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Tuesday: Philbin does his media thing

Joe Philbin and his friends in the media gathered together Tuesday afternoon. And much the way they've done for a while now -- particularly since the start of the you-know-what scandal -- the two danced around each other like two swordsmen without really accomplishing anything.

This is how it went:

(Opening statement) – “After reviewing the game further, obviously we didn’t get off to a very good start in the football game. I thought our guys competed and got back into the game. We took the lead, and we didn’t play particularly well in the fourth quarter either. Once again, Tampa Bay deserved to win the football game, credit them. We have almost an opposite situation we had last time. I just told the players last time we had 11 days in between games. Now it seems this one is coming right around the corner. We are going to have to put together a great plan for San Diego. They are a very similar situation to what we are in. We are going to have to perform better.”

(On assessment of reasons for Monday night's slow-start) -  “I think it was collective in all three phases of the game. We kind of talked to the team about it. We decided to kick the ball off to Tampa Bay. Tampa hadn’t scored on an opening possession all year. They go 76 yards, I believe, on the opening possession of the game. They hit a 30-yard pass. They hit a 24-yard run on what we would call a football 101 play. They executed it very well. We got the ball on offense. Instead of having a 3rd-and-1, we got an uncharacteristic penalty that forced us into a 3rd-and-16. We punted the ball. We got a penalty on that initial punt. They got great field position. We held them to a field goal. Again, the field position, it was all three phases. We just didn’t execute very well. The one run that broke out, we just didn’t fit it properly. We spend a lot of time on the run-fits making sure all of the gaps are covered. We didn’t do it well enough. We have to do better. But it was clear, it wasn’t the offense. It wasn’t the defense. It wasn’t the special teams. It was all of them."

(On when he became aware that he was appointed to one of Steve Ross’ newly created committees) - “Steve (Ross) and I have been in constant communication throughout. We are in constant communication throughout the course of the whole season. Obviously we were last week as well, and I’m for anything that can make our organization better, I’m fully supportive of. Steve and I talked about this, and I’m in total agreement and support."

(On if the leadership council has been a failure this season) – “Not at all. We are going to have a leadership council meeting later today as a matter of fact."

(On the difference between the Green Bay and Miami locker room) –“Again, I’m not into comparisons between different locker rooms. I’ve stated many times my faith and confidence in these players that they are very good teammates, professional. They work hard representing this organization the right way on and off the field. It’s important to them, and I believe that whole-heartedly."

(On his current players not representing the organization the right way) – “Well you are certainly entitled to your own opinion."

(On Richie Incognito saying in an interview that tasteless jokes are within a locker room culture) - “It’s all part of the review process. We’ll see how it plays itself out."

(On if he knew about the locker room culture) - “We discuss appropriate behavior and the type of work atmosphere we want to create. We talk about that every single day, absolutely."

(On what he would say to fans who have lost faith in the team) - “Number one, I’m happy that they’re passionate. We have a loyal fanbase. We all want the same thing. We want to have a football team that’s consistently competing for championships and represents the organization the right way on and off the field. And I’m glad that (the fans) are passionate and want to be great just like we do."

(On what would a few wins mean to the players on the team) - “This is a performance-based industry that we are in. We all know that, and winning football games is what we all get paid to do. It’s important we play better. I just told the team. We were just in a team meeting. There were a lot of teams in a very similar position that we are in right now. In November and December, that decides a lot. The teams that have the great character, the great chemistry, they find a way to fight through the obstacles and adversity, and perform at a high level this time of the year. That’s what we have to do."

(On if he told his players to tune outside noise out and to focus on what the team needs to accomplish) – “We have to focus on football. We have to focus on improving. We have to focus on our own performance. There are a lot of things, if you look at last night’s game, that we didn’t do well enough to win the game. You go back to the Cincinnati game. You look at the Cincinnati game. We got behind in the fourth quarter, but we were able to put together a drive to send the game into overtime and make some plays. We well behind in this game in the fourth quarter and didn’t play smart enough or well enough in the fourth quarter to either send the game into overtime with the field goal at the end or not. You know we had the penalty at the end of the fourth quarter that hurt us. We fielded a punt on the 5-yard line to start. We did some things that didn’t contribute to winning football games in this league, and that’s exactly what happened. The outcome was what it was."

(On how concerned he is about missed tackles and what could be done to fix this) - “I’m very concerned about the missed tackles. It’s a basic fundamental of football that we need to do better. I told the team, per NFL rules we are allowed three-more padded practices. So it’s not like we are going to go out there and have live tackling for the next seven weeks three times a week. That’s not realistic. With that being said, we have to practice the fundamentals better. We still do drill it. We do it in team periods. We do it in isolated and individual periods and we have to continue our focus on it."

(On if he feels what is happening off-the-field affected the team’s on-the-field result last night) -“No. Like I said, we had a lot of time to prepare for Tampa Bay. We had good practices on the football field. We had good meetings. We had good meetings at the hotel."

(On long-term picture of the off-the-field distractions affecting the team) - “Again, I don’t think so. There’s always to a certain degree there are going to be things that happen whether they are professionally, personally that can impact your job. But when we come in here, when we come into this facility, we go to work every single day. We are professionals. We have an obligation to the Dolphins. We have an obligation to one-another to give our total effort, focus and control to things that we control. We have to do this on a daily basis. That’s been a focus of our program."

(On if he knows about a report that Jonathan Martin was fined by his teammates for being too soft) - “Again, I’m not going to comment on any of those things. That, I would imagine, would fall under the NFL review. I don’t think it is appropriate to make any comment on that at this point in time until the review is complete."

(On Stephen Ross’ supportive comments of him last night) - “Number one, I’m appreciative of Stephen (Ross’) comments. I think the only way you succeed if there is support within the whole entire organization. It starts at the top. Stephen is the owner of the football team. I appreciate his support. I didn’t really particularly read the comments, per se. I can’t comment any further.”


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Philbin is Cam Cameron 2.0

Philbin is sinking but media are jerks.

A more true statement has ever been made Steve69

Unfortunately the Tannehill haters come in in force every time we lose a game. They hide when we win because that means he had protection or we ran the ball or the WR actually caught the ball....any of these happen and we win games. That's the sign of a good QB....NOT GREAT....BUT GOOD!

Philbin does not instill confidence.

He comes across like a dope………but then again, look who hired him and now look who's got all the confidence in the world in him.

It's never going to get better folks.

blah blah blah rewind replay next week

Hope we clean house and started over again we been rebuilding last ten years this will never end. I like see if they get Adam gates but I don't think that will happen?

In what decade do we get a real QB?

Someone needs to remind jackass Ross he needs to fire BEFORE he hires.

Again, if Miami ends up with a new GM out of all this, hands down Incognito is MVP. Philbin can go with himk for all I care.

Steve Ross will not fire anyone he is lost I repeat he is lost he doesn't get it this team sucks and you know what you can put it all on philbin and his staff

The thing that bothers me the most about this whole situation is that this team is always in LIMBO! Ross needs to either let the players and fans know - Philbin is staying or he needs to fire him and move on so the team can concentrate on getting better. Right now no one can concentrate on anything but this stupid investigation because one of the players decided to flake out on the team. I wish he would fire Ireland, fire Philbin, cut Martin and Incognito and tell the media to go and chase these guys at their houses and ask them questions because they are no longer part of this organization. The media can go and pound salt. These guys are nothing but a bunch of jock sniffer wannabes anyway. They all played in the band so they decided to make athletes lives miserable.

Winning is not a requirement for a Steve Ross HC. Or GM.

This is sickening

Remember, there is one common thread that runs through the entire process since Ross took over as the owner - Ireland. I don't expect Ross to make great football decisions - that's the job of the GM. I can't see anyway that Ireland stays unless this team breaks off 7 straight wins and makes the playoffs - what are the chances of that happening? I don't want to say anything hateful towards Ireland but he just didn't get the job done.

Cam Cameron would be entering his 8th year if Ross were owner. haha

Maybe they should hire Mike Shula as their next coach - he's tearing it up right now as the OC for Carolina. U heard it here first.

disgrace. this team shouldn't even be in the NFL. Bunch of ghetto thugs, cant win, to busy being hood rats!!

Definitely much ado about nothing. Nothing to see here move along.

Wouldn't you just love to hear him say "we suck and there's going be a foot in some azzes if I don't see some improving immediately".

That's what we need lol. Red Forman coaching the team.

I guess Ross is too cheap to get Parcells back....


We are cursed

I confess that I advocated for the hiring of Philbin during the search process. I really liked the guy and had high hopes for him. The honeymoon is definitely over for me. I've lost confidence in him and his coaches. Excluding the Cog/Martin affair, the game planning and preparation have been appalling. Given that they had 11 days to prepare and that the unwanted attention did not distract them (as he claims above), then to lose to an 0-8 Bucs is unforgivable. The fact that Tanny and Wallace still have not been able to be on the same page is pathetic. To still have basic tackling problems is inexcusable. And to play asleep like last night is unacceptable for us fans who give our heart, time and money to this team.

On paper, this team appears to have more talent than KC, Carolina, Jets, and AZ, and yet look at where they are now - ahead. This team is regressing badly and you have to look at the leadership on the sideline.

Ross Blowz. Your comment about Cameron although funny is probably true. This organization is a total failure( Martin fiasco aside). This all starts with Ross and his hires all refect his incompetence!

Next Sunday game against SD has an interesting subplot for Ross, Philbin and Ireland. You got two 4-5 teams and McCoy who interviewed for the Dolphins job, only to lose out to Philbin.

The ship be sinking....but it can only get better from this fiasco...this too shall pass. I will still always root for my Dolphins because there are a lot worse things in life to be worried about. Go Phins!!

Last nights loss is on the defense they got pounded by an 0&8 team, as good as this defense is advertised no way they should be driven off the ball the way they were last night. There's a lot of good players on this team on both sides of the ball, I agree with Philbin there but they aren't being coached up the game plan doesn't use the players to their strengths.Every time we get a player like Wallace we make him fail. If Tannehill can't hit the long ball then it's time to move on and see what we have in the other Qbs.

The ship be sinking....but it can only get better from this fiasco


That's what we said after Wannstedt, Saban, Cameron, Sparano; it can always get worse.

Aside from the circus Martin created with help from Incognito (yes I put a lot of blame on Martin because even if it was excessive from the normal stuff it should have been handled in house), the biggest problem is the lack of blocking from the o line. Ireland has failed over and over again at upgrading the line. And since that area is the biggest concern still, he should not be allowed to screw it up again. Sherman's schemes and play calling don't help. I didn't once see the formation with Yeatman lined up at TE that worked so well against abetted defense. I guess it worked too well so we need to abandon it for sure. Even the announcers weren't sure how to evaluate Tannehill because the blocking was so poor. Dude looked good in 2nd quarter when He did have time with the exception of the miss to Wallace. It's difficult to bash Wallace to much for his obvious under performance because the way they use him makes him easy to defend. I'm sure Sherman would point out the reason the slot is always open this year vs last is because Wallace is over there. You are basically using him as a decoy when you put him in same spot every time making it so easy to gameplay for him, a very expensive decoy. Megatron is the best wr to come along in a long time, but the Lions put him in different spots to try to get their best playmaker the ball. Sherman doesn't seem to get it. Coulees doesn't get the most out of his talent. Philbin hired both of these guys. He has stamped his approval on the strategy used so the buck stops with him. Bottom line, Ireland has done well in some areas but he is a jerk who players can't stand. We are getting nothing from his draft this year and he cannot draft for offensive line talent to save his life. And our coaches can't gameplan on either side of the ball. Aside from that we're fine. Sorry this is so long but when there are this many problems that's what happens. Here's to looking to the 2014 draft.

At this point I dont give a hoot who is fired and who is cut.They have 7 to play and then its over and then YOU BLOGGERS TAKE CENTER STAGE IN THE SPECULATION THAT ACCOMPANIES THE OFFSEASON.

Since this year is over, let's look at where we need improvement. WR. They are fine for now but after next year they will want rid themselves of Walllace salary. Possibly Hartline as well if Mathews keeps playing well. If they replace Wallace , hopefully they've learned by now they need another deep threat to keep the safeties off the intermediate routes. Miller is a good back, but probably won't be great. Thomas will never be more than average at best. O line is terrible except center. Depending if Pouncey ends up in trouble from the supeona we may need help there. Defensive tackle will soon be a problem after free agency so we'll have one maybe 2 spots there. Linebacker is still a weak link even after the $$$ Ireland threw at this problem area. If they can hold on to Patterson and Grimes and ever get any production from the young guys the secondary actually looks okay. I may be willing to part with Wake while he still has value in a trade, but I don't trust Ireland to draft anything noteworthy if we do get a couple picks for him. Bottom line, for every one good player Ireland signs we spring 2 or 3 new leaks in other areas. He just doesn't get enough accomplished as far as improving the team in the offseason and has to go based on this.even without the just punch him comments

Ireland is gone folks, so relax.....was on thin ice with little fan support over the past year or two, and we're 4-5 so he's gone--you'd think Philbin would be out the door soon after but its hard to talk down your coach in the middle of the season because then the players would know he's a lame duck....not good--and any incoming GM worth his salt will want to bring in his own coach, either right away or maybe after next season--if Ireland goes, would be surprising to see Philbin last for more than 1 year--only thing that could save him is winning/playoffs.....which seems unlikely.

Hire a true leader to coach the team first and foremost. Hire a gm to support the coach, not a jerk like Ireland that will keep good coaches away. Hire Wade Phillips to run the defense. Houston is going to clean house and he should be available. He took Houston from the worst D to one of the best with less talent than Miami has, save JJ Watt. This is what Ross should be thinking about. If he keeps Philbin for one more try he'll regret it by next October. I liked Philbin at first , but he's too slow to make adjustments and he's lost the locker room.....

On another note, will nflshop allow me to return the gear I bought a few weeks ago. Not gonna need it til next year.

plus realize that Ross probably (hopefully) learned his lesson from the Harbaugh pursuit, where he basically humiliated Sparano.......other prospective coaches are watching or are at least aware of the situation, and if Ross embarrasses his current coach agajn (like he did with Sparano) that would be unprofessional and not look good or bode well for Ross--the coaching ranks wont like it, again, and other coaches dont want to work for an owner who does that to his HC.....so Ross takes the high road for now, is professional and supports his HC, treats him with respect at least.....equals a much better way to handle the situation, one that another coach looking on would appreciate---get it?

Texas.....getting rid of Wallace would be foolish.....why would you want to do that?--the guy is a playmaker and the Fins/Sherman havent used him well/properly......improve the Oline to give TH more time and plays more time to develop (a reach at the moment, I realize), and Wallace would be much more productive--his speed is hard to utilize when TH has 2 seconds to throw

agree Texas.....I like Philbin but not very impressed.....a HC needs to motivate, inspire.....lead....players need to buy in--I cant imagine he connects very well with his players--he's quirky, stiff and reads his postgame speech from cue cards.....probably a good man but awkward, anti-smooth

The media is always desperate to be the champion of a cause and have people die for it. Every time an incident happens someone HAS to get fired. Who is the media anyway? Are they ever held to such incredibly mercilessly high and perfect standards? The Dolphins have an excellent defense but it hurts when they have to be out there all day long because their offense can't score points. And it's not the offense's fault, it's the failure of Jeff Ireland to have picked offensive lineman in the off-season and NOT more defensive lineman. Shame on Jeff Ireland. Get off Philbin's back. He and Sherman are an offensive line away from a great team but people are blind with all the negative soap opera crap going on. Enough already.

less than 2 months till ireland is fired

great team,loooooooooooooool

Not a single question as to why the two highly drafted CB are not playing. Why Coach Philbin? Why is #95, the 3rd overall pick relegated to spot pass rush duty? Why is Nolan Carroll still on the team? Ross is completely clueless to believe fans are in love with this "high character" Coach. I'd take wins and playoffs any day over this nonsense.

patience rabble, they will all be gone come january


For the whole season?
There are 7 games left but only 3 padded practices?

Can we all agree that none of these problems are the fault of Jeff Ireland?

Brent Grimes is a beast!!!
Ireland should be fired already for not offering Grimes a multi-year deal already. What a poor GM he's been for our club.

Rabblerouser @ 9:17

Ususally I'll give the coach the benefit of the doubt because he 'knows' everything going on with the team. But after the performance Rishard put up last night, the physicality and the enthusiasm and pure athletic ability I wonder what these idiots are thinking.

After seeing last night I'm thinking Rishard on the outside and Wallace in the slot.

And Ireland hasnt said a word about this crisis? WTF?

rishard had one game against a horrible team, relax man

Rishard showed me more last night then Wallace ever did.
Or Ginn for that matter.

Good practices and meetings? Why the hell are we losing to winless teams then?

wow, everyone of these comments have had a little bit of what I am thinking...this is a good support group for us Phin fans...I have been so depressed...maybe we should start a class action suit against Ross for our team losing and depression...keep up the writing too, because it is good to vent...God Help Us

sure he did show u more cause they werent covering him and were doubled up on wallace

If you don't learn from history you are bound to repeated. Miami Dolphins of 2013 are starting to look like the Dolphins of 1995

dolphins of 95 were way better

Say what you want about Dan Henning. I remember when everyone was criticizing his play calling. He made a statement that even up to today has remained with me.

"When I'm gone, you people are going to still see the exact same problems."

That was one play Henning has called exactly right. As a matter of fact, the offense has gotten even worse.

henning was awful, i do miss daboll though and my favorite linehan

dusty I was only pointing out Henning saying when he's gone things are still going to be terrible, and he is right.

yeah thats easy to say when your in miami. its been awful here forever it seems now

I have been a dolphin fan since 1974,I have never been more ashamed of being a fan until now,even in the 1-15 season.Bill Parcells set us back 10 years,he brought in Ireland and all his cowboy rejects,he drafted Long,a left tackle over Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco,he drafted Check down Chad Henne,among other bust,and after all that he left and handed the reigns to his understudy Ireland,and the rest is history,from the Ted Ginn and family draft,to trading for Brandon Marshall then trading him away,to trading UP for Daniel Thomas,passing Demarco Murray ,the list goes on on his terrible draft moves,not to mention the Dez issue,then last off season,having more draft picks than almost every team in the league,and more free agency money than everyone,he trades UP again for a part time d lineman,the one position we didn't need,the only rookie that's a constant contributor is the kicker,all the free agency money still didn't cure the o line,the defense actually has regressed,grimes is a player,but one nugget out of all the moves made is terrible,given the ammo he had to work with,an now the Martin issue,Ireland drafted him,Ireland signed Richie incognito,both are his projects,if I didn't know any better,I would think Ireland was sent here to sabotage are franchise,and lord knows he's done a great job,PLEASE GET RID OF HIM

Fire him please!!!!! He keeps constantly and stubbornly insulting our intelligence. Why deny the obvious? Why is it so damn hard for him to say, you know what I accept we made mistakes, that the leadership council may have failed and that we are working on correct them.

That's it. We all want an honest answer, instead of a massive CYA. He is indeed Cameron 2.0. Ross, you probably will never read this but if you do, you are about to make a serious mistake if you remain so loyal to someone so clueless like Philbin, whom the only thing he is adept of was to befriend your girlfriend Aponte (who must get the axe as well).

I really hate the lack of tenure and the never ending coaching carrousel but you have to do what you have to do when it is beyond obvious, and that is Philbin will never succeed as an NFL coach. These guys do not respect him, hence the dumb penalties, look at how Wheeler just shooed him off when he tried to say something to him, at least Schianno got the attention of his guys when they did the same. And remember most of us fans already had a negative opinion of him BEFORE all this mess, he is just an awful coach. He may be the most interesting man in the world Mr. Ross but he sure sucks as a head coach in the NFL.

Virginia fan,
Bad OLines are a plague in the NFL. That had not deter other successful franchises to do ok. The last Steelers team that won a SB had an awful line but unlike this year's version they did have playmakers to offset that, AND a much, much better OC in Arians compared to the mule they have now in Haley.

Good OCs get creative. We have a Ferrari in Wallace but we use him, as someone else said earlier, as a demolition derby car. Last night again lined on the right side all night long, you think Belichick would have allowed his OC to do that? Why is THill not rolling out, why are they not doing more no huddle, why did they went away from feeding Matthews, why, why, why?! Why playing zone coverage, why zone blocking with this bunch, why not playing your rookies, why Wake off the field in so many snaps, why Jordan has not been max utilized?! Enough is enough!

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