. The one player maybe worth chasing is LG John Asamoah from K.C. but then you need to take a Tackle in the draft and thinking Taylor Lewan falls out of the top-5-to-10 is a Pipe-Dream!

The player that slides will be Jake Matthews whose more a RT than he is a LT. He played the leftside this Yr. out of need given Joeckel went Pro but has been a turnstile Vs. SEC speed rushers this Yr. In all 3 of Tex A&M losses it's been the relentless pressure on Manziel from the outside that has costed A&M and a big part of it has been Matthews. A grader at RT in the run game but liability someone will reach on if projected to the LT spot.

It would take a trade to move us up to grab Lewan and we need the picks because while some of you are harping on wanting a Big WR we'll need to draft a RB in the next draft to replace D.Thomas who sticks in 2014 only because of small CAP # backing everybody up. A sleeper for us could be N.C.'s LT James Hurst in RD-2 or roll the dice on Bama's big Kouandijo, FSU's Irving in middle RD-1 unless LG Gabe Jackson fell to us or UCLA's Ma'u-Filo (nasty Samoan I've seen play LG) At RB in Rds. 3-4 FSU has a couple of power RB's that should be there in Freeman and J.Wilder Jr. while not losing an eye on Ohio St's Carlos Hyde.


If he can get himself released again by Sunday night he can still make the Radio Shack training that starts Monday.

Mark in Toronto | November 26, 2013 at 01:40 PM-> Excellent post about the 4th quarter drain. I've been seeing the same thing and couldn't agree more.


Tanne's health is what's to be decided.

4 many a moonz the jets just want 2 beat the phinz, 2-14 and the wuld be happy,ne took that baton away but i'm sure there are a ton of the 80's-90's early 00's that are still gunna be in the standz

the keyboard,
funny what type

2 watt = twatt = Ape Tamer

2watt @ 1:51

Anybody hanging on to 80-90 Jets-Dol games are nowhere.

etf, what happened to fireman ed?
and 1:52, sanchez,is that u?

the new breed of jetz fans pushed the fireman eds/phin haters out

ross said he is keeping the phinz for his kidz
so no sale

51%/49% not sure

100% sure twatt is an assswipe.

Ross Interviews Ireland:

R: I thought we were going to the SuperBowl this year?

I: I've got our tickets! Best Skybox in the place.

R: Oh, OK. I misunderstood. What about this Martin/Incognito thing?

I: I don't know what you are referring to. I think those were players Shula brought in.

R: Oh, OK. I was so ashamed I stopped reading the New York Daily News.

I: I recommend you stop reading the Miami Herald too.

R: Oh, OK. I'll cancel my subscription. I thought Tannehill was going to be the next Marino?

I: He's right on schedule. Best 4th quarter passer today. He just needs to have more weapons.

R: Oh, OK. What kind of help does he need?

I: Three defensive tackles, a defensive end, two linebackers, two safeties, a cornerback, five offensive linemen, two wide receivers, a tight end, a running back, a kicker, new Head Coach and staff, Andrew Luck as a backup QB and about seven first round draft picks.

R: Oh, OK. That's all? How do we get that?

I: Easy, just sign this seven year extension at $5,000,000 per year for my services.

R: Oh, OK. I'm so glad to have you on board and not those losers in New England, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Seattle.

I: We're going to the Superbowl! How's your mother?

Rex Ryan From His Mouth | November 26, 2013 at 02:05 PM

I thought Radio Shack went bust??

..Mass Phin.I am not cherry picking anything. Soliai as never played a lot of downs..He has been a 2 down player his whole career.. Look. I'm not saying he doesn't, or shouldn't have a spot on our team. I'm not saying he is without value. I am also saying we have to see what sort of deal he asks for. It could be a fair ask, something both sides can live with. I have no idea what a deal may include.

My whole point is that re-signing him may not be a no-brainer. And If I was the guy cutting he checks. And the demands were high. I would want a player that is on the field more then Soliai..It isn't just this year..it is every year..He isn't a 3 down player. That to me hurts his value. Can we find a way to use him more? Can he produce in that role? These are legitimate questions.

DD, massD doesn't like my stat analysis either, haha.

you can quote all the 4th quarter stats you want, you can talk about sacks rendered and low offenseive output, but that won't fix the problem. the backbreaking difference in carolina and the reason we are NOT 6-5 and in control of our playoff picture was their for all to see, what ireland didn't see as a priority(3rd and short) carolina did(tolbert). a wreckingball powerback gives you the equivelant of at least THREE addition wins per season, and as carolina demonstrated the ability to reach the playoffs...wouldn't it be nice to see a bowlingball runningback get us a first down here and there, wouldn't that make us less predictable, wouldn't that take some pressure off of tannehill, wouldn't that help in protection, wouldn't it be nice to see a rumble into the endzone when we need it? this WAS the difference vs. panthers, but heading into the season ireland somehow didn't see it that way...eddie lacey is NOT a tolbert, but at least he offers some form of toughness...dolfans, we are as close to being ONE DEMENSIONAL as a team could possibly be...but it's o.k., this offseason will put miami firmly into the playoffs.

DD, if we are going to be a rush def that ranks in the 20s anyway, might as well have Starks over Soliai, Starks at least brings it up the middle.

And this is coming from a big Soliai fan.

But I think they should try to sign both.... build from within, don't let our good players go...

Wit a running game we could be a pretty good offensive force. It would help our passing game and consequently our totally offense.

Tannehill Analysis:

For season in 4th QTR:

2 Touchdowns
5 Interceptions
QB Rating: 61.7
Rank: 33

In the past seven games, Tannehill has not led the offense to a single TD. That's nearly half a season without a TD in the fourth quarter.

He's still terrible on deep throws.

Conclusion: Some potential to be very good. A lot of potential to be a major bust. Could be very similar to Henne when all is said and done.

We badly need a running game to shorten the game and, in particular, the forth quarter. Our defense is on the field for way to many plays. We have to shorten the game. With the lead in the forth you, sometimes need to 'take the air out of the ball'.

Sigh,you're overdoing it on Tannehill. He is already a viable NFL qb - he is not a bust anything. The only thing left to be determined is whether he will have seasons where he is among the top ten in the NFL or whether he will forever be a 11-20 NFL qb....

Busts do not average 266 yards of offense per game.

Busts do not average 1.5 touchdowns per game.

Busts do not complete 61.8% of their passes

Busts do not average 23 pass completions per game.

Yes, he needs to get better in the longer pass plays, yes he needs to cut down on turnovers, otherwise he is better than most out there.

YOu want to see what an early bust may look like, take a gander at Geno Smiths's stats.

5-11 here we come lol. Time for a clean house

that being said(see BUDTKI), i really think carolina got it right. although an upgrade would always be nice, we all see that the colts blockbuster trade isn't making the difference they thought it would. so keep miller, maybe he can work a little more in the weight room, but keep him for speed, and then aquire a wreckingball powerback to avoid the same negative PFF(PROFOOTBALLFOCUS)stats next year. lets avoid having to answer questions on low offensive output, sacks, 4th quarter struggles...lets add a few more wins, a few more first downs, an extra touchdown or two(instead of fieldgoals), lets put a spirit breaking hammer in our runningback rotation to make us less predictable, and turn a one demensional 3rd and short phobia into a tactical slugfest option..no one play demonstrated this any better then what the dolfans witnessed first hand in the 4th quarter vs. carolina.

Tannehill has been sacked 44 times and has been hit 74 times.

That only makes what he's been able to do more impressive.

Last time we saw a Qb treated like this, he said no mas and was more than happy being a back up to Eli Manning (got a ring and got paid million so there are worse jobs), Tannehill is actually playing better as the year goes on...

Tannehill does look good at times.

Unfortunately, he looks dreadful in the 4th quarter.

The stats are all halfway pretty - except for the 4th quarter. Henne had similar issues.

A QB rating of about 60 is not good. It's not even one of the better ratings in the NFL. That's why he's ranked 33rd in the fourth quarter.

A rating of 60 in the fourth is what a bust looks like.

Playing better as the year goes on...

Last seven games - not one 4th quarter TD. Three picks.

Look, I respect your faith in Tannehill. Your stats are for the whole games and the whole season. Maybe Tannehill will be great.

But maybe not. I admit he has potential to be good. He also has the potential to be subpar.

Luck has 2 TD and 4 int and QB rating of 65 last 3 games. Clearly regressing. Bust. Start over.

...Mark.. I would be surprised if we didn't at least make a play for Soliai. Like I said..None of us know what a deal, or what the demands are going to look like. None of us know for sure what the makeup of the team will be after this season. So it makes it difficult to try and predict how the team will deal with it's free agents..

Where I really agree. I think it is important that the team try and re-sign "our guys"..The players that have been Dolphins for all, or good portions of their careers. There is no such thing as player development if you constantly purge your roster of homegrown talent.

This said..I would imagine the GM(whoever he or she may be) will take a look at some of the similar points I have brought up. Weigh these facts against how crucial Paul is to our defense. Discuss this with the coordinator, HC..And then make a choice. As much as I like Soliai(I do)..I do not think he has the value of a top NT in the league. This will be his 3rd contract. We have seen some decline this year..It makes the decision tricky.

If you can't run the ball the defense can go all out and play for the pass on every play. Doing so they seem to stop our running attempts anyway. Not that we try to run the ball all that much. And correctly so.

The problem is not Tannehil (even through he's not perfect). His stats are too good for 3 quarters. I'm not saying this is true but it might be Sherman. He was Tannehill's coach at Texas A & M. They couldn't hold onto leads through the forth quarter either. Sherman is fired and the next year (granted with Manziel) the new coach didn't have the problem. The new coach had the same OL and defense and the defense last year sent a number of players to the NFL. Also they sent, I think, the number two pick in a LT. I think the problem is Sherman and how's he's influenced Tannehill. I really don't think we'll know T-hill's net worth until we unload Sherman and find some pieces to, at the very least, have an average OL.

Also drafting a running back in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th is something I wouldn't mind. Not a big fan of Miller. He's more the 'change of pace' back, a number two. We need a strong one cut back that can carry a running attack. Sorry to throw sand in the faces of the U faithful.

Mark in Toronto,

It's either THill or the OC, but these conservative pass plays which are always thrown in front of the chains haven't been working. Maybe they're throwing those b/c the OL's not good enough to sustain enough time for THill. Maybe they're our version of the run game since we have no confidence in our running game's success. Regardless, the ticky-tack passes to eak first downs past the chains aren't working b/c the defenses are aware of our strategy and playing them tight.

I wonder how defenses would react to a few out and ups akin to Sproles destruction of Reshad Jones in the 1st quarter this year. Or screen fakes to the wideouts b/c it appears defenses are VERY aware of what we're going to do on those screens and dumps.

Wow. Is everyone really this clueless???

...My issue with Miller, all of our backs...They do not break tackles. Last week was pathetic. Not only the backs, but the recievers too...Clay had that bruising run 2 weeks ago...but that is really the only time I can remember a Miami player breaking tackles since Javorskie Lane in the preseason 2 years ago...
(I'm sure we have..I just do not recall)

It goes along with the identity of this team..We are softer then the pillows at the Mandarin Oriental... It seems like there is a lack of toughness in the backfield..Running, blocking, attitude.

Feel free to replace 'Radio Shack' with 'Burger King'

Sigh, that's what I've been saying about Tannehill so far, he looks about halfway there. He does look better than last year. Honestly I was afraid of his year ast year. Wasn't pretty by any standards. But he's better and that's huge. I think/hope next year he will progress fruther and might be a 3/4 of the way there Qb and when you have that, you are a good team almost no matter what ...

And can you really say anyone from that 2012 draft is there including Luck? I don't place Luck amongst my top 10 qbs yet. he will get there, and will probably be top 5 or so at some point in his career but he's not there yet, not even close.

Darryl....I agree, our current roster of running backs wouldn't carry an adequate running attack even with an adequate OL.

There was an old observation that 'a yard gained on the ground' was worth 'two in the air'. Don't know if that stills applies but Sherman did say that he'd would have given up the 300+ passing yards for 150 rushing yards this past week.

We keep talking about a QB, I think that conversation need be tabled until we find a way to run the ball.

... furhtermore, Henne had a couple of huge problems that kept him from progressing.

1. he was horrible at scoring TDs, Tannehill is at least respectable

2. henne had toruble consistently producing yardage... he averaged about 220 ypg in his time in Miami - not good. His last year, he might have finally overcome that hump and looked liek he might but he got hurt...

DD @ 3:07, going to be hard for Soliai to demand big money seeing how many snaps he gets and the run d metrics this team is allowing. It's not just to the edges anymore. This d line gets pushed back too often.

I don't think Paul will be able to demand the money he gets paid now... but if he's willing to sign the same 2 year $12m deal, I think it gets done or at least should get done.

philbin/sherman are like sparano/henning. they make zero halftime adjustments and seem very content with a FG. when was the last time we saw us go for the throat (endzone)immediately following a turnover? its usually a few runs setting up a 3rd and 9. we never seem to win "going away" with our foot on the accelerator. why do we let teams back in the game? we gave carolina the game as well as the pats.

Tannehill is pathetic late in the games, crunch time. Henne has the same problem. Signs of a poor QB.

Look at Houston, Foster goes down early and Tate's banged up. No running game, no wins. Last year a running game was the least of their problems and was outstanding. With a couple of below average QBs they were a playoff team. One doesn't necessary follow the other but in most cases it most certainly does.

And what was not mentioned: Nolan Carroll-Burnette dropped a sure INT for the second week in a row.

Top QB's dont need great OL's. Manning, Brady, Brees, Russel, Big Ben, Rodgers, Flacco, etc....

The most progress I have seen from T-hill has been last two weeks. Buying some time in the pocket and also running. Granted his 4 quarters and deep ball are ridiculously agonizing. The touch pass to miller was nice and the bullets to Wallace and Hartline show he has command of all the other throws.

Not entirely sure of his pre-snaps reads of the two safeties. Does he recognize formations from tape? Certainly audibles enough.

Can’t we bring Pennington in to coach him?

I must admit that Philbin has an uncanny vision to challenge plays, and win, Perhaps that vision can spread to other areas...

The Defence istn't the problem on this team. They're not dominating or anything but they're pretty solid.

We've been atempting to build an O-line here since Richmond Webb and Keith Sims left the team and they fail all the time here. They seem to always have 1, maybe 2 solid players and nothing else whether via the free agency route or the draft.I says alot when 2 undrafted players grade oout better than the rest.
If Ireland is still the GM after what looks to be another ho hum season after spending over $60MM of Ross' money, then I guess we deserve what we have.

Mike....look at the QBs you listed. Manning has a running attack that they use sparingly. Decent, at worse, OL. Also, he's Peyton Manning (ditto for Brady). Two of the best to have ever played the game. Gimme a break. Brees is outstanding in everyone's mind but he has a running attack and a decent OL. How many times have you seen him scramble?

Russell throws the ball very well and is an excellent scrambler. But he throws the ball less, per game, then any other starting QB by a wide margin. Why, because they beat you down with their running attack. One of the strongest in the league. This is why Russell throws only 25 times a game and we throw it close to 38 times. Big Ben is now having to throw it 38 times because they don't have a running attack and they score around 18 pts./game. That with Ben. Rodgers has always been more effective with a running game and this year their record is 5-5-1. Granted he's been out the last 2 but still? Flacco? 100 million dollar man and they can't score over 20 a game!

unfortunately, we got rebuild yet AGAIN ! I like to see a guy like Nat Moore take over at G.M with the help of our new coach JOHN GRUDEN !! Make him an offer he can't refuse. He is a players coach with personality and will get in your face. Keep defense intact, just more depth at DB and LB. Draft nothing but Offensive Lineman, and get a proven Q.B via trade or free agency because this Tannehill doesn't have the intangibles to lead us. & We all know it's a Q.B driven league

Where's Gillesie ??

Can someone explain why our brilliant coaching staff called two timeouts with less than 90 seconds left in the game? Carolina had one timeout left and was clearly going to run a couple of more plays and use the timeout before attempting the field goal to send it into overtime. Why give Carolina a couple of more plays the way they were marching down the field?????? Please don't tell me the coaches thought we could hold them and then have some time remaining after the field goal. We all know how that turned out.

Hey Scott get over matt Moore yeah tannehill not perfect but my got should of had 2 TDs and Yeah d played good except when it counted 4th and 10 give me a break o-line a disgrace as is Ireland and Sherman sorry but get over matt moore

Guys & girls, we all know how this will end. There is no mystery about it. Dolphins loose 4 of the next five games, and win the final home game vs. Jets Maybe, if we get lucky, we can win 2 of the remaining five and finish 7-9 and not 6-10. No winning season, no playoffs, not even a lousy stickin 500 record. Ireland will be gone by January!!! Mark it down!! As for Philbin, well ,his fate will rest in the hands of the next GM or CZAR that Ross wants to bring in.

The truth guys & girls is that this team was in year 2 of its' rebuilding program. The team did some good things on the off season getting Wallace, Keller, Grimes, Brandon Gibson. But really failed to give our young QB an OL that could effectively run block to take the pressure of the pass protection. Team really needed to get Brandon Albert in KS, and go heavy after MJD, or Richard Mendenhall who is have a nice season in Arizona. The team did a very nice job bringin in playmakers on the outside on both sides of the ball. However, the OL was not really addressed. Chris Collinsworth in a preseason game applauded all the nice talent that was brought in to creat more explosive plays, however, the OL & Running game were depleted. A young QB needs a solid running game to take the pressure off the QB so that the pass game can have a chance. Collinsoworth said that Miami's season would depend on just how well we can establish a running game to help our our young 2nd Year QB. This was critical is this team wanted make it in tbe playoffs and next level. The team should have passed on WAllace, stayed with Keller & Gibson, BUT went hard after MJD or Mendenhall now with AZ. The reality is that this year was year 2 in a rebuilding program. We are still recovering from the SPARANO/Ireleand regime. I thought that a wild card might be a possibility, not this year. The good news is that guys like Nate Garner, Sam Brenner, now Mike Gillisee, Richard Matthews will all get game time. Hopefully if these guys can step up and play decently, we may not have to scrap the entire OL with the exception of Pouncey. Team needs a superstar RB who can punish opposing blockers, plus take it to the house. Lamar Miller is fast, but not tough enough. Daniel Thomas is just okay, and hew was a 2nd round draft pick. I just can't see Ross not cleaning house in the front office and bringing in someone like Carl Peterson, Bill Polian, Tony Dungy, Bill Cowher, etc. Pay these guys whatever they want, offer significant ownership in the team, but get somebody down here who knows what the hell it takes to evaluate talent draft, trades, etc. I just hope that Ross is seeing it now that the people he has now are just plain incompetent! 6-10 or 7-9, write it down, cause it ain't gettin any better that this. So sorry for my fellow fins fans.

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